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Oregon Trail Deluxe

DOS - 1992

Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Adventure, Educational, Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation, Strategy
Theme History, Managerial, Real-Time
Publisher MECC
Developer MECC
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.60
4.23 / 5 - 1596 votes

Description of Oregon Trail Deluxe

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The Oregon Trail, well known road crossing the Rocky Mountains used by the settlers in the 19th century.

MECC made an educational game based on this memorable part on the USA story. The player must cross the oregon trail and fight against the difficulties the settlers had. Hunting for food, trading supplies, survive LOTS of possible deaths (snakes, typhoid, dysentry...).

Should you succeed in your journey, your points will be based on your profession, the number of settlers still alive, your remaining cash and much more.

Oregon Trail was played by a lot of American people born in the eighties and the game stay into memory as one hard, unforgiving and unbeatable game. Some family would eventually play the game together and children in school would even make competition over who got the farthest before dying in the game!

Gwane commented : Who remembers games they played as a kid? I for one remember the only one we played in elementary school, Oregon Trail. It was choppy and by today's standards is something an elementary school student could create, but when I was playing it, it was the most entertaining game available. Now today 40 years after the game was created, kids are still playing it. It was actually created to be an educational experience of how people migrated to the west to settle. Me being on the west myself, found this very significant. I personally would recommend this game to any child as a fun way to get education.

ridley-the-dragon commented : This is an awesome game I just wish they would make a remake. This game is still pretty popular so a remake would probably do pretty well ! I'm imagining the hunting only with mechanics more like a cabelas game only with muskets and with next gen graphics and complex colony building systems, allowing Sim City style colony building, all with next gen graphics on a pc, think about it... And with a free modding tool it would become classic, like ratchet and clank, with mods allowing you to make so that you just farm for food and the hunting mechanics are used for combat with the british or it could be totally remoded to make it a halo colonizing game on different planets instead of to America with the combat i mentioned earlier

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Comments and reviews

Devils 2024-06-29 0 point

This was the game we played in the computer lab in high school!!!! I think there were only like 6 computers and we have to cycle students.

THE TURTLE GOD 2024-03-17 -5 points

fun, but kind of easy, got on list of legends second try

jcw 2024-01-27 -26 points

popular again because of Young Sheldon?

LoveFromTrump 2023-11-30 -4 points

I knew this from Gameloft 15yrs ago and there is another 15yrs to the original game!

The OFFICIAL Ocean Man 2023-02-22 7 points

Time to see how my mom spent her time at the boys and girls club

Thomas Rufas 2022-10-16 2 points

I first played this from my ranch out of a tin can on Mt. Plaistow with cousin bob, auntie sheridan and Douglas Wickerbottham. It was all in good jest with many good times shared from loved ones as well as farmers. It will be accomplished some time soon. Thankyou from Boscow

FGamer 2022-06-30 9 points

First time played this game! Fun and thoughtful. it's a good idea to run through once and then to play again to maximize the score. A lot of random, chance plays into the game, but being well prepared is key!

I'm 57 and a very old gamer!

Steve Hoyland 2022-06-20 -2 points

The game plays perfectly well on my Windows PC - both online and with the download version. Those having problems with the download should consider checking out their own system, and ensure that they're following correct procedure before complaining.

juju 2022-05-04 0 point

i love this!

Calebtsm 2022-04-01 -1 point

I play the origon trail for the first time is abit funny how you're friends die for stupid resons but i also beat the game first shot apparetly is hard to play but it was easy for me. good game tho

Joe Mama 2022-02-09 2 points

Sadly, I never played this in school. I only learned about it later in life. It is a fun game, though.

caite 2022-01-22 0 point

love this game

4chan Gary /vr/ 2021-11-20 2 points

Great DOS-ROM but I died of dysentery.
I wish they released this for the 8-bit SEGA System along with Alex the Kidd/

Gordon 2021-09-11 3 points

Great DOS-ROM, but you need to install DOS-Box.

Steve Hoyland 2021-09-06 -8 points

I can't help but laugh at the people who are saying In the comments "I beat the game"! Getting to the end of the trail Isn't 'beating the game'! Almost every player gets to the end; It's your total score that determines how well you've done. The higher your end score when you reach Willamette valley, the higher your name will appear on the 'score sheet'. Sorry If I've upset anyone, but finishing the game Is no big deal In itself - getting that big score Is how to win!

papiking 2021-07-21 -3 points

first time i play this ever and finished it with only one casualty, i guess i should be proud?

BJ 2021-07-10 -8 points

I would like to play Organ trail.

