Wolfenstein 3D

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: March 28, 2013 - 106589 downloads

Alt names
Wolfenstein 3D: Third Encounter, Wolfenstein 3-D, Wolf3D
Apogee Software, Ltd.
id Software, Inc.
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Description of Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D (also known as Wolfenstein 3D: Third Encounter, Wolfenstein 3-D, Wolf3D) is a game published in 1992 by Apogee Software, Ltd., the theme is shooter. It features a action genre and uses a 1st-person perspective.

As the real first person shooter on pc, Wolfenstein 3D is still very fun and inspired many games. You play as an american soldier captured by the nazis and you blast your way to the exit of every level.

You will be facing dogs, soldiers, mutants, ZOMBIS and even the fuhrer !

Captures and Snapshots

Screenshots used with permission from MobyGames.com

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DOOMMASTER added this comment :

have the download a virus?

Is the download clean?


someone added this comment :

awesome game


tufjam added this comment :



ynz added this comment :

Is it 1.4 ?


prateek added this comment :

it is a gud game


din added this comment :

nice game


no one added this comment :



JUAQUI added this comment :



ampblaster added this comment :

Full-ware with saved games...Awesome!!! Thnx


Anta67 added this comment :

Molto bello!


jacob added this comment :

Wait to Dowload


manoguars added this comment :

thank you


dhinesh added this comment :

very good


Civnoda added this comment :

I can play the game, but there is no sound? Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.


TheArtani added this comment :

I'll see if this game still works


johnny1 added this comment :

it's the full version not shareware
so cool thanks


NITINKUMAR added this comment :



indstr added this comment :

Aha yes... Everyone has memories of this one. For some reason Wolf3d gave me motion sickness though, which Doom and newer games never did. So I wasn't a huge fan of Wolf3d even though it was revolutionary.


Full Guy added this comment :



Full Guy added this comment :

Is it the full version or the shareware version?


Chu added this comment :



Paranoid added this comment :

Awesome game. This is from the era of shoots before they tried to pile advanced mechanics and a "deep" story line. I just love running around and shooting the crap out of generic enemies!


Gip-Gip added this comment :

Dos Box fixes everything.


jimmywhat added this comment :

Use Dosbox to play on Windows 8 or any 64 bit Os.


aeiou added this comment :

and for 64 bits?


ThatGuy added this comment :

Dude, if theirs NO-ONE TO CLAIM THE COPYRIGHT the copyright no longer is in use. Who's gonna go to court to say otherwise?


BritBrat added this comment :

Classic. Not so easy to play on a touchpad though!


T_T added this comment :

@RobertATfm: You talk shit. Why buy of you can download? I dont care for the big players, I care for me!


Flippers added this comment :

Shut up Rob. People have their own choices. Bragging about how rich you are to buy the game doesn't help those who aren't. Stop being all Mr. Right. Dick.


YeahNanCat added this comment :


Actually Valve "stole" Wolfenstein 3d. 'Cause it is developed by ID Softvare. NOT Valve.

Looks like Valve just added that shield or skin that let this game play on newer op systems.

So please stop with this purchasethisgamebecausethisisillagal sanctimonius shit.

I bet you have at least one commercial software on your machine you didnot pay for.....


RobertATfm added this comment :

@neologo: Installing this game is easy, just go to Steam and purchase a legal copy (they cost only about the price of a cappucino) and you will be able to install and run it on any system, even Windows 8.


RobertATfm added this comment :

This game shouldn't be on this site; it isn't "abandonware", it is still available both from the id Software site and from Steam. This download is thus not an "abandonware" download (even those are technically illegal, since copyright continues to exist even if there's nobody to claim it), but a full-on pirate download.


Royzourboy added this comment :

The pac man level is Episode 3, level 10. Just work your way there or cheat.


neologo added this comment :

how do i install?


Generals added this comment :

Love it, how to get to pac-man??


Pete G added this comment :

I cant figure out how to get the sound to work, I'm using the D-Fend Reloaded Emulator.


mavis9nixon added this comment :

how do you get to the pacman level it shows in the snapshots


Jimbo added this comment :

Epic back then


kavi added this comment :

super game


joy added this comment :



FourTwentyNoscope added this comment :

I have to disagree with you guys, I love Steam. It's a single place where you can conveniently buy games, DLC and in-game stuff. Be grateful to Gabe Newell, he's the one that ported Doom to Windows in the first place.


DrunkenBastard added this comment :

Thank you.


Licurg added this comment :

@FistMarine: I agree about Steam(hate it, don't use it) but GOG is not the same, they make the games work out of the box, which is important for people with lower tech skills, and they sell their games without shitty DRM. So buying old games from GOG does actually make sense.


