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SimCity 2000

DOS - 1993

Alt names
模拟城市2000, סים סיטי 2000, SimCity 2000: The Ultimate City Simulator, SimCity 2000: Symulator Buddwy I Rozwoju Miasta, SimCity 2000: La Super-Simulation D'Urbanisme, SimCity 2000: Der ultimative Städte-Simulator, Sim City 2000, SC2K, SC2000, シムシティー2000
Simulation, Strategy
Maxis Software Inc.
Maxis Software Inc.
4.3 / 5 - 803 votes

Description of SimCity 2000

Maxis Software Inc. gave birth to SimCity 2000 (also known as 模拟城市2000, סים סיטי 2000, SimCity 2000: The Ultimate City Simulator, SimCity 2000: Symulator Buddwy I Rozwoju Miasta, SimCity 2000: La Super-Simulation D'Urbanisme, SimCity 2000: Der ultimative Städte-Simulator, Sim City 2000, SC2K, SC2000, シムシティー2000) in 1993, with the help of Maxis Software Inc. as publisher. Cool strategy, simulation game, the player evolve in a managerial theme with a isometric perspective.

Paradigm wrote : This game had so much depth and complexity, the official tip book for it was half the size of a New York City phone book. Even by today's standards the graphics still look pretty snazy. All I can really say is, it is the best game of its kind and certainly the best in the series.

There are sadly a lot of bugs though. Not all Ordinances work. Some do not work correctly. Some buildings have such a negligible effect they are pointless to build, others have a far greater impact then they should. Road, highway and railroad connections to neighboring cities build but do not seem to register, though this only seems to happen when running under DOS Box. Finally, the game is VERY crash prone when running under DOS Box.

IMPORTANT: This is the DEMO version of Sim City 2k, you can buy the full game on for $5.99.

To play the game, you have to re-configure the game to use the proper graphic mode.

Launch install.exe first and change the video to Super VGA. You can change the sound to "Sound blaster" for music and "Sound blaster compatible" for the sound effects. Although the sound worker for me with the original setup.

After the setup, you can launch SC2000.EXE

Have fun building your city :)

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Comments and reviews


Anonymous added this comment :

I found the CD set for this game in the dumpster. It works perfectly on my Windows XP Computer XD


Desth added this comment :

Doesn't work at all. Do not download what-so-ever!


Daniel added this comment :

How do I turn on sound blaster? Sound and music doesn't work.


digitalworkshed added this comment :



free download PC games added this comment :

Nice post and blog for


cesc1 added this comment :

this game is amazing play it!


19 added this comment :

or you can just torrent the game for free the way is should be


hd added this comment :

It's cool


admin added this comment :

This is the DEMO version of Sim City 2k, you can buy the full game on for $5.99, we won't upload back the full game.


RE1Do added this comment :

Got the game running on DOSBOX, but I can't get the cheats to work (lame, I know, but that's how I enjoy playing it).

When I type 'IMACHEAT' nothing happens.

Any advice? I need the cash!!


Gamba added this comment :



PainisPower added this comment :



MstrFool added this comment :

No idea how old the comments here are, but I'll offer what help I can. Mili123, try running it in DOSBox. It's trying to use a low res mode that moderns systems hate. Or, you could try setting your screen res to 640x480 and try again. Once in, you should be able to find just what resolutions the game supports. I don't recall off hand. Ilikepie1974, look for spanning options in your zip program. You can normally spread a file over as many disks as you need by spanning. Good luck folks.


mili123 added this comment :

i cant seem to install it. after i run install.exe i get an error


this system does not support fullscreen mode. Choose 'close' to terminate the application

Can anyone help me?


jezar added this comment :

i download it and i cant install it!


ilikepie1974 added this comment :

now the trouble is getting it onto my compaq armada... no USB support cuz its 98, wont fit on floppy disks...


krumsty added this comment :



L3d added this comment :

ycan eaven fly thru the whole city using sim-copter ,am i right ? xD
thats a newer verion ,and i have the newest one took me ages just to get the best streets going on etc ,but i think the new one is way smaller ,so i want the future pack way beyond xD


L3d added this comment :

i miss my pc ,this new minitop i have ,is kinda funny ..oh no dvd-player tho OH !!