Wahtiff 2021-02-20 1 point

Okay, I decided, "New chance to play it after 12 years and hopefully do better," and the thing I least expected to happen, well, happened: I actually beat it on the first attempt. No losses, either (which is the biggest surprise of all).

Wahtiff 2021-02-20 3 points

Always played this game whenever possible on the PCs at school. It's time to see if I've matured enough over the past 12 years to keep everyone alive.

OR I just might have developed no skills at strategy games whatsoever, lol.

me 2021-01-19 3 points

give me the drink bartender

Todd 2020-12-05 2 points

@User 2020-11-10
You called it Master System. That is not correct. The correct name is SEGA System.

mike 2020-12-03 0 point

Oregon Trail the game where you can make people you hate die of the common cold

User 2020-11-10 4 points

This still works, but here is one good news and here is one bad news.

Bad news: My Flash Drive was filled with a bunch of miscellaneous files which I traversed from Hipstreet T29ABT Music Player and from Kingston 128MB USB Flash Pen Disk and they are all corrupt by windows xp that is out of support and got destroyed by viruses and terrorized the disk and it was same for the DOS Games.

Good news: I then had solved lots of troubles and then reworked with the NES, SNES, SEGA - GENESIS and MASTER SYSTEM Emulators and Fixed them. I then repaired and solved many of more troubles and did it right and finally completed the three micro-missions. DOS was also added later in the Micro Mission.

Wayne 2020-10-26 19 points

I love this DOS Rom, but I wish they ported it to the 8-bit Sega System.

Gary 2020-06-08 35 points

Best DOS-ROM ever!

vicsar 2020-05-09 -13 points

Thanks for sharing!

s 2020-03-24 -14 points

amazing website
i love creator

DosBox 2020-03-23 -13 points

You need to install and use Dos Box to run almost all games from before 1996.

How to use it?
DuckDuckGo it. Or google it if your feel the need to be spied on. Or TorBrowser it if you are exceptional paranoid.

sjxdijfcnrlij 2020-02-03 2 points

Hi how do we get the game started?plz tell me i am trying to dowload this game for are school named trip elementry plz tell me thank you.

ghsfag 2020-01-29 2 points

how do get to play the game because i can't play it right now and i want to play the game and i think it looks cool i played it in school and i want to play right now if that would be nice please and thank you

CowGod 2020-01-01 -5 points

its the orginal but seeing as i cant use floppies anymore it will have to do time to return to my childhood

-Vokes 2019-10-23 -5 points

I didn't knew the existence of this game before and episode of Family Guy, but thanks to that i've discovered one hell of a gem. Even if i can't even complete a run, but whatever.
@Ridley-The-Dragom, it DOES exist a remake, but only for 3DS and it's different behind certain aspects.

gamense 2019-10-11 -1 point

Awesome game!

Jerque Awff 2019-09-07 4 points

How do you start the game and prevent it from crashing Dosbox?

homo 2019-08-29 4 points

Hi am the new here i like to socialise with other people n like for fun time n entertainment,n looking for love.

homo 2019-08-29 3 points

Is this illegal? BLOOD!
It is forbidden, but impossible AND to win. I allow a lot when I was young, butt's important to be a good. I think there's always food to make more food. However, crossing the YangXi always relies on Crap! Good luck, you need it!

Mr McQuown 2019-05-20 4 points

Great game.

manu sharma 2019-04-29 -3 points

How to start a game.

admІn 2019-04-17 19 points

lol just wont mess with the links

Hank 2019-02-18 19 points

love the game but your adds you have is a never end link going nowhere like the one to free hidden object games click click and click wast of time thanks for the games just wont mess with the links lol

blahblahBLAH!! 2019-01-03 8 points


felix921 2018-07-19 -25 points

ah, how fondly i remember the old green only on a void black screen...

D1C3 2018-06-28 -20 points


nerdofnolwe17 2018-05-02 -12 points

Man, I loved this game as a kid and now that I'm 27 I still love playing it.

SafetyStephen 2018-03-13 -25 points

Wow! This copy runs great on my Galaxy S8 + TurboDOSBox app!!! Just use your finger for the mouse!

GreyWind 2018-02-15 -10 points

Is there any way to actually get the sound effects to work?

BlueContraGuy 2018-01-08 -12 points

First computer game I ever played. 1989 in fourth grade on the old Apple. Later on in 1991 I mastered it on the Macintosh. First computer I ever played with a mouse.

Atown 2017-12-02 -4 points

Is there a way to get the "Talk" feature to work in game?

Wes Wrangler 2017-11-04 0 point

Still own the CD-ROM for this game! None of the remakes are nearly as great as the good ol' DOS version.

