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Black & White 2

Windows - 2005

Alt names 黑与白2, Hei yu Bai 2, Black and White 2
Year 2005
Platform Windows
Released in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (2005)
Germany (2009)
Genre Strategy
Theme City Building / Construction Simulation, Fantasy, Giant monsters, RPG Elements, RTS, Real-Time
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc., ak tronic Software & Services GmbH
Developer Lionhead Studios Ltd.
Perspectives Free-roaming camera, Diagonal-down
4.3 / 5 - 779 votes

Description of Black & White 2

If you haven't played Black & White 2 or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Published in 2005 by Electronic Arts, Inc., ak tronic Software & Services GmbH, Black & White 2 (aka 黑与白2, Hei yu Bai 2) is still a popular rpg elements title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.3/5 rating.

Black & White 2 has an addon available: Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods, don't miss it!

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Comments and reviews

jfja 2024-05-18 -1 point

which one should i download?

BaumhausPro 2024-05-07 0 point

After about 2 hours of play, the game crashed without any errors. Just closed

SOMETHINGBELLA 2024-04-09 2 points

I kept getting the CRC error on the Deviance version on here but this one worked for me

BlueCrow 2024-03-27 2 points

I still don't see the hidden scenario in 2nd tutorial island.
There should be a man and son pair making their way up the mountain to watch fireflies.

Also. Creature eyes and evil imp wings are bugged.
The comments in here help to mitigate the majority of issues, but now the game flashes to black occasionally and bugs out till i quit and restart.

Might just be easier to boot up in my old intel 2600 and a DX9 gpu....

help me 2024-03-13 4 points

CRC Error and when i ignore this problem i can`t install this game.

killbayne 2024-03-10 0 point


RUY 2024-02-23 1 point

Absolutely love this nostalgic game! Thank you for making this possible. I looked everywhere for a digital copy of this.

There are certainly a couple of bugs I've noticed. Particularly the lights at night time and the troop movements. Other than that it runs pretty flawlessly.

01011001 2024-02-19 1 point

I have good memories about this game tank you so mush Lionhead Studios. "Funny :) move mouse in cube logo animation lionhead".

Brave quail 2024-01-31 2 points

Love this game, I downloaded the patch’s
I already had it installed from disc.
It’s smooth, but unfortunately the screen flickers…. A lot. I turned the comparability to windows 98. And tried XP…
I’m a bit of a spanner on the computer, I’m a musician type of person so any help has to be simple and no abbreviations hahah.

lordmick 2024-01-27 -1 point

always says to insert dvd?..

Villainism 2024-01-14 1 point

the game runs great, except it randomly causes my PC to crash, and by crash I mean it shuts down entirely and restarts itself.

King_Harlequin 2023-12-18 0 point

After installing the 1.42 installer he asked to open the Readme, upon opening the actual Readme, he also opened the Realmlist Readme of a wow privat server im on xD No idea why. just saying.

NeerdLol 2023-11-20 -2 points


Double 2023-11-02 2 points

I made your hone download of Black and White 2, and now It's asking for the code of install mode.

could you tell me please

Valor 2023-10-27 0 point

Does anyone know how to see screenshots?

Mai-Mihai Adrian 2023-10-14 0 point

one of my favorite PC game

Tiago 2023-07-30 -1 point

não consigo jogar toda vez da erro instalo tudo certinho mais não consigo

stupidman 2023-07-29 0 point

My streetlights are still blackboxes

Ozir 2023-06-25 59 points

Running this in 2023:
1. Download ISO Version Deviance Release
2. Download Patch v1.1 - v1.2 - v1.42
NOTE: v1.42 is a fan made patch that makes the game compatible with modern systems.
5. Mount ISO and run arun.exe, then click install.
IMPORTANT: When mounting the ISO, do NOT use windows built-in mounting. I know it sounds stupid as hell, but use a program like WinCDEmu. (It's super easy to use, just google it, or use some other program) If you don't, the installer WON'T install the fourth level properly and you will crash after finishing the third level every time!
6. Use any of the provided serial keys when installing:


NOTE: When it asks to register with EA arts account just click "register later".

7. Install all of the patches in order v1.1 - v1.2 - v1.42
8. PLAY THE GAME! Run white.exe or use the desktop shortcut.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT use any cracked version white.exe and do not overwrite anything. There are anti piracy measures for this game which purposefully add bugs and glitches to the game (Most notorious being the villagers not aging and growing up). Using the fan patch v1.42 is all you need.

NOTE: Even with all the patches there may be still issues with running the game on a modern PC.

A.) You may get issues with overlapping audio due to too high frame rate.
To fix I had to limit my games FPS to 60.
1. Right-click on your desktop
2. NVIDIA Control Panel
3. Manage 3D settings
4. Program Settings
5. From the drop down find and select "Black And White 2 (white.exe)"
6. From the settings list, scroll down a bit and find "Max Frame Rate" and set it to 60

B.) You may get issues with being unable to move the mouse properly due to too high polling rate on your mouse (razer, logitech etc mouse for example)
To fix I had to reduce my mouses polling rate:
1. Check your polling rate here:
Click begin and move your mouse around. If the max it shows is anything above 125Hz (e.g. 500Hz or 1000Hz), you'll have to lower yours to 125Hz.
You really only have 2 options:
Option 1: Google your mouse model and check if there is software made by your mouse manufacturer you can download. Usually there will be an option for setting the "Report/Polling rate" manually.
Option 2: You could buy/find a cheap, old crappy mouse that has a low polling rate of 125Hz or less

Option 1 worked for me since I'm using a Logitech G102 which comes with software you can just download online.

