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Championship Manager: Season 97/98

DOS - 1997

Alt names L'Entraîneur: Saison 97/98, Scudetto 97/98
Year 1997
Platform DOS
Released in United Kingdom
Genre Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Theme Managerial, Soccer / Football (European)
Publisher Eidos Interactive Limited
Developer Sports Interactive Limited
Perspective Text-based / Spreadsheet
Dosbox support Fully supported on current version
4.15 / 5 - 296 votes

Description of Championship Manager: Season 97/98

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Sports Interactive’s Championship Manager: Season 97/98 marked both a beginning and an end. It was to be the final game of the second generation series of Championship Manager. At the same time it marked the beginning of a new generation of Championship Manger games which introduced many features still seen today in football management simulators.

After a less than encouraging start with their original releases, Sports Interactive rose to prominence with Championship Manager 2 (which was released in 1995). Season 97/98 built upon that success and featured nine world leagues. For the first time more than one league could be played concurrently, giving players an option to try their hand at managing in a different country during their simulated managerial career.

The game was immensely popular. It was a football simulator that struck the perfect balance between realism, accessibility and fun. It also showcased new and emerging features which Sports Interactive hoped to incorporate in future versions. Because of this the game was released without copy protection in the hope that people would share the game, and then buy the next game of the series in the future. The lack of copy protection didn’t hinder sales; it still went on to become one of the bestselling games of 1997.

Following on from Season 97/98 the Championship Manager brand went from strength to strength. Best sellers followed year after year until Sports Interactive’s acrimonious split with publisher Eidos in 2003. While Eidos retained the name, Sports Interactive held onto the game database and engine. In 2005 both were successfully transferred to their Football Manger franchise. Every year since has seen a new, and bigger release, packed with more and more enhanced features. Despite this, Championship Manager: Season 97/98 still remains a game worth playing; a fun reminder of simpler time.

Review By Richard

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Some very useful tips, hints, cheats or strategies here:

Latest updates (new leagues), patches, new languages here (thanks jimmyd).

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How to play Championship Manager: Season 97/98

  1. Extract CM 97-98 V2.81.iso to a folder e.g. C:\OLDGAMES\IMAGES
  2. In DOSBox mount the folder - ‘mount c c:\OLDGAMES’ and press ENTER
  3. Then mount the CD Image - ‘imgmount d "C:\OLDGAMES\IMAGES\ CM 97-98 V2.81.iso" –t iso –fs iso’ and press ENTER
  4. Then - ‘D:’ press ENTER
  5. Run the installer – ‘SETUP’ press ENTER
  6. Select the Maximum Installation (130MB) and install to the default location (C:\CM9798)
  7. Run the game – ‘CM2’ press ENTER

To play in future

  1. In DOSBOX mount the folder – ‘mount c c:\OLDGAMES\CM9798’ press ENTER
  2. Then- ‘C:’ press Enter
  3. Run the game – ‘CM2’ press ENTER

CM 97-98 V2.81.iso is not needed to run the game once it has been fully installed.

Captures and Snapshots

Comments and reviews

Metalgearsolid 2023-10-06 -1 point

I used to play this game alot! To the creators of this game, thank you for your greatness.

youiswelcome 2021-11-24 -1 point

for those having issues getting it to run, here's what I did (Windows 10):
Mounted the bin/cue in windows 10 and converted the image to a .iso file (I'm using WinCDEmu for both operations in this step)
once I have the iso file, and of course dosbox installed:
mount c [path on you computer where data will be stored/installed]
eg: mount c C:\OldGames
then mount the iso file:
imgmount f [path to the iso file you created] -t cdrom
eg: imgmount f C:\isofiles\CM9798.iso -t cdrom
Navigate to the mounted iso file in dosbox:
install using this command:
Follow the onscreen installation.

Mjw28 2021-08-10 -2 points

This link was very helpful for me to install and play the game

Marco Gabbiadini 2021-07-30 1 point

I know I was but a lowly Div 1 striker, but I could always use DosBox to make games work. CM2 Spanish edition, CM 9697, CM0102 - no problem.

But I'm really struggling to get this image mounting part to work for CM 97-98. Windows 10 has a mount function if you just right-click it, but then when you click SETUP the error states "this App can't run on your PC" (same if you try the LAUNCH, CM2E8 or CM2E16 files), so think it needs the DosBOX route.

I tried to follow the instructions on the page, though a bit confusing that the first folder is OLDGAMESIMAGES but then the example for mounting image is OLDGAMES and fact the file name has spaces which DOS doesn't appear to like.

On DOS have so far run:

Drive F is mounted as local directory c:\OLDGAMESIMAGES\


F:\imgmount f c:\OLDGAMESIMAGES\CM 97-98 V2.81.iso
The image must be on a host or local drive.


