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The House of the Dead 2

Windows - 2001

Alt names ザ ハウス オブ ザ デッド 2, HOD 2
Year 2001
Platform Windows
Released in United Kingdom, United States
Genre Action
Theme Europe, Horror, Rail Shooter, Zombies
Publisher Activision Value Publishing, Inc., Empire Interactive Europe Ltd.
Developer Wow Entertainment, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
4.45 / 5 - 1596 votes

Description of The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2 is a near-flawless PC conversion of the hit arcade game of the same name.

The game is a rail shooter like the first game, i.e. you are led by the game down a path similar to Rebel Assault, shooting at zombies and other monstrosities that get in your way. Although the English version that is being distributed by Empire Interactive unfortunately doesn't ship with the PC gun like its Japan counterpart, HOTD2 still manages to be a fun and addictive FPS that everyone should enjoy.

Similar to its predecessor, HOTD2 is not a shoot everything in sight game. You have to be careful not to hit any innocent civilian, and rescuing them from the clutches of the monsters often rewards you with power-ups or, better yet, new paths to follow. This makes the game somewhat replayable as you can do something different (e.g. saving someone's life as opposed to watching him die in the last game) to open up new branches.

As well as the original arcade modes, there is plenty of extra effects. There are 5 game modes including Arcade and Boss, 12 different kinds of zombies including the chainsaw wielding Max and the disgusting Ebitan. End-level bosses are appropriately difficult to kill, although some of them are far too easy to dispose of once you find their weak spots.

With an excellent co-operative multi-play option (across LAN) and 6 chapters of mayhem, HOTD2 is a much more attractive, varied, and longer game than the original. Be warned, though: near-superhuman reflexes and tenacity are prerequisites to finishing one of the best rail shooters ever made. There are even plot twists to keep things interesting, as well as multiple endings.

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Comments and reviews

notagayguyfrompakistan 2024-07-08 0 point

loved it. i can't explain my feeling in English, papi lelo teri love u

Nero 2024-07-04 0 point

I need to know where the save files are stored pc version? There are all .bin files, no text files, there's a player1 file but it's .bin.

james john ed ed 2024-06-23 -2 points

need to open full file with @ "vrtual clone drive"

paria 2024-06-20 0 point

hey how to change weapon when playing

Happy Milk 2024-06-08 -1 point

When I play it, I see black boxes around certain graphics. As if those graphics didn't have transparency. How do I fix that?

shshid 2024-05-29 1 point

good game i was searching for a long tme very thrilling

rippy 2024-05-22 1 point

cool! i love this game so much probably start streaming

some dude 2024-05-09 4 points

05/09/2024, still works.
i recommend disc image, its easier to play
ALERT: you need virtualclonedrive or any other app.
step 1: Download disc image
step 2: Open the file (must have WinRAR)
step 3: Click on the folder, then click on the biggest file.
step 4: Press the notification that shows up in the bottom right, then click AutoRun
step 5: Click Install Game (or Play Game if already done)
step 6; Follow the installer instructions.
step 7; Now Play!
step 8: Your start menu should have "THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2" and "CONFIG".
step 9: If you wish to play as 2P on a mouse, go to CONFIG then click "Keyboard + Mouse" for 2P controller.

MCP 2024-04-25 2 points

regarding thecrnmage's comment, after doing step8 I cant seem to find the game or icon on the drive I created :(

jez 2024-04-19 0 point

IS there any version that can shoot with mouse?

Dennie 2024-03-07 -1 point

Instructions were unclear may day may day the game is not opening I repeat the game is not opening

ig:thekskuralsiz 2024-03-01 -1 point

I played this game when I was 6 years old, I never got to the end of the game, but I couldn't download it from here, I just finished the game now and I don't have any memories of leaving it unfinished.

MCHurt12 2024-02-26 0 point

the game can run on higher resolutions with dgVoodoo2

Samthewut 2024-02-22 -2 points

The installation is worked. However, I can't play because I either can't see the display or the game. Second, there is no game application can be found in my task bar. I am using Window 10, by the way. Is there a way I could fix it?

ash 2024-02-20 0 point

how to activate 2 player for this?

SHAMS 2024-02-19 0 point


xProFlipScarab 2024-01-24 1 point

If you getting the No CD error even with the patch see if unmounting the image after "installing" the game fixes it, Mine wasn't working until i did that.

Also using DxWin set to DirectX 7 fixes the buggy window and running on wrong monitor, Setting to windowed does nothing and changing the "screen resolution" to anything but Native stops the game from launching...

