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Most of the content on My Abandonware comes from our work, MobyGames or the old Home of the Underdogs. Comments are a great way to contribute on the site, but as the game database is getting bigger and bigger, many games have poor pages, missing screenshots, genre or theme, and more. You can contribute easily to the site by mail, this is the best feedback you can give us!

A quick way to help is a donation through Buy Me a Coffee or PayPal (email address on the BMAC page), this money goes to server rent, and rare games we order mostly on eBay. As a bonus, you'll get ad-free browsing forever when logged in! Use the same email address on BMAC and MAW, or contact us after donation.

For most of the games on the site, we are looking for screenshots, a game description (new or an edit), extras (manuals, reference cards, maps, etc.), even votes can be great!

We are also looking for other languages for all games, please contact us if you own non-English copies. If you own a large game archive, we are interested especially if you have remote access (FTP, NAS) - we can assist you to set up a NAS.


We have a dedicated page for taking and sending screenshots, you simply have to send them by mail (). Regular contributors get credited on the about page.

We list 5 games missing screenshot at the end of the sidebar (updated every day). If you register or log in, this page will display more random games missing screenshot.

Descriptions, How-to, External Sites

The defunct Home of the Underdogs released all their reviews several years back. These reviews are on the game pages for about 1800 games, but most of them are pure blocks of text. We edit them at a slow pace to make them readable, but you can help by sending an edited version to us.

We are also looking for real gamer experience and memories on any game have, as well as useful resources like fan sites. Installation guides can be useful too for some games. You'll get credited for every contribution on the game page. Simply send us the game url and the game description by mail:

Missing Games, Manuals and extras

Sending new games by mail is a bit annoying, start by sending us a , we'll give you instructions to send us the game. Manuals and extras can be sent, zipped, .

Missing Themes

All our game themes and mirrored on MobyGames and updated from time to time. MobyGames isn't perfect, though, some themes are missing. If you can give us a list of 5 games at least for a new theme, we'll add it. This can be a daunting task, though!

More Logos

Our logo comes in different flavors, and we'd like to have more of them! Designers can contribute by creating a themed logo with old games sprites, email us to get our assets.

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