What added this comment :

This game came out 7 years too early. Fail


good guy added this comment :

My pc is so old i dont have enough RAM


L3d added this comment :

it works , now i need some tandy music weeeee


yash added this comment :

super cooooool.......................................a very very nice game


L3d added this comment :

aw ,it doesnt work !!


Alb added this comment :

Hey guys,

I try to build a city but my population is not growing. After 20 years population is still zero. Is this a bug?


dumma added this comment :

cool.....thank u............


MySocialDesk added this comment :

Nice post and blog for free download PC games


helpful guy added this comment :

if you are having trouble with the spaces in the game name just rename the folder to something under 8 chracters, and with no spaces


donald westington added this comment :

@ NeedHelp: Search engine. OK? Search engine. There. I helped.


NeedHelp added this comment :

Idk how to do this. Usually you just drag the folder to DosBox and type in the name. But theirs spaces, so i can't. Help.


Macgruber added this comment :

dos box will alow you to play any of these games or look into


simcity added this comment :

great game


Trev added this comment :

I used to love playing this when I was a teenager.


LegoManilaShow 2013 added this comment :

i can't play it. these are saying when opening it: SC2000.EXE
The NTVDM CPU has encoutered an illegal instruction.
C2.c000 IP:5091 OP:ff ff 83 fc 00 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.


Lucky added this comment :

Great game, spent a lot of time playing it.


Leigh added this comment :

So glad this game is now free!


leedle added this comment :

Sweet diddly goodness


Redditor added this comment :

This isn't abandonware. It is still available from Good Old Games.


Julleven Mendoza added this comment :

just downloading for the first time


WalterHwite added this comment :



bittervrug added this comment :

looove this game


jerkstorm added this comment :



Sarevok added this comment :


I solved the problem with dosbox just go to install change your video card and the game will run properly


Chaos added this comment :



Better than the new one. added this comment :

Way better than the new one.


Simpser added this comment :

@rcbc: Use an emulator (ex: DosBox) and make sure to change both the game audio settings, but also change the DosBox config file.


john t added this comment :



Dillon added this comment :

I cannot get water to spread... it used to work on my computer and now it isn't anymore, i have tried different computers and different frontend programs for Dosbox, any suggestions ?


1234 added this comment :

Better than SimCIty 5


bdarko added this comment :

sim city rules


rcbc added this comment :

doesnt work with x64 :(((


jokur added this comment :

great game


will added this comment :

luv simcity


minato namikaze added this comment :

nice game putang ina nyo


Andrehh added this comment :

Niceeeee iam verry happy :)


redbull added this comment :

nice game


BD added this comment :



RuindWarrior added this comment :

can somebody hit me up with the proper settings used to run sc2000 in DOSBox...?


Tom Gifford added this comment :

Windows 7, HAVE DOSBOX, HAVE D-fend, tried four machines, four locations. none work. HELP!!!!!!!!!


Boots added this comment :

my fave game of the 90's back on my p.c! :-)


droid added this comment :



pieter added this comment :

i love it


Carlos added this comment :

Use Dosbox .


kermur added this comment :

If you ppl cant get it to run, use google, do some research. learn something. you'll better yourself and you'll stop wasting other people's time.

figure it out.


hey um... added this comment :

I cant play


jaocby added this comment :

how can i work it on mac


SheWolf added this comment :

How do you set it up? I'm failing horribly! Its just so confusing.


kl;a added this comment :

How can I get it to work on windows 8?


