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Need for Speed II: SE

Windows - 1997

Alt names 极品飞车II: 特别版, NFS2:SE, Need for Speed II: Special Edition
Year 1997
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, United Kingdom, United States (1997)
Germany (1998)
Germany (1999)
Germany (2000)
Brazil (2007)
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Automobile, Oceania, Street Racing
Publisher Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer EA Seattle, Electronic Arts Canada
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.38 / 5 - 3774 votes

Description of Need for Speed II: SE

Made by EA, Electronics Arts, in 1997 this was an upgrade to the original Need for Speed and second in the NFS franchise that’s still in existence today.

Originally made for a Pentium 90 Mhz, 20 Mb (yes megabyte not gigabyte!) and good old Windows 95, this was a great upgrade to the original now with 3Dfx. Better graphics and better racing. It’s really fast and adds four cars to the original eight and one extra track to the original seven. Yeah I know today’s games have multiple tracks and an incredible amount of cars, I’ve played Forza and Grand Turismo and numerous other racing games, but remember it was 1997. Space was expensive. Now-a-days you can get 8 Gb for five bucks but back then a gigabyte was upwards of around $180! I still love the way it controls. I’ve always liked NFS for its control and NFS II SE is no different.

The graphics are really great and better than the original NFS II, they improved the software graphics for NFS II SE and added the 3Dfx for the 3Dfx Voodoo cards to further improve graphics. Edges are more rounded with 3Dfx, cleaner than the “jaggies” you used to see in some games without the graphics upgrade. “Jaggies” were the saw blade edges you’d see on games with lower graphics, think PS1. Sound is OK, not fantastic but OK. Not something I worry about in NFS too much.

Overall I love the NFS series and I think that NFS II SE is a great addition to the series. Hope that you enjoy it and can collect the entire series.

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How to play Need for Speed II: SE Windows

  1. Download Need for Speed II Special Edition to your PC.
  2. Download the file nGlidesetup_105.exe from
  3. Download the file from
  4. Unzip NFS II SE to your PC. Whichever directory you wish to use.
  5. Run nGlidesetup_105.exe to install it on your PC. Double click on the file or right click it and hit “Open”
  6. Unzip the files from to any directory you wish. Go to the file PatchInstall.bat and run the file as an administrator. Find the file, I used the one in the directory that says “NSFE PATCH (use for playing).” Right click on the PatchInstall.bat file. On the menu, the fourth item down should say “Run as Administrator”. Click that and you will see the file run.
  7. Find the file in the NFS II SE directory called nsf2sea.exe. Right click on it and go to Properties. Go to the tab Compatibility. Under Run the Program in Compatibility Mode set it for Windows 7. Apply the Compatibility mode, click on the Apply button on the bottom of the menu. Double click on nsf2sea.exe and get to racing!

Alternative Modern Patch

Another guide you can use, the patch is up to date: You can also use this other patch - it will trigger your antivirus, be warned.

Comments and reviews

Guest 2024-06-06 -1 point

The RIP version is incomplete. The game is expecting files in FeData\PC\Movies that are only present in the CD version.

jm2k7 2024-02-13 -1 point

I can't download the rip version, the host is not responding :-S

jojo 2024-01-05 5 points

My Childhood Game.I Love This Game So Much

C.D.I.94 2023-12-30 8 points

Alternative download:

Hillary 2023-12-14 1 point

Me too I know how to play this game for months and years

fzr2000 2023-11-30 2 points

I can't explain to you in words what this game means to me. I spent my so much time in childhood playing it. Today, after 23 years I've found a playable version of it on modern windows PC! Ah! This gives me chills: And the McLaren F1 wins.

Penelope Jenga 2023-10-21 -4 points

So does the repacked LGU version contain all the necessary patches too, or do we still need to apply these manually?

Zonnetta 2023-10-07 1 point

This game is for true classic need for speed fans. If you played this game, either in your childhood or now, you are a true racer at heart.

Reva 2023-09-24 1 point

Hell yeah this is the game I played til 2am on school nights.

Naseeb ullah 2023-09-21 1 point

i love this game i was played this game in 2008

lophead 2023-09-06 3 points

Tantos años sin poderlo jugar bien. Gracias a Dios puedo revivir mi infancia otra vez :'3

Bladez1992 2023-09-03 1 point

Hey everyone, I've had a project for a few years now making new installers for old PC games; Need for Speed II - Special Edition is one of the games I've restored
Come check out Legacy Gamer's Union on Discord for this game and plenty of others that actually work on Windows 10/11

Free Race Freak 2023-08-22 -2 points

The Message with Object at the End with the Replaying Installer, how to fix this ?

Free Race Freak 2023-08-18 -3 points

Yes Yes bud, you should not surfing on Replaying, they are crap and wrong.

Free Race Freak 2023-08-18 -1 point

Wow Thank You,

Syl 2023-07-30 0 point

This game is really good

Muhammad Ayaz 2023-07-02 0 point

this is a very best game

farhad 2023-06-19 1 point

my childhood game :(

chalinhu 2023-06-11 -1 point

aqui funcionou, mas durante o jogo ele fica dando lag, fica injogável!

Jim 2023-06-06 2 points

I'm sorry but I think you should clarify what version is the "how to play" section aimed at, because I just downloaded the ISO version and non of the archives' names and extentions match which the ones mentioned on the guide.

Baby 2023-06-03 0 point

beat game
i love it but when i install it in my pc

Stev 2023-04-09 -1 point

I had this game back in 2003-4 sometime. It actually worked with Lan. (I had another old windows 98 pc as well). Then it stopped working for some reason, (maybe I had forgotten how to set it up properly?) I personally got into the GTA games by then so it wasn't so bad for me.

ghani 2023-03-14 -1 point

an interesting game I have ever seen. bond with our childhood .

Kitchen Capture 2023-03-06 -9 points

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Badar dogar 2023-02-04 0 point

This is very amazing game and I I untrusting

serban gruianu 2023-01-01 0 point

@ANS Same. Please help. We need a fix for the disk less than 1mb error.

