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The House of the Dead

Windows - 1998

Also available on: SEGA Saturn

Alt names ザ ハウス オブ ザ デッド, HOD
Year 1998
Platform Windows
Released in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
Genre Action
Theme Arcade, Fantasy, Haunted House, Horror, Rail Shooter, Zombies
Publisher SEGA Entertainment, Inc., SEGA Europe Ltd.
Developer Sega AM1 R&D Division
Perspective 1st-Person
4.4 / 5 - 2242 votes

Description of The House of the Dead

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The House of the Dead is a "rail shooter" - a kind of game I have not seen before on a PC platform although it is well known for arcade fans.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the expression "rail shooter": unlike the usual first-person shooters such as Quake, Doom and so on, in House of the Dead you are not able to choose the directions yourself, only where the game wants you to go. So all that is left to you is shooting on anything that moves :-) Think Rebel Assault on foot, and you'll have a good idea of what HOTD is about.

The story is rather simple. Your girlfriend Sarah leaves a message on your answering machine, telling you she has been captured by a guy called Curien. You, being the chip of the Hero, want to rush out to the place in order to free her. That is where the game begins. As you are 'led' by the game around a place overcrowded with zombies and monsters of all kind, you will constantly be busy shooting, no more, no less. Even though the only weapon you have is a plain 9mm-pistol, that thing obviously leaves holes in bodies in gory manners that are definitely not suitable for kids. Let me say this way: "losing your head" gets a whole new meaning when playing The House of the Dead ;-)

There are quite a few options to toggle. The game plays as well with or without Direct-X support, depending on the options you select. The graphics will remind you of Alone in the dark and similar games, but with more detail. German Authorities (and most likely other as well) will be glad to hear that you can alter the color of blood in the game (yellow, blue, green, red). You can also choose from several gameplay modes, chiefly "arcade" which gives you fixed settings you cannot alter, and "PC mode" where you can choose your avatar, and along with him alter the damage he does as well as the chamber-size of the pistol. The "Reload" option of the gun can be switched on and off, and the lives you have can be set from 1 to 5. The game also features the "Boss-Mode" where you can train only the bosses at the end of each stage.

You have to fight your way through 4 stages, at the end of each awaits some sort of boss nothing really surprising here either. While fighting the bosses of the first 3 stages you get a firm information sheet where to shoot to harm your opponents. The 4th (and last one) just offers you an "unknown type" so you have to find out how to defeat this one yourself.

As you can tell by now, its a rather common and 'uninteresting' implementation of an usual setting. What makes HOTD more challenging and unique compared to other shooters is the fact that you have to be careful not to shoot innocent civilians. If you accidentally shoot them, it will cost you a life. On the other hand, rescuing them (by shooting the monsters around them) will get you an extra-live as well as increase your score, or can open up optional paths. Therefore, although HOTD is a rail shooter, it offers a certain amount of nonlinear gameplay. Some of the directions you can alter are quite obvious, while others are hidden behind trapdoors. Also bonus-gems (why these had to be frogs only SEGA will know) can be found hidden within the game.

I hate shooters. Especially FPS's. Perhaps it's really not my kind of game, on the other hand maybe perhaps I am just hopeless at them ;-). But in some sick way I enjoyed HOTD for the 4 hours it lasted. Most probably because you can toggle the settings in such a way that it makes the game easier :-) And that is the problem with this game in my opinion: I think it won't be suitable for hardcore shooter-fans out there due to limited gameplay and weapons.

On the other hand I cannot think of anybody else for whom it might be suitable. But if you (like myself two days ago) just want to 'let off steam', lack classics like Space Invaders, and you are not too sensitive about "bloody" gameplay, you may want to try HOTD.

If you want a rail shooter with a more varied and longer gameplay, try the sequel The House of the Dead 2 instead. Recommended, but with reservations.

