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Theme Park

DOS - 1994

Also released on: 3DO - Amiga - Genesis - Jaguar - SEGA Saturn

Alt names Park לונה, テーマパーク, 主题公园, 테마 공원, Sim Theme Park, Theme Park DS
Year 1994
Platform DOS
Released in Germany, United States (1994)
Canada, United States (1996)
Germany, United States (1997)
United States (1999)
Germany (2001)
Genre Strategy
Theme Amusement park, City Building / Construction Simulation, Managerial, Real-Time
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc., Novitas GmbH
Developer Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.
Perspectives Free-roaming camera, Diagonal-down
Dosbox support Supported on current version (works best on 0.73)
4.48 / 5 - 180 votes

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Demo available

Description of Theme Park

One of the most original strategy games ever made, Bullfrog's Theme Park is a fun "light" business simulation that fulfills a childhood dream of many people: manage a theme park.

While the game has a questionable economic model (I've never understood the logic of pricing entrance tickets in the game, or how much to charge for that ice cream), and will never win any accolades as a "realistic" business sim, Theme Park excels in the fun department.

Starting out with an empty plot of land, you must first build a few "basic" attractions (such as the merry-go-round) and necessities such as the ice cream parlor and toilets to open for business. You must also hire handymans and mechanics to help ensure that your visitors will leave with a bright smile on their faces. With soaring visitors and better reputation, you can afford to research better and more exciting rides, and by the time you're building that expensive rollercoaster, you'll find that the game has kept you up for countless hours.

What makes Theme Park a lot of fun, other than colorful rides you can build, is the joy of watching your tiny visitors. They will laugh after an exciting ride, get lost, storm out of your park in anger at waiting too long at the queue, or even vomit after a stomach-churning ride on the rollercoaster. If you don't like to micro-manage your park (e.g. setting prices of an ice cream cone), you can choose to let the computer decide for you at lower difficulty level, leaving you free to design the park of your dreams.

With colorful graphics, unique and fun gameplay, Theme Park is one of the best games Bullfrog ever made. Two thumbs up!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

6yo me 2022-05-14 0 point DOS version

The economics of this were always silly. I figured out at some point, that you just buy and hold as many stocks as possible, and you get crazy dividends.

HELP 2019-08-20 2 points

You need dosbox to run this game, it will not work in windows!

JC9 2019-03-10 2 points

I love RCT2, and still play it, but I think overall that Theme Park was the superior game, but man did these graphics not age well. An upgraded version of this game would be completely amazing.

Cannot install 2017-12-14 0 point

hi guys, I cant install this game, there's no documentation on the file

BretN7 2017-07-14 3 points

I remember playing this excellent game as a kid on the PS1 and it still has the power to make me revisit it every few years. I always loved making the kids fly off the rollercoasters or waterslides.

I feel like you should include ''Bullfrog'' in the description as they're the creators and also made many amazing games like Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper as well.

Dredlok Shadow 2017-01-18 2 points

I actually have this on my DS

mary 2016-06-06 1 point

nice game

sylp 2016-02-23 1 point

if someone says this game is not fun im gonna kill him
(only joking)

Jami 2015-09-30 1 point

A very good game with excellent graphics!!!

Thandza 2015-06-17 2 points DOS version

I love it

sally 2015-05-06 -1 point DOS version

i like to run this game at full speed cuz its hilarious.of course i will lower the cpu cycles if i want to play it seriously

Helper 2015-01-05 -6 points DOS version

Hey guys. I know some people ran into troubles with the speed as I have. This is in german but it did work! Follow what this guys does (minus German - unless you need it). Have fun!

paulo jose 2014-08-27 -3 points DOS version

the good game for work the memory and creative , fum game .

Ultroman 2014-07-15 -2 points DOS version

I'm running it fine at 3000 cycles. Using the D-fend frontend, I can set the exact cycles.

Also, there is a FIX for the MOUSE FREEZE problem, which is a game-issue.

See this post:

Also, the standard sound setup for Theme Park in DosBox has the "Activate Sound" checkbox ticked off! All my sound works perfectly using DosBox.

Rush 2014-07-14 0 point DOS version

Try the in games speed setting, slow it down.

admin 2014-07-11 1 point DOS version

Now CD version, Floppy version is included. I successfully ran the game at normal speed, around 2500 cycles.

Read the Questions Numpties! 2014-06-07 -2 points DOS version

For the third time in these messages. IT RUNS TOO FAST! Except when setting DosBox on just 1% CPU cycles, then it runs too slow and crashes. On anyother setting the date just races past, a full game year blazing by in a matter of 10 seconds.
This problem is a plague with the game on this site!

Pavars 2014-04-25 3 points DOS version

Best game ever

Suzy jia fei min 2014-04-19 2 points DOS version

I love it

Jegas 2014-01-03 1 point DOS version

This ran with DosBox 0.74 ok in win7 (64 bit) but I couldn't get it to slow down - the CNTL+11 (Slow CPU) keypress didn't seeme to work and it was zipping a park year every 15 seconds - yeah - I can't play this.

whatever 2013-07-15 0 point DOS version

i'm running this on boxer on mac. the game time is super speedy and i don't know how to slow it down. I'm not very tech saavy. is there a way to fix this? or is it just how it is?

Tails 2013-05-30 0 point DOS version

Oh gosh I remember my primary school had this on their pcs for us to play during lunch/recess and I loved playing it! I was addicted!

Shuuriken 2013-04-10 0 point DOS version

i remember when i was kid and i playing this game on ps1

A Wise Old Man 2013-02-19 0 point DOS version

Halfway fun game, even if it wasn't a Maxis Sim-brand game. And yeah, the "Trump the Workers" cheat worked every time. Surprised there wasn't a unionize the workers counter-cheat implemented in a bug fix or something :(

Carlsgro 2013-01-08 0 point DOS version

my friends raved about this, if the workers ask for a pay rise, fire them like your Donald Trump, then rehire them for the smallest amount. This game is awesome

abood 2013-01-03 0 point DOS version


Gemzz 2013-01-03 0 point DOS version

Some of my friends said thelis was a good app

Afri 2012-11-01 0 point DOS version

Soo nice ya

An 2012-09-06 0 point DOS version


Rob 2011-07-29 0 point DOS version

For Windows 7, I used downloads. Windows 0.74 installer file, and DosShell (in "Frontends" list). Takes a little time to organize your games, but it works :)

chi 2011-07-17 0 point DOS version

i cant install it. im using windows 7.

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