Phoenix 2022-12-17 1 point

I remember playing it when i was little with my friends, its really a good game plus it has up to 2 players

lawrence 2022-12-15 1 point

this game is wonerful and fun

mohsin 2022-11-12 -6 points

Wow, amazing block structure! How long have you written a blog before? Working on a blog seems easy.
City Car Driving Crack

Tomas Goodwin 2022-10-16 0 point

You can unpack the raw postures into an applicable data bank with little to no effort

olggmr 2022-09-02 2 points

get your joystick/game controller to work (mine was a logitech f310 bought in 2022)
all I did was copy the driver (takes some steps to find it) from the game controller into the folder I created on desktop for nfs, my driver was located under c: - windows - system 32 - drivers - x3....

akashmurad 2022-08-20 -6 points

it is a beeter game i like this game and this game is also intersting

Nik 2022-08-13 2 points

One of the best car racing game of that era.

YHVH 2022-08-13 -1 point

dude the iso version nis the ps1 not windows

Bill G. 2022-08-04 -7 points

Using Wrapper is only for very Stupid Gamers.

po 2022-08-04 0 point

can any give a method to install it without any errors.please provide a method

ja nasir 2022-08-01 0 point

such a nice game

bastichy 2022-07-17 0 point

followed N-GNE Instructions for 1st time setup.. Everything works except for 1 issue.
the frame rate is through the roof which is fine except for odd hiccups. Having had played the game when it first came out i can say its running a bit faster than usual and i think this is what accounts for the minor spike lags its akin to skipping a frame. anyone know how to framelock it?

EDIT: couldnt framelock it.

but by editing open_config.bat
forcing single cpu and vysync reduced the mini spikes...
the open config also allowed me to set screen size etc.

honey 2022-06-29 0 point

superb game outstanding fun.

tinu 2022-05-08 2 points

when i start the race game auto quits

alpine 2022-05-02 1 point

You can use the x64 installer

LG04 2022-04-20 2 points

Ive used this before, but this time it says i need the disc. Did i do something wrong?

AFTAB ANWAR 2022-04-13 3 points

back to my childhood my past was very amazing

deniz 2022-04-11 25 points

just because of this game I remember going and buying a 3dfx voodoo3 3000 graphics card 25 years ago... the card is still working by the way :)

aya 2022-04-06 -2 points

The screen is blank, and I already use the patch "(Use only if the first patch give you black scren...)"
I can hear the game is starting, but its keep give me black screen. What should I do?
I using Windows 10 btw, am I able to play it?

Nel 2022-04-03 0 point

In 00s I played a versions in witch I raced against 15 bot cars, but for years I can't find this anymore.

blink 2022-03-26 0 point

what i have to with this
i am just kidding
amazing game

Saad Munir 2022-03-18 0 point

Amazing !

Ben 2022-03-17 0 point


pindi boy 2022-02-15 3 points

last time i played it on 2009

alpine 2022-02-04 0 point

I owe EA a bottle of martini

bravodelta 2022-02-02 1 point

You can use it on windows xp (32 bit) or on your virtual machine(vmware)

hhhhhh 2022-02-01 -2 points

it doesn‘t work!WHY????????

sharpshooter 2022-01-17 4 points

i owe a bottle of tequilla to the developer of this game

German / Deutsch Meine Abandoware-Tipps 2022-01-13 0 point

Unser am zweithäufigsten heruntergeladenes Videospiel :D

Alesh 2022-01-11 0 point

Cant remember the last time i played this.

LDNO 2022-01-10 1 point

the windows x64 installer works good with 3dfx version of the game on windows 10, my question though, has there ever been a way to mod the dashboards into the nfs2sea version of the game? I can't get the software rendered version of the game to work for me at all!!

driftly1 2021-12-23 0 point

when i open the auto run exe it says i cant install it because its a 16 bit application

Bbulbulagha 2021-12-16 0 point


Leelkher 2021-12-02 -1 point

oh this game better than grand theft auto i like it so much

Faisal sarmad 2021-11-27 1 point

Amazing game . world's no 1 Racing game in world I LOVE this game .miss u soo much this game

Manoj Kumar Ky 2021-11-24 1 point

I remember playing this game with my friends in my childhood. we used to play 3 people in one pc fighting which side controls to choose and for choosing also we will play another game for that. those days are awesome.

inuyasha1424 2021-11-22 0 point

best graphics in the 90s

Nicholazz 2021-10-31 1 point

My childhood memory, Nostalgia, its not just a game for me it's feelings of those school days...

ibrahim 2021-10-20 3 points

i love this game because in my childhood i play this game with my cousin and play song lot gaya by imran hashmi in back ground i just love those moments

TANZEEKL 2021-10-10 1 point


nikhil kumar 2021-10-09 0 point

super game i remember it i am excited to play it now

RolfiePolfie 2021-09-30 2 points

Bomber, pioneer, rushhour and , those three commands/cheats gives you a lot of fun. Bomber is the strongest car in the game, pioneer makes sure that it takes of like a rocket and rushhour takes care of a lot of accidents, especially with splitscreen it was laughing out loud! Great game!!

shahid 2021-09-25 1 point

nice and entertainment game

Alp 2021-09-22 -4 points

The game freeze sometimes before race begin, when I alt + tab the game turns to a black screen and never gets better.

aravinda 2021-09-18 1 point

great work

Diablo 2021-09-15 0 point

runs perfect on windows 10, butt don't bother with nglide, just use dgvoodoo

Phantom 2021-09-13 1 point

it was a fun time i enjoyed this game with friends and cousins and this game was a master piece.

retro-addict 2021-08-23 1 point

best game ever. I remember playing this with my brothers when I was little.

Gowtham M 2021-08-21 1 point

Old memories but i sill rememberd some times.