C.) You may get issues with the game crashing after finishing the final task of any level.
Luckily the fan made patch v1.42 includes an option to skip the level to level transition sequence. Just press esc, and it will give you the option to skip.

For more see page 6 on this forum post:

Anyway, that's all I got, good luck! What a MASSIVE hassle to run, but it's a great game and I wish it had a proper GOG or Steam version release that you could just BUY and PLAY without all of these dumb issues!

Roboxi 2023-05-10 -1 point

Anyone figure out a way to stop the saved games from erasing and resetting once you hit land 4?

ems 2023-05-08 1 point

man i really miss playing games like these

Bijiooo 2023-05-05 2 points

Thank you so much, EMMADEEB. I don't like pirating games, but what options do I have with something like this? if it were available, I'd buy it. I think most people would. but alas.

anyway, I really appreciate the help. I think most people do. best in 2023!

stupidman 2023-04-30 0 point

Does anyone know how to fix the streetlights turning into black boxes?

moon 2023-04-22 0 point

this is a very special game to my childhood which i thought i wouldn't be able to play again, despite having an original copy. this worked perfectly and i'm having a lot of nostalgic fun playing it again. thank you!

Angem 2023-03-18 1 point

I downloaded the files but they are showing up as .bin files instead of iso... what am i doing wrong or how do i fix this problem?

ErikawithaK_94 2023-03-12 0 point

Does Black and White 2 support using a joystick controller? I have installed DS4 and successfully connected the ps4 controller, but it doesn't work with Black and White 2, so thinking it might simply not support the device.

OKGUY 2023-02-26 2 points

It keeps asking for the code at the back of the disc case

Stensgaard 2023-02-09 1 point

Woohoo just got the game running on my MacBook Air M1 8 GB RAM with Portingkit app. I created a costume bottle using WS11WineCX20.0.4 and besides that just followed the guide:

Install the game (point to the installer creating the bottle) - Finish the bottle - Don't run the game
Install the patches via the advanced menu - 1.1 then 1.2 and finally 1.42

Now you can run the game.

man 2023-02-08 -1 point

i downloaded the game and dont have cd2, cant install the game, the cdkey from comments worked but i cant even finish the instalation from main download only

Shukketsu 2023-01-20 0 point

The game don't start ( I have all the patchs) , can someone help me ?

Soul 2022-12-24 1 point

My favorite childhood game! thanks guys

Player 2022-12-11 -1 point

Installed the European ISO. DEViANCE one did not work - corrupted file during installation. Downloaded and installed the 3 patches of the game, the 1.1, 1.2 and fan patch. Downloaded the patches from PCGamingWiki.

It did not work without the patches.

Eminor 2022-12-08 0 point

I've tested the Deviance ISO and the 4 Disks Bundle, and I can confirm that those DO NOT WORK correctly.

I got a CRC error (speech.lug) and a skipped land5 on install, respectively.

Both the errors above are correlated with the "children not growing past 1 year old ingame" and other bugs.

I ended up finding a "Black & White 2 Complete Collection MULTi7" Build: 1448 version on the internet, which has the "children not growing" and other issues fixed.

I did NOT test the European ISO from MyAbandonware, someone could update on this maybe.

hungrybear 2022-11-17 0 point

If you are still having issues with the game randomly crashing, download the 4gb patch from run the .exe and patch the white.exe found in the game install folder

RedHeavyPootis 2022-11-02 -3 points

Whenever I try to download the patches onto the game, I get a message saying that the install is corrupted, when the only thing I noticed wrong was a black square around torches and a missing audio file. Is there anything I need to do?

Sun Harambe 2022-10-18 -1 point

Game works fine except for one major thing. In land 6 it took many hours before my breeders started to breed. In land 7 they wont breed at all. So my entire population are around 80-90 year olds. Quit because of it hoping someone might know the solution.

To clarify, I think I do everything correctly. Putting a bunch of people on breeding, ive built schools, I have bunches of those breeding statues. Enough homes everyone is happy, a ton of every resources. Yet zero Children....

ShrpZ 2022-10-05 4 points

Link is corrupted. Speech.lub doesn't install

TRICROW 2022-09-30 -1 point

Figured it out.
Thx page 6 of forum post

Lock FPS to 60 to fix timing problems on modern cards and limit polling speed(and DPI) on mice in software.
125 hz.

AMD users can use Adrenaline to "frame target control"

Lighting and textures still break from time to time but a quick alt tab fixes it.

Still need to figure out wide-screen support but I remember fixing that previously with a fix...(don't quote me)

Tricrow 2022-09-18 -1 point

I feel like the timings on animations are off. The Red devils wings fap too quickly than i remember and dialogues cut or run into each other. The creature facial animations are also a lot more derpy and on the second tutorial island, there is supposed to be a father and son who make their way up the big mountain to admire fireflies but again due to the timing issues the AI never correctly sends out the order.

So does this work better on a x86 system (32bit) or should i shell out some dough for a GTX 960 to run a XP gaming PC?

Itimora 2022-08-08 4 points

I try to play the install the game, but then it's comes up with a cd/dvd code that is needed. and I don't understand where or how to fix this or to solv it.

Friendo 2022-08-01 1 point

Anyone have any issues with their creature leash not showing up or usable once the game is running?