So I'm stuck - I can mount the folder, but can't get the iso file working either trying to mount or using DOSbox instructions?

teehee 2021-01-06 1 point

Thanks for the laughs Terry!

Picollo30 2020-08-08 0 point

can you upload the cd version?

Jimmy Greaves 2020-05-04 1 point

Faaackin' 'ell Barnsey. Give it a rest wiw ya?!
Fackin' goin' on like you fink you're some sort of fackin' rapper.
Stick wiv the football me old son!

John Barnes 2020-05-04 3 points

You've got to hold and give
But do it at the right time.
You can be slow or fast
But you must get to the line.

They'll always hit you and hurt you,
Defend and attack.
There's only one way to beat them:
Get round the back.

Catch me if you can
'Cause I'm the England man
And what you're looking at
Is the master plan.

We ain't no hooligans,
This ain't a football song,
Three lions on my chest
I know we can't go wrong.

Terry Venables 2020-05-04 6 points

Right, you miserable lot!
Those of you on using Macs - get a facking PC or boot up into XP or something.
Those on PC - try using DBGL (DosBox Game Launcher). It makes running the facking thing much easier, without having to tit abaat wiv DOS commands and the like.
Got it?
Naa get aaat there an' make us praaad!

Daveo 2020-04-28 -1 point

You seriously need to give better instructions on how to install this!!

Sam 2020-04-22 1 point

Anyone know a good DOS emulator for Mac? DOSBox won't run as seems to get blocked by iOS for either being old or can't be virus scanned.

Rozz 2020-04-09 -3 points

I get to dosbox gets installed but then to run game CM2 nor CM2E16 works. Any idea how to launch the game once installed?

CursedPokeball 2020-04-04 1 point

epic game

asdf 2019-10-12 -2 points

the image must be on a host or local drive..

what im doing wrong?

Tino 2019-08-02 -1 point

Playing in browser and game kicks me out after 1 season during pre-season update. Anything I can do? :(

Terry Venables 2018-11-30 12 points

Haha, good old Gareth. Just because you got to a World Cup semi final doesn't mean you're better than I was. I'll sort you out on our next CM01/02 session!

GARETH SOUTHGATE 2018-11-16 2 points

TERRY VENABLES IS A LIAR! i put the sinatra on and he loads the game, we both then put our car keys into a bowl and then shag eachothers wife's , i never understood why we leave our keys behind though?

Terry Venables 2018-07-28 17 points

This is still a cracker of a game! Running three leagues at once, a myriad of stats and tactical options, and if you were no good, the famous diablo tactic. I was brilliant of course, and me and Bobby Robson (God rest his soul) used to play together on a Sunday evening. He was always Newcastle & I liked to be Spurs.

These days I like to play CM 01/02. It's still the best footie management sim to this day. Me and Gareth Southgate like to sit down of an evening, I put the Sinatra on while he loads up the game. I insist on being England (just so I can make his in-game namesake actually score penalties... haha) and he then goes for Middlesbrough. The lad done good.

Animal 2018-05-14 2 points

U have 2 give it to u will hooked lol

DW 2018-02-12 0 point

Can't load new game after using editor! No mistakes, tried changing just 1 value to 1 player and didn't work!!

Berg 2017-12-01 0 point


this game says thank you for playing after first season and just exit. Do others experience this? Is there a workaround?

Alfster 2017-11-14 -5 points

Hey, how can I make the players run in tactics on a Mac without the use of a right mouse button! So frustrating!

cordy11 2017-10-31 -9 points

New to this could anyone help me with loading this

Bk81 2017-09-30 0 point

What have you done this game? Have you been messing with the data editor, because none of the formations I used to use work anymore. Also, it doesn't seem to matter how many chances you get as its far more difficult to score goals. You have ruined the game with your tweeking.

Help 2017-09-14 -4 points

Can't get past the command to open game.

tork 2017-09-05 -2 points

Yes, you can use play it via magic dosbox on android

Cazper 2017-09-04 -3 points

Is it available on Android devices?

naqmin habib 2017-04-27 1 point

i like play all games cm

whawaw 2017-02-24 -6 points

trying to load on a mac any help please? have dos box but no idea what I'm doing

michael 2017-02-15 -2 points

tnx its amezing

guigzi 2017-01-05 1 point

What is the best tactics in cm9798?

GG 2016-12-16 0 point


chippyrick 2016-05-19 -5 points

Does this work on netbooks/notebooks?

Demon 2016-03-28 -1 point

so far so good

.. 2016-03-17 -1 point

how do you get on data editor? c:/

duca80 2016-02-09 1 point

posso chiedere gentilmente se il gioco scudetto dopo un numero di campionati finisce e bisogna ricominciare oppure continua fino a che non elimini la partita creata .....grazie per un eventuale risposta ,grazie

Nikos 2016-02-01 -1 point

is this running on Linux?

kyle06 2015-11-11 0 point

is this running on windows 10????????