Aztech25 2021-07-21 -1 point

Glad to find this site to get the classic, I still have the originals, but with current PC cases can't use CD-ROM. Remember renting NFS2 at blockbuster and seeing the intro and listening to the menu on PSX and SE (PC) nostalgic. The car line up was amazing but at the time wish there was a better lambo model over the Cala. Also can't forget the codes to get the school bus and dinosaur, for all the gamers that enjoyed this keep it going!

sebastian vettel 2021-06-06 -4 points

the game is in german.i dont know german.

brack boy 2021-06-04 4 points

i like this game so so so much

Bladez1992 2021-05-22 2 points

I made a fix for this game, a new installer.
If anyone wants to play it join my Discord server and look in the releases section for this download and other classic game fixes like this
Legacy Gamers' Union

Babu 2021-05-21 -9 points

How To Install nfs2

Kannaya 2021-05-20 -1 point

Nice game

rocky 2021-05-13 -4 points

this game have interior or not

qasim 2021-05-12 -2 points

very drive able game

papets 2021-04-23 2 points

jugue este juego en un 486 , que gran recuerdo. en la mente sigue siendo genial .

anthony gh 2021-04-21 1 point

This game reminds me of my childhood

Saddi 2021-04-19 -2 points

I cant se the cars ..gharipcs problem

Random 2021-04-15 -3 points

Why cant you compress the iso took a long time to download

denslim 2021-04-12 -1 point

it just hangs after opening to play the first game,kindly help

Helinux 2021-04-08 1 point

Classic!!!! Good times!!!! valeu

Guenal 2021-04-06 0 point

İt is stuck on the loading screen after doing patches and stuff, does anyone know the solution? Thanks.

Reaper 2021-04-01 3 points

After successfully launching the game, I felt like I was reliving my childhood days. Thank you so much for making this possible and enabling many people to take a trip down the memory lane. Kudos!!

Mr.X 2021-03-22 3 points

I love this game

Zsongor 2021-03-15 1 point

Az egyik legjobb játék!Nagyon jó!Mindenkinek ajánlom!

Рождество 2021-03-13 0 point

Спасибо вам большое!!

ALI 2021-02-23 2 points

I Really like and enjoy this

sam 2021-02-20 0 point

where is the music and show case videos

mzn 2021-02-18 0 point

is it a pc game?

M SULMAN AWAN 2021-02-15 1 point


demoniclese 2021-02-12 1 point

OMG!!! LOVE IT! I was playing this one when it was fresh! Someone should mod this with 4k graphics! LOL!

slipside 2021-02-08 0 point

training grounds = outback

khan mohammad Abed 2021-02-07 0 point

Very nice. Very Enjoyable. since 1999. thank you .....

dientxpro46 2021-01-18 -1 point

if need for speed ii dosent work go to compatibility click windows 98 me and it works

yas 2021-01-14 0 point

i am in love with this game

asd 2021-01-12 1 point

oyunu yukledim nasil kuracam

M.israr 2021-01-08 0 point

Nice old game.

Aamer Muavia 2021-01-06 0 point

It's good game
old is gold game

COERSA 2020-12-27 4 points

For those who want to play the game on Linux (other platforms too), I leave the link for the open source port below:

Karthickeyan RM 2020-12-26 0 point

This question might be weird but is it possible to configure this game to work with logitech g29 wheel? if so it would be awesome...

Hammad 2020-12-24 -2 points

it is taking too much time for download

Hamad 2020-12-24 1 point

this is a good game

Ali 2020-12-15 0 point

This game is so great game

dan 2020-12-11 0 point

how can i run it on XP?

Greg 2020-12-05 17 points

I remember finding this at one of those app stores where you could buy or exchange used DOS-ROMs like this or Sega System and Atari apps. I instantly fell in love with Need for Speed II: SE Windows, it reminds me so much of Space Harrier, but as a 3D beltscroller with wheels.
Love it!

zain 2020-11-23 1 point

my favotite game

Jürgen 2020-11-21 -1 point

Online Racing Community for this Game: Discord:

they regularly play old NFS games from NFS SE to NFS HP2
you can also find a lot of guides there.

Ririn 2020-11-20 0 point

That's good

sami ullah 2020-11-19 -1 point

which driver use for need for speed game please help me for it

sami ullah 2020-11-19 0 point

yar need for seed 3 kaise hoti hai

Samee 2020-11-15 0 point

i love this game , its been 10 years now when it was newly launched.

kosmo 2020-11-05 1 point

good old game

AEROSTAR 2020-10-25 4 points

Here is the guide for installation of NFS2SE:
Installation in 64 bit OS :
Multiplayer :

Includes bot Software rendering + cockpit and 3dfx
Tested In Windows XP,7,Vista,8,8.1 and 10 64 bit

To play online NFS2SE , join our Discord :

Radmin VPN: To get access
Network Name :1997 NFS2
Password : bmwm3gtr

nitesh kumar maurya 2020-10-19 -3 points

please add nfs most wanted pc asddition

Leo 2020-10-17 -1 point

The only unfortunate thing, which I didn't like is that in this 3dfx version it is not possible to play on the track at night. In the original game, we pressed the N key and could play with the night mode, in this version there is no use using the N key, it doesn't nightfall on the track.

Herobrine 2020-10-08 -4 points

Can I run in 32 bit operating system?

Os3WaRp 2020-09-25 -3 points

I have this game plus more that uses the 3dfx. And Cloning them is not a problem.

bilal 2020-09-22 2 points

i like this game

shahid 2020-09-15 0 point

that was old time i enjoyed a lot and now want to download again for my kids.

prithvi 2020-09-09 0 point

w0w this game is nice

n-gne 2020-08-23 36 points

Confirmed! It's working on my win 10 Pro 64bit, OS build (19041.450).

How to do it?
Insert CD into your drive (mount ISO file);

Create a folder (there when You wish to have installed Need for Speed II SE) in my case is E:\Need for Speed II SE;

Copy 2 folders from CD (mouted ISO) "FEDATA" and "GAMEDATA" into folder what you just created;

Go to and download file called "" and unzip it in to the folder which you created (Need for Speed II SE) You'll be asked to replace the files click yes to all of them;

Than navigate to folder "Need for Speed II SE" and create shortcut into desktop from file "nfs2se.exe" for faster access;

Enjoy the game!