BNL 2022-07-25 -1 point

i dont understand i read lots of stuff on what to do and nothing is working. i have downloaded deleted re downloaded installed the patches nothing it tells me to open as admin and nothing happens or it flashes like its opening the closes instantly can anyone help

Haisom 2022-07-18 0 point

during iso installation we're prompted with speech.lug file not being able to be installed

Doctor who 2022-07-05 0 point

i found out that patch 1.42 fixes the children not grow up

Bob 2022-07-05 1 point

You can improve the mouse problem by lowering the polling rate of your mouse, if it supports it. The children not growing up thing is an anti-piracy thing, install the 1.42 patch and it will go away.

Riff 2022-06-15 0 point

i have a seemingly unique issue. the game works perfectly other than the fact that the left click is toggle and not hold. that means i have to click to pick up then click to put down or throw. it is incredibly annoying and i have no idea what could be causing it

lolisnotfory 2022-06-05 1 point

is they a video on how to install

Lou 2022-06-01 3 points

Does anyone else have a hard time moving their mouse? I put the sensitivity on the highest but moving my mouse is so clunky and I need a lot of time until I can click a specific button because its so hard to point at it.

spine chiller 2022-05-25 0 point

just ran into an issue where the game will start but when I go to click continue it freezes. it all of a sudden stopped working. anyone know a fix for this?

moshyfawn 2022-04-29 1 point

Has anyone encountered an issue where all the main models (arm, creature, etc.) have a purple-blue color to them? Kinda like a normal or vector map.

Do you have any advice on where to dig to resolve the issue?

Exsosus 2022-04-03 1 point

Thank you!!!!! Remember, install your patches in order.

Logan 2022-01-25 1 point

Press the backspace button. Just found that out myself

gimbeam 2022-01-21 2 points

Hey folks, so the game seems to run properly, except one important thing. Cancelling actions by shaking the mouse from left to right doesnt really work for me. So as soon i accidentally started to build a road, i couldnt really cancel it and it was all over the map. Any ideas how to fix that?

zed 2022-01-14 -2 points

how do I make people sleep?

DefunFoo 2021-12-28 -1 point

Full disclosure - i have no idea if i installed everything correctly.
That being said, has anyone else noticed the mouse doesn't like to move diagonally? it seems to have a tenancy to go straight up and down or left and right

Jelte 2021-12-20 -2 points

How to fix the problem of children how dont grow up?

QweferSutherland 2021-12-18 0 point

Loads of fun, but a buggy mess even with the patches.

Empallyor 2021-12-10 2 points

Got a speech.lug error while installing... Someone else got this problem?

thnx blanket 2021-12-01 1 point

I followed Blanket's 2021 guide a couple of posts down and the game runs okay. Some tutorial dialogue is funky but the game is running!

Freeman 2021-11-22 0 point

It semse like its corrupted now. Whenever i download it il get to the speech.lug, press try again and then ignore or just ignore and it just stops the whole installation, saying its corrupted.

star 2021-10-23 -1 point

hey, i donwloaded everything right in place but when I start my comupter back up and I want to play or start the game it's says: please login with administrator privileges and try again. I've played the game today but now i can't anymore. can you guys please help me?

Oblivious Maximus 2021-10-22 4 points

This one does not work from this site. You'll have problems. What I did is I downloaded from a certain bay where the pirates go. The file is the 4 CD version. It comes with patches 1.1 and 1.2 in a folder. Download and install the 1.42 fan patch that removes the DRM or else it won't run on Windows 10. Do not install the nocd fix. Keep the CD mounted when playing. It works and so far no issues. No land 5 issue. No children not growing up, etc.

Daviddofff 2021-10-20 0 point

Hello, where can I find Patch 1.42?

DES 2021-10-19 0 point

please help me... downloading game, patch 1.1 and 1.2..then? where is patch 1.42...also the game says ISO when downloading but doesnt come like ISO :_(

Topping 2021-10-18 1 point

The now game works perfect on win 10 after the unofficial patch 1.42 and land 5 isn't missing. I've just started it but if you look in the game files there isn't a land 5.

DES 2021-10-18 0 point


Synn Fate 2021-10-12 0 point

I read your updated installation guide and there were no file for me the unzip or decompress. Not that I could find at least. So, I started the installation process and during loading I got a CRC ERROR message about the dialogue files not matching up or something. I ended up ignoring it and now its saying I need admin privileges to run it... but I am the admin account, in fact this is the only account on my computer. I even checked the account settings to verify that I'm the admin. Pretty sure im going to have to uninstall and reinstall it but before I do that anyone got any ideas on what went wrong?

And I do have all the patches downloaded.

Mr. Watermark 2021-10-05 1 point

The game keeps crashing about every half hour of gameplay. upon the relaunch of the game I find that the auto saves have been lost from the level I am on, at about half of the times that a crash occurs, and this is during the third island. Any ideas on soloutions would be greatly apreciated.

lyss 2021-09-21 1 point

i downloaded all the game and all the patches. I run the game but when i try to hit play it exits out. can someone please help?

Charlie 2021-09-18 1 point

I followed the instructions and installed the game and 3 patches. Played for a few hours fine with no issues. I closed the game and PC down. When I tried to play again via the shortcut I got an error telling me that it couldn't locate white.exe. I ran white.exe from the original folder instead. A window opens and quickly disappears. Does anybody know how to fix this?

FlopTop4969 2021-09-05 1 point

cant edit the Datafile1 the Cab File, it wont let me

FlopTop4969 2021-09-02 1 point

i have super fast internet download speed on steam but downloading it from here i only get 200KBs ??? i should be getting at bare minimum like 10MBs, what can i do ??

