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The Typing of the Dead

Windows - 2000

Alt names 死亡打字機, 死亡打字员, ザ・タイピング・オブ・ザ・デッド
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in Japan, United States (2000)
United Kingdom (2001)
Canada, United States (2007)
Genre Action
Theme Arcade, Horror, Rail Shooter, Typing, Zombies
Publisher Empire Interactive Entertainment, SEGA Corporation, SEGA of America, Inc.
Developer Smilebit
Perspective 1st-Person
4.55 / 5 - 740 votes

Description of The Typing of the Dead

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The Typing of the Dead is a fun and addictive typing "game" from SEGA, essentially taking House of the Dead 2 and replacing the player's gun with a keyboard.

This review of the Dreamcast version (which is identical to this PC download in every aspect except the PC replaces a couple of game modes with IPX multiplayer) at says it all: "A perfect example of such creative, atypical game design is Typing Of The Dead—published by Sega and designed by in-house team Smilebit.

Typing Of The Dead is a bizarre little game, the likes of which has never been attempted before to my knowledge. [The game] takes the entire content and framework of the arcade-style shooter House Of The Dead 2, but replaces the light-gun with a keyboard as the main method of interaction. Players still progress through the game in a first-person perspective while countless hordes of zombies, monsters and various other enemies attack, but the twist here is that each creature has letters, words or phrases floating in front of them. Players eliminate the unsavory elements by typing the appropriate combination of characters in a speedy and (hopefully) error-free manner.

To add some spice, each stage contains one or two short challenges with special requirements in addition to the general task of zombie depopulation. The game also includes a full-fledged tutorial which instructs the virtues of touch typing, as well as a choice between Arcade, Original, [or multiplayer] modes for gameplay enjoyment once a sufficient level of secretarial skill has been mastered.

Typing Of The Dead is a crazy, irreverent game, and such madness needs to be cherished whenever it appears, in my opinion. There's definitely an intrinsic, enjoyable quality to blowing off a zombie's head by typing the words "Rhythm Method." While some may not immediately see the appeal or value of a game that is played by typing, all it takes is five minutes on the keyboard to turn a crowd of naysayers into party people having a good time.

The main draw here is that the game is just raw, unadulterated fun. While House Of The Dead and its sequel were good gun games, Typing Of The Dead is just so much more enjoyable due to the funny words and phrases which add to the level of irreverence Smilebit aims at itself. With phrases and snippets like "I'll take him for 8 dollars." "La Dolce Vita," "Stop chewing on my toenails" and "Golf is seventeen holes too long," the silliness factor is a perfect match for the incredibly cheesy voices and stiff story scenes that the House series is famous for.

The difference here is that it while it was embarrassingly bad in House Of The Dead, it works to create a comical B-movie atmosphere that makes people crack up while delivering the big sleep to hordes of evil leg-draggers in Typing Of The Dead. A brilliant way the game subtly increases the appeal to people looking for a good dose of fun, the game has an excellent difficulty-adjustment system in place which makes sure players don't get overly frustrated. While going through a stage, the game will throw out long words and phrases with the first few zombies. If the player can type out the words quickly and with few errors, the zombies' floating marquees get longer and progressively more difficult the further a player goes without taking damage.

Conversely, if a player's fingers fumble and you start losing chunks of flesh to the rotters, the game picks up on this immediately and shortens the required inputs starting with the very next enemy. Going from "Burned lingonberry pancakes" to "Disco ball" is a big difference, and makes it more enjoyable and accessible to those who aren't good friends with Mavis Beacon."

Highly recommended, even for HOTD2 veterans.

Review By HOTUD

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Gamer 2023-01-20 0 point

Does anyone know how to play 2P ?

kaknas 2022-12-14 0 point

i hope it is the best game for learn the typing for everybody in the world

Sam Boken 2022-12-08 2 points

Got this game working on Windows 10 & 11. First off, the "Rip" Version worked just fine with nothing extra to add, just install and it will install in a root directory on C, couldn't install it anywhere else. Just install and play.

No viruses, spam, or some oddity, works just fine, no data mining either.

Alt-F4 to exit game

Jamshid 2022-11-20 0 point

i love this game.