By the way if you have PS4/XBox controller it be also works perfectly with the game.


This method works only with Need for Speed II SE and will not work with earlier part Need for Speed II. If you'll try to do it same steps with NFSII you will get warning message "MOVIE FILE NOT FOUND"

Good luck Playa'

ARSHAD ZAMA 2020-08-22 1 point


Kashan Rehman 2020-08-13 0 point

i love this game since i was child but today also i love this game

Aerostar 2020-08-01 2 points

Thanks myabandonware
I am able to play NFS2SE in windows 10 pro x64 bit with 60 FPS
Didn't have to use any virtual machine like
VMware or Virtual Box Oracle
Can Play both 3dfx and Software version with Cockpit view.

Also Played the multiplayer With TCP and IPX protocol

spanner man 2020-07-25 1 point

why dont u clone the games by using the slysoft or redfox now its called???

Abdul samad 2020-07-18 4 points

After applying all proceder, the game stop at loading screen. Cannot start

nfsfan 2020-07-06 0 point

There is a wrapper for this to work on modern os.
Google for and you'll find it on a github page.
Highly recommended.

Nightsy 2020-07-02 1 point

Thank You!!

mat 2020-07-02 1 point

Solucioné lo del sonido.. Gracias!

mat 2020-07-02 1 point

Me funciona correctamente, pero el sonido satura, como lo arreglo?

jesse 2020-06-23 -1 point

it keeps crashing on me

Fwa 2020-06-15 1 point

HELIGON it is looking for the wrong drive it does not see C it makes its own drive which it sets to 1 mb or maybe 1 mb is the miniuium of a drive and when it finds no drives there must be no state for it to say there is no drive so it just says 1 mb in drive

Heligon 2020-06-11 0 point

it says i have less then 1 mb in harddrive even tho i have like 400gb left.any help?

1220 2020-06-09 -2 points


Download a glidewrapper, nGlide is good.

nice 2020-06-04 -1 point

im using a VM to play it and i need 3d voodoo and directx but i not know what websites are safe pls help and how do i evan put into the VM i think putting it in my E DRIVE not work because news alert graphics cards do not commonly appear in virtual drives because graphics cards are not virtual

RAJESH 2020-05-24 4 points


Bin Saeed 2020-05-23 1 point

The link at the end of the article worked for me. Just follow the process explained in the article
Download the game
nGlidesetup_105 Setup.exe
(if you downloaded ISO version with bin file, get
to extract it

And then copy the files in
to your installed NFS-II-SE folder root directory

kuttandu 2020-05-17 0 point

I'm a freelancer. i like playing games.this is a good game ,wont suck....

King 2020-05-16 0 point

Hi guy how do I download this game I missed this game I tried to download this game but it's not working plz help

Helinux 2020-05-13 -1 point

Clássico!!!! Muito bom!!!! Thank´s!!!!

Pal 2020-05-09 -3 points

I'm still playing it. I can say that's one of The true NFS, not as modern stuff which mostly made for the profit.

FUSO 2020-05-07 -1 point


aafe 2020-05-06 0 point

it's my childhood

CLA 2020-05-06 -5 points

This game has a very minimalistic engine with scarce possibilities and bad control. Best NFS games are:
NFS 3 Hot Pursuit
NFS 6 Hot Pursuit 2
NFS 5 Porsche Unleashed
NFS 4 High Stakes

Babar 2020-05-03 2 points

this game is good but still issues with window 7

vinay 2020-04-25 -1 point

same issues as mentioned above unable to launch application

Awad 2020-04-21 1 point

Good game

Chopra 2020-04-17 1 point

I want to recall my old days

SUBIR 2020-04-17 -5 points

nsf2sea.exe. does not have the option of Windows 7 Under Run the Program in Compatibility Mode. Please help.

exiv 2020-04-14 -1 point

very nice
thanks for amazing games

ibizo Gaming 2020-04-13 0 point

He intentado de todo en Windows 10 - 97 Bits y nada. No funciona, da error al ejecutarlo.

Ghoulflier 2020-04-12 0 point

@RAVI: I have the same issue. Must be some change in Windows 10 Updates. It has always worked before.

Ravi 2020-04-12 4 points

the program launches after the 3df logo and the game logo , the program quits

NFEA Stopped working correctly error and quits back to desktop any lead on solution.

I am running windows 10 64 bit edition

yousi 2020-04-11 1 point

Its an excellent game . i love it much.

prince khan 2020-04-09 -1 point

one of the best game i have played

WindowsXPDude56 2020-04-07 1 point

thank you for this i was bored and wanted to play a game

K LAZ 2020-03-30 0 point

I Wish to play remake of this game gyz with recent cars and graphics

Mon grand 2020-03-30 1 point

j'aime bien les need for speed

karter 2020-03-28 2 points

This was the s**t back in the day.

adil 2020-03-27 0 point


shahnoor 2020-03-27 1 point


R 2020-03-26 2 points


Download -

Copying above file in fedata\pc\movies folder fixes the issue for Win10 in NFS2SE Rip Edition.

Brown 2020-03-26 0 point

It says "the need for speed 2 installation disk couldn't be found"..

Moiz 2020-03-26 -2 points

It isn't working. I have installed all the things

asif 2020-03-25 -1 point

please suggest how to instal this game after downloading

Eseh 2020-03-22 0 point

It has been my best racing game

HORAIN MALIK 2020-03-21 0 point


mohamed 2020-03-20 0 point

90's kids favourite one

sonu 2020-03-20 0 point

very nice game

Wuwz 2020-03-18 2 points

How come this EA game is still available to download? Not that I complain, the opposite!

good old days 2020-03-17 1 point

I got it from a shop in 1997 and was so happy when I played it on my 486 dx desktop...

mALIK 2020-03-16 2 points

Fabulous game

aa 2020-03-15 1 point

I shall say you thanks if the game will install successfully and i played

Ikaram 2020-03-12 1 point

Need for speed is my best and liked game.i well always played it.and any timed Enjoy.
just love it

Oldboy 2020-03-08 0 point

First Game I have Played In my Life I was 7 Years

amasu 2020-03-06 0 point

this game was the foundation of car racing games and has no match for no days games i love this game and still playing it.

tunio ali altaf 2020-03-02 -1 point

Need for speed 2 should be built for new version windows like window 7 window 10 etc so that beneficiaries may enjoy its scenes.

imran 2020-02-28 0 point

i will say you,thanks if the game will install successfully and i played

Eseh 2020-02-23 0 point

It's the old version of need for speed but to my side it's still the best one

John 2020-02-15 1 point

Why can't anybody spell here? But this game is awesome. Played it a lot when I was a kid.

