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Need for Speed: Underground 2

Windows - 2004

Alt names 极品飞车: 地下狂飙2, NFSU2
Year 2004
Platform Windows
Released in France, Germany, Poland, United States (2004)
Finland (2008)
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Arcade, Automobile, Licensed Title, Street Racing, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer Electronic Arts Black Box
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.41 / 5 - 378 votes

Description of Need for Speed: Underground 2

If you haven't played Need for Speed: Underground 2 or want to try this racing / driving video game, download it now for free! Published in 2004 by Electronic Arts, Inc., Need for Speed: Underground 2 (aka 极品飞车: 地下狂飙2, NFSU2) is still a popular arcade title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.4/5 rating.

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Comments and reviews

rui 2023-01-26 0 point

i like

te533490 2023-01-26 0 point

invalid registry or ini

Mexmox6562 2023-01-19 0 point

HELP the disc image wont mount it opens imgburn instead and i cant download the game :(

Icky Thump 2023-01-12 0 point

UPDATE: Didn't realize you had to hit the button to the right of Keyboard Configuration to switch to Joypad. BUT, now the game crashes everytime i try to bind something to the triggers.

Icky Thump 2023-01-12 0 point

Got the game patched, cracked, and running good. But i'm having controller issues. Navigating the menus with it works fine, but I cannot change keybinds with it at all; the game doesn't recognize input from it when i press a button. Using a wireless Xbox One S controller. Help?

NFSU2 2023-01-06 -1 point

the game always needs a CD.. any fix

Usagi Tsukino 2022-12-28 0 point

Could someone please post a code for an European version (that available in English, Dutch, Swedish & Danish)?

shxfi 2022-12-25 1 point

why isn't it getting open. somebody help me

andysee 2022-11-03 4 points

it keeps asking me to insert the correct cd rom how do i fix this

kaisersoze 2022-10-30 1 point

I use win11 not working :(

jutt 2022-09-26 0 point

this is best game

godzu 2022-09-07 2 points

i did everything that was asked the crack didn't work

Square 2022-08-21 4 points

Would love to see Need for Speed Carbon as it's been abandonware for years with it not being sold for any platforms whatsoever

trigun_bdn 2022-08-04 1 point

Hi! I had the same problem with the "insert cd 2" after put the modgraphic 1.3. I can open the game with this fix.[FRENCH]%20No-CD/Fixed%20EXE
i hope it helps you!

UCR 2022-07-22 0 point

For people who cant surpass the insert disc 2 part. Try dowloading game by right clicking after click the connect part where there is a disc symbol and then using the setup.exe. Your computer will act like you actually inserted a disk and there will be a prompt that says what to do with this disc. Click to the prompt then click setup.exe. Enter the key that was given from somebody else below the comments. Click install and after of course there will be insert disc 2 prompt. Finally right click disc2.iso, click the "connect" part with the disc symbol. Now you can proceed the part where you enjoy nfsu2. Again.

sid 2022-07-19 0 point

Hey!!! I really wanna play this game. But the problem is that it's saying please insert disc 2. Can someone please help me out?

db40 2022-07-16 0 point

how do i replace the nfs thing im so confused?

Talha 2022-06-22 0 point

yes ıts nice but after doing update open game want cd2 but no problem thx

fiar35 2022-06-03 1 point

nocd crack isn't working for me, keeps telling me to "insert disk 2" when i try to run it without the .iso files mounted

baka 2022-05-20 13 points

guys,plz need help, how can i get the speed2.exe ? the game is asking me to insert disk number 2

Backstreetboy. 2022-05-15 0 point

Good game. Thanks.

Neo 2022-05-14 1 point

After mounting and entering the key, It keeps asking to insert Disk 1 although I have disk 1 mounted. Please help.

eXnil 2022-05-09 -1 point

Amazing work guys TY. Also:
NFSU2 how to use unique/contest/art factory vinyls with other vinyls

Intro, TLDR

So back in the PS2 glory days while I was a teenager, I had this game and spent hundreds of hours playing this. In my time playing I discovered the best cosmetic glitch in the game. I never uploaded this or shared because I never had the internet at home. I feel bad having never shared this with the world apart from my friends, though I do wonder if anyone else stumbled across this, I don't see why not... it was a glitch that I merely stumbled across by accident after all... That being said, I never did meet anyone else who had...

