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Description of Transylvania

Developed by Polarware and published by Polarware, Transylvania is a adventure game revolving around horror, interactive fiction, interactive fiction with graphics. It was published in 1986, feel free to download and play it now!

The first in the Transylvania series is one of Polarware's best known games. The plot is not very unique: as the name suggests, the story takes place in land of the vampires and involves the evil vampires, ghosts, and the like. Your task is to prevent the archevil vampire from ruling Transylvania. A decent game, if not very original, and actually has a robust parser that understands synonyms of the most commonly-used verbs. Remember to run away from evil creatures when they (randomly) find you :)
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havar added this comment :

Push enter to show graphics


havar added this comment :

I was wondering the same...


hobbes38 added this comment :

how do you make the graphics come out?


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