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Sid Meier's Civilization

DOS - 1991

Also available on: Amiga - Windows 3.x - Mac - Atari ST - SNES

Alt names
文明, シヴィライゼーション 世界七大文明, Wenming, Sid Meier's Civilization: Build An Empire To Stand The Test Of Time, Civilization I, Civ
Released in
United States
4X, Managerial, Turn-based
MicroProse Software, Inc.
MPS Labs
Dosbox support
Fully supported on 0.73
4.52 / 5 - 543 votes

Description of Sid Meier's Civilization

The legendary game of the Civilization series, it defined a new genre of turn based strategy.

When Sid Meier's Civilization was released in 1991, it single-handedly changed the strategy video game market forever. Its format has since been copied by a number of 'turn-based' games, and the basic plot of the game was to build an empire. Once this had been successfully established, the aim of the game was to get your civilization to grow and flourish.

The game itself covered a wide period of history, stretching from the prehistoric ages to the futuristic development of Outer Space. This included an in-depth look into the Ancient Greeks, as well as detailed gameplay that covered the Roman Empire. This variety of content was enough to keep players hooked on this gaming classic for countless hours - the publisher was also ultimately responsible for the Sim City series of games across a number of different platforms.

Paradigm wrote:

One of the greatest games ever made for a computer, and also one of the most addicting. Civilization launched the entire franchise. It is, quite simply, a master work.

That said... Civilization 1 is brutal and broken. Expect no mercy as the computer flagrantly cheats to make up for AI limitations when playing on higher difficulty levels. There are also a great many events that happen in the game that lack explanation (in fact the game doesn't even tell you they are happening). One example of this is your civilizations production getting cut in half as soon as 1 A.D. hits.

Also, beware "stacks of doom", in which 20+ powerful units can occupy the same square, becoming neigh invincible. Unit strength is VERY relative... chariots can beat tanks. In Civ 1 these things do happen....

How to play Sid Meier's Civilization

Run civ.exe in DOSBox

Comments and reviews

Bietro 2017-08-30 1 point DOS version

And also implementing functional roland soundcard emulation,sound works only by choosing 4* in the time back then adlib was king so no wonder.

Bietro 2017-08-30 2 points DOS version

This Game Is Great ! 2
I Still Play It Every Day But I Noticed A Minor "Bug" , It Goes As Follows , When You Are In Game Thats Advanced "Probably Beyond 0AD" And You go to Your Town and Click On "Change" Button It Can Dissapear In Matter Of Seconds And Youre Stuck With "Not Responding Game *Tested on both browser version here and DOS (DOSBOX)(0.7.4) version* I Would Really Appreciate If Someone Can Release Patch For This It Would Be Really Helpful, Oh also i hate the slow movin around map *haha* so speeding the movement of cursor on the map would be nice too.

Thanks For Reading ! :)

Libertarian 2017-08-22 1 point

Since they put in this new set up, it only works on Chrome!

Sam 2017-08-02 -1 point

@ EDO , THANKS for the great description brother!

DPH 2017-06-20 1 point DOS version

There's lots of text files in the main folder - by changing the text in them you can mess around with loads of the stuff the people say in the game.

DoctorEvo 2016-10-21 3 points DOS version

Love this game! It really passes the time while I'm on airplanes and in airports. I use DosBox on Android.

moneylife 2016-09-08 3 points

Nukes!! this game took away hours of my childhood and adult life

PelleK 2016-06-25 3 points

To abandonware: this is awesome, thanks a lot!

To ME: I got the same problem, but solved it by changing the keyboardlayout in the DOSbox Options File from auto to keyboardlayout=gr (German QWERTZ Keyboard). This solved the problem for me. The Mouse can be locked in and out the DOSbox with CTRL+F10.

ME Wrote 2016-03-28:
every time I load civ, I get to select what screen, sound, mouse and keyboard options then immediately I'm dropped back to A:\ after it says integer div=a

Guy 2016-06-21 -1 point

Dear, Libertarian: not sure if you will read this but try downloading an original dos.