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Comments and reviews

Abdo Sayed 2024-06-21 2 points Windows version

Does anyone know how I can play the music in this game? I extracted the game files from Track 01 and succeeded in running it, but I don’t know what to do with the rest of the files to add music to this game. Can anyone help me?

syed 2024-06-11 0 point Windows version

nice game play joye fully

me 2024-04-30 0 point

I used to play the game during my childhood. In order to recall my sweet memories, I want to play this game again.

Yggdrasil 2024-04-10 -2 points

Hey a screen opens and closes automatically every time I open my PC. Is there virus in your file?
I've uninstalled the game still that happens

FreddyJ 2024-03-13 -1 point

Se abre una ventana de windows32 y se queda un rato luego pide CD ROOM no encontrado

Jungkring 2024-02-24 5 points Windows version

Finally, I found a strange way.

When I tried to run the RIP version, I also get the "CD-ROM..." problem then I tried to download the Disk Image version, and because the file was ".img" so I had to install an application such as DAEMON TOOLS but instead found a problem with the game not can be installed, and when I try to run the RIP version again, and HORAAYYY, THE GAME CAN RUN WELL.

and when I tried to uninstall the DAEMON TOOLS application, the "CD-ROM..." problem appeared again when I tried to run the RIP version.

I don't understand what causes this to happen, but hopefully this method can help all of you

Vaxen 2024-01-31 2 points

Could the download be updated to contain the music? Both verisons are missing the music...

Azizul Alim 2024-01-08 2 points

it worked. thank you so much

Duprai Gul 2023-12-30 2 points Windows version

i have downloaded the game but there gives error when i run it
error is cant find CD to install
anyone please help me fix it

Rabbit 2023-12-24 0 point Windows version

It's still being downloaded.

Tyler furtado 2023-11-20 -3 points

Hi I want to play into the dead

Kenzie 2023-09-06 11 points

i cant boot it up

even with ISO mounted, It still asking me for CD

M. J 2023-08-25 0 point

it was great entertainment with task , kindly make it possible to download easily for PC

Rat_ 2023-07-03 -3 points

Anyone found a way to fix the music?

Searcher 2023-06-11 -4 points

Anyone know how to rip CD Music from iso and make it work on windows 10?

LEGENDARY 2023-05-14 4 points

legendary game

messita 2023-04-12 1 point

el juego esta re bueno y te da un hambre ver los fiambres ahi en el piso

DrWrong05 2023-04-07 0 point

Users ZAMANI and RAINSTORM have posted, and linked, to an alternative gamefile download that they claim "works on modern windows" in this comment section. After downloading their suggested file from the links they shared, and uploading them to VirusTotal to check for malware/viruses, those linked version were found to contain trojans. Admin's note: those are false positive, it's safe to use

Here is the link to the VirusTotal scan:

Chris.Wilson.Charles.trunks 2023-03-24 0 point

Cool game okay

LOST GAMER 2023-01-18 0 point


zamani 2023-01-14 -1 point

tried to run de rip version using the batch file but I can only change some graphics parameters...
I tried the CD version the I applied a nocd crack found on gamecopy world. The crack worked so the .exe doesn't ask for the cd, but the game doesn't start.

I found a better solution on a site called Abandonware France. They uploaded a modified version that works on modern Windows:
Just click on "Version Automatique. (187'012 Ko )" link.

james 2023-01-02 -3 points

how to solve CD problem in house of the dead

hasib khan 2023-01-02 1 point

i love this game but 3 stage boos i gone to dai

MD YEASIN 2022-12-25 0 point

thanks bro give me this game in free

shuvo 2022-12-18 -1 point

best game i played in my childhood

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2022-11-26 1 point

This says to check your os, and how to run 16-bit games on a 64-bit operating system, doesn't work with DOSBox either.