DA HELPER 2021-08-22 2 points

My previous comment had some typos and more I could say so here is the correction (with original text below):

This download will work, but for me it took not just the 1.1 and 1.2 patches available on this site but also and additional 1.42 patch I found online (it is fan created so tread lightly; I take no responsibility blah blah blah). Install all THREE patches in order for optimal performance on windows 10.

One additional note. Newer mouses (mice whatever) have polling times that are far too high for the game to handle and it will cause almost unplayable jitter/lag in the movement of the God Hand. In order to fix this get an older mouse that doesn't poll so quickly [keep in mind we are not talking about dpi here; different metric]
(if you are lucky) you have a logitech newer model mouse that supports logitech g hub. If this is the case, make a new profile and set (NOT DPI) but what logitech calls "Support Rate" to the lowest setting 125. 125 is the 'polling' time B&W2 works with, and g hub doesnt go lower. I'm sure other mouses have similar settings in some third party programs that will allow for this polling fix.

I have not played to or past map 5 so I will update with any problems from there. I just wanted to get it running properly.

ORIGINAL: "This download will work, but for me it took not jus the 1.1 and 1.2 patches available here but also and additional 1.42 patch I easily found online. Install all THREE patches in order for optimal performance on windown 10.

One additinal note. Newer mouses (mice whatever) have polling times that are far too high for the game to handle and it will cause almost umplayable jitter in the movement of the God Hand. In order to fix this get an older mouse that doesnt poll so quickly
if you are lucky you have a logitech newer model that supports logitech g hub. If this is the case, make a new profile and set (NOT DPS) but what they call "Support Rate" to the lowest setting 125. 125 is optimal and g hub doesnt go lower. Completely removes the God Hand jitter and instability issue."

Yellow246 2021-08-21 2 points

Have anyone else noticed that files for Land 5 are missing?
"Data" -- "landscape" -- "BW2" -- (files for land 5 is missing)

the thicknees 2021-08-17 0 point

when i go to click and drag on any thing ore while i go to leash my animal nothing happens it wont work

note 2021-07-05 1 point

Is there any work around for the issue of children not growing up?

Shaw 2021-06-27 2 points

Thanks so much for this I found my old cd but it way to scratched up. Now only if blizzard/activision would release classic warcraft 3 not their new reforged stuff.

Sawe 2021-06-17 0 point

Addition: The 3rd patch can be found with a link in the comments, I also installed it, but the game still crashes at the same place.

Sawe 2021-06-17 0 point

I have the problem that as soon as I have finished island 7 and want to go to island 8, my game crashes after I leave the window with my island statistics. Does anyone have an idea? I also disintalled and reinstalled it again (according to the old instructions here, the 3rd patch is missing) and copied my savegames. The problem remains :(

Jarad Shaw 2021-06-15 0 point

BLANKET where is patch 1.42? its not on this page

Jarad Shaw 2021-06-14 1 point

Sadly the launcher comes up I click play and nothing happens

Tim 2021-06-13 0 point

The problem I'm having is that the white.exe file is always missing. Is there a solution to this problem?

Blanket 2021-06-07 63 points

The guide currently in the comments seems to be outdated, with the lastest fan patch you no longer need to crack the exe

Here is an Install guide working 2021

1) Download the B&W2 iso from Myabandonware and save it in a new folder you wont forget
2) Unpack the iso with winrar or something of the like
3) If you want to install black and white to a specific folder/drive then create that folder in the location you want now, by default the game will install to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2
4) Go to where you unpacked the ISO and right click "setup.exe" and run as admin (please note that the installer seems to skip installing land 5 but I can not confirm if that is an issue or not as I am not that far yet) (Also I got an error about failing to install a sound file but I clicked ignore and it has not been an issue thus far.
5) Download all 3 patches and install them in order (1.1, 1.2, 1.42) Remember to run as admin to be safe and make sure each one is done installing before moving onto the next.
6) Now the old guide says to swap exes around but DO NOT DO THIS, it is outdated and no longer required, once the patches are installed you are finished, you can run the game from either the exe in the Black and white 2 folder or the installer should have created a desktop icon that also works, be warned though there will likely still be some issues (There are fixes for some of these issues on page 6 of the comments on the "Running Black & White 2 on Windows 10" link above

jeepcherokee8994 2021-05-12 1 point

any update on the crc error im getting it too

not telling 2021-05-09 0 point

Hrmf. Windows 10 won't let me copy the white.exe file over. It keep saying "cannot copy file would you like to put it on the desktop instead?"

God I wish GoG would aquire this property already. Fucking EA.

Bulla101 2021-04-30 12 points

Please Make A Black&White 3

diablotain01 2021-04-19 3 points

I loved this game, everything is working great with the fanmade patch !
Except one thing ... the black square around torches .. kinda anoying, if anyone know how to fix this !

Batflap 2021-04-11 1 point

I'd been playing for a couple hours with 1.1, 1.2 and the 3rd party patch installed, and it worked fine. It crashed once when I hadn't saved it so I had to go through the tutorial gain but hey. But just now it crashed and my savegames close the game when I try to load them? I've tried running on compatibility modes, lowering graphics, re-installing etc. what can I do to avoid having to do the tutorial again, again?

Geo 2021-04-08 0 point

EMMADEEB is 10000% game works with his directions. thx bro!!!!!!!!!

tara 2021-04-01 1 point

anyone have an idea of how to fix black patches around light sources in the game?
I have downloaded and installed the fan patch.