Abran DRozario 2020-01-17 -2 points

It will work, It will.

Daud 2020-01-11 1 point

This game is very amazig

syed sam 2020-01-09 0 point

me and my maple suppose to play this game in our school days and now we are playing with girls ha ha ha lol just kidding now also we play the same game...

Hamza 2020-01-06 3 points

When i was a 7 year older i was play this game

old is gold 2019-12-26 1 point

This game remind me so many old my good memories with family and friends..

altaf 2019-12-25 1 point

Good old memories

Sam 2019-12-25 0 point

game can freeze and stop randomly while on the track

Sayyed Asad Ali Shah 2019-12-22 0 point

I was used to play with sweet and most beloved cousins every time when they were come to our house ..... childhood memories

Ynigo Alenjandro Veneracion 2019-12-14 1 point

great game!

SunburstWolfgang 2019-12-08 2 points

Win 10 Pro 64-bit, OS build 1903 - just got this working. Basically, follow the directions above. Download the RIP version. Download nglide 1.05 and the Again, follow the directions above but before I ran the game successfully I had to run the patch.exe file located in the NFS directory (after you unzip the RIP download). Ignore all errors (I rec'd errors after each patch - didn't matter). Then run the game.

Abd MajizZ 2019-11-21 1 point

I love this game second edition NFSS2
still i want to play 2019

Javeria Rehman 2019-11-15 1 point

Need for speed is my best and liked game.i well always played it.and any timed Enjoy.

king isar 2019-10-30 2 points

it is not working on my system it shows that the file glide2x.dll must be install

lodin khalid 2019-10-19 1 point

have good time for chill with friends

faizan ullah 2019-10-14 2 points

This is really my child hood memory I LIKE IT SOO MUCH!...

AB 2019-10-14 1 point

Childhood memories

TimS 2019-10-10 -3 points

Here's what worked for me … Win 10 32bit + the NFS2SE ISO version + Direct Sound Fix + Daemon Tools Lite + dgVoodoo2 (and using the DirectX DLL's). I did not have to use anything else. Runs great! It only runs properly in a window, but dgVoodoo2's control panel allows you to force a larger window size.

sonci 2019-10-08 -1 point

I couldn't get it to work. 5 oot of 5 stars for trying.

Jai 2019-10-07 0 point

This game is awsome ..reallly ..

Zahoor Ahmad 2019-10-06 -1 point

This game is very older but interesting. I have run it on widows Xp. Lets play on windows. Thanks you for giving data of this game.

Syed 2019-09-28 0 point

This is the best game

hmza 2019-09-21 0 point

i used toplay this game in 2003

Masterjedi170 2019-09-20 1 point

Best racing game ever! The newer games can't compare to the classic. Watch out for that T-Rex!

Thanks for uploading this game :)

Hamid khan 2019-09-18 0 point

why not play this game.This game is my life. please start this game

AnklaX 2019-09-12 0 point

I can run the game but I want a little more. I want the whole game with soundtracks and videos. I have a cd iso but simply copying over the FEDATA and GAMEDATA isn't working. It crashes the game. If I copy those files and choose to not overwrite, I see no changes. Is there a way to get the whole game?

malik hamza 2019-09-05 0 point

Hey I just want to point out, if you have any trouble mounting the BIN file, you can use AnyBurn to convert it to a mountable ISO file, the program is free and without restrictions.

jeanlancien 2019-09-03 0 point

I don't find the nsf2sea.exe...

jeanlancien 2019-09-03 1 point

Where can I find the no cd. I try to install but always the install asks the CD

trusteft 2019-09-01 0 point

Any chance we will see Most Wanted on this site?

boss 2019-08-31 0 point

i love this game

irfan 2019-08-31 0 point

nice game

ALI 2019-08-06 4 points

This is my favorite old game I was played this game when i child.

muhammad asad 2019-08-04 -1 point

this game is very very very imposible to play but i very like this game need for speed 2se thank u for this game

huzzi21 2019-07-10 0 point

vip game

sohamj_gaming 2019-07-06 0 point

best game ever from NFS franchise, it doesnt match the graphics with today's games, but still the physics were undeniably good and also nfs has been downgraded itself since it has been making games that run online after NFS world

Ammar Ch 2019-06-26 0 point

Very good game i love this game

MUHAMMAD USAMA IRFAN 2019-06-25 0 point

This is my favorite old game i am many time find this game butt it cold not find this game so this game best game

mooni 2019-06-22 0 point

This game is very well, and i like it too much.

anam 2019-06-12 0 point

this game is my favorite game

amiry huncho 2019-06-08 1 point

coolest game

jami 2019-06-04 -2 points

Hi Everybody,
I did not find out file glide.dll
Can anyone know that how can i run this game on my laptop?
If know so give me suggestion.

Jami 2019-06-04 0 point

Wow, superb game, such a brilliant game, Its my old game, I was played this game when i child.
Now i have downloaded again this game and play again.

