Test Drive

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: April 17, 2012 - 6490 downloads

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Racing / Driving, Simulation
Accolade, Inc.
Distinctive Software, Inc.
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Description of Test Drive

1987 saw the release of Test Drive (also known as 试验驾驶) on the DOS system. A racing / driving, simulation game, created by Distinctive Software, Inc. and distributed by Accolade, Inc.. If you like arcade, download, install and enjoy Test Drive!

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Alex added this comment :

This was my first racing game as well! What a great childhood. It consisted of this game and Legos :)


Dino D'asil added this comment :

I tried to play the records of Yossitomi Torro, for along period of time


San_Lex added this comment :

my first racing game


admin added this comment :

Try it now rallylc ! And tell us !


rallylc added this comment :

Does somebody has the disk 2 for enhanced EGA graphics?


123 added this comment :

on amiga looks better but its great to here..


eddy added this comment :

It's the best racing game.


JCMan added this comment :

This game was for years my better game. I have it on floppy disk (360 kb) and some years after I transfer the game on 31/2" (720kb) version floppy disk.
The first time I play it on my computer XT with 8088 and turbo option. And 640 kb on RAM. In a CGA Video Card.

Thank you for this Excellent Game!
: )


KC without the sunshine band added this comment :

This game was amazing for its time.
I use to drive top speed It was a real rush.
Did not have my permit back then crashed many a cars.


champ added this comment :

How many times i went around that mountain on my old PC-jr! Still have this on floppy!


Addy added this comment :

I owned this game on floppy, and I can proudly say I spent a good portion of my childhood playing this game :P

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