Zombie 2022-11-01 1 point

Game won't run if no CD-rom hardware device is connected to the system. A virtual cd-rom might work

Thomasz Dustoffson 2022-10-16 -6 points

I remember this from my gaming shed in Rotterdam. If anyone is having problem, hit the bricks kid and try again

Gospel 2022-10-15 -6 points

How to install this one on my laptop

Bhose 2022-08-30 -3 points

MWHAHAHHAHA lab se comment karha hu

your username 2022-07-23 -18 points

is this a joke or what huh let me tell u some this game must work orrr u gonna be dead right now with ur mom and this tuid chrome Lol

Ariyan Arafat 2022-06-19 2 points

vary good games

jjhon 2022-06-09 1 point

wow! se tutto fosse cosi' in rete. 2 minuti e tutto gia' funziona su win10 pochi mega di puro retro divertimento.e con varie modalita'.

JMzarate25 2022-06-07 2 points

its so cooooooooooooool wow its OMGGGG

Nayan prashan 2022-06-04 1 point

Thenk you for dounlod

Suck My Dick 2022-05-26 -7 points

Cool game of my childhood, so fuck you all!

Fatima 2022-05-19 1 point

I love this game very much

random arcade gamer 2022-05-07 2 points

damn boi,i didnt know this game available on pc,ah rememmbering my childhood play this game at arcade station

GitRickt 2022-05-01 3 points

Can anyone explain to me step by step how to install this game properly? Also which version is the most preferred?

Newb 2022-04-11 -1 point

How do I install the ISO I bought the game on disc but can't get it to work, I wanted to use the disc for the soundtrack

pheonix 2022-04-01 0 point

the weak spot for the magicians is the leak spot

nostalgiacnerd 2022-03-30 -3 points

Sega model 2 version runs better and has music. Look it up.

pheonix 2022-03-26 2 points

this game is my childhood game

NotCbk 2022-03-24 -4 points

How do i use the iso version ?

Ashaz Kamal Zayan 2022-03-16 2 points

I love this game the favorite thing about this game is the 2 player mode I play it with my auntie

Vimmy 2022-03-06 0 point

I have to play these game

KSHK998 2022-02-20 -2 points

How do i use the iso version ?

billy billy 2022-02-04 0 point

oh yeah good game love it

Nabir 2021-12-02 0 point

Thank you.

Prasanta Kumar Ghorai 2021-11-22 0 point

I love this game so much

Ashuraman 2021-10-11 2 points

Why is there no music?

Tuna 2021-10-02 1 point

I love this game is very much

Retro Bytez 2021-09-02 -5 points

@SHAHA MUKDUM Your mom is best for MY kids, you fruitcake

Grandpa Steve 1963 2021-08-24 1 point

Although the repetitive, linear aspects of this game can become a little daunting, such games give the player the opportunity to continually improve - rather like those scenarios used by law enforcement. The more you play, the more you'll progress - the lack of random events guarantees this. If nothing else, this and similar games give us an opportunity to continually improve our accuracy and other skills, which come In very handy for other shooters of all kinds. Keep at It - you'll get there soon enough!

Shaha Mukdum 2021-08-20 2 points

this game is best for kids

Triks 2021-08-16 -11 points

how to download the game?

Paritosh 2021-08-15 -6 points

How to downioad game of house of dead

Abran 2021-07-30 -1 point


Miyamura-Kun 2021-07-24 4 points

Listen up gais.

How to access THOTD Rip Version:

Ok I downloaded the rip version alone but any methods that you guys do doesn't work and it needs CD Rom but its quick and easy without needing Daemon Tools or applying DirectX 9.0 (mine is 32-bit Windows 7 and I already installed during the DMC 4 setup package)

You just download two files: One is rip version and one is ISO (the ISO Version tends to be a CD Rom of actual game)

Then extract both rip and ISO (you noticed the ISO has two files of hotd.bin and hotd.cue) and its either you drag, move, and copy the two ISO files and insert it to rip version.

Then click the hotd.bat and you're ready to go.

Those who are struggled installing the game, don't download the rip version alone. It needs an actual ISO to prevent "noCD Insert" issues.