ZUHAIB 2019-06-03 0 point


Bantu 2019-06-02 2 points

This is the first car racing game which I played in the first computer of my family
I looking for this a long time now finally i can have it

Tanim 2019-05-16 -5 points

I don't find the 'nfs2sea.exe' file in any directory...where can it be found??

zuhaib 2019-05-13 -1 point

it is brilliant game dude.

rufai usman bande 2019-05-12 0 point

i love this game i can play it all day

suhail 2019-05-12 0 point

it is saying insert original disc what should i do

king 2019-05-09 -2 points

this is a awesome
game never played played before

Dutit Arnav 2019-05-06 1 point

i am waiting for this game from past 4 year, now it's working finally.

Dutit Arnav 2019-05-06 1 point

Thank you, working in windows10-64bit.

Roman Swati 2019-04-29 -2 points

I want need for speed game for the last 8 years kindly tell me how i can download it for windows 10 I am from Pakistan i shall be very thankfull to u for this act of your kindness Thanks

Muhammed Ijaz 2019-04-25 -3 points

How can I download and install Need for speed 2 SE on my Samsung Galaxy A.50.

Jerry 2019-04-14 1 point

I Loved This Game And am Playing From Childhood

Sallu Bhai 2019-04-10 1 point

This Game good.

Arv 2019-04-04 1 point

when i try opening nfs2sea it gives me this warning that says " your hard drive has less then 1MB free space. If you encounter problems please refer to the reference card". Any ideas for next steps please..???

SAMEER 2019-03-31 1 point

THANK YOU .For your games

devashish 2019-03-28 0 point

i am fan of this game since childhood

Husnain ahmed 2019-03-27 -1 point

Sir,thank for you games

Tim 2019-03-24 2 points

The Windows 10 patch didn't work for me. When I try and open NFS2EA.exe nothing happens. And when I try and open autorun.exe (the installer) it says it doesn't work due to 64-bit compatibility.


Grumpy 2019-03-23 2 points

Use this modern patch:
It's newer than the one provided by!

muhammed azim noor 2019-03-21 0 point

it so awesome

bling 2019-03-19 1 point

i just enjoy these game love it

Noob101 2019-03-14 -4 points

hi i followed the steps but when i try opening nfs2sea it gives me this warning that says " your hard drive has less then 1MB free space. If you encounter problems please refer to the reference card".

Im a total noob can someone help??
thank you kind

FAHAD 2019-03-13 1 point


ali 2019-03-09 1 point

Very nice game.I playing this game for two years. enjoyable game.

snake 2019-03-05 0 point

its a very nice game for enjoyment

TehStig 2019-02-13 3 points

When I first played the demo of the original NFS, I was flashed. On christmas that year I got the full game and I played it a lot. When NFS2 launched, I got that as well for christmas but NFS2:SE I had to save my pocketmoney for, I later had NFS3, skipped 4 and went on to "Porsche Unleashed", which was the last I had from the NFS series.

Sharmin Binte 2019-02-12 0 point

i like this game a lot

ahmed 2019-02-10 0 point

its not working in windows 10 why??

MUHAIB KHAN 2019-02-05 0 point

I really like this game

I T BANGASH'S 2019-01-23 0 point

this game is not working on window 2007

Harrdwaree 2019-01-19 0 point

thx for the game i like it!!!!!
works pretty good with my windows xp

Tray 2019-01-14 3 points

I installed and the game runs however after selecting race it freezes there

saqib Ali alvi 2019-01-09 3 points


castelo 2019-01-07 2 points

done install but when to play the cars opponent not race with me...please help me

Syeda Laiba Zahra 2019-01-01 2 points

such a lovely game for my younger brothers

YAW TUFFOUR 2018-12-30 0 point


TAWFIQUE 2018-12-28 2 points


Naveen Kumar 2018-12-28 -1 point

Nice Game

avitor 2018-12-27 -5 points

i have downloaded all but ,
software says insert disc it didn't find anything

paapa 2018-12-26 -1 point

when i go to choose option of windows type. on my selection there is no windows 7.its missing. what so i do

AHMAD 2018-12-26 0 point


Rebel 2018-12-19 1 point

Awesome the downloading is very easy and the game is perfect

hannan 2018-12-01 1 point

love this'

anas 2018-11-27 -1 point

superb game of my childern

YOEL_44 2018-11-25 0 point

Hey I just want to point out, if you have any trouble mounting the BIN file, you can use AnyBurn to convert it to a mountable ISO file, the program is free and without restrictions.

Giganag 2018-11-23 1 point

Thanks masters.
Goods instructions, very clear. It's running perfect.

Regards :)

hashim 2018-11-19 0 point

very nice and easy game

Toqeer 2018-11-18 0 point

i like this game............

problem 2018-11-17 1 point

bat files does not work even run it as administrator. So what is the problem. I use windows 10

Madu 2018-11-17 -1 point

while installing getting error :
We'are having difficulty connecting you to Need For Speed 2 Special Edition! Very likely, one of our server crashed--which means Need for Speed 2 special Edition's crack operations team is frantically fixing it so you can play games. Try back in few minutes. 
(Arcane error code :0x20000014.) 
I have tried so many times but not resolved this erro

Harindra 2018-11-10 0 point

while installing getting error :
We'are having difficulty connecting you to Need For Speed 2 Special Edition! Very likely, one of our server crashed--which means Need for Speed 2 special Edition's crack operations team is frantically fixing it so you can play games. Try back in few minutes.
(Arcane error code :0x20000014.)
I have tried so many times but not resolved this error

marsla 2018-11-09 -1 point

display is no good color are split any help?

enkay 2018-11-08 0 point

on my pc it keeps crashing before i can play. please help

mehwish 2018-11-04 2 points

nice game. i was play in my chidhood... it is amazing.. and finally i find it

ram 2018-11-04 0 point

its telling me to put disc what to do please help me soon

Hiwa 2018-10-15 0 point

Thank youuuuuu

Hassan GUJJAR 2018-10-14 0 point


Bebo Sheikh 2018-10-13 0 point

I Love this game...thank you so much

retro gamer #NO SLEEP 2018-10-13 0 point

thanks it works fast download speeds with my router

Guzo-San 2018-10-11 -1 point

Hi there

I downloaded the ISO version of this game, nGlide200_setup (automatically downloaded when I tapped on the link) and the nfs2se_patch onto my Android Smartphone, which is a Mint Foz. Then transfered the files via USB to my PC. I followed the steps, extracted NFS II SE with Winrar. Once extracted, a folder Need_for_Speed_2_SE_ISO appears in the directory where I extracted it to. Inside that folder, there's a BIN File "NFS2SE" and a Disc Image File with the same name. After extraction, I run nGlide200_setup

cheese 2018-10-10 0 point

It works, but sometimes it hangs, usually on the loading screen but sometimes while driving. Not really sure why it does that. if you are sick of the 'scratchy' sounds look up a file online: dsound.dll and then put that in your game folder, sounds should be alright then.

