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Alt name
Merit's Galactic Reunion
Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Merit Studios, Inc.
Amnesty Design
4.5 / 5
16 votes
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Description of Reunion

Download Reunion (also known as Merit's Galactic Reunion) for free now. Published in 1994 by Merit Studios, Inc., enjoy a strategy game with cyberpunk / dark sci-fi, sci-fi / futuristic theme!

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Antonius1978 added this comment :

The second part - maybe not a sequel but similar - is the Imperium Galactica (1 and 2)


Noc added this comment :

One of the most engaging and enjoyable games I ever played. Going to do it again for nostalgia's sake.

Struggled to get this working in Dosbox under Win 7 32, but a few tips:
If your sound is set to SB16 mode in Dosbox, take note of the IRQ assigned. Select the SB Pro option in Reunion and set the correct settings - should be just fine then.



Morkatog added this comment :

Definately one of my all time favorites.

For those strugling to get it to work; use dosbox.
- Install dosbox
- Extract the rar contents to c:\reunion
- Run dosbox press alt + enter, and type the following (press enter after each line);
mount c c:\
cd reunion
setup (chose 2, 2, 5 in that order)
(next time you launch the game leave out the setup part).
The game may crash during the launch, just follow these steps again.


Jayk1982 added this comment :

Struggling to get this to work. I've downloaded D-Fend, but the steps I use don't setup the game. Does anybody have a step by step process on how to make this work on windows 7. I loved this game when I was a kid.


Hal added this comment :

This great game really made me dream when i was a child...


pipipi added this comment :

This was my first space strategy game i have ever played. Beautiful in every aspect.A little hard though...


housty added this comment :

One of the best imagaination gripping games of all time, it's a pitty the bugs where not ironed out before release and the second part was never created .. my fav game ever!

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