Boo 2017-10-29 0 point

Love this game

Bobt 2017-06-22 2 points

I Love this game

Ava 2017-05-18 1 point

i actually used to play this game ALL THE TIME. Sometimes i would actually see how fast i could kill all of me characters... lols good times!!!

Oldfart 2017-04-10 2 points

Lol, used to play this in school. Was this, a cross-country trucking game (forget name) or "Where in the World is Carmen San Diago?"
I would always lose in this game as soon as I tried crossing rivers, my guys always seemed to fail. Thanks for this!

Destructacon 2017-04-09 0 point

If anyone has trouble opening the game, I think it's because you need to download DOSBox and run it through that program. Hope this helps.


Mig 2017-03-28 2 points


Wivina B. 2017-03-05 3 points

This thing doesn't work, and I'm so disappointed;;

Mary Higginbotham 2017-03-03 2 points

Won't open

Thatonedrunkguy 2017-01-14 1 point

Playing this game = NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD!

I didn't even know an online version of this game existed! Thank you so much!

help me 2017-01-12 -1 point

when u get file how do u play game?

RosyArcticLilly 2016-12-06 1 point

I downloaded this and it wont let me open it. I read the abandonware guide to no help at all. Eventually, after no avail i have given up. I was going to try out this game because of all the chatter in my history class but it seems that shall not be happening.

MotownJunkUk 2016-09-24 0 point

I get so anxious on river crossings but that is soon overtaken by a huge sense of nostalgia and some great memories from back in the day

Reyce 2016-08-10 -3 points


My experiences with the variety of versions The Oregon Trail have always been relatively positive. You can finish a playthrough in about 30 minutes and there’s enough variety in here to try a few different approaches. It’s also packed with a load of information about the real life trail and the various stops you encounter – not that I bothered reading any of it. If any of you try it and make the trip without losing a single person, then bravo! Send me a screenshot in the comments so I can award you with a fictional trophy.

Full Review:

KoldPhire 2016-07-14 -17 points

I downloaded this and was about to play but then I died of dysentery. 10/10

LOL_ITS_HARLY 2016-04-25 -1 point


CYBER JOBE 2015-10-26 0 point


Domhnall 2015-10-21 0 point

Every day during the summer, we'd bike over to the library and play this game for hours. haha, most excellent.

Retro1^ 2015-10-19 -2 points

I'm not Jesus but ill talk to ya ;P

Retro1^ 2015-10-19 1 point

This game is epic in so many ways. I simply DL and ran in DOSBOX to make sure it works and here I am still sitting at the Rest Stop trying to make it all the way hahaha.

Matusal 2015-10-10 7 points

why it is notdownload?
It must download.

... 2015-06-25 2 points DOS version

how do you get off the blue font box?

Anugerah 2015-06-17 1 point DOS version

just drag the game file to dosbox

John W. Hill 2015-06-10 1 point DOS version

These damn kids not knowin' the true way of the west. Not sittin' somewhere doin' this, no, you survive, fearin' for your life. I don't know how ANY of ya are alive...

johnodd 2015-05-28 1 point DOS version

Also you can use boxer its way easier to set up with and way more reliable then dosbox

mary 2015-05-28 0 point DOS version

II really like to play the organ trail it is so fun.! I love the Oregon Trail because it is in color!also se they half to be really good game. I flush? If you want to get the game get it now! !!!!!!!!! $$

Bobbysmile 2015-05-25 3 points DOS version

For people wondering how to set it up, use DosBox

Mount the extracted download to a drive in dosbox (mount [drive letter] [directory of extracted download])

Then type [drive letter you mounted to]:

Then type setup, once that runs and closes type oregon.exe

Student 2015-05-20 0 point DOS version

Damn! My teacher tol' me 'bout dis! Imma try!! :P

tay tay 2015-04-30 2 points DOS version

whats up how are all of you people today

grassgirl 2015-04-16 -2 points DOS version

umm were do u play this game someone help plzz

Jojopeterjohn 2015-04-07 0 point DOS version

This game is amazing for something in 1992. And you make every choice.
Love it.

derpy 2015-03-29 0 point DOS version

I beat it twice.. i was a legend...

MisterKaos357 2015-03-22 0 point DOS version

"I could never beat this game..."

Then you better git gud, scrub!

Grand Gamer 2015-03-16 0 point DOS version

Wew, I don't want to play this 'cause this had lots of bad comments!

