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DOS - 1992

Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Adventure, Educational, Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation, Strategy
Theme History, Managerial, Real-Time
Publisher MECC
Developer MECC
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.60

For small DOS games like Oregon Trail Deluxe, you can play online immediately with your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer...). This feature is still experimental, the game may not work properly. Warning: game save should work, but you should try it early! Also, be careful to select the right game executable in the list below.

Emulator configuration

You have to choose the right game executable, then press PLAY.

To exit fullscreen mode, press escape. Playing experience can be poor due to your browser or your computer. Download Oregon Trail Deluxe and launch it with DOSBox to have the best playing experience!

If the game is too fast or too slow, try hitting CTRL-F11 (slower) and CTRL-F12 (faster).


lou-troy 2024-02-27

i made it! im on the list of legends! ( happy dance ). you can do it too! follow your dreams, never give up ilysm :)

STUMPD 2024-01-24


Johhny Sins 2023-12-05

Someone called me a wiener head

Dave 2023-11-11

I got to the end, first try! As a carpenter with a score of 4030!

Abran 2023-10-28

I fell down on the river so many times and died.

jorsh 2023-04-03

best game ever!!!! i was never able to beat this as a kid. i finally did! im adding this to my resume!

MidniteSkull 2022-10-15

The snakessssssssssss ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sashapasha1 2022-08-26

Why are there no popups for all the events? There should be a pop up every time someone gets sick or no water or whatever.

ledgend 2022-03-13


Steve Hoyland 2021-11-26

Hi, MyAbandonware friends! Sorry about my earlier posts on this page - yes, I now understand that online scores aren't shared and I hope you'll accept my apologies for my stupid complaints! As we've recently shared messages one-to-one, I think you'll know that I now understand the situation. Please delete any or all of my previous posts that you feel are inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable. Thanks, friends!

admin 2021-10-22

@Steve sorry to disappoint you, but high scores are not shared between users

Steve Hoyland 2021-10-14

MyAbandonware friends - why do you keep removing my high scores? I'll soon be 60-years-old, but I can, and will, beat any other members who think they can do better than this old guy. As a former 8/16 bit game author, I can still 'hold my own' . Let's see what you've got - I am the Elder Master and I'm waiting........Are you ready?

Steve Hoyland 2021-10-12

MyAbandonware.......Why do you keep removing my high scores ? I have beaten the current high score by over 2000 points - just a few days ago I held five of the top six spots - now they are all gone, and not for the first time. What is going on? Are you unhappy that this old man is proving his skills?

Steve Hoyland 2021-09-17

Hurray! Got the No.1 spot today guys, finished with all people alive and In good health; scored 9356. Come on fellow 'MyAbondonware' fans, get can't let this 58-years-old Grandpa (as of Sept 2021) put you to shame, can you? Go for It !!!
TIP - The best time to hunt Is when you're delayed or stopped for whatever reason - this way, you're putting time that would otherwise be completely wasted to good use; also, you don't then need to waste valuable travelling time doing your hunting. Whichever character you opt for, you will always be able to find enough food through hunting. I got my Highscore with 'Teacher' and starting with - 5 Oxen; 2 each of tongue, axle and wheel; 3 boxes of bullets; 11 sets clothes; 400lb food.

Pat 2021-09-11

What a nice game. Succeeded twice in a row. Even as a teacher. But I was prepared - must habe played the game for hours in my youth.

Steve Hoyland 2021-09-06

Come on, guys! Many of these comments are ridiculous! Getting to the end of the trail (Willamette Valley) does NOT mean that you've 'beaten the game'! Arriving at the end Is the basic endeavour, regardless of how many people have survived. To 'win' the game, you need to finish with the highest score - It's that simple! Everything Is taken Into consideration (items left - cash, food, oxen, bullets, wheels, etc), and the more items that you have In your Inventory when you reach your destination, the higher your final score! Please, don't kid yourselves into believing that simply getting to the end Is a win; It's not! But keep at It and you'll do It!!!

Winston 2021-07-31

Never played this one before. I managed to complete it first time with all members surviving in fair health and with plenty of supplies left. Got on to the list of Trail legends. I have no idea how I managed this.

LawH 2021-06-26

Never played this before, but finished it in one go, with me being the only survivor.