Zed added this comment :

Thanks for the comment about the DOSBox, I was having trouble getting this to run but that worked perfectly!


setyo added this comment :

i like this game


Jesus is LORD added this comment :

It works fine for me, im using Win7 64 bit, after download the game and DOSBox ( i use version 0.74 ). unzip the game, left click and drag ( any ) file that you want to run, then drop it to the DOSBox icon ( on your desktop ) then enjoy it. Tam biet


Me added this comment :

Good game. Doesn't work on newer versions of windows - and does not operate in DOS or DOS emulators. Attempting to play it using the compatibility mode can work, but often glitches out.

I recommend that you don't download this version. At least not until someone puts up a patch to fix the issues.


Rita added this comment :

Utter rubbish.

Well done Maxis for destroying the original game!


OM added this comment :

...There were like 19 or 20 different versions of SC2K, with only minor tweaks and variations to differentiate them. Most of them were OEM related to reflect the company that made the computer and bundled a bunch of games with it, including SC2K. I've got three or four of those versions sitting on a beehive spindle somewhere in a box, and for a while you could find them almost as easy as an AOHell install disk. Not as numerous so as to use them for coasters, but almost!


Qatayam added this comment :

Great game but i recommend version for MacOS.

You can try this version with FreeDOS or DOS emulator DOSbox.


...OR Mac OS version (much better):

Find some classic MacOS emulator (SheepShaver or Basillisk) for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X and install MacOS 7.5. You can download it free from Apple server:

You must download all files and use them as virtual floppy disks inside emulator.

You also need Mac DiskTools and real 68k Mac ROM for boot. You can find both on Google.

After that just install Mac version of Sim City 2000.

For instructions how to configure and use MacOS emulator see documentation on official page of emulator.

It's really easy after you download all stuff. :)


aptos added this comment :

Try to download from
And 16 bit games can not work on 64 bit windows....


CMDeml added this comment :

You can get this game by going to
and downloading it and then
and it should work.


Joel added this comment :

no, this download will not run on Windows 7 64 bit. I just tried everything they said, and it isn't compatible.


Ola added this comment :

I can't install this game, can you please make a tutorial ?
it can be much more simple


oldgamemaniac added this comment :

Im try to download but it isn't download


tchp87 added this comment :

Having trouble downloading from this site. Help me!!!


Saint added this comment :

For those who are having problems with this game freezing in Windows 7 64 bit. There is a install.exe file found in the folder containing the game. Run this file and change Graphics into VGA and sounds into Sounder Blaster. Then the game will work. Enjoy!


amma added this comment :

i meant windows 7, 64


amma added this comment :

Install mostly successful using DOSbox. However when I ALT / ENTER to fullscreen, things freeze, can't use the mouse. If I exit out back to minimal screen the game works fine. I would love to play fullscreen though. I'm using windows 4 64 bit


milan11 added this comment :

full igrica bas volim takve igre


Tanvir added this comment :

Its fantastic game & i kike it very much.....


FIBER0PTIC added this comment :

Maxis had a promotion back in the day... Bank over $500,000 and send a screen shot too them, in return you get a Maxis T-Shirt...

Shamus cracked the IBM version of SimCity 2000 and found the secret... People like Parks, and you only need 1 piece of Rail/Road/Water touching each property.

It's not a pretty city, just a profitable one.

I will post a pic of the Shirt next time teh c64 section of my site is updated.

FIBER0PTIC/FBR, Teh HUMBLE Guys, Napalm, & Worship.


Omi added this comment :

I want to play simcity...:)


Johan added this comment :

I Like This


Defy Kay added this comment :

I got this working after running perfectly under Boxer (dosbox for mac).

Be sure to run the installer first and change the default video option to SVGA or VGA. Whatever the default is.. it doesn't work in dosbox and you'll just get a blank screen with music as others posted.

