Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: September 23, 2010 - 2998 downloads

Alt name
Mind Mirror
Licensed Title, Meditative / Zen
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Futique, Inc.
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10 votes
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Description of Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror

If you haven't play Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror (also known as Mind Mirror) already, go ahead and download it now! Published in 1986 by Electronic Arts, Inc., Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror features simulation in a licensed title, meditative / zen genre.

DOSGamer says :Mind Mirror is a very odd game that is psychological in nature. The screens are text with choices that you
highlight before pressing or sometime designated "F" keys.

Captures and Snapshots

Screenshots used with permission from MobyGames.com

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Silent added this comment :

A very interesting experiment, very intriguing indeed!


Artful Codger added this comment :

Works fine using DOSBox on Linux. Must be a PEBKAC issue.


tom added this comment :

holy smokes folks, you do know everything here was programmed for DOS, right? windows 1.0 wasnt even out when this software was made. go download dosbox and figure out how to use it before bothering everyone else with your illiteracy.

ok, getting off soapbox now


Lesam added this comment :

this doesnt work on windows 7


OVA ERRATA added this comment :

Use DosBox for dos games. Many of them were coded to run as fast as possible which was


MR Ice added this comment :

does nott work for Vista :(


Dude added this comment :

I too am running XP Pro and it works for me.

First time it ran it gave me the Num Lock message. I hit the Num Lock and it went away. From there it worked OK. The intro text goes by way too fast to read. Press enter and go into the program.


:( added this comment :

I can't get this to work. It shows me the first screenshot that appears here but it says "Num lock is turned on. Press Fn to turn it off". This while my num lock is not turned off.
any ideas?
I use windows XP pro, and I can play other DOS stuff.

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