Nice and fun little piece of gaming and US history knitted into one.

shekelstein 2021-06-25

RIP Shlomo, Joel, Gal, and Hila. Your sacrifice in pursuit of my lifelong dream to piss off the Injuns by slaughtering as much buffalo and other game as possible while rolling at breakneck speed through the country will not be forgotten.

Steve Hoyland 2021-06-12

Excellent game, as good today as when I first played It In the 1980's! No problems with this online play at all, although the music has scope for improvement; that said, we can cut out the music and/or play our own! A very enjoyable game, which led to many more similar but much larger games. Abandonware Is my favourite website and brings us all - whether older people (like myself) or younger ones who enjoy early computer/video games - together, so that we can enjoy these wonderful games!

arse hole 2021-04-02

well I made all the way there, luckily my whore wife died, she accidently got pushed of a cliff. lost three kids, one I feed to a bear to save the rest of the family , one got bit by a snake and wouldn't stop crying so I drowned the little MF, Didn't have to worry about food for a few days.. and the last one , my teenage daughter , I gave to a bunch of fruitful Indians for a bear hide blanket and some beans. fun game

God_Tier_Guy 2021-03-30

hope this is a good game

The Invisible Expert 2021-02-27

I love that I can still play this game! I used to be awful at it and then I made the top scoreboard. Ah, the nostalgia! So happy to still see people enjoying it. :)

yeetus deleetus 2021-01-21

I hate life cuz I didn't get far from the start and got dysentery and not to far from fort Kearny I died from it

mrtophatthe4 2021-01-01

galaxy roxy why r u use uwu so much? but i like his game it is very well made!

vivi 2020-12-16

the game was nice but i did not like it a little bit because it too to much time to load and it was so tensing

LordOfLargeCocks 2020-12-03

I had lots of "fun" with the tribe leaders daughter in my wagon.

Yensu 2020-05-31

Score of 11305. Second try. Not sure of my first score, I just noticed my bonus from occupation was a little lower and wanted to get a much higher score.

ftr678i 2020-05-13

beat 1000 my high score

MadisonHamilton 2020-04-30

I love this game!! I play it more than every other game. My highest score thus far is 9079... try and beat me!!

P.S. James Madison is better than Alexander Hamilton

pro 2020-04-29

this game is sooo cool frist try i was the doctor

Idontknowwhattoput 2020-04-18

Banker Playthrough:
At the end, I had £1000, ~200 bullets, well over 300 pounds of food and all members of the group were healthy. It took approx. 4 months
Teacher Playthrough:
By the time I reached the end, I had no money, no bullets, barely any food, typhoid fever and I was the only person left in the group. Oh yeah, and it was January. It took me 6 months.

no username 2020-02-08

wow this game is fffuuunnn I even was number 3 on the list of legends I rated this game a ten

Raymart 2019-11-22

i got a LOT of bullets and hunt we did good Resting 5-8days in Landmarks but damn this game is a bit Racist when i just started the Journey Obama already got a Snake bite then 5 more snake bites then he got sick and sadly died while the rest of the Group lived damn.......

Galaxy Roxy 2019-10-25

UWu I love the game and helps a lot in studies :v!!! (ye im studing about The Oregon trail :VVV) 999999 billion stars to dis' game uwu uwuwuwuwuwuwuuuwuwuwuwuuwuwu

Sega Scream 2019-10-04



justbill1931 2019-09-14

Dude!! That was awesome! I time tripped so hard I thought my brain might actually explode. Thank you for that trip down memory lane...

Mitz 2019-09-11

Nailed it first try, nobody died, TOO MANY BULLETS
... also, we weren't in very poor quality health. so that's great
i'm not sure if i did easy mode but i did get a lot of crap. i swear everyone but me got something and survived.

Ursus 2019-07-14

I somehow nailed it as a carpenter second try with just Beth dying of typhus and waaaay too much of everything left. First try we all got infected and brutally died right at the end.

thedoc 2019-07-01

they called me crazy for leaving in august.. with no food or bullets and no money... turns out they were right 2 starved 1 drowned and one got a snake bite and me well.... i also got a snake bite thus ending me quick

Nicoli 2019-05-01

I had a broken arm, the leader decided to ford the river, he knew I couldn't swim, I drowned them all, those bastards thought they could get me, they were wrong!