Kaitlyn 2015-03-11 -1 point DOS version

Download turblo math for kaitlyn

Jackie Daniel 2015-03-04 0 point DOS version

Love oregan trail

Ralph 2015-02-11 0 point DOS version

Run game on Commodo Sandbox with appropriate features appllied

anonymous 2015-02-05 0 point DOS version

Run in Dos-box (and don't get dysentery :p)!

64Bit MAN 2015-01-19 2 points DOS version

Tried to download this and it's not compatible wit 64bit :( I've been dying to play this again. - same issue

Tee 2014-12-17 1 point DOS version

Tried to download this and it's not compatible wit 64bit :( I've been dying to play this again.

hyyy 2014-12-08 1 point DOS version

When i try to play with dosbox, it doesn't work because it doesnt have an exe file attached. How did you guys do it?

sydeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2014-11-18 1 point DOS version


CareBare67 2014-11-05 3 points DOS version

YES! I would play this game in kindergarten all the time! I love it!

loler 2014-10-28 0 point DOS version

its good

emcee 2014-10-05 0 point DOS version

This runs fun with DOSBox on Windows 10.

noel 2014-09-24 0 point DOS version

wai lami

Oblivious Entertainment 2014-09-02 0 point DOS version

While the game is quite short, it does give lots of educational and entertainment valve

James 2014-08-30 0 point DOS version

Aside from the classic (the one that most have played in school) , this version is also great.

Braden 2014-08-23 0 point DOS version

This game works just fine in Dosbox on Windows 7. I can even run it on my BlackBerry Playbook in Dosbox.

elizabeth 2014-08-18 0 point DOS version

there is many game but its very nice game

stupid 2014-08-17 0 point DOS version

try to play with dosbox, i was playing various games like this using dosbox and win7

SP 2014-08-13 -1 point DOS version

Not compatible with Windows 7. Too bad. I really loved this game as an elementary student. Would love to play it again.

Unmei 2014-08-11 -1 point DOS version

Beat first try, all skill, no luck.

DeathFromAbove 2014-08-05 -3 points DOS version

Why this game is the most downloaded escapes my mind ...

Spider-Fury 2014-07-31 0 point DOS version

So I can't seem to run it as I am told it is incompatible with 64bit Windows OS. Is there any way around this? Or am I sadly unable to run this file

Ro$3 2014-07-18 0 point DOS version

Wow, I have been looking for this game for a long time, looking in my Play store for it, and it is no where to be found. I'm really glad i found this. Hoping this is the real deal. I'll be back is its not. Wish Me Luck!!

slafochmed 2014-05-25 0 point DOS version

This statement is totally ignorant and arrogant:
"It was choppy and by today's standards is something an elementary school student could create, but when I was playing it, it was the most entertaining game available."

phil fish 2014-05-23 0 point DOS version

this is fucking awesome ...

cat 2014-05-21 0 point DOS version

i want to play.

elsarah 2014-04-27 -1 point DOS version

why isnt there a version to download for mac?!?!

Crap is my favorite subject 2014-04-23 0 point DOS version

I think this is awesome

jean 2014-04-22 0 point DOS version

i want to played the game

Liz 2014-04-07 0 point DOS version

I don't know what I'm doing here

A few hints 2014-03-25 0 point DOS version

How high of a score do you want? The message 'Game will be scarce is a lie..." and you can trade 1 clothing for 1 ox, making $5, until you are full, and sell all the oxes, and start again... Limitless points. :)

toot 2014-03-18 0 point DOS version


Hyrneson 2014-02-27 0 point DOS version

I played this game in 4th grade WAYYY too much.

sandy 2014-02-11 0 point DOS version

dont look like the oregon trail delux is any different than the first oregan trail by the screenshots, they look the same..i had oregon trailII and thoght the deluxe version could be about the same but doesnt look like it at all.. so guess i will just end up ordering another oregon trail II, it is more life like and real . i think the oregan trail II is the best out of the whole offense to anyone just thought the deluxe version would be similar or maybe even better than the second one...thanks n good work to you all......sandy

humbleroller 2014-01-25 1 point DOS version

i never got to play this so im playing it now. Thanks AW.

lakawak 2014-01-19 0 point DOS version

I don't think ridley-the-dragon understand the concept of Oregon Trail. You are ONE family trying to get to land you can homestead. Not a bunch of people trying to colonize a country. You don't stay in an area long enough to farm, or to colonize other areas. You want it to be more like an updated Civilization...but that is nothing like the concept behind Oregon Trail.

raven 2014-01-11 0 point DOS version

Like game

Nyet Diem 2014-01-09 0 point DOS version

Please ignore the user "This is". It is apparent that they do not understand that most (if not all) of these games require a dos shell such as the greatly esteemed DOSbox.