You might need to adjust your sound card and music card selections as well depending on your setup. (General Midi + Sound Blaster Pro worked for me)


Ty added this comment :

I can start the game (without sound) but it asks me to check my sound/video settings (within the game) it says everything is ok then I click the button to exit the "settings" menu and it crashes the game. It wont start!


helloworld added this comment :

For people using Windows 7 64-bit and D-Fend reloaded, run the setup (INSTALL.exe) via D-Fend, and choose the Packard Bell VESA video card, it worked for me.


naratip added this comment :

very good


nom added this comment :

I Ran Install first, still has issues loading. (On DosBox)


Antonio added this comment :

I'm having the same problem as Nick. I can hear the music from the game, but all I'm getting is a black screen with some odd text. I'm using D-Fend Reloaded.


Nick added this comment :

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and everytime I load the game in Dfend or straight from DOSbox I get a black DOS screen with weird text but I can here the game's music. I can't seem to run the install so I have no idea what's going on, any help?



hierba added this comment :

Excelent Game


momo added this comment :

ok lets go

#4573 added this comment :

run install.exe
then change into sc2000.exe


DemonRax added this comment :

Hi! I tried following the tutorial for playing SimCity 2000. I Have the game in the list, i double click it. Black screen. some loading time
a colored text appear..

then nothing.. (just a message about secure mode).
I waited 5 minutes but game not start ;/

then ctrl+f9 and exited the window :(

I have windows vista.

please I really loved simcity 2000, help me to play it again


Shadowner added this comment :

You can use D-fend Reloaded to have the game start with sound.
It will automatically detect your card and have it configured automatically.


alecion420 added this comment :

I can't seem to find which sound card I have to select or which sound fx card to use. The list only shows old cards. What do I do??


Darkguardian1314 added this comment :

This is a very good game that holds up over time. Had to run install disk in D-Fend Reload before it would run. Reading the instructions will save you headaches. Thanks :)


Qawo added this comment :

i like this game


aga added this comment :

thank you


admin added this comment :



eki added this comment :

This secure website?


cheese added this comment :

It tells me that it won't open on full-screen. I press ignore and it just closes out completely.


Alpha Guy added this comment :

This give me SOOOOOO much nostolgia because i played this as a kid


led_zeppelin99 added this comment :

i like led zeppelin


DargaBarga added this comment :

@sauce - works like sexy for me on win7 x64 too. I used the mount command and ran the install.exe file in DosBox, which I used to change the card and fx settings to soundblaster, then ran SC2000.exe and everything worked great.


a1sauses added this comment :

i clicked install.exe, gave some weird symbols in a box and froze my computer, when i restarted. my delete key didn't work and double clicking made anything pop open properties. bad download


sauce added this comment :

It works on Windows 7 64x.. because I just started it. Run install.exe in the command prompt, then set the sound card and music effects to soundblaster and make sure the video card is on Vega. Don't do all the complicated mount c:/// xxxwww and all that... just drag the sim city folder onto the Dosbox shortcut. Hope this helped someone.


owow added this comment :



doinken added this comment :

I'm guessing the Windows version isn't considered Abandonware?


JackzVJXTRON added this comment :

For me it crashes my xp laptop when i run it


thatguy added this comment :

Hey, the game doesn't load of the first screen right, any ideas whats wrong?


shinyspoongod added this comment :

This classic city management sim is decent.


sh added this comment :



westburian added this comment :

looks like you are trying to use NTVDM (cmd.exe), instead download and install DOSBOX, then run DOSBOX and run install.exe

better yet, get an older machine and run DOS or win98 on it for these old classic games.

better yet, stop using windoze, run linux with DOSBOX


john added this comment :

how do you get the full screen to work on this game or can you? i want to play it in full screen cause i cant see the game very well


scomas added this comment :

Check this out. one old game


prima added this comment :



beginner added this comment :

keeps hanging on copyright systems in dosbox.... anyone an idea what i do wrong? other games work....


Kalaga added this comment :

I try to start install.exe, but it responds with this:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0000 IP:0077 OP:f0 37 05 0c 02 Choose Close to terminate the application.

None of it makes sense, and I really want to play this game based on your criticism!


baig added this comment :

this game is fantastic .....beautifull game .......... i love this game............


woot! added this comment :

it'll run on windows 7 if you run dosbox!


