Scooter's Magic Castle

Published: April 26, 2011 - Last update: December 20, 2013 - 1742 downloads

Alt name
Le château magique de Scooter
Graphics / Art, Math / Logic, Music, Typing
Electronic Arts, Inc.
3.4 / 5
5 votes
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Description of Scooter's Magic Castle

To shortly resume Scooter's Magic Castle (also known as Le château magique de Scooter), it's about educational and graphics / art, math / logic, music, typing. It was done by Electronic Arts, Inc. in 1993. Feel free to download and try it!

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Ebers added this comment :

How do I make scooter, compatible for a windows 7?


Itoo added this comment :

This is a GREAT game for toddlers! The simple maneuverability sans reading is perfect for pre-school age 3-4 children. A 5 year old could enjoy it but wouldn't gain much intellectually. The golucky soundtrack and ubiquitous easter eggs keeps them entertained in between the minigames. Each of the games comes with varying levels of difficulties.

Some mini-game highlights:

Fishing - Catch the fish that matches the request, from simple color differences to detail differences like size/shape/accessories.

Piano - play back the tune and the piano will add one extra note to the melody.

Funny Face - Arranges a random face of mixed up features, then tests to see if you can remember once removed.

Shadow Matching - a ghost rearranges the objects in a room but leaves the shadows. Match the objects back to their shadows.

Library - click the letters on the typewriter that fills in the requested letters in the book. Each word creates an animated picture, all words on each page create one coherent scene.

Frankenstein - color frankensteins skin and clothing to match the randomly generated poster

Of all the abandonware games we've tried with our 4-year old so far, this one has been the only one to not get axed from typical playability issues. I highly recommend it to all parents and pre-homeschoolers.


shelle added this comment :

i want this


TantalumBismuth added this comment :

How do I make this work?


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