This is 2014-01-06 0 point DOS version

--- deleted ---

Storris 2013-12-29 0 point DOS version

Saw this game featured on the brilliant TV show (available on Netflix) 'Person of Interest'.

Licurg 2013-12-14 0 point DOS version

For those of you who don't know, there's a similar spin-off called "Organ Trail" that you can get from Desura pretty cheap. Not quite like this (it's a zombie game...) but the closest thing I ever found .

David 2013-12-10 1 point DOS version

Its one of my fav game admin! anyways try this King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame free game

michael smith 2013-12-09 0 point DOS version

good work dear ones....... thankls for sharing, i have a game try this The Bureau XCOM Declassified free game

KomradeSims 2013-12-02 0 point DOS version

what is this I don't even

Albert L Lavallee 2013-11-29 0 point DOS version

great to be able to play

GamePlayer 2013-11-28 0 point DOS version

Holy shit a kindergartner can make this. DAMN

Nick 2013-10-15 4 points DOS version

Man, I was the best at this when I was little! I remember in 3rd grade, we had this system in our classroom called "duck dollars" where you got these little fake dollar bills with a duck on them for good behavior and stuff so you could buy computer time or candy or whatever from the teacher. I'd always horde mine and every Friday I'd buy like an hour of computer time and fucking root beer float, and then I'd play Oregon Trail and beat the shit out of it. I was so good at it, my name was at every spot on the high scores list.

10.4.13 2013-10-06 0 point DOS version

Hope this is good.

Its me 2013-08-28 0 point DOS version

Love it

igetit 2013-08-22 -1 point DOS version

Unbeatable? It was unforgiving but not impossible to beat, I did it several times as a kid. The key was to be a good hunter, then you'd always have food and you could sell their pelts i think for more money. But it always came down to the crapshoot of crossing the snake river! Good luck, you're gonna need it!

GnomenKlayture 2013-08-11 1 point DOS version

I hope this works, my wife will just go nuts! She's pined for it ever since I put the Apple IIe in the attic!

Daniel5477 2013-07-04 0 point DOS version

that make me

Beedoo 2013-06-24 3 points DOS version

A well-meaning person gave me the Wii remake of Oregon Trail (created as some anniversary project, apparently) and all I can say is that it doesn't hold a candle to the good old Deluxe release I played as a kid.

So happy I can play this again.

... Did anyone else take the game a step further and play-pretend? (lol) My sister and I used to cram playroom furniture around a Little Tikes wagon and "hitch" the handle to imaginary oxen. I think that ended in an argument with a friend over whether she could put the oxen on "autodrive".

*sigh* Good times.

me 2013-06-16 0 point DOS version

Run in compatibility mode for Windows 95.

ToBeAdvised 2013-05-20 0 point DOS version

Looks interesting. Guess i'll download it!

Lyn 2013-05-11 0 point DOS version

Not compatible with 64 bit.

noahgs 2013-05-08 0 point DOS version

best game NA try the dirrectors cut to :) its a classic.

Fegelein 2013-05-07 0 point DOS version

Too much trail not enough me.

Anonymous 2013-04-01 0 point DOS version

It worked beautifully! Thank you for the tip rigourous_thruster!

Scottifer 2013-03-25 0 point DOS version

It didn't work for me, every time i try to download it it wouldn't work. I don't know why can anyone help me?

Derpy 2013-03-17 0 point DOS version

Sorry Kurt but you're in the minority there. This is one of the most popular classic games of all time. Maybe it's just over your head.

Kurt 2013-03-16 -2 points DOS version

Really bad
played it for 5 seconds
waste of memory

rigorous_thruster 2013-03-07 1 point DOS version

running thru d fend reloaded! windows 7 os.

i get past the title screen to where you choose your sound option, and no matter what i choose, the game crashes. pls help!!

Boss7 2013-02-03 0 point DOS version

Cool game

Loki 2013-02-01 0 point DOS version

LOL @Merp I did the same thing!

Firefight 2013-01-22 0 point DOS version

Is there a 64bit version?

TheHollieLlama 2013-01-22 0 point DOS version

I downloaded it and it works fine but there's no sound even after messing with the settings :(

Merp 2013-01-20 0 point DOS version

The day we got to play Oregon Trail in computer lab in elementary school was the best day ever!

Smithy1976 2013-01-10 0 point DOS version

When I try and run the game an error message says it does not support full screen mode then I have to click to close the application, why?