Any body manage to get House of the Dead 1 or 2 running at higher resolutions and/or windowed mode?

yoshibob 2023-12-28 0 point

Im having the same problem as solidg did where i just cant play it even though i got it all installed from autorun with wincdemu how do i fix this? i also just plopped nocd in the Program files x86 sega and it says it cant find hotd2 exe just llike solidg

Taha Arif Sinnarwala 2023-12-26 1 point

Super game, love it. I have been playing for a very long time.

DNBRD 2023-12-12 -1 point

Отличная игра. Прошел с кайфом. Ностальгия, помню как играл в нее на аркадных автоматах. (У кого проблемы с запуском советую испоьзовать "UltraISO" для монтирования образа)

あああ 2023-10-19 -1 point


iystreem 2023-09-22 -4 points

how to play with 2 players

RJ arup 2023-09-11 0 point

can i play my windows 10

luis quispe tello 2023-08-22 -2 points

me gusta este juego es bueno

Code 2023-08-16 0 point

When I try to mount the disc image file it says "the disc file is corrupted"

Reniiboo 2023-07-31 -1 point

I dont know how to open this game pls help

john adams 2023-07-01 -1 point

thanks game works great on my windows 10
you need to change HOTD2 No cd patch to zip

PRINGALO 2023-06-18 0 point

I laugh and float little in air

Sakaby Nontan 2023-05-26 0 point

I love retro game.

subhan 2023-05-06 -1 point

is best game

Novaen 2023-04-11 18 points

Hello, when I try to mount the ISO image, Windows 11 says that the image is corrupted.

KRAKEN 2023-03-12 -4 points

How to install guys, i dont the understand the instruction well

tanjim 2023-02-05 2 points

its very amazing game and nice game

anon 2023-02-04 1 point

If you're getting a white screen on AMD cards with dgVooDoo, it's because of newer dgvoodoo ddraw.dll. Downgrade to 2.54, turn on fast video memory access too.

MASTER 2023-01-29 1 point


lechesingrasa 2023-01-09 3 points

You must follow WENISWAR's (nickname) instructions in the comments below, it helped me launch the game. Here are some things that I kept in mind:

Before downloading, you must have the programs "WinRAR" and "WinCDEmu" installed. This can be quickly done by searching them online.

Allow the app/game to make changes to your computer. Don't worry, it's simple terms and conditions to agree on, with no dumb viruses or anything. But if you are on a shared computer, you won't be able to play the game without an admin's permission.

Please DO NOT open/modify the game's CD Drive files to ensure the best gameplay.

To play on a gamepad, connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth. Then go to WINDOWS C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2, and click on the "Config" application. The controller should be listed and highlighted. To save, click OK.

Roger Troxell 2022-12-10 -1 point

i love this game but it wont let me play

Gotinox 2022-11-13 -1 point

I followed WENISWAR instruction and it actually works! Just a bit annoying that you need to keep creating the virtual disc to be able to play! But It was worth it!!

WenisWar 2022-10-16 4 points

Ok so it's 10/16/2022 and this still works. For those who have trouble, it requires some advanced computer knowledge. So I'm here to help.
1. Takes 21 to 30 minutes to download
2. Find downloads, find installed rar. (You need Winrar archiver)
3. Create a folder "House of the Dead 2 "
4. Drag and drop rar folder in
6. Wait, and see programs
7. Click the folder, find House of the Dead 2. ccd
8. create a virtual disc drive with wincdemu program and select "Dead 2. CCD"
9. Go to my computer or ThisPC
10. Find your drive or find the game, you will see the icon and game name
11. double click, install, wait for 5 to 10 min
12: Optional- Download NOCD Patch
13: Optional- Find Install DestinaTION OF gAME C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 and drag NOCD.exe into the directory
14. Optional- Right Click NOCD.exe patch and run as admin- No you no longer need to mount .ccd to run game
13. Click start. PLEASE GIVE THE DEVELOPER 5 STARS! This version has everything unlocked! Like a premium deluxe version.

idk5847 2022-10-10 2 points

dosbox keep saying img not found help me pls i am desperate lmao been trying for quite some hours

jake paul 2022-05-16 0 point

had to do maybach i cant do the regular benz i like the seats reclined

kel 2022-05-13 3 points

downloaded , extracted and when try to mount image there show corrupted file image T_T please help

hotdf 2022-04-29 3 points

Can't mount the image, says it's corrupted

Stivito 2022-04-25 0 point

Es chevere

Luke 2022-03-03 16 points

Every time I download, it says the iso is corrupted when I try and open it

User6527 2022-03-01 -1 point

I could install the game and run it well but the only thing i couldn't figure out is how to let a second player to enter with me it just says press START and idk which key is the 2nd player's start and what are his controls and how to edit them
Hope someone help

Nehal sadaf 2022-02-01 2 points

I love house of the dead

Jasim Uddin 2022-01-31 -2 points

I Love The House Of The Dead 2

amazing world of vicne asundio.... 2022-01-31 -1 point

this game has too many memories too keep in my heart, it is were i run form reality and play it it keeps a sepcial place in my heart.