Rusty added this comment :

Rock on!


win7 user added this comment :

will not work on windows 7 :(


I love thrisha F. added this comment :

i loove this game so much 5 star!!


bon-bon added this comment :

very wonderful game


james added this comment :



junaidi oktoria added this comment :



SimAddicted added this comment :

Ahhh is this windows not dos because i have dos copy of the game
i need windows because of cheat like debug menu...


maddog added this comment :

I love this game. I'm trying to find it for my Sprint htc 4g evo..


Rho added this comment :

After installing your DOSBox, you can type 'help' to get more tips; also remember this is DOS- you have specific commands available and have to learn how to MOUNT YOUR DIRECTORY to the system. I have my files under, "C:\DOS\(game/application name)" so you "mount c C:\DOS\(game name)" and ENTER key to give it the command- hit "C:" and the ENTER key (minus the quotation marks, of course) again to finish the mount. You also need to look at the file, and identify the appropriate application file to know which command to give it next. For example, for my Sim City game, the file is called, "sim" so I hit those little letters in and the ENTER key, and my game will start. ALT / ENTER to fullscreen, and your windows key to get out of the Box without exiting the program. =)


kid added this comment :

can any body tell me whats im going to do after installing DOsBox... :(


help added this comment :

i have win 7 and i download dosbox now what do i do?


teeA added this comment :

Great Game - Old Classic


happyp added this comment :

thanks i have a copy somewhere


Eric, The Panda added this comment :

Wow, love this one!


myabandonware added this comment :

here is how to run
first get dosbox
fFrst run install in dosbox you need to change the card to an svga card the exit then drop the dc2000 exi into dosbox and your off


DOSKING added this comment :

DOSBOX, people, DOSBOX... Download it, sheesh...


Ceristimo added this comment :

Please people, stop asking if games will run on Windows 7 or not. Just download the free program calles DosBox (google it!), and use that. DosBox is a DOS emulator, and all these old games will run using that, just fine. You do have to have some minimum knowledge of the most basic DOS commands (CD=change dir, C: will select C:\ drive, and MOUNT will mount a specific folder as the emulated C:\ drive), but if you're old enough to know these games, you should be able to somewhat navigate your way with DOS. And DosBox comes with a help function anyway...

So, download DosBox, and have fun playing all these old gems!


chi added this comment :

will this run on mac?


Civil added this comment :

Can i run it on win 7


Zeke added this comment :

As a kid I only played this to cause disasters and destroy everything. Now I'm actually gonna play it right!


F0XX added this comment :

A great example of Maxis and Will Wright's early achievements.


XXX Clan added this comment :

Its fun play this game ! you can build your city alone now.


eperezf added this comment :

I have the original CD and the two manuals (Game and SCURK)!!! Now it's abandonware... Awesome game!


Tiago added this comment :

Install VBox and Win95. Run the game.


hugo vasconcelos added this comment :

it game is very fun for me i'm proud i intend have this game....


UrbanT added this comment :

Lost my disk of SC 2000, glad this is on there!


GAMER added this comment :

how do i download the game so i can play it not just look at pics of other cities?


mattnanokid added this comment :

These games work perfectly on windows 95! got an old laptop, and it seems like it is one of the faster ones playing these games.


nick added this comment :

DosBox sucks. Install Windows 3.11, they work like a charm on it :)


admin added this comment :

Added instruction after the description of the game.


Jon added this comment :

I downloaded DosBox but the game is still not working what do I do next? I need detailed instructions. Thanks.


ToR added this comment :

They will work with vista, download DosBox like was already suggested to make it compatible.


elizabopolous added this comment :

Does anyone know which .exe file we should be using for this game?


scotty3281 added this comment :

anyone that has problems with these games, they are DOS games. Download DosBox and install to get games to work.


DAMNYOUVISTA added this comment :

DAMN YOU WINDOWS VISTA!!! Old games dont work. Or can they, I just have to tweak something? Please help.

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