LongTooth added this comment :

To play this on a Win7 machine first install Dfend Reloaded. Then download the wolfenstein-3d zip file from here.
Next run Dfend Reloaded and select File - import - import archive file..
Then navigate to where you put the wolfenstein-3d zip file, select it and click open. Dfend will do the rest.
Now you will see Wolfenstein 3D listed in the Dfend Reloaded window, simply double click on it and you play it full screen.
I haven't managed to get the sound working yet.


MsHaruko added this comment :

ah yes good ol'Wolfenstein. I remember this. This was my first fps growing lol. Just get DOSBox and run it. Adjust your sound options. Believe default is off except for the music.


FistMarine added this comment :

@grump yeah but who cares? Most of the old games can be bought ONLY on steam, which sucks because I hate steam, why waste money on digital downloads (steam, GOG, etc) when you can download this game for free from this place? I just can't understand this logic!
Anyway if you want to BUY the game in its original form, what about eBay or Amazon? These places are a hundred times better than shitty steam store! I can never understand why everyone loves steam and wastes money on buying games online. If you want to buy a game BADLY, buy from eBay or Amazon!


FistMarine added this comment :

If you guys want to play Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny full, free & legal on Doom engine, you can download Wolfenstein 3D TC from ZDoom forums! It has better controls as well. Have fun!


grump added this comment :

thats not abandonware

thats warez


Katarn X added this comment :

This Game Was Ment For DOS, So Even If Youre Hardware Is Fine You Need A DOS Emu, To Simulate DOS Drivers


Revenge of the bean added this comment :

Don't remember pack-ghosts..
The german versions funny!


the pussy destroyer added this comment :

this game rocks


Mary added this comment :

The sound won't work for me. I changed the sound options to what I wanted and turned the sound on, but I don't hear anything. Please help.


john added this comment :

i cant get it run i tried


2pringles added this comment :

i love how the germans censored the game and turned the nazi's into monsters and the- Hitler, into a robot xD


ToBeAdvised added this comment :

9/10. I love this game. I was born (quite literally) just after all these good games were releases, now i can play them. Awesome.


saman keshvari added this comment :

oh my god ! nostalgia ! :)


Fegelein added this comment :

I personally enjoyed this game.


Jenesis :( added this comment :

BIG a Bag like a Big


Shuuriken added this comment :

mobile version is better


3300 added this comment :

Hey i found a demon or Archvile from the side of Wolfenstein



pete added this comment :

if you have problems running these games try down load D-FEND Reloaded brill front end and joy to key i found best to work pad or stick games.


kermur added this comment :

pft: do some research, and figure it out. Have you tried DosBOX? Back when these games were current, people had to be savvy to use computers. Now any bum can fire up their pre-loaded systems. If you do the research and educate yourself, you'll find it can be fun- and you'll stop being an ignorant whiner.


pft added this comment :

every game i have downloaded off this site have "not worked with my version of 7"


semnome added this comment :

sem comentarios


Ded added this comment :

The game that started it all...


Juanchin added this comment :

Excelent juegazo en esos años. Me lo bajo!


anonymous gamer added this comment :

haha, cool. its funny that its only 1mb and still it is fun. :D


Duke nukem added this comment :

I love this game but the download doesn't start. Please fix


Jeorge added this comment :

This is the best game eva


Leitbild added this comment :

Hmm... I still can't get warm with that game...

I don't know why, all people told me how great it is (and other overhailed fanboy stuff), but after playing other, more improved games of those days like Doom or Heretic, it was a real step back while testing it the very first time... And never played it again...

Sounds sad, but that's life... ;)

BTW, as a guy from germany I only can positively mention the fun factor for ourselves related to the goodminded, but totally failed tries by the guys at id Software to speak german phrases for the soldiers!
'Mein Leben!!!'
Oh my god... I was more lying and laughing under the table than enjoying the game itself! :D


Liam added this comment :



Wow added this comment :

It works. Thank you. I am amazed!


Bringemon added this comment :

Is this the full version?
Does it include the other levels after stage 1-9?


BJ added this comment :

I like the pacman level


Patton added this comment :

Makes me think of of the Nazi's now occupied in New mexico, They are bragging that they are there to shoot and arrest us if martial law happens.


Jed118 added this comment :

He's Polish-American?

Highly unlikely in the 30s - 40s....


Ben 10 added this comment :

very nice game

keep it up


Heinrich von Helmutschnitzel added this comment :



RPQR added this comment :

Great game


Jacker011011 added this comment :

Nice Game


oldmancharile added this comment :

doesnt work with windows 7


JACK added this comment :

just press alt enter to get dos box full screen at the same time


mkamalmaa added this comment :

the game is not working


Taha added this comment :

I love this game!


dog added this comment :

falyu hai


Wang added this comment :

Supet igrica .


MIKA added this comment :

can't aim up or down but still awesome


Fanie added this comment :

It seems as if a lot of the files that I download "Does not appear to be archive files" according to Winzip software


tom added this comment :

its alright


Goxon added this comment :

Beautiful game. I never get tired playing the game. The many episodes and multiple levels lends credence to the beauty. I applaud the creators for a job well done.