Mine looks good (I attempt to speedrun) but the problem is no music applied. I reinstall the game from the another source with music.

horror.vampire 28 2021-07-08 0 point

Iam going to install this game on my soon to be sky tech gaming pc now that iam 28 years old

prasad 2021-06-23 0 point

i like this game very much i used to play this game in my computer lab while im workin g in NIIT 1000 schools program .

thomas rogan 2021-06-05 4 points

i made this tutorial for those who want to play in windowed mode

1. download and install dxwnd

2. once installed extract the files and put them to a folder of your choice

3. run dxwnd

4. right click on the white screen and click add

5. you'll be greeted with a panel showing name of the game, and path of the executable, and a launch option. launch is not needed.

6. enter the name of the game (i.e. The House of the Dead) in the text bar and click a ... (3 dots) icon next to the text bar

7. find game executable in the directory (thotd.exe)

8. click the "video" bar on the top

9. switch the window style to "default" and check the "lock win style" below the modal style

10. find the window size & position section in the video settings, once you found them, change them to "anchored"

11. find screen resolution (in video section) and change "svga" to "all"

12. in the screen resolution section, turn on limit resolution and click 800x600

13. next click the "DirectX" bar on the top

14. change the renderer from "primary buffer" to "SDL2"

15. click "Try" and launch the game. it will have little problems with the mouse positioning in the menu, but overall works fine. if you have a bigger resolution click the "Main" bar on the top and go to the "Position" section and change the size to a size suitable for your monitor (i.e. w(idth) 1280 h(eight) 1024) enjoy!

Sanzo 2021-06-02 0 point

Same CD ROM error, any resolution?

Wasim 2021-05-15 -1 point

I Love the House of the Dead game on a solo laptop

shai khan 2021-04-26 -6 points

CD ROM error plz help

ali 2021-04-09 -7 points

download now my favourate game house of the death please

Chaitanya Sharma 2021-04-03 2 points

cd ROM error please help me to fix it

leosaurus 2021-03-21 -2 points

maki chut game ki

Ahnaf ahmed ramin 2021-02-18 -1 point

I cannot download this game the function is not suporting me what i can do now?

Storm 2021-02-01 -8 points

I download House of dead 3 from ocean of games but it does not run because DIRECTX is not installed on my PC

a 2021-01-19 0 point


bitch 2021-01-14 -1 point

thank you so much !It worked really well.Keep up the good work and please upload some classic sega games like comix zone or sonic the hedgehog 2

Melissa Manalo Ramos 2021-01-14 -2 points

id like to download this game fast'

Ayman 2020-12-28 -2 points

! Cannot email the file THOTD.rar SEFY.exe

rblx gamer gg 2020-12-17 0 point

your game is cool and il give it a 1m out of 5 stars

JG1 2020-12-17 2 points

I remember the original cabinet back in the day at my local arcade and it was like a car, but you shut the doors to make it immersive. Genius idea and way ahead of it's time. Thank you folks for sharing this

potato boi 2020-11-27 -4 points

the frick is this huh?

goody 2020-11-23 1 point

this game is good!

Kana 2020-11-13 0 point

i like this game

Markus 2020-11-11 0 point

There's no sound? How can I add the game soundtrack?

Chethan.N 2020-11-03 0 point

I would like to play shooting games

Chethan.N 2020-10-29 1 point

I Like to play the shooting games

Sam 2020-10-25 0 point

Was ky favorite in childhood, now my brother plays it

Rafi 2020-10-18 2 points

I dont know how to play. The game wants CD location. Is there something that I need to do before playing ? Please help... I badly wanna play this game

fighter 2020-10-18 0 point

Excellent game

Asais10 2020-10-16 1 point

This PC port sucks, you'll be better off downloading the original NAOMI board arcade ROM, and running it under Model 2 emulator instead. It ironically is easier to set up than this half-arsed PC port, that unlike the Saturn version, doesn't have any redeeming factors, for the Saturn it was higher quality soundtrack, this one uses the arcade's music instead, but if you don't have the original CD, you can't even get the music.

Shofik 2020-10-13 0 point

It's a awesome game

teamnaseitu 2020-09-28 1 point

this game is fantastic

XAVIER 2020-09-21 -3 points

when I install the ISO version I get the error "Setup is unable to locate the script file wich needed to complete the installation. Error 107."