C.M.hasaam 2018-10-05 0 point

Only my LOVING game

mardukyanis 2018-09-30 -1 point

i was looking for this for ages. and finally i found.

thank you guys.

next one is fifa 99. waiting for it now.

tcthim 2018-09-20 -2 points

the game was lit

APPU 2018-09-12 -2 points


zaid 2018-09-11 -1 point

thanx so much

mahesh kubavat 2018-09-11 -1 point

i was trying to get this game till years but i can't...

thanks to
now im playing this game & feeling my childhood memory

ASAD ZIA 2018-09-09 0 point

Perfect installation
i love this game old memories. an old memories

KAVINDRA RAVI 2018-09-07 1 point

Trying to install but not start the process by error disc is not found.
Please help how to install the game.
Please reply on my main

Best regards and thanks

Jai Chandra K A 2018-08-21 -1 point

I love this game and its my lovable memory.
Awesome graphics with background music and sounds. I played this game in 2008 & 2009 again now i am downloading this game. Waiting to play.

Kaishar 2018-08-20 1 point

Now, I am downloading this game ... I hope this game is good more than GTA Vice city

Rana Kashif 2018-08-18 1 point

Good Game, I Like It.......... I am very enjoying

obedipongbidi 2018-08-06 0 point

this game is a good game

Taha 2018-07-27 0 point

i have played this game after seven years i love it old memmories and i have run it on windows 1o 64 bit easy

iplay 2018-07-24 1 point

Old memories i used to play bthis game at age of 4

gul khan 2018-06-30 1 point

i like the game of need for speed too much i want to enjoy every time

Assasins's 2018-06-29 -1 point

I am downloading this game. I hope this game runs. So lets see!

yasir 2018-06-29 1 point

good game

SALMAN 2018-06-07 -2 points

Can I play this game in Windows 8.1 64 bit?

Sahil 2018-06-04 -5 points

Please tell me how to install its showing errors
When I am starting setup it's showing use cd rom

nss 2018-05-22 2 points

happy to play it agn after 12 y

ans 2018-05-20 -1 point

After completing all the above instructions, when I open "nfs2sea.exe" , it shows the warning "your hard drive has less than 1MB". Is that the problem with my computer memory? or problem with installation? Is there any idea to fix it ? Pls help

Jibran Ahmed 2018-05-19 2 points

if we using window 10 64 bit then ?
any video with instruction ?

akash 2018-05-16 1 point

the game is not even opening... i tried the same way u hav mentioned....

ScienceLover 2018-04-28 1 point

Thanks for this very sad of Dos version break!!!

gilani 2018-04-27 1 point

wow that is best website
thank you

usman 2018-04-22 -5 points

How can i install this game, I have installed RIP version but showing some error with code when i run setup..

abbasraza24 2018-04-21 -1 point

It's nice to see that no game is lost to time! Thank you Abandon ware team!

mike 2018-04-20 1 point

played this for about 10 years and yes it works on windows 10 .before installatin turn off airplane mode
and do all the thingss given in the video

dude 2018-04-17 -1 point

what should I do? there is no cockpit view.

retro 2018-04-09 -1 point

Anyone know how to get this to work on Windows 10?? It just locks up after the initial screen

DILIP KUMAR 2018-04-09 0 point

Awesome game mai 12 ya 10 saal ki age se khel rha hu me, iLove This game

ahmed 2018-04-05 -1 point

bad game

King 2018-03-26 -1 point

Best game ever........... i like racing games.... but nfs ii se is the best game.... control of cars is too good. Miss u nfs ii

GamerBoyX 2018-03-25 -2 points

Sadly, not working on windows 10. :-(

D Gamer 2018-03-23 0 point

Childhood Memories...

sam 2018-03-19 1 point

I like to play it since i was in 4th grade... i reminds me everything about childhood... when I with my younger brother, each evening, at Pentium 2, used to race,,, I with ford GT, he with mclaren.... but those days cannot come back... when mother used to shout at us for dinner... and we were lost in strange symphonies of NFS2E and metal slug...

Usman Ali 2018-03-13 0 point

i like need for speed game
i starting game window 2000
year 2002

Jux 2018-03-10 0 point

Stunt are cool

Francisco Junior 2018-02-25 -1 point

It worked normally here.
Need to put in compatibility mode with Win98.
And run in Administrator mode.

Tamabe 2018-02-23 0 point

Hey dude what is the difference between Rip and Iso ? i know iso how to emulate it but what is Rip ? thanks

Backstreetboy 2018-02-19 -5 points

Can't get it started. Can anyone suggest some solutions?

M.Hasnain 2018-02-16 0 point

The best game

SEntimental 2018-02-11 1 point


sheeraz 2018-02-09 -2 points

We're having difficulty connecting you to Need For Speed 2 Special Edition! Very likely, one of our servers crashed--which means Need for Speed 2 Special Edition's crack operations team is frantically fixing it so you can play games. Try back in a few minutes.

(Arcane error code: 0x20000014.) i have windows 8.1

bruce lee the fighter 2018-02-03 0 point

I love this game from 10 years old .now I am 15 years old

khalil 2018-01-28 0 point

great memories

ask 2018-01-21 -4 points

how this OSI File Works?