Alex K. 2019-03-30

I finished the game w/ just myself and another party member. Seems like starting out as a banker is the easiest route. Took the raft downriver as my team member was "suffering from exhaustion". All in all, great game. Brought back memories oflaying it on the Apple IIe. Thanks AbandonWare!

Paws 2019-01-07

I finished the game with 3 people, (Including me), and I reached the List Of Legends! I would love to see this game more simple, though I know no updates can be added now. I recommend playing. Have a nice day! Happy New Years, too!!

vic 2018-11-01

good game!

Abel 2018-09-18

loved it!!!

Ratikus 2018-09-01

Ok, that was actually kind of fun. I did it with the teacher and ended with a score of 9440. I did not die of dysentery. I'm not sure if i'm happy or sad about that.

LordFartsalot 2018-07-25


merchantplayer23 2018-07-09

yay i won first time!
thank you for having it in the browser.
i think it's better to have it in the browser for accessibility

McLy2018 2018-05-23

I am on the leaderboard!

22 2018-04-13

Scored 9153!!

bebol8 2018-03-28

why it is not working i even put oregon.exe but it still won't work

ZerzocktLP 2018-03-16

well, everyone drowned in the first 4 rivers...

admin 2018-03-06

Sound works now

daleylife 2018-03-06

Does an admin read these comments? I'm pretty sure this game had sound, but, while playing the game, It's completely silent.

mmmmna 2018-02-16

made it second try, as a doctor. All 4 lived, 5800 ish points

Da Pacem Domine 2018-01-28

I finished, not before trying and actually succeeding to kill every one else on my wagon, but i got to the end of the game.

AR-1 2018-01-18


;p 2018-01-18

i died lol

dysentery 2018-01-10

Played as blacksmith, scored 5468, all people in good health when I arrived at the valley. I was pretty pro at this when I was 8 or so haha

i died 2017-12-20

well everyone died.... um.... all i can say is dont play this game ok?

buddookan 2017-11-21

WILLIAN . I play first time and I have 1499 points. 4 people survived.

A Person 2017-11-11

I was the only one alive. Still made it first try tho :).

Willian 2017-11-02

I was the only person who can finish the game in 1 try? (1 person was died)

Rhy 2017-10-25

I can't get it to start

cbreeze 2017-09-26

don't know how to start!

Luigi 2017-09-11

Eyy I got in 6th place with only Waluigi and I left!

Gonna miss Mario though.
And Wario.

YAYYAY 2017-08-23

Got number 5 on the legends and finished the game on my first try!!! :D

duckfish 2017-08-20

I can't play on tablet

... 2017-05-29

Why not work?

The end 2017-03-03

I can't play it on iPad. Super bumbed

Jason 2016-10-27

Everybody died!! And i keep getting bit by snakes! like, dude, just stay away from snakes...

anon 2016-07-11

doesn't work on chrome for me but works on IE when I switch to Oregon.exe in the game executable menu

Jose 2016-06-29

Second, suck it!

Cameron 2016-06-28

how do you start the game? i just get to the part where it gives me info and help but i can't type anything into the console

nipdip 2016-06-13

Wow I can't believe I thought this game was challenging as a kid. Played it for the first time in years and made it on the list of legends first try with no one dying.

dragonwhelp101 2016-05-15

lol this is easy made it onto list of legends on my first try

wasabi1787 2016-05-10

guys, if you are having issues - change the executable to OREGON.EXE

you're welcome! :D

Satsuki Kiryuin 2016-04-12

If your having trouble loading the game (specifically on chromebook), try going to the game executable part above the game and click on the version that says OREGON.EXE at the end. It loaded perfectly for me on the first try.

addi 2016-03-31

what's the polbelm

Katie 2016-03-04


Kentaro 2016-02-25

Fourth... Almost too easy. 1 person died, though.

Michigan 2016-01-05

Not working for me, just dos screen... it seems loading, but freezes at that moment and does not go forward.

Gacnik Tadej 2015-12-22

I am 3rd ;)

Dickbutt 2015-12-15

4132 not bad...

magwin 2015-11-02

but why no work

Rocket5 2015-10-06

How do I use this???

GuardianZack 2015-08-31

One of the hardest games ever pfft... I made it to the valley as a teacher with my entire party with 2 months to spare and scored 7400 points. I ranked #2 on the list of legends, and that was my second try!

Wannabe 2015-05-24

First time playing Oregon Trail, makes it to #7 on the list of Legends.

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