Mano 2020-09-11 -1 point

The house of the dates

The L3rNa3aN 2020-09-08 0 point

Remember seeing this in a Timezone corner in a huge multiplex. Also remember how shit scared I was playing it.

POTOL MONTRY 2020-08-30 1 point

I like this game.

ravindra 2020-08-26 2 points

on opening the game it says CD was not found

Noob 2020-08-26 -1 point

this game has no music but only sounds

diego 2020-08-16 1 point

Me encanta esta pagina

sifat 2020-08-15 1 point

the game is one of the best games I have played in my life!!!!!!

Alex 2020-08-12 2 points

The game has jittery textures for me. Everything is shaking a bit. anyone??

pamelaaa 2020-08-11 0 point

it is very nice site for me haha ty

PixelMania 2020-08-04 0 point

I remember going to an arcade and playing a light gun version of this game. I got past the second boss, then died. It was still really fun though.

Zardom1234 2020-08-02 0 point

Feels like im back to my old days:')
Dont worry im not crying

kimolo 2020-07-19 0 point

all about god and any day i think

Hassan sheikh 2020-07-18 -1 point

i play this game like chilhood

Pravib 2020-07-17 1 point

Its my childhood game I never forget the game

VENER 2020-07-13 0 point

Actually this is one of my fav game when i was 5 or 6 and now im gonna download it again even though i have little bit of trauma on zombies like that cause ive experinced so many nightmares that almost gave a trauma from scary things like that but this game will never scare me since ive finished this game well with my siblings of course but this will always be my no. 1 zombie horror game

adrita 2020-07-11 0 point

it's like i'm in my childhood.

Mah Jabeen 2020-07-08 0 point

I am not getting in form to play

ashraf 2020-07-04 1 point

i played this game since i was 7 years old

riddhy 2020-06-29 0 point

i like the game very much

charlotte 2020-06-14 -2 points

me gusto el juego clásico y me provoca jugarlo nuevamente

JKDC 2020-06-12 0 point

Got this running in 4k with DGVOODOO2 2.45....sweet!

Ibraheem Chohan 2020-06-09 -1 point


JOY4289 2020-06-01 0 point


huntersouls 2020-06-01 0 point

yes is a good game with different endings! And the arcade have better graphics.

Rainstorm 2020-05-29 62 points

I tried to run de rip version using the batch file but I can only change some graphics parameters...
I tried the CD version the I applied a nocd crack found on gamecopy world. The crack worked so the .exe doesn't ask for the cd, but the game doesn't start.

I found a better solution on a site called Abandonware France. They uploaded a modified version that works on modern Windows:
Just click on "Version Automatique. (187'012 Ko )" link.

tigermichelin 2020-05-24 2 points

How in the world do i run this game? Comment doesn't help at all

Faizan 2020-05-06 2 points

I like this game

SAZID 2020-05-05 -1 point


Noddy 2020-05-04 31 points

Amidst this COVID19 Pandemic, one fine morning my parents out of nowhere asked me to download THOD. I am a Doctor and a gamer.


none 2020-04-27 -8 points

I assume everyone has the cd problem, check below the comments at the very bottom there is the how to. To make it short just check the list for a cd emulator and emulate it.

monsterdagger 2020-04-26 3 points

"CD Rom errors please insert in CD rom" error

is there a fix?

perrokbron123 2020-04-26 1 point

aun no se descarga pero esta super chevere mamadores :)

cocoy 2020-04-25 -2 points

how come when I dpownload it its just folder how to play this?

Jay 2020-04-19 2 points

Please help I was messing with my settings on my pc for other games and now this game plays in a small box. How do I make it full screen again?

Mash 2020-04-19 0 point

This game is really fun and exciting

STARBOY 2020-04-18 0 point

this application does not run in my pc it shows "CD Rom errors please insert in CD rom"please show me how to run it

vliu 2020-04-15 0 point

hi, it says insert cd-rom whether I have downloaded from this site.

shovon 2020-04-14 0 point

hi, it says insert cd-rom whether ihve downloaded from this site. plz help me to install.