BUBU 2018-01-20 2 points

Ah! Old memories!
I used to play this game religiously on my ancient Pentium 2 233Mhz with 64MBs of RAM and 4MB of Graphic Memory. Later, I upgraded to a Celron 300 and bought a Nvidia Riva TNT2 GPU with a 16MB Memory and upgraded my RAM to 172MBs or so. Strange how minuscule these numbers feel in 2018 where we have smartphones with deca core CPUs and nearly 8 Gigs or RAM.
I prefer Porsche 2000 though as it has not only more cars but also TONS of customizations and the handling and car physics are pretty darn realistic, even for 2018 standards!

usama 2018-01-11 0 point

this game is my favourite i love it

stavoo 2018-01-08 1 point

great game hey

safdar 2018-01-06 0 point

that's an awesome game.

bach 2017-12-24 1 point


I have waited for days, still getting this message while I am running the exe file

We're having difficulty connecting you to Need For Speed 2 Special Edition! Very likely, one of our servers crashed--which means Need for Speed 2 Special Edition's crack operations team is frantically fixing it so you can play games. Try back in a few minutes.

(Arcane error code: 0x20000014.)

boycat 2017-12-23 -2 points

when idownloaded this in my pc,it is asking
for the cd!!???

Ace 2017-12-20 -5 points

Kindly provide the installation procedure in Windows 8.1 enviornment

Santos Monjane 2017-12-20 1 point

I played in my childwood and now am enjoying with my son.

Shammah 2017-12-11 1 point

I love this game and I enjoy it more than the recent NFS games


hari 2017-12-10 -5 points

how to run this in windows 10

INFERNO 2017-12-03 0 point


ZACKY OKTAVIANSYAH 2017-12-03 1 point

thx for the game im like this game old

swag007 2017-12-02 -2 points

my favorite game of all time works perfect on windows 7

A.MANAN 2017-11-28 -1 point

THERE WAS A MESSAGE THAT dll are missing from your pc .

Dani 2017-11-28 -2 points

my favrit game

CHAND 2017-11-19 -1 point


George 2017-11-16 -7 points

Not working in windows 11

Bobi 2017-11-15 -2 points

This is best game

Amoh Rutto 2017-11-14 1 point

Its just a wonderful game. Can't for
get it

Haris 2017-11-11 0 point

Great game!I just palyed it And enjoyed it

hafiz gee 2017-11-10 0 point

its a good game for time pass

Majid khan 2017-11-07 0 point


Rolan Gayen 2017-11-02 1 point

I have waited for days, still getting this message while I am running the exe file

We're having difficulty connecting you to Need For Speed 2 Special Edition! Very likely, one of our servers crashed--which means Need for Speed 2 Special Edition's crack operations team is frantically fixing it so you can play games. Try back in a few minutes.

(Arcane error code: 0x20000014.)

achu 2017-10-30 0 point

There are some graphics problem even after fixing

Swalih 2017-10-24 0 point

My favourite forever.. I used to play this in childhood and now trying to install but cant;-{

Hafeez 2017-10-16 1 point

nice game

oneal 2017-10-14 0 point

i loved this game foundation of gaming

Munu 2017-10-11 -2 points

This game Remembering my childhood memories...
one of the super multiplayer racing game

lucky 2017-10-10 0 point

i love this game

JFK 2017-10-10 2 points

For me the settings dont save. Anybody have same issue? Otherwise great title, brings out childhood memories.

shani 2017-09-30 -3 points

Nice game

paraq 2017-09-27 -4 points

are it work with win10

adanali 2017-09-27 0 point

fantastic work bro

qa baloch 2017-09-22 0 point

i like this game

Snk 2017-09-22 0 point

I Like This Game And Multiplyer Game I Love This Game 5th Year Say Miss Kar Raha hon Es Game k I Miss You Game NFSII

Shiva 2017-09-20 1 point

It is not opening after extraction

abdulkareem islam__u 2017-09-20 0 point

good work bro thank yo

haider 2017-09-19 0 point

lovely game

Ravi 2017-09-16 -7 points

How to install this game and can this game play on Windows 7 OS.

marvel 2017-09-12 -1 point

i have last played this game while i was in fourth standred now iam in seventh thanks

Ajith 2017-09-12 1 point

Amazing game i like to play dis game often even after i grew up since from childhood iam playing this super and moreover amazing game

Nishit 2017-09-12 1 point

I really enjoyed playing NFS II in my childhood days.. I'm extremely happy! Thank you so much!!

Behru 2017-09-11 2 points

how do you install it after download .. ? anyone please ..

MAHIR 2017-09-01 -1 point

i want this game since last 3 years , i was missing this game too much!!
Thanku Very Much!!!!

Sani 2017-08-09 1 point

My favorite game

ash 2017-08-06 1 point

I waited 8 years to play this game! Thanks a lot

kaku 2017-08-03 0 point

This game is one of my favorite game.....i just wanna say this game reminds me my childhood game....i am searching that game from 7 years..........

Shahzaib 2017-08-01 -1 point

this game reminds me my childhood.. :)

mati 2017-07-23 1 point

Please help game install bt no start please help please please please please please please main as game ko 3 year s start karny ki koish kar rha hun please help

image 2017-07-21 0 point

it is the greatest n multiplayer game which is great.

Davie 2017-07-10 2 points

It says I need a cd to install this, how do I get around this please help!

Harsh 2017-07-09 1 point

it was my childhood favourait game as only it has the screen spiliting option .i was not hoping that i could get it again .thanks abandonware......!!!!!

Esh 2017-06-23 4 points

Not able to install the game. Please help in installing this.

RIND 2017-06-22 2 points

Very amazing game

Rushi 2017-06-18 1 point

I can't seem to make it work. Can somebody please instruct me?

Bman 2017-06-18 1 point

A huge thanks for FINALLY posting a fix for the dreaded crackling sound problem with modern systems. Runs amazingly on my Windows 10 computers. Thanks again!

honey 2017-06-16 0 point

just love it

Tameer ali 2017-06-14 2 points

excellent game i likeeeeeeeeeeee it man

Nisar 2017-05-29 0 point

This is in fact a very amazing game

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