Arctic0ne 2021-03-22 2 points

While I recommend you play using the fan patch, as it does much more than fix the aging issue, the problem lies with the DEViANCE crack. IIRC there was some additional code in the v1.2 EXE that stopped the in-game clock (So not only does this mean the villagers do not age, but neither does your creature) if a workaround was added to the EXE to allow running without the original disk (No-CD/Pirating). Within a few days this was caught and fixed, but the original DEViANCE crack seems to still be the most pervasive version out there.

If you would like to play the original 1.2 version of the game with the aging fixed, use the new crack, which you can find here (Adblocker HIGHLY recommended):[ENGLISH]%20Fixed%20EXE

Prate 2021-03-21 0 point

The Problem with Children not Aging is solved, when you download and install the Fan Patch. This helped me at the moment. Just at the third mission of Tutorial with the small villages. '
Have fun ;)

Anon 2021-03-15 1 point

it says my installation of B&W 2 is corrupted whenever i try to run patch v1.1.
anyone know a fix to this?

Nomad121 2021-03-04 2 points

Thats for uploading the files.
I have the original DVD here but my current PC lacks a DVD Drive so i cant install it that way.
Now theres one problem with the game that keeps me from playing. Right after executing the .exe the game starts and i can hear the sounds of the intro and stuff but the game itself stays minimized and i cant maximize it. My screen just turns dark as if maximizing just to throw me right back to the desktop.
Anyone having the same issue and knows a trick to fix this?

Froot 2021-02-26 0 point

Ageing issue still happens, 450 kids and like 20 adults. Any fix for this? :) TY for game otherwise

-_- 2021-02-26 1 point

another person with crc error at the end of install...anyone want to actually ANSWER how to fix it.....? -_-

pissed 2021-02-26 0 point

ya i did eveyrthing emmadeeb said and shit dont fuckin work. opens a white screen for 0.1 seconds and closes sooooo someone else got a WORKING install guide"?

Tamatumi 2021-02-20 1 point

Thank u for giving me my childhood back qwq

Scrumpet 2021-02-07 0 point

The link for the patches stopped working

JJ 2021-01-30 0 point

I just installed it exactly the way EmmaDeeb explained it and it works perfectly. if you have issue with your mouse go change your report rate in your mouse software to 250 or 125. i am so happy everything work perfectly. i also found a Battle Of the Gods version that works perfectly, no Children issue. Thanks for this

smugglymcweed 2021-01-27 2 points

same issue crc error at the end of the install anyone got a fix or workaround for this?

carten 2021-01-19 -1 point

Children not growing up is the game's anti-piracy protection you need to install the fan patch to disable it.

carten 2021-01-19 2 points

I believe that this image is corrupted. I downloaded it three times and none of my attempts at installing it have worked so far.
I keep getting a CRC error at the end of the install. :/

fable 2021-01-10 0 point

i download the patches but white.exe dissapears can anyone help

Bw3WillBeIndy 2020-12-27 0 point
Here is a link to a fan patch that removes the issue of kids not aging and other nice fixes.

Sarah 2020-12-11 -1 point

got the game running but anyone know what to do about the children not growing up?

Lankaster 2020-10-28 -1 point

Thank you EMMADEEB, works!

KRB 2020-10-10 3 points

I keep getting the CRC error too at the end of installation! Something about a file with audio and dialogue

admin 2020-09-22 3 points

@REBUG has the right CRC / SHA-1 for the ISO file. Getting a CRC error during setup is not related to a problem with the download. I've installed the game correctly (Win XP + WinCDEmu), although the install got stuck one time.

zendawa 2020-08-29 3 points

everything is ok until i run de white exe, it say that he cannot create de 3D peripheric, do you know what i can do?

Joshua Ward 2020-08-27 -3 points

running into a problem when trying to install any advice?

mophead 2020-08-26 -2 points

is there really no way to play this without disk?

regaliouss 2020-07-29 0 point

hi guys i was wondering if it is possible to have the dlc and if yes how

hero 2020-07-20 3 points

aight, I have some good news for all of you who are having issues with never aging followers. there's a new patch (1.4) which fixes that on bwfiles (the link is on this page).
I hope this helps.

Mavsy 2020-06-22 1 point

How can I get subtitles?

Help 2020-06-19 4 points

What is the game code to install?

Michael 2020-05-26 1 point

Where is the 1.3 patch???

ROB 2020-05-22 2 points

The B&W2 Fan Patch (1.3) fixes the children not aging issue.

Majora272 2020-05-14 3 points

Game ran fine for a couple of days, but now it suddenly won't load up- it goes to load into the save and then crashes and exits.

cline0104 2020-04-18 2 points

Anyone else having problem with it loading

mhebert350 2020-04-11 0 point

game runs well but whatever creature I choose, i always get the lion !!!!!
Is there a way to change it in some files ?

Year 2020 2020-04-10 2 points

Black&white 2 children not ageing is this still a problem with this dwnload?
different source of game with that problem searching for a fix came across this here can some please, update this alot of people still search for fixes for this game

UnclePotato 2020-04-10 0 point

Hello~ When trying to installing the game, after typing the serial number ,then the screen is shown Black & White 2, has failed to install your system has not been modified : when the file is existing , do you know how to fix it? THank you.

lowkey 2020-04-03 3 points

Pas de soucis sur W10 pas encore tester toutes les missions mais fonctionnel

Ali 2020-03-28 0 point

Amzing game thank you very much, so many happy memories during such shite times!

