Street Rod 2: The Next Generation

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: January 29, 2013 - 3879 downloads

Alt names
Street Rod II, SR2
Racing / Driving, Simulation
California Dreams
Logical Design Works, Inc., P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group
4.34 / 5
47 votes

Description of Street Rod 2: The Next Generation

P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group, Logical Design Works, Inc. gave birth to Street Rod 2: The Next Generation (also known as Street Rod II, SR2) in 1991, with the help of California Dreams as publisher. Cool racing / driving, simulation game, the player evolve in a managerial theme with a perspective.

A great sequel to Street Rod that improves upon its predecessor in every respect, Street Rod 2 features more and faster cars, more challenging courses, and new customization options that were added based on fans' input from the first game. Obviously following the proven "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of though, California Dreams retains all the fun of Street Rod while adding many options. (Read my review of Street Rod for an overview of gameplay and objective-- both of which remain the same here). In addition to changing engine and transmission, you can now add fuel injector, add muffler mod's, and change the car's gear ratio. The "grudge night" is a new racing mode that pits you against slower cars who are given significant handicaps. In response to many fans' criticism that Street Rod races were far too easy and too short, California Dreams went to the other extreme by adding Road Race and Aqueduct Race in Street Rod 2-- two very challenging courses that are probably impossible for most gamers to finish. If you like Street Rod, you will love Street Rod 2. If you think the races in Street Rod are too difficult, you will likely be very frustrated with this game. Otherwise, Street Rod 2 is simply a must-have for every car lover.
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#9378 added this comment :

muy bueno


Lulz added this comment :

The file is just gone!


FreeDOS player added this comment :

Hey, where's the file?


SlaveOfSelf added this comment :

didnt know that theres 2nd one, sweet. unforgettable classic


DMC14 added this comment :

Allright got it to work by downloading d-fend reloaded. after win-ziping it i just dragged it into the d-fend thingy and opened it yay. havent played yet but i gottinto the game.


DMC14 added this comment :

I played this heaps as a kid. love it gonna try and downlaod it now.


nostalgic added this comment :

Only many years later the world saw this features again in a game: need for speed!

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