AKASH 2022-01-14 -1 point

I played it during childhood.Nice game.

Triks 2021-11-03 -3 points

You need to mount the ISO to play the game

Dank Memer 2021-09-22 -4 points

I followed the steps to get it to work, and it did, but then the next day it's now saying 'Insert CD'. What do I need to do now?

KsE 2021-09-22 -1 point

Yo Guys... i can play it and all but: I have 2 Monitor Setup and one of em is only 60hz and is set as my 'second' screen. The game always starts on the second monitor instead of my 'main'.
Any way to fix this? I can't even run it in window mode?

ALIZA ABBASI 2021-08-24 1 point


nanasijp 2021-08-22 4 points

How I actually ran the game.
1 Unzip the main file
2 Rename house of the dead 2.img to iso
3 Mount the iso using virtualclonedrive
4 Run the mounted rom from explorer
5 Press install Game
6 Done! Leave the rom mounted.
Use dgvoodoo to run the game in high resolution

Triks 2021-08-18 1 point

Your ISO file have to be mounted and then click the .exe in the installed folder

Triks 2021-08-16 0 point

Need the CD drive mounted to play the game

Triks 2021-08-16 4 points

I got the game to run, atleast for me :
- Download the game file
- Make a folder (ex. HOTD2) and extract the game ISO file to the folder
- download MagicISO. Run it. Click Tools - Convert to ISO - Select the .cue file and click convert
- right click the .ISO file and open with Windows Explorer
- Open the E: drive ( or what drives the .ISO you mounted in) and double click AUTORUN.exe
- Click install and wait
- Find your game in the folder destination
- Click the .exe

Triks 2021-08-16 1 point

exe file doesnt work

Kotellell 2021-08-07 0 point


chenmeymey 2021-08-05 1 point

i like to play this game sine was 8 years old till now

Affan 2021-07-27 2 points

@THECRNMAGE I dont have .crr file.I have only the following

Sur 1res3 2021-07-14 -1 point

i remember playing this 8 years ago and here i am again gonna play it again so nostalgic

Asad 2021-06-24 1 point

12 Years Old Memories

Paing Paing 2021-05-31 2 points

Oh, I like house of the dead 2.

Manoj 2021-05-17 2 points

This game just keeps getting better and better

Collin 2021-04-01 -1 point

awsome zombie and bosses

Ronnel Ancheta 2021-03-22 -3 points

I want download the house of the dead 2 on my phone

SOLIDG 2021-03-19 3 points

Did anyone manage to get the game to run after the installation? Every time I click on the Hod2.exe file nothing seems to happen. I've tried running on compatibility mode but again nothing happens.

Even the NOCD crack doesn't seem to work. I extracted the files to the same directory I installed the game but an error message appears whenever I click on the crack .exe file, saying it couldn't find the Hod2 file.

nadeem 2021-03-16 0 point

WTF how does this work i dont understand

mano 2021-02-10 0 point

this is a very beautiful game

Emmanuel 2021-02-06 1 point

the game is superb

Only one me 2021-01-25 1 point

i very like this game how can i downlaod this ????

Mike Chavez 2021-01-22 1 point

All games are best

Unknown Help 2021-01-18 1 point

Need Help this try Ultraiso here link and also rar link then before House of the dead 2 finish download and open rar.exe find this *The-House-of-the-Dead-2_Win_EN_ISO-Version.rar* Extract All and finish open ultraiso.exe find this *House Of the Dead 2.cue* then riight click Extract wait before finish and open HOD2.exe Done

unknown name 2021-01-18 -1 point

uh guys can open about ? this hotd2 cue other file?

