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Alt name
Welltris: The Soviet Challenge Continues...
Puzzle-Solving, Real-Time
Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.
Doka, Sphere, Inc.
3.8 / 5
15 votes
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Description of Welltris

1989 saw the release of Welltris (also known as Welltris: The Soviet Challenge Continues...) on the DOS system. A strategy game, created by Doka, Sphere, Inc. and distributed by Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.. If you like puzzle-solving, real-time, download, install and enjoy Welltris!

This is "sequel" of sorts to the classic Tetris: this time you must deal with tiles in 3D, coming in from all 4 sides of a well (hence the name). The game certainly retains the addictiveness of the original, while making the concept even more difficult -- now you must contend with filling 5 surfaces instead of one (the 4 walls, plus the well bottom). Graphics is not as good as the original, but then again that's not what will keep us playing :)
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David Tamawiwy added this comment :

How about the password? Could you send me the answer (password) ?
Thank you.



A Wise Old Man added this comment :

This game had a lot of hype and a lot of anticipation behind it, based on the success of Tetris. It wound up being a major flop sales-wise, because what looked great in concept - Tetris from four sides and not just top-down - made for some really difficult gameplay. Someone did a shareware variant on this where instead of revolving the pieces around the shaft, you rotated the target base and game play worked significantly better. Sad I can't find a copy of it online anywhere, otherwise I'd post the link here :(


local added this comment :

best game ever!


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