Emman 2020-04-05 2 points

This is amazing game , when i was 5 year old i play this game with my bro and now today i am 13 and i play this game

Master Gaming 2020-04-05 -1 point

guys how to download that game i played it ago years in my old pc but it gone i really wanna play it

shipu 2020-04-03 -2 points

this game is very populer to me stil now.

midnight 2020-04-01 -3 points

this game is weird as heckkkkkkkkkkkk af

thesilentbeast 2020-03-31 1 point

how to i install the rip version?

Arshad 2020-03-24 1 point

Dear sir, the thotd application does not open in my PC he shows the CD ROM is error so please help me

billie eilish 2020-03-12 2 points

this was awesome

itsme 2020-03-08 1 point

this game is lit

universe 2020-03-05 0 point

I am cool guy i live in humble home and my family admire and i also glade to have family like that

Abdul Majid 2020-02-08 0 point

Nice and wonderful game

Abdul Majid 2020-02-08 0 point

Nice and wonderful game

wertt 2020-02-04 0 point

so much love this game

Dave 2020-01-27 -5 points

How do you really get the game to download I really need to get permission

Suresh Kumar 2020-01-26 0 point

I have played this game and completed all levels in 2002 only. that was really a good horror game when i was in adolescence age.

Raghu 2020-01-25 -2 points

This is super geme

justin 2020-01-21 0 point

what curien as a lucky duck

jannat jabben 2020-01-21 0 point

just wonderfull game i like it to much

chet 2020-01-06 0 point

that's a very exciting game

twillight 2020-01-04 1 point

The iso version seems to not work (using DemonTools, Win 7), the ripped version has weird colours, and seriously no infinite continue?

Ryan 2019-12-08 -1 point

I want to play a horror game and this is it

Mew Arts 2019-12-01 -1 point

So, it has music issues the rip version (no music)

Junayeed 2019-11-20 2 points

Love this game

tiger 2019-11-13 1 point

who this game is very hard

moon 2019-11-01 -7 points

this game is not installed in my laptop please do somthing

anil kumar 2019-10-30 2 points

its my favorite game

4lan 2019-10-08 2 points

i cant run seem to run the game, i have tried some of the tips in the comments below but the game just doesnt seem to load. there is no error message or anything like that, it just doesnt load for some reason when i press thot3d on thr rip version.

Ruhan 2019-10-08 1 point

tha game is so good

Chanda Ali 2019-09-26 0 point

Very nice

Rick 2019-09-25 1 point

Awesome game! Everything is great! Good memories. The only thing is that I had trouble with audio music. It had sound fx but no music. Did anyone else have this problem too?

Steve 2019-09-20 2 points

The colours are all messed up

Tepa 2019-09-17 1 point

This is a good game

sabbir 2019-09-17 0 point

awesome game

Rose 2019-09-09 0 point

To anyone looking to download it, it's more worth it to take a chance and find the Dreamcast version and a Dreamcast. This one never installed no matter how hard I tried

:( 2019-08-26 -3 points

Does not work with Windows 10 when trying to install it asks for the CD to be inserted.

salif 2019-08-10 -1 point

its my favorite game.

yasi 2019-07-29 -1 point

I like this game very much

sadmanh 2019-07-28 0 point

The very first horror/unreal whatever you may call it game I ever played as well as one of the best FPS titles with simple but memorable storyline.

sabbir 2019-07-28 0 point

i llove this game

salmanmughalsalmanmughal 2019-07-20 0 point

this very best game i like it

renuka ` 2019-07-17 -3 points

how to download this missing this game alot

RIZVI 2019-07-05 0 point

I like the game to get curien in 1998

koushik karmakar 2019-06-25 2 points

this game very interasting for me and my friends

venom 2019-06-16 2 points

it is not running on 64 bit windows 10 system type asking for cd for installation.....what to do...please help..