Neo 2020-03-26 1 point

This site made me remember the old times! Specially when my conection was by dial-up, men seriusly, upload it to mega o something, 4 hours to download 3.4 gb?

Jason 2020-03-25 2 points

Did you got "Speech.lug CRC error " messenger during installation?

gumballgtr 2020-03-25 0 point

help what is the code

KANEK 2020-03-24 1 point

Just updating people on the fix for my problem mentioned below. Turns out my antivirus was preventing the game modifying its own files, causing a crash on loading. Hope this helps other people play this awesome game!

KANEK 2020-03-24 2 points

Hi, I'm having an issue with the game. All instructions have been followed as detailed in the comments yet when I start the game up, it all works until I select 'New Game', once I've done that it will load for around 5 seconds and crash. All patches have been applied and I'm tearing my hair out as to why it won't work. Any help would be much appricated.

Crash 2020-03-19 3 points

i'm having issues on starting the game, like it doesn't read it, once I click on the gamne it tells me "would let this application to makes changes on your computer" and I click yes...after waiting minuts or even ours the game hasn't started

NOPAND 2020-03-15 0 point

its the same as the torrent that was out years ago you can either get a program for a virtual drive and mount the image or the easier way use win rar extract and then install using setup.exe once installed go to the deviance folder copy the white.exe then go to the location you installed it paste it and replace.
one question is the second patch the reason why every time i press esc it asks if i want to skip land or is it the first patch its really annoying

Anon 2020-03-07 0 point

Make sure you set the white.exe to run in compatibility mode. Win XP works for me

Chedda 2020-02-24 4 points

I believe I was able to follow the instructions given by EMMADEEB. But the game will not launch. It will briefly pull up a small screen but before I can see what it is or what the thumbnail, it disappears. Under my folder BW2 in my documents, I have:

Is this the correct structure? If not what do I need to do?

elliott 2020-02-22 0 point

Just came here to say that this has the children aging issue, but there is a crack that fixes that called: 'Black & White 2 (FIXED AGING) Crack'. Just replaced the whte.exe and children are aging to beyond 1 year old :D

May Lemonade 2020-02-16 -1 point

I did the first installation, when i come to do the in-game instalation, i enter serial, the download stop right after he start loading in the data. My compter said it has been corrumpted. i feel like these files are not good. the data 1 - 2 is not openable from my unzipping program. Files is missing.

Suspendu 2020-02-12 -2 points

Use this in install:

Sarn0x 2020-01-30 0 point

where i can find patch 1.3 ?

Sammy 2020-01-26 0 point

Update: I installed the v1.3 fan patch and it fixed the aging bug for me.

Sammy 2020-01-25 2 points

I've followed the steps and have gotten the game working, but my children will not age. I know this is due to the version not being cracked, but I am curious if there is anyway to fix this with the files from this site?

Flying Kites 2020-01-22 3 points

Yo Akshay, language options are at installation.

Hey, anyone get an error during installation - with the screenshots of the game displaying - about some kinda file "speech.lug"? I just clicked ignore and the installation completed. I'm further going to attempt to patch it, 1.1 and 1.2, plus the fanpatch, and then I'll attempt to install BotG plus the fanpatch for that, THEN I'm gonna attempt to install Redux, the Lionshead unpacker, and 4gb patch. Wish me luck! :)))

Akshay 2019-12-19 1 point

How to change language in the game

Romulo 2019-12-13 12 points

"black & white 2" children don't grow up, any one knows how to fix?

anura860 2019-12-01 2 points


I've been having a lot of trouble downloading this game. I went through all of the steps but its asking me to insert a CD/DVD and try again. Isn't there a way around this?

cn 2019-11-04 2 points

im shocked at how well this runs even on windows 10 64 bit

REBUG 2019-10-22 36 points

I've downloaded this twice now and I keep getting a CRC error right at the end of install.

Can anyone provide a hash for this ISO? or the admin reupload this? It's bizarre for a site that offers abandonware it doesn't give people a way to verify downloads.

The hash for the ISO I keep downloading are the following:

MD5: CEC361F6C4A1D114D37A9FFDE30D143F
SHA-1: 018DDEA7B290A48AC33DCF26E1181CB46FA03BED
CRC32: F1E48030
CRC64: F4BC202927B7FF28

Benji 2019-10-12 -1 point

Right, so downloaded and got it to run, but I can't make any disciples so it's unplayable. Any ideas on fixing this?

leech 2019-10-07 3 points

How do you fix children? Atm I'm just burning them for mana. Nothing else to do with em. I use Nurseries to round them up and mass-sacrifice them. I'm forced to be evil cuz I need ore (mineworkers) and cba to wait for worshipers to generate it normally. I'm now also on the Japanese island, so my worshipers need to charge my Wonder. I use Siren Wonder just to get more people. It's playable but damn this is difficult. Creature can only do so much vs catapults guarded by a squad of 50 archers.

dUFF 2019-10-01 1 point


chrisbox 2019-09-14 4 points

To the people having problems with children growing up, its an anti-piracy technique implemented by the developer. if you dont buy the game, its rendered unplayable by not having a growing adult population.

chareleskelly 2019-08-15 -1 point

down load takes forever and always stops and says it failed, anyone know why?????