Oph 2012-12-31 1 point DOS version

I used to play this in school on Apples. Ahaha.. This and one game with a paper plane that everyone else was playing. I liked Oregon Trail though.

justanotheranon 2012-12-27 0 point DOS version

When I play this game the graphics overlap each other is there any way to change that?

bella 2012-12-20 0 point DOS version

I love this game so much its awsome

OldGamer 2012-10-20 0 point DOS version

I remember playing the old Oregon Trial on the Apple II's we had at school... Tiny green screen monitors and watching your pioneers die of dysentery. Good times.

atropos 2012-10-18 0 point DOS version


boricua50%gamer 2012-10-11 0 point DOS version

Never played this game, since I wasn't in the USA during my childhood. Will try it now. XD

Aswomereach 2012-09-01 0 point DOS version

where is the older version?

James 2012-08-27 0 point DOS version

Classic, but still a great game !!!

Someone 2012-08-15 1 point DOS version

Anyone having problems, make sure to run "setup.bat" and choose soundblaster.

Yayaya 2012-08-06 0 point DOS version

Yippee Skippee

Notshane 2012-06-19 0 point DOS version

I can't hear any sound when I run it, even on DOSbox too.

Juliee 2012-06-07 0 point DOS version

:) I love this game. Played in US History class

but sniff 2012-05-18 0 point DOS version

wow great game for being older than me

Daphne 2012-04-15 0 point DOS version

Playing Oregon trail take me back to my childhood, to a time when learning games were fun.

Tsume 2012-04-13 0 point DOS version

Girl who needs comment
At the top of your Browser window, Press "Tools" and then "Internet tools" and you will run into a tab that lets you set a path for your Downloads. The location where your files save now will be displayed, but you can change it anytime. Hope this helps even though I am sure that this post is old. :)

girl who needs help 2012-04-04 0 point DOS version

It says it is done downloading but I can not find it. HELP!!!!!!!!!

anna 2012-04-01 0 point DOS version

played this game with my sister all the time when i was in elementary school. loved it!

matt 2012-03-31 0 point DOS version


monkyhump 2012-02-09 0 point DOS version

I love this game

chesster 2012-02-02 0 point DOS version

whoa ridley, don't get your hopes up. that would be awsome though

Man Who needs help 2012-01-26 1 point DOS version

I downloaded it but im haveing trouble isntalling it, help?

bison slayer 2012-01-24 -1 point DOS version

had this game in high school on some shitty old apple system. it was always a contest as to who could murdered the most animals.

rellier9 2012-01-20 0 point DOS version

Can you not love

Annamarie 2012-01-17 0 point DOS version

Looken for this game forever

KRASTA 2012-01-16 1 point DOS version

Just thought I'd mention it for anyone who might be interested (and using DosBox to run) that you can quickly jump into full-screen mode by pressing (alt+enter).

Aiming this at 'db' mainly... hopeit helps someone ! : )

bob 2012-01-14 0 point DOS version


db 2012-01-12 0 point DOS version

this system does not support fullscreen... well thats dumb

omgiluvthissite 2012-01-05 1 point DOS version

i have died of dyssentry

BK 2012-01-01 0 point DOS version


Jezabel 2011-12-09 0 point DOS version


Jezabel 2011-12-09 0 point DOS version

Is there anyone to make this window size on my computer? Instead of it being full screen?

Ajezzie 2011-12-01 0 point DOS version

This is my most fav game

urgenfur 2011-11-29 0 point DOS version


lola 2011-11-26 0 point DOS version

loved the first game and want to try the second one.

yoyo 2011-11-19 0 point DOS version


drJab 2011-11-15 0 point DOS version

I hope it works on my phone

chaconjc 2011-11-05 0 point DOS version


LALALA 2011-10-07 1 point DOS version

Hey folks, if you are thinking there is something wrong with the game, I mean that it looks slightly different, like how the things don't pop up with the dun-duh-dunnn sound, it's because that is the Oregon Trail Version 1.2 from 93-96. It is very difficult to find and I am disappointed...

grams 2011-09-16 0 point DOS version

been looking for this game forever

Ceristimo 2011-07-28 0 point DOS version

@Flic Montana
Ever heard of the (totally free), awesome and all round butt kicking program DosBox? No? Google it, please. Because DosBox will allow your modern computer to play these old games, by emulating DOS, and even emulating old hardware, like an old soundblaster soundcard! So with DosBox, you can enjoy this game, and all the others you can find on this website.

yeaahhh 2011-07-18 1 point DOS version

well no sound...even with messing with the settings and stuff for audio and its not the same, like it doesnt pop up and say, you have dysentery! which is half the fun

Flic Montana 2011-06-24 0 point DOS version

Could be fun, but this is just the original game and it isn't compatible with modern Windows. Someone should rework it so that it can.