aj 2019-06-06 -8 points

how to install this game

chase 2019-05-25 -4 points

how do get the music to work?

ariyan 2019-05-17 0 point

i think its better one..#1

nikos 2019-05-06 -1 point

outstanding site for those great old games we miss. Thank you.

hari123 2019-05-05 1 point

very nice game my fav game my 90 s gme thnahu

G 2019-05-03 0 point

Well....It's quite apparent I can't get it to run on Windows 10. Meaning I'll have to get lucky enough to find the games files.

gujjar 2019-04-27 0 point

very nice

XD24 2019-04-27 -17 points

Ppl listen... First end the process of explorer.exe, then run the game exe.

Follow this-
Copy the following code and paste it in notepad.

taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe
start explorer.exe

Now save the file as .bat. Its done, now paste this file in the House of Dead game folder. Double click that bat. Game on.

robby 2019-04-21 -4 points


aqeel wasti 2019-04-19 -3 points

i like this website veryyyyyyyy much....

Dogwood 2019-04-19 4 points

I can't seem to get this game running on Windows 10. Keeps telling me that it's an unsupported 16 bit application. How do I get this to work, is it at all possible?

chintu 2019-03-20 0 point

it is my favorite game which i used to at my small time and i won nearly 50 time my favourite is killing spider

Dody 2019-02-19 1 point

I love this game so much

raghnild 2019-02-07 2 points

thats a great game (use the os on windows 95 98)

dumidu 2019-01-24 0 point

super game

dady 2019-01-21 2 points

How can I play the file? I do not understand the meaning

Gamer Mat 2018-12-16 -2 points

The color was so weird and there was no music but the good thing is that i played the game

kuttu 2018-12-13 -6 points

will it work on win 10

ali 2018-12-06 0 point

i have played this game and its classic and as well as aeosome

mhgd 2018-11-28 0 point

very good and light game

titu 2018-11-27 0 point

i like to play this game

krish 2018-11-11 -1 point

very good game

Bain 2018-11-08 1 point

So I downloaded VCD and it recognized the ISO to mount it but I'm unable to play the .exe because it says that the game CD needs to be inserted into the disc drive. Any help? Thanks

sufiyan alam 2018-10-24 4 points

it was my first game when i were kid .... it was my most favorite game in that time ....but now when i played the game i feel better because its memories was awesome

OOFFFF 2018-10-16 1 point

I've only played this game in arcade machines, UNTIL i thought it was a waste of money, so i looked up downloads and here they are!

AYUSH 2018-10-15 -1 point

I liked this game so much. Thanks to sega for these games

CTF 2018-09-15 0 point

it works but there is no music and sometimes the sound also cuts off

helper11 2018-09-12 30 points

In the rip version there is thotd.exe . Right click it and choose create shortcut. Now Right click thotd.exe - shortcut and choose properties.

Go to the Target box and click in it.
Now move your cursor to the end of thotd.exe"
Press space bar once and then type -d3d -d3d_setup

So it should now read thotd.exe" -d3d -d3d_setup
Press ok

Now just double click that thotd.exe shortcut and it will load .

Or you could just skip all that and double click on thotd3d.bat to load the game.

GUAVSBOXER 2018-08-25 0 point


fshcvh 2018-08-22 -17 points

what an ediot game who had made it

terrorgert 2018-08-21 -5 points

how the fuck do i open it so i can play it

sam 2018-07-31 2 points

magician's weak point is.......

between the legs and beneath the stomach..

not gonna say the word

Shoeb Shah 2018-07-10 0 point


Abalphi 2018-06-28 1 point

i am my favorite ggame is zombies im sega and realistic old graphycs media is game is good you site download game complete data ok

hamza 2018-05-21 0 point

that site is very easy

Chuck143 2018-03-28 1 point

The non ISO file won't work with DosBox or Wineskin on Mac.

awashnut 2018-03-08 1 point

what a great port from arcade to computer, sega always make great games

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