Boyka 2022-11-11 -1 point

I like this game to much, I want to play this long time, but I can not download it to my PC

Negina mokhlis 2022-09-09 2 points

this is my fevorite gime.

Volt 2022-08-27 1 point

That's greaaaaaaaaaaaat

Bawar jaan 2022-08-18 2 points

It is my favorite game

Hacker Volt 2022-08-08 -3 points

This game is grate........

muneeb riaz 2022-08-07 0 point

typing is batter for office needs.

chan seila 2022-08-06 1 point

i want to play this game

Sebas 2022-08-04 1 point

Need help here, There's no sound for me

BleakWatcher 2022-07-10 1 point

ISO games are full cd’s which groups like Fairlight turned into a so called “image”. Usually the format of an image is bin/cue. But there are more formats like .img, .iso, .nrg etc. So an ISO game is nothing more then a copied CD turned into an “image” which you can burn / extract. A “RIP” game is a collection of files which are neccecary for the game to play properly. Movies, Music and stuff like that is deleted. So the “RIP” games are way small than “ISO” games, because certain files are deleted. Now if you still want music or movies in your game you can download so called “Addons” which will add music,movies or anything else deleted by the rip groups to your game. 56 K users usually prefer “RIP” games, because they’re way smaller than “ISO” games. Takes less time to download.

khalil ullah 2022-06-02 1 point

is one of the best things

SUTU 2022-06-01 1 point


DMC 2022-05-16 1 point

Is it safe?

NiceMan 2022-05-05 -1 point

Does anyone know why the RIP version has like 6 hits for viruses on VirusTotal? I tried to do network multiplayer with the iso versions but whenever we'd start playing the game would desync and turn our characters into zombies

suraimu 2022-04-28 1 point

I cannot start the Japanese version.

RaxusPrime 2022-04-21 1 point

the game in only shows in my secondary monitor, not the primary one, does anyone know a work around?

G 2022-03-30 1 point


Gordon 2022-03-27 1 point

Anyone have the Serial Key for Japanese version?

Khalid Rahman hanify 2022-03-05 0 point

its good to increase your typing's speed

windows 2022-02-23 0 point

Good gems

TOny 2022-02-16 1 point

Cannot play. "Error. Not support graphic device."

ali 2022-02-13 0 point

its very cool i love it

kerykeion 2022-02-02 4 points

ISO - mount and install, sound works as shipped, NEEDS admin account, no need to install Dx7

RIP - unzip, run setup.bat (to decompress audio), run the exe, does NOT NEED admin account

Go for the RIP, unzip it, run the setup.bat and you're golden!

ahmad.stanikzai 2022-01-30 0 point

i can't play typing of the dead where is it somebody helps me

riya 2022-01-29 0 point

i love that game

HEIN MIN ZAW 2022-01-22 0 point


Feng 2021-12-20 0 point

For those not having sound, you need to run "setup.bat" after you run "install.exe" but BEFORE you run the game itself. That will add sound.

RBD 2021-12-12 -1 point

There's actually an Older Japanese Evangelion action game that is the same genre as this if you want to give it a try. You may need the english translation packs. There's going to be some other obscure Japanese games that do this. But at the very least, this is the first console game in English that is in this genre, and the innovator of this genre. Educational games are the creator back on Macintosh, DOS, and etc. Lets be honest lo..

littlezabi 2021-12-11 0 point

This game I am playing from 12 years. its good game for testing typing skills.

johnnycolonel 2021-11-09 3 points

this game changed my life. download at your own. risk. (super hot girls on the second level)

Joe 2021-11-06 2 points

Windows 10, downloaded ISO and the fix file

extracted both folders
Double clicked autorun.exe, ran the wizard
In the update fix folder, I double clicked tod_e.exe (not sure if this did anything at all)
Then I double clicked the todus.exe that was created from the wizard.

Everything runs perfectly
10/10, I love this game

NDrag0n 2021-11-04 0 point

Is there anyway to play using an italian keyboard layout?

kimmy 2021-11-03 0 point

i wan to download this game because i remember this game before

chamrouen 2021-10-30 -2 points

this game is good for me and another people to play this game beacues this game help me a fasther tying befor i like this i need this game to learn more ty

Danny Ramirez 2021-10-02 0 point

The game only wants to appear on my second monitor and I'm not sure how to choose what monitor I want it to play on, anybody have any advice for this?