MrToasteer 2019-08-08 -6 points

To all of you bakas who downloded this file; (including me) this is for a CD. Maybe try to understand why it doesn't work

nik 2019-07-29 2 points

wont start, installshield just disappears, dll files missing...

ejonesss 2019-07-28 3 points

to answer the question about the babies not growing up you can actually open the GameBalanceVillager.txt file and find the villager ages and change the greek ages to be born at 21

the first number 1 is the birth age.

i tested it on a legit copy of the game so i dont know if the folks of lionhead took that into consideration and blocked it.

Nan_the_man 2019-07-27 0 point

Say, does this include the Battle of the Gods addon?

Coolman 2019-07-25 0 point

Why am I getting really bad texture bugging?

JQ 2019-07-04 0 point

Keep getting a CRC error when i install it.

DisK 2019-06-21 -1 point

To everyone asking about the child 'bug' this was the anti-piracy feature of the game, you need to patch that out

Setimus 2019-06-11 3 points

Can I change language or it is just in english?

Havoc 2019-06-03 0 point

@J160 Got it, Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

j160 2019-06-03 0 point

@Havoc seems like issue with your graphic card drivers, without any more details the only thing I can suggest is reinstalling and/or updating your GPU drivers.

Havoc 2019-06-03 0 point

So I installed using Emma's instructions to the T, but I keep coming up with an error saying that my computer can't "create the 3D device." I don't know what this means, and I've tried using DOSBox but now I realize that's for OLDER older games. If anyone could help I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks.

CHIPSTER 2019-05-31 0 point

When I launch it nothing happens I've already tried running as an admin Help?

sirgolkms 2019-05-22 -2 points

Thanks again from EZ.

seerofvisions 2019-05-15 0 point

Well, it works. You just have do a fresh install of deviance cracked B&W2, and download Matt's no cd patch from bwfiles and your good to go. Finished the game, no bugs except an error during installation of a missing file, just click IGNORE and keep installing. Works great. Im about to try and find an ISO for BOTG that works.

seerofvisions 2019-05-08 1 point

Anyone got a fix for children not growing up yet? I installed the deviance cracked game about a year ago and it worked fine. Tried running the same install recently and the kids aren't growing again. Reinstalled the deviance copy several times, used the cracked "white" exe file and still, no grownups. So if anyone has one that works or can help out, shoot me a message please at TYTY

dude 2019-04-24 3 points

The reason the children arnt growing up is because Lionhead flooded warez sites with Anti-Piracy versions of B&W 2 on release. This was their way of saying fuck you to people who wanted to pirate their masterpiece.

Bobert 2019-04-17 1 point

Same issue with children not growing up. Unplayable. Look forward to a fix or different version

Sjamie1398 2019-04-16 1 point

So, I basically followed what EMMADEEB instructed to do, but when I tried to finally launch the game I got an error saying the following: Fatal Error Could not create the 3D device.
Specs: 64 bit system, 8 GB RAM, Intel core i7-4510U. It's an HP laptop with no real high specs so I don't really understand what's happening. I tried to run compatibility mode, but even that didn't help any at all. Could someone help me, please?

ADP 2019-04-12 3 points

I followed exactly what EMMADEEB said to do and it was all working perfectly but the kids wont grow up!!! :......(

Any fixes for that yet?


Just DO IT 2019-04-08 2 points

Is this download safe and can i run the game on windows 10?

Potato 2019-04-06 1 point

I can't find the DEViANCE folder... Please help?

Sgt_Tx 2019-03-22 4 points

I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with crashes after the first official island? Also, having previous save issues that always crash the game when i try and continue. And the children do not grow up as well. please help. thanks.

Peri 2019-03-11 15 points

Perfect except one bug: Children aren't growing up.

Friend 2019-02-25 1 point

Guys this does work without any problem just follow the installation instructions given by emmadeep.....thank you for providing this and thanks for the installation instructions .... God bless u ...????

Boltercrazy 2019-02-17 24 points

Is anyone else having issues with you children population not growing up and being stuck with a really low adult population?

ready player 1 2019-02-09 0 point

i dont know any valid codes for the black and white 2 installation process what do i do now?

Hope2Help 2019-02-06 1 point

With Windows 10, I was able to get it to work by mounting the ISO in EMMADEEB's instructions instead of unpacking the ISO. Then go to the run setup step. If it gives an error about speech.lug, ignore it as it is not fatal. If you right click the ISO and don't see the mount option, http://www .

L33TN33D 2019-01-31 0 point

For users using 64 bit OS, recommended to format your system in 32-bit NTFS before installing your 64-bit OS, to keep compatibility (error reports of so and so is corrupted, etc.) with the many 'Abandonware' found here.

meme 2019-01-14 3 points

Whenever I attempt to install patch 1.1, it puts up an error message saying "Your installation of Black & White(R) 2 has been corrupted. Please re-install Black & White(R) 2 and then re-run this program." Is there any way around this?

InkyMoon 2019-01-12 28 points

I'm getting a corrupted version of this download, anyone else having the same problem?

lounio 2019-01-10 1 point

hello I would like to ask you something the game works very well except a small thing (good in real bug everywhere but good do not bother for the game) my celuis if and ba so sestout simply not playable at all I can not take the creature leash so I can not ask her to do something so unplayable, the enemies overthrow me and she does anything, in short I try everything: start a game, change the action, etc. So, I would like you to help me because I like a lot of games (childhood games) so it's very nice to have help please. :)

Skotty 2018-11-20 4 points

does this version have the issue where the children will not grow into adults?

