Snooper Troops

Published: February 1, 2009 - 641 downloads

Alt name
Snooper Troops: Case #1: The Granite Point Ghost
Adventure, Educational
Detective / Mystery, Puzzle-Solving, Reading / Writing, Spy / Espionage
Spinnaker Software Corporation
Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.
3rd-Person, Top-Down
3.5 / 5
2 votes
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Description of Snooper Troops

Download Snooper Troops (also known as Snooper Troops: Case #1: The Granite Point Ghost) for free now. Published in 1982 by Spinnaker Software Corporation, enjoy a adventure, educational game with reading / writing, puzzle-solving, detective / mystery, spy / espionage theme!

One of the world's first detective games for kids, Snooper Troops is a great edutainment title that truly stands the test of time. First in a short-lived series from Tom Snyder / Spinnaker and subtitled "Case 1: The Granite Point Ghost," Snooper Troops casts you in a role of a Snooper Trooper, a world-renown private detective team. Your job is to find out who is scaring the Kim family out of their new home, and why. Snooper Troops plays like a typical detective adventure, except that everything is simplified for kids ages 10 and above. Although you will need to carry out standard investigating techniques such as questioning witnesses and searching the premises for clues, the game's best feature is easily the plethora of high-tech gadgets that makes investigation much easier. The SnoopNet computer helps correlate information, a camera is provided for you to take Snoopshots, and a notebook automatically keeps track of all the clues you unearth during your investigation. Kids of all ages will definitely have fun with Snooper Troops. It is immediately accessible, user-friendly, and has an interesting plot to top it all off. Kids will learn to take notes, draw maps, organize information, and hone their deductive and reasoning skills. Highly recommended!
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