ANTONIOS IPSILANTIS 2015-11-06 -2 points


cm9798 2015-10-07 4 points

hello fellow 97/98 fans. i've started up a blog with stories, tactics and best players for cm9798 here - please come along and help build the community for this great game!

gaffie 2015-09-30 -5 points

Hi everyone...what do i have to write once i open the dos box window and i find this:
i remember there was a kind of formula.


dillmin 2015-08-21 4 points

Have download DosBox & this version of CM... Can't get it loaded on the MAC. CM is obviously coming through as a .EXE file, therefore can't unzip/unrar or load.

Dean 2015-06-28 -13 points DOS version

Ive downloaded the game but it says error, cant run in full window format.
any help??

Wistysboy 2015-04-24 -3 points DOS version

best thing about this version of CM is that you have an editor program that allows you to edit your players. You can choose any player profile and then just edit the team name to your own. Hey presto. You can even edit attributes to make average players better, as well as editing your club attributes to raise your stadium cpacity, league level, even your cash. I took a low team Torquay, pumped them full of cash and gave them a 50,000 capacity and added Batistuta and Klinsman to the squad. Within 3 years were in the EPL and winning the CL inside 4 seasons...

best player 2015-03-05 1 point DOS version

to play download drop box then defriend uploaded. ez

njt01 2015-01-11 0 point DOS version

help how do i set this up I love fm 15 etc and really really really wanna play this please help asap
many thanks

dude2076 2014-11-19 -1 point DOS version

Any chance this awesome game is available on android devices?

DZID3 2014-10-29 -1 point DOS version

Why does my game stop on the 15.11.97 is there anyway to play the full game?

Nuke 2014-10-22 0 point DOS version

The interesting question is how many savegames did you use?

affy 2014-09-13 0 point DOS version

Does anyone know if there is an app for this game? I'd love to have this on my android phone. Not played a champ manager like it since it came out. Still the best champ manager game ever made!

janner66 2014-07-08 -1 point DOS version

Still the best footy management game in my opinion. So much fun.

best cm2 97/98 player ever 2014-05-28 0 point DOS version

ok guys, here is a challenge for you. go doncaster rovers, and win the fa cup in your 2nd season, and the cup winners cup in your 3rd season,. i've done it once. i'll check back in 10 years to see if anyone done it.

bruffy22 2014-05-05 2 points DOS version

Great game

baldz 2014-04-29 1 point DOS version

Does this work

Azz 2014-04-24 0 point DOS version


yanZ 2014-03-29 -1 point DOS version

been searching this!!!

innespat 2014-03-07 1 point DOS version


grimshaw 2014-03-06 0 point DOS version

Great game

mozza 2014-01-25 -1 point DOS version

Greatest CM of all time.

Pixo 2013-10-17 1 point DOS version

Love this game so much Thank You

Chef 2013-08-25 -25 points DOS version

I have extracted the files, how do I run the game?

Div 2013-06-27 1 point DOS version

Best football game for a computer ever

anon 2013-06-23 -1 point DOS version

brilliant game

wadud 2013-06-07 0 point DOS version

my favorite manager game ever. i hope can upload cm00-01 and also ultimate soccer manager 98 world cup edition. thanks a lot :)

Perko 2013-05-17 0 point DOS version

Awesome game! Search for the 2012-13 update and new backgrounds!

d 2013-03-05 -1 point DOS version


Janner66 2013-02-10 0 point DOS version

Does this contain the wage patches and/or any other patches for the game please?

Jez96 2013-02-03 0 point DOS version

"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you"
I've played it every week for the past 10 years.. help me!!!

Pro2G 2013-01-27 -5 points DOS version

How do I setup the game, so I can use the mouse? I run the game in D-Fend and have tried all executable files - nothing seems to work... Please help!

Ex-Con Civil worker! 2013-01-15 0 point DOS version

i remember this to play with the national team you have got to re-wright the name of the national-coach

Churchey boy 2012-11-13 0 point DOS version

Yeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss get in, not played this in well over 10 years! works well in dosbox, editor runs well to. set yer dosbox cycles to about 6500 and it'll run at a good pace for you. So happy right now

Mike Doyle81 2012-10-05 -1 point DOS version

You gang of legends! Still the best game ever by far!!!

If I'd spent my time learning the guitar instead of playing this I'd be awesome by now, but I would know nothing of the Scottish 3rd Division 15 years ago. ALLOA...LALALA...ALLOA...LA LA LA LAAAAAAA!

tzachmusic 2012-05-06 1 point DOS version

Gracias a todos

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