Berten 2018-08-30 -1 point

The crack.exe in this game isn't working correctly (the one in the Deviance folder). I'm not sure if I am allowed to post links here so just search gamecopyworld black and white 2. There is a CD and DVD version, the CD is deviance so it won't work. Use the DVD (NoGRP). Hope this helps!

Rickety Cricket 2018-08-16 2 points

Is it working on Windows 10 for anyone?

Apoc 2018-08-08 2 points

is the download for the main file super slow for everyone else? It says 2hrs left

Ortega 2018-08-04 4 points

Hello guys, please, my citizens are not ageing! they do not grow! 1years old and nothing else!
Please help!!!

EmmaDeeb 2018-07-20 217 points

How to install this:
Download the ISO file to a new folder. (I named it B&W2 ISO)
Unpack the ISO in the new folder. (Using WinRar or other unpacking program)
Create a folder where you want to install the game. (I named it Black & White 2)
Go back to the new folder with the Black & White 2 ISO.
Run "Setup.exe" as admin to start the installation. (I will provide serial keys below.)
Pick your installation folder that you created earlier, and install the game.
Once the installation is complete, go ahead and download the patches, v1.1 and v1.2 to a new folder. (I named it Patch 1.1 & 1.2)
Run patch v1.1 as admin, and let it install.
Run patch v1.2 as admin, and let it install.
Go back in your new folder with the ISO files. Look for a folder called DEViANCE.
Cope the "white.exe" file from DEViANCE to your Black & White 2 install folder.
It will ask you if you want to overwrite the existing one - Pick yes.
Run game as admin via the new "white.exe" file in your install folder.

If you are too lazy to download the Serial Keys, they are:

Game works flawlessly, thank you very much for sharing.
Been craving these (B&W1 and B&W2) for ages as I used to play them when I was younger.
Happy installing!

H2O 2018-07-18 2 points

I recently downloaded this and have been playing it after finding work arounds with the exe file as mentioned in another comment. However, upon going to the 5th land (2nd Japanese land) the game crashes. No message pops up, the game just closes. I've tried redownloading to no avail. Ideas?

mrj3 2018-07-08 0 point

Work on win 7 x64

MattC 2018-06-05 1 point

Anyone else having issues running the older game in their Win10 client should download RetroArch, install and update all of the cores, and run the game from an emulator running an older version of Windows

dove 2018-05-10 0 point

what is the exe for this game?

sumnig 2018-05-07 2 points

"The file is too big, thus people with slower connections may have trouble completing the download. It would be nice if it was splitted in individual ISOs for each CD of the game." It does not work like that.

So, i got one question for you:

ns9559 2018-05-04 0 point

I'm getting really bad texture flickering and pop-in running a windows 7. Any fix for that?

Stavros 2018-04-26 0 point

The file is too big, thus people with slower connections may have trouble completing the download. It would be nice if it was splitted in individual ISOs for each CD of the game.

Andrew K 2018-04-22 1 point

Anyone having problems running on windows 10 go to this site it worked for me

Jake 2018-04-05 2 points

Hey, I'm also having some problems, i've put the No CD crack, both the updates, installed them, but when I click on "White" to play or use the Auto run, it just pops up for a second and just

INator 2018-04-04 0 point

I've googled around a lot but I can't find anything that works for me to get it to play on Windows 10. Anyone have any help for this? I tried using the Auto run, it pulls up the old startup menu, tried clicking install and nothing happens there. Help?

Gooooogle 2018-04-03 -5 points

1. Thank you for uploading
2. All download links are valid and able to play smoothly on my window 7
3. Just googled for 2 hours and all problems are solved
4. One extra item has to be downloaded from other site and replace the old 'white' file
5. Happy googling

Inator 2018-04-03 -2 points

Nevermind, after waiting for...a long period of time it just jumped forward, but you guys say I have to burn it too a CD? It's not just a download?

Inator 2018-04-03 2 points

Mine just won't download? Says 2 hours and just sits there.

Alfa 2018-04-02 4 points

i downloaded the game and did everything i needed to but when i tried to play it, it didn't work and told me to login with administrator privileges....HOW DO I DO THAT???

axm0528 2018-03-29 0 point

I finally got the game to download but it is lagging a lot and running really slow. Any suggestions?

woodstock 2018-03-26 0 point

wont work on my windows 10 ... ideas?

BEDZINBOY 2018-03-17 3 points

Hello, i just installed the game but when i click to run the game nothing happens
help plz?

KeyMaster 2018-03-15 2 points


Me 2018-03-14 -2 points

Diddy, It's an ISO. You burn it to a DVD; not unzip it.
Alpha and Magma, Google is your friend. Just search "Black and white 2 serial"

Magma 2018-03-13 3 points

I have the "code" proplem too. I hope you can help me.

Great day Magma

Alfa 2018-03-11 4 points

Guys whats the code that you need to play this game? it wont allow me to play it without the code

admin 2018-02-27 3 points

ISO edited as the Keygen has a trojan, it's clean now!

diddy 2018-02-24 -1 point

(I wrote bc of the filesize)

edit: checking the file with 7zip instead of windows commander resulted in 'no error'

But still strange feeling if the iso could be 'enhanced' with trojans or the like :)

diddy 2018-02-24 3 points

The file size should be 2GB, but the download is about 3.5GB
(exact size: 3.761.036.067 bytes)
Trying to unzip it gives an error.
Have used firefox

Any solution?


moosky 2018-02-11 3 points

I used to love this game back in the day, I can't wait to play this game again

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