Mr. Chanrotha 2021-09-20 1 point

Well, I want to improve my typing skill because i work with my PC every day .

Thank you!

ARCHTANK 2021-07-29 1 point

Such an interesting idea, and I think it works well.
It's also funny to see the characters running around with fold out keyboards.

ly 2021-07-26 -1 point


Pasta 2021-07-09 0 point

I can't get it to work at all. Installer runs does it's thing but when I try to run the game it says something about graphic not supported something like that, please help I'm not a huge computer person......

momand 2021-06-09 1 point

this is very good game for typing

Star Lover 2021-06-07 0 point

Downloaded the RIP version. Didn't work.
Downloaded the ISO version. Didn't work.
Downloaded the Fix. It worked, but...

Running the game using TODUS.EXE didn't work.

Needed to run the game using the AUTORUN.EXE.

The interface is a bit dated, and I worry that the game might crash the computer because of compatibility issues, but so far it's been working and is entertaining.

Bought you guys some coffees.
Thanks for preserving old games.

VA 2021-05-25 1 point

thanks for this ive got so many memories of playing this game ive got one problem though so i went to set the game up on my computer went into the folder containing all the files and clicked on the install file and after asking if i wanted to let it make changes to my computer a small popup appered telling me it couldnt find install.dat (it was directly below the install file) would reinstalling it fix the issue or is there something else i could do to fix this?

soup 2021-05-20 1 point

japanese version of this game wanted please!

heng sarem 2021-04-08 0 point

the typing good ❤

tOm 2021-04-02 1 point

how do i play coop with my friends??

W 2021-04-02 23 points

For those not having sound, you need to run "setup.bat" after you run "install.exe" but BEFORE you run the game itself. That will add sound.

My question: how do you return to the menu other than quitting and starting over?

Dixie Normous 2021-03-18 1 point

Hey Fat Weiner, I like your comment. I too enjoy long walks on the beech

z0mbie 2021-03-06 1 point

how this game work?

mold 2021-03-05 0 point

may thanks for your game

BortOfTheDead 2021-03-05 0 point

Thanks a ton for posting this game, I've always wanted to play this so I really appreciate it. I'm really into improving my typing now, idk why - probably because i spend so much time typing all day for my job. So this is a cool way to improve it while also playing one of my favorite games from my childhood (rest in peace, arcades - you will never know how much they meant to some of us growing up)

I also didn't have sound until I ran the .bat Setup file - then everything worked great

me arich? 2021-02-19 0 point

thank you that

TheRealist1 2021-02-02 0 point


VY 2021-01-12 0 point

I would like to download this typing game for improve more typing skill.

tspike7 2021-01-01 1 point

Thanks!!! It works great now. just had to right-click and open it in compatibility mode. Otherwise I got a "no usable graphics card" kind of error.

kas 2020-12-31 -1 point

its good for all of as and i want to say thanks

Evilangel 2020-12-22 18 points

Differences between Rip and Iso? please?

hgwentworth 2020-12-21 1 point

works perfectly on windows 10

Greydrop 2020-12-10 2 points

To fix the sound you need to double click on the setup.bat file. It's in the directions of the INSTRUCTIONS text file.

Omid 2020-11-22 -2 points

lak ich habe es vor 6 jahren gespielt und es hat spasssss gemacht deswesen will ich es runterladen und spielen wallah ich hab das mal gehabt also mein bruder wer das bin zum ende gelesen hat ist hobbylos

Heikai 2020-11-22 1 point

I'm too quick to comment. Everything works fine. Just run the batch file.

Heikai 2020-11-22 1 point

Scratch that. It started working but without sound.

Heikai 2020-11-22 0 point

The "Tod_e" exe doesn't launch for me. I tried running as administrator also.

other commenters are dumb 2020-11-22 0 point

Works brilliantly on Windows 10. Thanks for the upload!

Zx 2020-11-05 -1 point

Thanks a bunch for an awesome game! It worked like a charm on my windows 10 computer. I love this game and would gladly buy it if that was possible.