Step 1:
Select regular/body(anything except vinyls that would normally replace all slots i.e. unique/contest/art factory) vinyls for any of the 4 slots available for vinyls and set them up exactly as you want them.
Step 2:
Purchase/install the vinyls you have.
Step 3:
Go back into the vinyls and select the layer that you want the unique/contest/art factory to be on. Select "change" not remove and choose the one you want to install. Now immediately select the same slot and choose change. This will glitch the game and load all other vinyls + the full custom vinyl. now back out, purchase setup and save.

This works on any car, any layer, any combination. I spent hours customizing cars given the customization options this opened up for the game, now you can see why... I know this game is but a fond memory for most, and newer games have far better customization for vinyls etc. but, I loved these custom vinyl jobs they had in NFSU2 and what I made with them, for anyone going back with those rose tinted glasses and this glitch that may be new to you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I just have replaying it one more time 8) Probably not the last :p

ary 2022-05-03 1 point

the speed2.exe opens but the screen remains blank for a few seconds and then it automatically closes and rungame.exe does not run, help me out if I missed out smtg.
i have replaced speed2.exe

chocolate 2022-05-02 -1 point

can this run in windows xp?

valaki 2022-04-20 -2 points

I need to insert CD-ROM but i don't have it. :/

KARAMELA 2022-04-07 0 point


Wizard 2022-04-03 1 point

Does it work on windows 10 ?

Gabrielx36 2022-03-19 1 point

Does this game work on windows XP?

Gabrielx36 2022-03-16 1 point

All I get from the no cd patch is an errorr. Is it mabye cause I in a virtual machine running windows xp x64?

Gabrielx36 2022-03-16 0 point

Help. I can't get the No cd patch to work. I did what you guys said but I couldn't get in to work in xp. Do you guys know if I'm doing anything wrong?

geekmin 2022-03-16 2 points

I've installed the game and applied the NoCD patch. I proceed to click the new exe. It says "please insert disc 2."

HUH? Do I need V1.2 patch?

Gabrielx36 2022-03-16 0 point

Help. I can't get the No cd patch to work. I did what you guys said but I couldn't get in to work in xp. Do you guys know if I'm doing anything wrong?

Sonny 2022-03-10 1 point

Hey guys has anyone got any tips on how to get this game to work with a controller, i have followed the updated install guide and installed the widescreen patch etc, the game runs great but doesnt detect my controller at all, not in the menus or in options where you change the keybinds, ive tried with an xbox elite series 2 and a ps4 controller, they work fine with other games. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

BOZZA 2022-02-01 0 point

I would like to play this game because I have hered that it is good.

nice 2022-01-19 0 point

nice game, run perfect on windows 10, but the audio it missing, and the control for windows 10 is horrible

kLÜGLSCHEI?ER 2021-12-29 -1 point

The Game works but i cant drive. i only drive backword and a cant stop my car. in nfs mw the same, but there i can only drive forward and right.

2010 2021-09-15 11 points

The Older need for speed games are probably the ones WITHOUT THE PAY TO WIN STUFF AND THEYRE BETTER.

New 2021-09-06 -2 points

Do I have to download the Disk 2?

CaptainShell95 2021-08-05 -3 points

Whats the code for need for speed underground 2 disk 1

Adrish Pal 2021-07-29 4 points

while installing it is saying that please insert disk number 2

NepTune 2021-07-16 1 point

Thanks for sharing this! I followed "UPDATED INSTALL GUIDE"s and "BK2010"s guide step by step and it works great!

PS.: I assume there is no way i can get the game's audio / video (not just switching the text!) in other languages?

Hammerman 2021-06-24 11 points

Please upload NFS Carbon here too, it was removed from Steam, so we cannot obtain it legally anymore.

BK2010 2021-05-20 0 point

@ blackbillymayes

Also if you do not want to overwrite the orignal speed2.exe with the noCD patch then make a copy of the orignal and place it somewhere else before pasting the noCD patch into the game installation.

BK2010 2021-05-20 0 point

@ blackbillymayes

Most simple way to do it (if you have the game installed and a shortcut exists on the desktop) right the shortcut and click open file location, this will bring you directly to were the game was installed, now open a new window for Windows explorer (leaving the current window open where the game is installed) navigate to the cracked no cd patch and copy it, go back to the window were the game installation is and paste the patch by overwriting the existing speed2.exe.

BK2010 2021-05-20 0 point

@Naufal Dzol

You will need mounting software to mount the images
Windows (DAEMON Tools Lite) nofree or (WinCDEmu) free.