Libertarian 2016-06-19 2 points

For some reason it only works on Internet Explorer and not very good on it either. It used to work good on Chrome but doesn't anymore. Any suggestions?

tntlyz 2016-06-14 1 point DOS version

to ME, try 1,2,1 as your selections for gameplay options

tntlyz 2016-06-14 0 point DOS version

I still have the 5 1/2 inch floppies in the original box. Too bad the manual is missing

chizzy 2016-05-12 0 point DOS version

i created a custom keyboard for playing this on my android using freebox.
youll need muliling o keyboard, then add this custom layout.

me 2016-03-28 0 point DOS version

every time I load civ, I get to select what screen, sound, mouse and keyboard options then immediately I'm dropped back to A:\ after it says integer div=a

goon 2016-02-06 -1 point

everytime i get mech inf it crashes so shit

thulee 2015-12-28 1 point

I want a nice game

MS-DOS 2015-12-15 3 points DOS version

Hi Gabek,
To run games such as Civilization, you get the application called DOSBOX ( Use the wiki ( to help you mount games like Civ. Hopes this helps! :)


gabeh 2015-12-12 1 point

I tried to download civ on my Windows 7/64 laptop. I got an error message that civ was for 32 bit machine. Any suggestions?

fdisk 2015-11-10 -3 points

manual (german):

praforplagues 2015-10-26 -3 points

To get DOSbox to go fullscreen, press alt enter. Press alt enter again to exit fullscreen.

xander10 2015-10-10 -3 points DOS version

Civ ran fine and i really only can complain that i couldn't get DOSbox into fullscreen mode, any suggestions?

sid 2015-09-09 -1 point DOS version

my game wont save something about .map

Gato 2015-08-15 2 points DOS version

Two teenage years of my life were ruled by Civ on the old Commode Amiga 64. I wasn't always the best player, I liked to avoid conflict and grow cities - so my games tended end close and exciting and often involve nuclear wars.
My brother edited many of the text boxes in the game with a textfile editor, including changing "In the beginning story" to a humorous warped storyline. So if it was possible to customise then, it must be so now.
I will be downloading it again because years later I miss its simple yet engrossing fun. The later Civs just don't compare for me. And after reflection, instead of building perfect & populous cities, trying to live in peace and waiting until the Zulus rudely drop Armor units onto my turf in 1700 AD demanding dosh, I want to go and crush all rivals as soon as I can build my first chariot!
Shame I need Dosbox to run it in Windows 7, but oh well so be it.

civfan 2015-06-03 2 points DOS version

the true test of this game series will be when the original players are eligible to run for office.

kiddxdeep 2015-05-29 3 points DOS version

this is the best fucking website

syntotic 2015-05-24 0 point DOS version

What happened to the Windows version of Civilization (I)? It was more playable than the DOS version and probably had some betterments.

Grand Gamer 2015-03-16 -3 points DOS version

Fucking Good!

EDO 2015-01-10 17 points DOS version

98% games works perfectly with dosbox. So does civ1. Yes even on windows on the year 3000. Just install dos box.

If you don't know how for each game here is how it goes the most simple way:

Make a folder on c:\ named DOSGames so you got c:\dosgames\
unrar/zip each game in its OWN folder inside the c:\dosgames\
E.G this game will be c:\dosgames\civ1\and doom will be c:\dosgames\doom1\

Now start dosbox. type: " Mount c: c:\dosgames\
type "c:"
Type "dir" for your list of games (shows the folders)
Now if you want to play civ
You type: "cd civ' ( or what ever you named you folder for civ 1)
Followed by "civ"

For e.g doom its "cd doom" then "doom"
Very easy.