Mushahid 2020-09-24 0 point

When I was a kid I used to Play this game a lot, but then for so many years I didn't played it. But now I am again going to play this game to recall my childhood memories and to improve my typing skills while enjoying the game. Thanks for this game.

RRG 2020-09-16 -1 point


soma 2020-09-12 0 point

is there any way to run windowed?

Meow YT 2020-08-30 0 point

Link download is show cold

Danny Stewart 2020-07-31 0 point

I cannot type number while playing this game. What should I do?

RK 2020-07-29 -2 points

any tips in running network mode, it will simply hang a few seconds after connected in local lan.

gamerboy 2020-07-26 3 points

saw this game on TerminalMontage channel
the video about this game is gold

S.safiullah 2020-07-22 0 point

it very nice thanks for helping of your typing academy

mukhtar 2020-07-08 -1 point

make the house of the dead okay dont joke about me

bowb 2020-07-04 1 point

Run the setup BAT to fix the sound

Game 2020-06-22 -3 points

where is sound files that DREYMAR say??

Lee 2020-06-16 -8 points

Beware. Typing of the Dead could be malware.

Typing of the Dead did not install correctly but created a password protected file that could not be deleted without using a second OS.

nazari 2020-06-14 -2 points

iam just a fresher

DreymaR 2020-06-12 0 point

For everyone saying "NO SOUND": You need to unpack the compressed sound files.

Jeff 2020-06-10 2 points

Can someone please post how to install this properly please :) I'm struggling to get it to run.

G 2020-06-05 2 points

how did anyone fix the no sound problem?

talha naeem 2020-05-22 2 points

this is the best game i wanna to improve my
typing speed

PR 2020-04-30 0 point

i like this typing because it make me improved the typing and it like game but it have the useful thank for made this programe

LoneWolf DV5 2020-04-28 0 point

Thank you for uploading

san 2020-04-24 0 point

i want to improve

typing king on the rise 2020-04-23 4 points

Whenever I want to launch I get "Not Support Graphic Device" is there a fix to this? (I downloaded RIP and ISO

Rash 2020-04-21 0 point

A simp was here

Usman Shah 2020-04-10 1 point

i want to improve my writing skills


fatemi 2020-04-06 0 point

i want to improve my typing using game

SunFist 2020-04-02 1 point

My brothers are about to get a job in a call center and I think that this game will be a good way to better they typing. Thank You for upload this file I hope everything is good.

Observer 2020-04-01 -6 points

The world is full of different kinds of people! Some assume they should just get anything they want for free, others make an effort to show appreciation. What sort will you be today?

mawlawyzada 2020-03-27 -1 point

i whant to learn typing

Ray 2020-03-19 0 point

this game is very good but your property is not good

por 2020-03-08 0 point

I like this game very much and it can improve my typing

runket 2020-02-24 1 point

The installer doesn't seem to be completing even when it has reached 100%. Is there any way I could fix this?

DIO 2020-02-09 -4 points


JARED 2020-01-31 0 point

after download then click which command coz after download still can't operations

Mehmood 2020-01-25 -1 point

Increseing typing level

YOLO 2020-01-10 0 point

this is preety good

Kai 2020-01-07 1 point

Has anyone ever come across the Japanese version of this. Learning JP atm and it would be real helpful to have it!!

Khwahany 2020-01-01 0 point

this is a good site for learning

AngKangThong 2019-12-03 2 points

I want to play this game so much and i want to study about typing

Sarah 2019-11-18 1 point

hi this is my first time playing this game so i think i will have a little difficulties in typing
but the earlier problem that i will face is downloading that may take some time
i hope i will play well i want to be a good typer hope this game make me put into top 10 player just kidding

Is this site a virus? 2019-11-16 2 points

Anyone care to answer?