Both can be found on the Internet, Daemon tools is not free (might be a trail version)
WinCDemu is free, although that software is quite old now so not too sure you can still get it. However I think Windows 10 has built in mounting software despite it's other downfalls.

dest 2021-05-15 0 point

we have to wait in the future

jayknight 2021-05-03 3 points

honestly im confused AF anyone have a full guide of how i can install this game i keep getting stuck after the intial install when it ask me to enter disk 2

Naufal Dzol 2021-04-27 0 point

@BK2010 may I ask something? So about the NoCD patch, first how do I mount the image before installing the game?

blackbillymayes 2021-04-17 0 point

can someone give me a guide on how to replace the NoCD SPEED2 with the speed2 on disk 2? i am stuck at this part, and dont want to delete this

ReyOrton24 2021-04-10 1 point

It would be amazing if you include the European version. But at least we can download this game in a place of trust.

loubke 2021-04-06 1 point

Hey, so I don't know if anyone else has this problem or maybe I did something wrong. But everytime I try to drop the .dll file it says it there is not enough space on the disk.
Same when I copy the speed2.exe from nocd. It just says that there is no space left instead of replacing it. Some steps I forgot or am I gonna have to start a prayer?

Milim 2021-03-20 1 point

Played through almost the entire game, but now I get a CTD every time i try to load the actual game world. Reinstalling the exe used to fix it but now im no longer able to play. Anyone have a fix for this?

Stozza 2021-03-18 1 point

Mine has installed perfectly, running sweet as a nut however I cant get my controller to switch for racing, works perfectly in menus. Just doesn't change the keys for racing (I have changed and tested after to check but still no joy) Any ideas?

0x1 2021-03-13 0 point


Sounds like your trying to copy the Speed2.exe file to the mounted image and not were you installed the game? or you have actually have no space left.

confused 2021-03-12 -1 point

How do I replace the Speed2 file? Every time I try to move the new Speed2 file into the folder, it simply says "There is insufficient space." It gives me no option to overwrite or replace. I've tried everything I can think of and I'm just totally unsure what I'm doing wrong.

BK2010 2021-03-04 0 point


I wouldn't say completely ignore my guide, personally I would avoid KeyGens "most" of them are malware. I my guide I have included the key needed to get the game going,some useful spec info along info for getting the game working on Linux, another way of doing it in general, I take it your guide is soley for windows though.

However I thank you for the very useful tip regarding the game crashing, wasn't too sure as to why that was :)

ADDENDUM TO THE GUIDE 2021-03-04 0 point

I'm not entirely sure if the controller fixes are enabled by default with the Widescreen Fix patch, so make sure to open the .ini file and set ImproveGamepadSupport to the right number for you.

UPDATED INSTALL GUIDE 2021-03-04 20 points

Alright, here's the best, hopefully idiot-proof install guide for this classic. Ignore BK2010's guide as it has some issues and is outdated.

Step 1: Install the game by mounting the ISO for CD1 and running the setup.exe, then mounting CD2 when prompted. You can get a key for the game online or use a Keygen.

Step 2: Install the 1.2 update, it's absolutely necessary to have it! In most cases, it'll be a matter of just running the executable and the patch will install itself super-fast without having to do anything.

Step 3: Crack the game, aka overwrite SPEED2.EXE with the one from the NoCD download.

Step 4: Install the Widescreen Fix for the game, which also fixes some issues and allows you to properly play with a controller. You can find it here:
Just open the file and drop the .dll and the scripts folder into the same directory as your SPEED2.EXE. It'll work on its own, but you can tinker with the settings, found in the 'scripts' folder, if you need to and know what you're doing. If you have issues with the game crashing when entering shops and stuff like that, open the .ini file and change SingleCoreAffinity = 0 to = 1.

Step 5: Right click the executable, go to Properties, and set Compatibility Mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

Step 6: Run the game. It should be at your desktop resolution by default, and if you plan on using a controller you really should change the controls. When rebinding them, don't be confused by the button that shows up; the inputs will be set to whatever you pressed, even if it displays a completely different button.

Step 7: Profit. Ideally you should be good to go. I recommend adding a couple more mods, particularly Extra Options, to fix up other problems the game has and get more out of the game.

There you go! If the game still doesn't work for you, then pray to the old gods or do some ritualistic dance: there's no further help I can give you at this point.

Jimmy J 2021-01-11 0 point

It worked perfect for me.

noob 2020-12-24 2 points

I mounted the ISOs, installed the game with the key, and replaced the SPEED2.exe with the NOCD one. When I try to launch the game with the new speed2.exe the screen goes black for a bit and it doesn't load the game.