NeptunesNookGames 2014-12-18 1 point DOS version

I recently finished a let's play of Civ 1 on my YouTube channel, here's a link --

Alpha 2014-09-01 1 point DOS version

Estou apaixonado por Renata Hass Betetto

Chizzard 2014-08-08 0 point DOS version

Arvin. You can play Civilization 1 (DOS mode) by using a simple software called DOSbox. Its free. Just download DOSbox and dragon the civilization .exe to the DOSbox icon and youre good to go.

arvin 2014-07-25 1 point DOS version

I have never seen such as this game in my life!
It was great.
Design and Development and implementation of your strategy
By a simple game in DOS mode ! Almost 22 years ago !
Does anyone knows if it works in windows 7 ?
I wish I can play again !
Help me please. ..

Sherbert T Cat 2014-07-05 0 point DOS version

This is one of the greatest games ever created.

Great Game 2014-07-01 3 points DOS version

Don't trust Ghandi

TheOlderGamePlay 2014-06-18 -1 point DOS version

7:Is one of the most awesome strategy game I have played.

Kynrek 2014-06-11 0 point DOS version

AN Excellent SIM game!

Agentwindex 2014-05-20 -1 point DOS version

I loved this game... Played it on Dos when Windows 98 was just starting... I have the disk... But was wondering will this download work on Windows 8 64 bit? Would love to play it again

alexakispantazo 2014-05-10 -1 point DOS version

It's the original DOS version 3 (474.03)

oscar 2014-04-24 -1 point DOS version

this is so amazing game!!!

ANSELMO 2014-04-15 -1 point DOS version


fresh and clean 2014-04-04 -1 point DOS version


BrennenderStahl 2014-03-14 0 point DOS version

now i'm playing freeciv - because its free software (free as in freedom)

Kal 2014-02-13 1 point DOS version

After I select audio/graphic/keyboard options the game will not start and then opens up dos under the A: heading...

Sir Smith 2014-01-28 0 point DOS version

This guide works for me. :)

lawlcakes 2014-01-24 0 point DOS version

@chris, Macedonia was to the north of Greece, but he did CONQUER Greece and almost the whole known world at the time, so both of you are right.

That guy 2013-12-07 0 point DOS version

I'm on a mac, how do i start it?

ThatGuy 2013-11-30 -1 point DOS version

Someone PLEASE tell me the answers to the DOC check?

KoreusZ 2013-10-13 0 point DOS version

I Have the actual game on cd, but it wont run in dosbox.

chris 2013-08-01 0 point DOS version


Yeah... right... pity for you, but Alexander was Greek and he united all Greeks against the Persians. Go cry more now.

jamesfrizzle 2013-07-16 0 point DOS version

i downloaded dosbox 0.74 and when i open it there is 2 screens one of which is supposed to have a blue box in it, but that one is blank. What should I do?

Jules 2013-07-11 0 point DOS version

Im running on windows xp, and when i open the downloaded file theres nothing there to click to start it. Any help?

StrateJay 2013-06-02 0 point DOS version

Civ runs great I would say everyone into turn based strategy has to play it atleast once.

ToBeAdvised 2013-05-20 0 point DOS version

So, this is were it all began.

NoiNha 2013-05-01 0 point DOS version

nice game

Fred 2013-04-21 0 point DOS version

The game randomly crashes when I attempt to change what a city is working on. It doesn't always, but, when it crashes, it's when I am changing city production.

Shuuriken 2013-04-12 0 point DOS version

helpp....why i cant tun on the sound??? if i tun it on, it goes to error

onefromthenorth 2013-04-03 0 point DOS version

Best game ever! Except for CivNET

se 2013-03-16 1 point DOS version

Even better, just use this link to get the answers to all of the quiz questions.

ygv 2013-03-15 0 point DOS version


necroscope86 2012-12-19 0 point DOS version

I used to love playing this game on my Amiga.