Mr Touseef 2019-11-07 3 points

this is gonna be the best typing game that i have ever had , it improved my typing skills ,
for me it is the best typing game as compared to all other typing games.

bali2351ok 2019-10-25 0 point

this game is very easy
we can play game i am a typing master

Youssef Mohamed 2019-10-24 0 point

The best game in the world

Ainab 2019-10-19 0 point

i love this game.because this game improved my typing speed

Lemar 2019-10-04 1 point

This is a good app

Andrew Wong 2019-09-24 4 points

For those found there is no sound. please try to execute the setup.bat in the folder.
Happy typing.

arsal 2019-09-22 4 points

its very good game fo learning purpose

kezmal 2019-08-28 3 points

why no sound.. how to fix it

momoshad 2019-07-15 0 point

what is ISO and rip .

abubakkar 2019-07-02 0 point

this game is the best game

AbdulAhad 2019-05-18 0 point

ok problem is solved now thanks

AbdulAhad 2019-05-18 11 points

why is there no sound??

pile 2019-05-09 23 points

i found a trick for red blood
-go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\The Typing of The Dead US\tex"
-delete "scr_blood_green.bin"
-copy and paste "scr_blood_red.bin"
-and rename the pasted one into "scr_blood_green.bin"
yeah bloody shizzle

pile 2019-05-08 0 point

its kool but i want red blood and is that bellow windows 10 patch or what

XD24 2019-04-27 0 point

Good for typist... ????

5n1p3r_4rt3mi5 2019-04-23 -12 points

what's the difference between iso and rip?

blamemehjones 2019-03-30 -1 point

CD Key wont work. Keeps saying I need to input the key but where? I tried literally everything and the most I get is a black screen and something about NVIDIA lighting then a not responding error. Oh well.

WKO7O 2019-03-27 0 point

nice typing master

phearak 2019-02-26 0 point

best typing for first study computer

Utoe 2019-02-25 -1 point

i want to try my son this typing game.

siraj khan 2019-02-19 0 point

best typing game in computer apps

zsinatz 2019-02-16 1 point

how to download? why my computer can't to play?

adnan 2019-02-08 3 points

this game is so good for developing the skill of typing.
when i was kid i play it alot due to which now a day my typing speed is 70 wpm without taking any type of classes for typing.

kris 2019-02-03 12 points

no sound, why

Arif rezaei 2019-01-29 3 points

I used to play this game when I was a kid.
And right now after many years I'm gonna download and play it again.
Its awesome!!!

raqeebullah seemabb 2019-01-14 0 point

indeed the game typing of the dead is my typing tutor,it taught me much more

Sader 2018-12-16 1 point

This Game Is Awesome! It Is Very Usefull FOR Typing. Thanks So Much????

Dae Thara 2018-12-08 1 point

I really like this game and trying to make myself in typing lesson.

VirusTotal 2018-11-26 -8 points

This contains a trojan

Pwin 2018-11-23 -1 point

It is really good for typing practice....

saad 2018-11-22 0 point

i love it

master 06 2018-11-14 1 point

this is like freaking fun i like it so much

lighting 2018-11-13 0 point

i like this game because it brush up my typing skill

jamaluddin 2018-10-28 2 points

It's a very nice and intersting

Heng Heng 2018-10-13 2 points

I like to play this game

minecraft boy 2018-09-22 1 point

this game is cool
and amazing

Vanthy 2018-09-17 1 point

this game is cool i didnt know how to beat the three dargons but thank you the game

MEY 2018-09-08 1 point

I like this game too much

Shadab 2018-08-25 -1 point

I played this game... It's an enjoying material as well as learning tool

hadi 2018-08-23 0 point

i like because i the game is osam

Seven VannaK 2018-08-23 0 point

I like this game it is more important than game because it have improve my typing skill

ghulam hazrat 2018-08-19 0 point

a perfect games for english improve skill

THE SAMARIAN 2018-08-04 3 points

why the cheats can't work??

Gotokuryuga 2018-08-04 -1 point

Can This game run on Windows 10??

raqeebz seemabb 2018-08-01 1 point

The game the typing of the dead is one of the fantastic games I have ever played

sadam 2018-07-17 2 points

i want to improve my typing

kimhak 2018-06-14 1 point

good gane

Dogo 2018-05-31 0 point

This game is so much fun! Sometimes I couldn't stop laughing at the ludicrous sentences the game came up with and got myself killed a few times! The earlier levels are easy enough, but eventually it evolves to full sentences.

lucero 2018-05-02 -4 points

quisiera contar con el juego en mi pc sin riesgos de virus

Jefferson ` 2018-04-23 -2 points

Good Work

farjam 2018-03-30 -2 points

this is the best typing game ever i have seen in my tierd life

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