I'm on Windows 10, what can I do to run the game?

qwerty 2020-12-15 0 point

it worked when i used a different crack than the one provided. also had to run the UniWS as adminastrator to get it to work. Even then, sometimes the game crashed while playing, but it happened rarely so i guess it's tolerable, just save after every race.

C e a p a V e r d e 2020-11-22 0 point

Uhm so yeah i do not know why or how but the NOcD patch dose not work for me. I did intaled as the comentator BK2010 said, and the application just closes it's self in a second. Any help ?

NFSRETRO 2020-11-13 0 point

If anyone is on low spec trying to run this and need more Frames per second, turn off High contrast and overbright settings, biggest fps killers, and to be honest the game looks better without them :)

Zephyr 2020-11-11 -2 points

Forget it, I have found da wae, follow BK2010 instructions, I didn't try playing without the patch, but probably it will run without it.
The thing is, instead of using the normal NoCd, use the one in this site:

That'll do it, good luck in the canyons of your life.

Zephyr 2020-11-11 2 points

So I am on Win 10 and got the game to start only with both image files mounted, I already replaced SPEED2.exe, but somehow it is not working without the discs yet. :(

uh 2020-11-11 -1 point

i'm getting an installation error saying "a problem occurred trying to transfer the file E:\Movies\blank.vp6 from the media" i tried to restart the installation and nothing happened... any suggestions?

BK2010 2020-11-08 51 points

Small guide to get the game working:

you only need this patch if you plan have
a NVIDIA 6800 which the patch offers better performance
or if your going to host LAN games.

What you will need:
Min spec requirements: for mostly low settings @ 640x480 res with 30fps

CPU: Pentium III or Athlon XP
CPU SPEED: 933 mhz
RAM: 256 MB
OS: Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP

Recommended requirements:

CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP (Or any decent single core or multithreaded single core)
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Windows XP


You will need mounting software to mount the images
Windows (DAEMON Tools Lite) nofree or (WinCDEmu) free

Copy of the game.


1. Mount images

2. Install game

3. When asked for key enter

4. Copy the speed2.exe you got from extractig the NoCD patch
to the same directory the game is installed, you will be
asked if you want to repace the speed2.exe currently present
there, yes you do :)

5. Download the Universal Widescreen (UniWS) Patcher
(Skip this step if you don't higher resolutions and widescreen)
this will allow you set a custom widescreen resolution, as the game
without it only goes to 1024x768, but make the resolution in the game
set to 640x480, you can set the games custom higher resolution with
the UniWs patcher.

5. Launch, configure your graphics settings and enjoy the game

If you want to put a copy of the game on another computer, simply copy the
entire Need for speed Underground 2 folder (after doing all the above) onto
a external USB, then you can simply copy to anywhere on the other computer
or you can simply run the game from the USB stick.

More notes: Game tested and works on Windows 7,also runs on Linux with wine
but I recommend doing all the above and then simply copy the installation folder
to USB, then in Linux (change directory) to the Game and simply run the speed2.exe with wine.

Some Linux crashes were observed, while this can happen, it does not happen all
the time and could be limited to only my setup.

Enjoy :)

BK2010 2020-11-08 0 point

@Misfit: You need to download the nocd patch on from this page and copy over the Speed2.exe to replace the one where you installed the game, then the game should launch.

Misfit 2020-11-07 0 point

So I got it to install, but everytime I try to launch the game, it says I need to insert the correct disk.

I tried launching it with both ISOs opened, and tried each open alone and it keeps saying it. What should I do here? It's most likely stupidly easy but I can't figure it out.

Boboiboy Awakening 2020-11-04 -1 point

Is there a code to play this game??

Bk2010 2020-11-04 26 points

Code for installing:

GHOST4710 2020-10-07 -10 points

How do I delete this game

Girfan3198 2020-10-07 -2 points

Can't get it to run keeps asking to insert the right disc. which disc am i supposed to mount.

Sabouter 2020-10-05 1 point

Download the Ea games generic multi keygen.

ramón mercader 2020-10-04 8 points

to install the game I need a code, can't find it. any help?

stinky 2020-10-01 10 points

hey myabandonware team!

will you release either most wanted or carbon in the future? thanks!

Devonoss 2020-09-30 2 points

Hooray,it is now abandonware!

Lobo 2020-09-25 2 points

My favourite NFS!

Any chance 2020-09-24 4 points

we will see the first Most Wanted?

Trusteft 2020-09-23 -12 points

I have them on discs, but still thank you.

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