Danny Stewart 2021-01-16 0 point

1 hour to download and 2 hours to extract and install the game. The thing that made me surprised was the gun controller. It didn't need Guncon or anything like that

chocovanillaswirlwithcookie 2020-11-20 -4 points

wait how do you open this

AKASHH 2020-11-03 -1 point


nightcap 2020-10-26 0 point

i do love this game but when im trying to open it it wont open

SPIDERMAN 2020-10-24 -2 points

No saben si hay para Android? Quisiera jugar en mi celular pero no encuentro donde descargar el juego

pleb 2020-09-28 4 points

works great, any power user know how to increase resolution? that would just be perfect

TheCrnMage 2020-08-26 35 points

Ok so it's 8/26/2020 and this still works. For those who have trouble, it requires some advance computer knowledge. So I'm here to help.
1. Takes 21 to 30 minutes to download
2. Find downloads, find installed rar. (You need Winrar archiver)
3. Create a folder ex, "House of the Dead 2 not broken version"
4. Drag and drop rar folder in
6. Wait, and see programs
7. Click folder, find House of the Dead 2. ccr
8. create a disc drive (Strongly prefer last 5 letters of alphabet, ex z x y v u t
9. Go to my computer or ThisPC
10. Find your drive or find the game, you will see icon and game name
11. double click, install, wait 5 to 10 min
12. Close program, re open the program again
13. Click start. PLEASE GIVE THE DEVELOPER 5 STARS! This version has everything unlocked! LIke a premium deluxe version.

PLEASE GIVE THE DEVELOPER 5 STARS! I'm "dead" (pun) serious. Developer did a PERFECT JOB sharing. Very generous too. How many quarters or card swipes we could've spent? Over 50 dollars, literally! I'm a Dave and Busters veteran.

Sayda Tabassum Nidhe 2020-08-08 -2 points

So nice game. I love this game

Joshua 2020-08-03 3 points

Bruh where is the exe

Superman 2020-07-23 0 point

yes it works even i used trainer+3 :))))))))))

Yasee. 2020-07-08 1 point

This game is exicited

piyumika 2020-06-20 1 point

i like this game. this is very enjoyable game. i love it

sisisinonono 2020-06-15 1 point

best house of the dead imo

swapnil 2020-05-27 0 point

this game run in windows 10

Popeye 2020-05-20 -5 points

The game says its running but I can't see it help

Shash 2020-05-16 12 points

No .exe file is their in the extract

Huckster 2020-05-14 0 point

I Love The House Of The Dead 2 Very Much.

Lol 2020-04-22 2 points

I also used to have a corrupt message error until i used Ultraiso , maybe this makes a difference.

MrBeginning 2020-04-14 1 point

how can I open the game?

CXK 2020-04-13 2 points

I'm also getting ISO corrupt message.

larry 2020-04-09 3 points

wish there were a rip version as in the first game. they are small and easier to play :)

bb bunny 2020-04-08 0 point

best game of meh life

Alian 2020-04-06 -1 point

The best game I ever seen. Loved it. :) :) :)

Khun 2020-03-29 1 point

How to play players?

alexo 2020-03-17 -1 point

this game makes me feel good. my bro is also good in this game

Emon 2020-01-29 2 points

when i was 7.i played so many time .and its a best game ever. ilove it

Eunwoo 2019-11-30 0 point

Can't extract the file, not doing the burning tho.

Goku 2019-11-02 -1 point

How to install this game on windows xp

ace 2019-10-06 -2 points

i love this game since i was 7 years old

taka 2019-08-27 2 points

thank you for game

XxDarkCrystalxX 2019-08-20 -2 points

Wow this game i really like it but can you not install the anti virus?

king 2019-08-17 1 point

its very beautiful game in the worid

Rational guy 2019-07-16 3 points

Is this a virus or am i downloading pictures of a duck

Chauhan 2019-06-19 1 point

Love nature

zezo 2019-05-26 1 point

very nice the game and in game action and horror

,,, 2019-01-28 -7 points

how to install the game bro.....shit

Akram 2019-01-09 -3 points

Very nice

Sadat 2018-12-31 -1 point

very nice game

115 2018-12-18 -1 point

nice game

SABIK 2018-11-25 -3 points


JP#10 2018-10-24 0 point

me parece una paggina intereante porque e guta el juego y al fin podre juarlo

Erin Latta 2018-10-13 1 point

I absolutely love the House of the Dead series. I think this version may be one of my all-time favorites. This is a fine copy of a great game. Highly recommend!

okokok 2018-08-10 -1 point

i want to play this

LittleZack 2018-06-28 -3 points

Is downloading this game is legal?

Abhishek 2018-05-09 4 points


RAZ 2018-04-10 0 point

I love this game becaus i am a sega fan!i played it 6 yrs ago,so i am taking it from

Saran 2018-04-09 4 points

I Love this game. but how much time it take to download on windows10.

XD24 2018-03-09 -2 points

Its a JP version. Almost written dialogs are in jp. Eh...

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