Actually, this should replace 1 of the 20 crappy card games that come free with Windows. I'd MUCH rather spend an hour playing Oregon Trail at lunch than Hearts.

Derelicht 2011-06-21 0 point DOS version

WOW! Does this bring back great memories! First pc game I ever played! :D

LIKEABOSS 2011-05-25 0 point DOS version

does this work for the mac

ass wipe 2011-04-05 0 point DOS version

shit in the cows eye

fightspice 2011-03-22 0 point DOS version

Great game

hayhay 2011-03-22 0 point DOS version

omg i play dis in my 3rds cute

fireguy331 2011-03-13 0 point DOS version

my windows xp computer tells me the parameters are incorrect and i was so bummed i used to play this all the time with my mom

agogo 2011-03-10 0 point DOS version

awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

admin 2011-03-02 -1 point DOS version


poppy bros jr. 2011-03-02 0 point DOS version

all my friends said this game was the best

Zabka 2011-02-20 0 point DOS version

So funny to run it on an actual computer ...

Rafa 2011-01-29 -1 point DOS version

epic fail! I was excited to reminisce but, alas it did not work on my pc!

GD OUT 2011-01-23 0 point DOS version

great game reminds me of the good old days,ha ha

Gamer43 2010-12-21 -1 point DOS version

how do i play? i unzipped and double clicked the oregon box and it didnt work

Alicia 2010-11-19 0 point DOS version


garbarble 2010-11-05 0 point DOS version

No, Gwane. The average elementary school student could not create a game like this. You fail at understanding what is involved.

Lafcat 2010-10-17 0 point DOS version

This is the second version with better graphics great history game I like all versions of the Oregan trail. You must unzip/ extract the files in the folder then double click the Oregon titled blue retangle exe.file icon Enjoy!

Bob 2010-10-03 0 point DOS version

Is this the version with voice acting? Because I remember the Mac of deluxe version did.

machinistb 2010-07-29 0 point DOS version

Look up DOSBOX. Little bit of playing around (use the tutorial) but it got me back in touch with my childhood.

charlosco 2010-06-29 0 point DOS version

how do i install this game

TheDUDE 2010-06-28 0 point DOS version

unzip the files then double click on the file OREGON.exe

Tracidb 2010-06-27 0 point DOS version

Can anyone tell me how to get this game to work on xp?

ridley-the-dragon 2010-06-18 1 point DOS version

@albjz99 YES there is a way around it just get a 32 bit emulator OR pick up a really old computer for like $20 for the easy not have to sit there installing this crap way

albjzz99 2010-06-11 -1 point DOS version

I love this game...too bad it's not compatible with a 64 bit operating system..anyone know a way around that...or am i just stuck ; (

royaltyguy 2010-05-10 0 point DOS version

thanks so much for uploading this. i give this game 10/10 love it to death :)

Suziecue 2010-04-15 -1 point DOS version

This site is way to hard to understand all I wanted was to play it

ShahalisMaximus 2010-03-07 0 point DOS version

I love this game! I haven't played it since elementary school!

died of dysentery 2009-12-15 0 point DOS version


Mak-D 2009-12-12 0 point DOS version

Still havent played

Fat Joe 2009-10-31 0 point DOS version

It was so fun and i really recommend it to elementary kids its really fun. But some other parts in this is shallow and padantic.

admin 2009-10-29 0 point DOS version

@GasMoney Works perfectly on mac, use Boxer

GasMoney 2009-10-25 0 point DOS version

this wont work on mac

Dan 2009-10-24 0 point DOS version

great game that brings back a lot of good memories, Oregon trail has lost it's way but I'm glad to see the older version still stand out.

jimbob101 2009-10-23 0 point DOS version

awsome gme :)

Ascendeaus 2009-09-26 0 point DOS version

Cool! I Also Wanuh New Missile Command!

mshea 2009-09-11 0 point DOS version

The best game ever! it is so fun, strategical and not bad for you!

g 45 2009-09-09 0 point DOS version

kottonmouth kings

brebre 2009-09-01 0 point DOS version

this game was sooo cool when I was little, It's kind of lost it's luster now though.

Alexp 2009-08-31 0 point DOS version

this game was awesome back in 3rd grade!

Holda 2009-08-17 0 point DOS version

Holy cow. I remember this game from school of all places! We played this when we were learning about, how conveniently, the Oregon Trail. Ah, what memories lay in this game.