Goxon added this comment :

I have always loved this game and I never seem tired playing it. The several episodes with different levels lends credence to its perfectness. Very Fine game. I give kudos to the creators.


Deep Strider added this comment :

this a DOS game dawg, you can't just unzip it and play it, you gotta have DosBox


al owen added this comment :

sound doesn't work
tried the menu but still wont work


this is the bomb here added this comment :

this is a grate game


Bigal added this comment :

Won't download


Dinesh Sharma added this comment :

Not able to install the game please guide me...


nash added this comment :



RADHY added this comment :



Mohsin Ghori(mohsinAKG@Gmail.com) added this comment :

Hi today after Strike Commander i also did c Wolfenstein3D, another game which i did like and played for years.
Nice game with full of mystries and hidden treasure. I enjoyed it


CKOD1 added this comment :

Great! A version with all Levels to choose...nice!
Old times came up when I play this game...


Chris added this comment :

This one has the 'Aardwolf' sprite! Awesome. 100% original version.


gabrielmerican added this comment :

wow it works thx


coppero added this comment :

lol i didn't know that i downloaded someone's game :)


shinyspoongod added this comment :

This game is a classic. The inspiration to 3d fps as we know it, it still far outshines many recent games of the genre.


amol added this comment :



kashaf added this comment :

marvelous,supper, fantastic game i love it.


Sinister added this comment :

Get a dosbox emulator. (:


Battle_Isle added this comment :

haha thats to funny but x-mas wolf is a bit better ho ho ho xD


matkiller added this comment :

oh my god thanks alot i always search for this old game im so happy


Ran added this comment :

I can't download it!! !


bendick added this comment :

to run in windows 7 install dfend reloaded (or another compatability layer) and drag and drop the zip file for the game into the program.


Dave added this comment :

I cant' run this under Windows 7. I tried changing the compatibility mode. Anyone have any suggestions?


manjikash added this comment :

yup!!! awesome!! remembering the old days, thanks


HellBlade64 added this comment :

Finally! A website that's got the full version! Some of the sites I found that had Wolf3d only had the damn ShareWare Demo


koti added this comment :



porcokkiler added this comment :



gom added this comment :



Elder added this comment :

trying to get this working for my father.


Vertigo One added this comment :

Time to smear ze national socialist party!


dragonraid added this comment :

I remember when I first loaded this up on my Wang 286 machine. I didn't know what to expect. Needless to say, I was awestruck! I still have fun playing it. Enjoyed playing around with the mapedit and making my own levels. Lots of hours put into this gem! One of the most solid of all the abandonware games!


akul added this comment :

it is very difficult and adventurous game and i like this type of game.


vithal added this comment :

what an ideat game


RA added this comment :

How can I download it?


A_guy added this comment :



benny added this comment :



jose pereira added this comment :

great game.... a lost hours hours hours hours hours hours hours hours.....


jovan added this comment :



Dk added this comment :

soper is game best


QZ added this comment :

Its make me crazy !!!!!!


QELiii_ added this comment :

i love it :) it´s so cool :) it makes so much fun :)


jenx added this comment :

love this game!


N/A added this comment :

ID's best game!


bklyn21 added this comment :

Old School ,was on my puter in college!


sasi added this comment :

it cool


Astrobi64 added this comment :



Awesome Dude! added this comment :

Is this the full version or the dumb demo one?


Simsib added this comment :

I Like This


frank added this comment :



freedom added this comment :

great game, ow and lesner (and all people who read this) if you want the sound (of the doors and such, music is on standard) then go to the SOUND menu....
it shouldnt be to hard...
for sound... go to sound


Lesner added this comment :

Dang, I can get it to work and all, but with no sound! WTH?


Supremacy added this comment :

Still one off the epic classics out there!


Mark added this comment :

Great game


yahoo added this comment :

You really made my day guys, Thanks!!!
I used to enyoy this game for hours on my school days.... It was like I was a child again. Thanks!!!


me added this comment :

wingsofdark, try to use another browser. For me the download is ok and this game work on dosbox. Thanks for the download abandonware.


Somebody added this comment :

Use DOSBox to play it.


grjeklgr added this comment :

how come after i extract the files and try to play it, i get a message saying 16 bit MS DOS subsystem: this system does not support full screen mode. choose close to terminate the application.


collector rob added this comment :

game sounds and looks and works great on dosbox thanx


admin added this comment :

Please make sure you have a recent browser with javascript and cookies enabled.
Otherwise you shall look for it on squakenet or somewhere else.


wingsofdark added this comment :

something is wrong with this site, whenever i try to download a game it just reloads the site and nothing happens.


gphinriks added this comment :

doesnt work for 64x OS ;)


Mousey added this comment :

first thing i downloaded...everything seems fine

good game

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