Northern Watch 2012-12-04 0 point DOS version

You guys have to install dosbox (search google for it)

Open Dosbox
Type in mount c c:\games\civ (This is a example of where i put my game folder)
Type in C:
Type civ

And your playing the game now.
so long as they are in a Folder youll be able to play them through the dosbox

malachi 2012-11-29 0 point DOS version

i have never played it

asdfq34598745 2012-11-20 0 point DOS version

Civilization has the weakest copy protection I've ever seen. It gives you the answers to its own doc check, and the doc check always occurs at 3000 BC, so you could just save the turn before that (3020 BC), and load if you fail the doc check. So easy.

S3nd41 2012-11-12 0 point DOS version

Does this have the security protection? It destroys all my units.

wilspiers 2012-10-06 0 point DOS version

lol someone asked already thx

wilspiers 2012-10-06 0 point DOS version

how do i play this game i cant get it to run

dafrandle 2012-10-03 0 point DOS version


use google

jibba 2012-08-30 0 point DOS version

excellent game..thank you..ONE QUESTION..

How do you bypass the security check questions that randomly appear without having the original instructions manual?

MegaZero 2012-08-09 0 point DOS version

Guys above, please look on youtube for a Dosbox tutorial

Tekdude 2012-08-04 0 point DOS version

Working ok for me on Windows 7(64 bit) using DOSBox0.74.

I extracted it to a folder I named DOS on my "D:" drive. It created a folder called CIV in it.

In DOSBox, at the "Z:\" prompt, I mounted the folder as my "C:" drive by entering this command: mount c d:\dos\civ

After, I changed to my newly mounted "C:" drive by entering: C: at the
"Z:\" prompt.

Lastly, at the "C:" prompt, I entered CIV (that is the executable file). You go through the SETUP and then INTRO and I was in.

Fun stuff. Hope this helps.

Confused Person 2012-06-15 0 point DOS version

When I downloaded it, it was just a bunch of different files that I couldn't use. Help!

Anonymous 2012-06-12 0 point DOS version

How do I make him run in DosBox?

Biscuitfondler 2012-06-01 0 point DOS version

What about mac?

admin 2012-05-04 2 points DOS version

"this download seems to be missing the executable file"
?? Double check this ;)

stasis06 2012-05-03 0 point DOS version

I've never plaid a game so much without getting bored of it. That being said, my Super Nintendo copy finally stopped working (NOOOOOO) and this download seems to be missing the executable file. I already have DOSBox and it won't open without the correct file. Any suggestions?

Danielle 2012-03-11 0 point DOS version

One of the best games of all-time

Bill 2011-12-24 0 point DOS version

It doesn't work with Windows 7. You have to use dosbox

Teabag 2011-12-16 0 point DOS version

It is cool

archie 2011-12-03 0 point DOS version

good !!!!

Slavic 2011-06-05 0 point DOS version

How can you build your palace to the max?:O

Satanicus 2011-06-02 0 point DOS version

Catdog@ None of Dos games works in Win7.. Get DosBox to run it.

catdog 2011-03-28 0 point DOS version

Does anyone know if this game runs with windows seven?

Purplekid 2011-03-20 0 point DOS version

Best game ever made!!!!

Annie 2011-03-17 0 point DOS version

Having trouble running this game on your OS? Try DosBox, or if it's not a dos game, take a look at the file extension and do a search for a like emulator.

Mismu 2010-12-23 0 point DOS version

Dosbox fixes the problem :)

admin 2010-10-26 0 point DOS version

Hmmm, no, no @Sim, it is in the archive.

Sim 2010-10-26 1 point DOS version

execuable file is missing.

vantaran 2010-05-24 1 point DOS version

Civilization is one of the classics that defined PC gaming for the '90s. I spent whole days and nights playing the game, and it still has a firm lock on me today.

macedon 2010-02-09 0 point DOS version

Alexander is Macedonian and emperor of Macedonians!

admin 2009-11-10 0 point DOS version

The file works fine

dasada 2009-11-07 0 point DOS version

zip file is broken

admin 2008-03-27 0 point DOS version

I taking a look at this, please search again later ;)

CtB 2008-03-24 0 point DOS version

any chance of getting the english version? I remember playing this too much at my Uncle's, it was like crack.

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