Kilo1045 2009-08-16 0 point DOS version

so many good times with this game

ben 2009-08-15 0 point DOS version

love this game

brie 2009-08-04 -1 point DOS version

do i download it first or not to play it???

:D 2009-08-02 0 point DOS version


Ragnarok 2009-07-26 0 point DOS version


(:hi 2009-07-25 0 point DOS version

this is awsome

Cyanide 2009-07-23 0 point DOS version

Is this for Mac, too?

sahn 2009-07-17 0 point DOS version


Weinis 2009-07-14 0 point DOS version

Wickeed game occupied many of my days in my younger yeasrs cant wait to play it again.

me 2009-07-09 0 point DOS version

good game love it

MDH 2009-07-04 0 point DOS version

love this game

dward 2009-07-02 0 point DOS version

how do u start the game

funtime 2009-06-30 0 point DOS version

this game is original and fun, yay

Ranito 2009-06-19 0 point DOS version

Hehe, nice one... I finished it on my first attempt, but what the hell :) And no, no viruses :)

CAMERON HOTTMAN 2009-06-14 0 point DOS version

i love this game

Jacoby 2009-06-03 0 point DOS version

I like this game

lopieloo 2009-05-29 0 point DOS version

I almost always died of dysentery! ...Good times.

mog493 2009-05-16 0 point DOS version

i used to play this game in school

matt 2009-05-11 0 point DOS version

is this legit or will it just download a bunch of viruses onto my computer?

pixeyhaley 2009-04-21 0 point DOS version

I've always loved this game growing up glad i was able to find it!

Dibbzz 2009-04-12 0 point DOS version

Anyone else not getting any sound?

어ㅗㅇ눈이 2009-04-11 0 point DOS version

ㅊㄴㄱ디ㅏ ㅅ혁파9ㅊ ㅑ ㅗㅁㅅ i hate it the worst game ever

Lady Wolf 2009-04-10 0 point DOS version

but awesome game ;)

Lady Wolf 2009-04-09 0 point DOS version

why thank god? he didn't put this game on earth .

SADIESUE99 2009-03-10 0 point DOS version

the best game ever

kozmonot 2009-02-26 0 point DOS version

thank the lord

astra 2009-01-23 0 point DOS version

ya thank the lord... finally found the game without having to register or surveys. yippie!!!

collin 2009-01-19 0 point DOS version

this better work

Moizeus 2009-01-18 0 point DOS version

Thank the lord in heaven I have found the game for free without registering.

be11 2009-01-15 0 point DOS version


glady 2008-12-20 0 point DOS version


jason 2008-12-19 0 point DOS version


Joeboo 2008-12-16 0 point DOS version

Cool, if it works.

mc 2008-12-15 0 point DOS version

love oregone trail

yeeeaaaaaaa 2008-12-09 0 point DOS version

i cant get it to work...

Aij 2008-12-04 0 point DOS version

Whats the keypassword to play??

Philip Garcia 2008-12-03 0 point DOS version

can't wait to play the greatest game ever

bear 2008-12-01 0 point DOS version

hopefully this works

mikes bum 2008-11-29 0 point DOS version


uhmmm 2008-11-17 0 point DOS version

I have the D-fend reloaded and it still won't runt his game- it says there's no executeable file...

Gopher 2008-11-12 0 point DOS version

sadly, it won't work with my Windows 7 version... is there a 64-bit version?

canchaser363 2008-11-11 0 point DOS version

I cant get it to work! UGH! I love this game, we had it and my brother took it and i never saw it again!

yjjjh 2008-10-12 0 point DOS version

it wont work

jack 2008-10-02 0 point DOS version

i love this game!hope it works!!

tkdmaster11 2008-09-15 0 point DOS version

this is great

Matt 2008-09-14 0 point DOS version

What a cool game!

jeezus 2008-09-12 0 point DOS version

what do i do after clicking download? can someone please help me?!

KAREN 2008-09-08 0 point DOS version


BoxervsEible 2008-08-24 0 point DOS version

HOLY TOMATOS!!!!! words can not describe!

Secret Agent Sami 2008-06-05 0 point DOS version

OMG! Totally Playing It ASAP! WOOT WOOT!

pen0r 2008-06-04 0 point DOS version


Albany 2008-05-23 0 point DOS version

I am so excited in this moment

Sarah 2008-05-17 0 point DOS version

Oh my gosh! I played this game all the time when I was little, I lost the CD and now I can play it again. Thank you!

fudder 2008-04-10 0 point DOS version


Gremz 2008-02-14 0 point DOS version

OMG can't wait to play.

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