Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades

Published: February 6, 2012 - Last update: May 6, 2013 - 1970 downloads

Add-on, Compilation / Shovelware, Editor / Construction Set, Shooter
Apogee Software, Ltd.
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Description of Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades

In 1994, Apogee Software, Ltd. publishes Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades, a editor / construction set, compilation / shovelware, add-on, shooter game for the DOS system. Offering action genre, it is now an abandonware.

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nobody added this comment :

Pasting from Vogons forum thread:

The addon was released as freeware by 3DRealms, and is available (with no support) on their FTP server. Wolf3D is crashing because the external menu program tries to rename some files using wildcards, which DOSBox does not support.

You can work around the situation by using the 4DOS command shell, which has more full-featured versions of DOS commands. Place 4DOS.COM in the root of your mounted C: drive, and then type "SET COMSPEC=C:\4DOS.COM" in DOSBox prior to running the addon. You can put the SET command in the autoexec section of your conf file for convenience. You should also probably re-install Wolf3D and the addon because of the leftover files that didn't get renamed.


Me added this comment :

This actually doesn't work at all with a DOS emulator program. All of the instructional files are either corrupted or missing, and attempting to play any of the included new levels or create your own will freeze the system.

Installing this program and running it will also corrupt your Wolfenstein 3D files, forcing you to delete all of it and redownload/reinstall.

This download should not have a high rating, and it shouldn't even be included on this site. You should test your download programs prior to uploading them.


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