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Need for Speed: High Stakes

Windows - 1999

Alt names Need for Speed: הדרך לניצחון, 极品飞车:孤注一掷, NFS 4, Need for Speed 4, Need for Speed: Brennender Asphalt, Need for Speed: Conduite en état de liberté, Need for Speed: Road Challenge, Over Drivin' IV
Year 1999
Platform Windows
Released in Finland, France, Germany, United States (1999)
France, Germany, Thailand (2000)
Australia (2001)
France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom (2003)
Genre Racing / Driving, Simulation
Theme Arcade, Automobile, Street Racing, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., Electronic Arts, Inc., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Developer EA Seattle, Electronic Arts Canada, Electronic Arts Seattle
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.49 / 5 - 437 votes

Description of Need for Speed: High Stakes

Need for Speed: High Stakes, a really nice simulation game sold in 1999 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play an arcade, vehicle simulator, automobile and street racing video game title.

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Comments and reviews

Free Race Freak 2024-03-15 -1 point

When you Installing NFS 2,3,4,5 Original Isos, on one System, they are bite.

I also have NFS HP2

Free Race Freak 2024-03-15 -1 point

Please do not Install NFS 2,3,4,5 all on the Same System, they are biting

NFS 1 From Gamesnostalgia
NFS 2 and 3 From Abandonware France
NFS 4 Original with Vegs Patch, you can Use Cheats From Mogelpower
NFS 5 Original you can Play With Savegame.

Free Race Freak 2024-03-02 0 point

there is no savegame

Tampot 2023-12-27 2 points

NFS HS with all addon cars (DL, Aus and JP) + widescreen (16:9):

Download - extract anywhere you want.

Download hypernucle ws patch: - extract to NFS HS folder - replace files.

Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86 (vcredist_x86.exe)


If not working, open dgVoodooCpl.exe from NFS folder and set Output API to best available one.

FrYYYze 2023-12-08 0 point

Игра хорошая, благодарю вас!

DeathCold 2023-11-19 -3 points

Well, NFS High Stakes is just NFS 3 but a bit improved. Nothing special. Sure, it still feels cool but again, lack of new content makes it a bit boring.

Free Race Freak 2023-09-07 0 point

Thank You My Dear Myabandonware Admin

TheOutspoken 2023-08-11 0 point

Could we get a Modern Patch without malware, Evgeny?

FR0NTB0T 2023-07-31 1 point

Can not mount image because the file seems to be corrupted.

Unown 2023-06-14 0 point

thanks @DRAGOS

Dragos 2023-04-24 3 points

Here's the preinstalled version: Can you add this to Abandonware?

ledbullet100 2023-03-11 3 points

hard to install a patch to play the game WHEN THE FILE IS CORRUPTED!!!!

engr hadi 2022-12-21 3 points

for windows 10 download iso file then mount it and copy all files to a new folder then download first patch and install game and enjoy

Antenne Vorarlberg Chillout Lounge 2022-12-12 -1 point

Here is a link to 'NFS4 - Installed Full'. Not sure how long it'll keep on zippy if it isn't accessed regularly, so to whoever is moderating here, maybe add it here as a download option?

Antenne Vorarlberg Chillout Lounge 2022-12-12 0 point

So here is what I ended up doing to get it going on win 10.
I ran a win 7 VM in wich it installed just fine, it did involve PowerISO though for mounting. Then I copied the install dir to win 10.

Win 10 instructions:

1. Copy to where you keep your games 'NFS4 - Installed Full'.
2. Run patch (01) install in 'NFS4 - Installed Full', ignore read only files.
3. Install extra cars (04), hassle I skipped this.
4. Copy paste content patch (02) in 'NFS4 - Installed Full'.
- The game is now playable, try it (nfs4.exe) once maybe for next steps recognition? (is what I did not sure if necessary)

5. Install Patch (03), mainly for proper resolution on wide screen (you still have to tweak the in game graphics and disable wide screen).
- Yes to copy music dir/files (did not come up, but it did in win 7)
- Yes to 3D Setup
-- pick: nGlide
- yes to run nGlide config
-- pick: resolution » by desktop
-- pick: Vsync off (personal preference)

6. Play the game with regular nfshs.exe

01. Special Installer with included patch 4.50, nocd and fixes
image must be mounted first English version 1011 KB

02. Modern Patch made by Evgeny English version 2 MB

03. NFS_HS_EP_Setup_V4.0_1.76 (someone linked to this in the comments)

04. Official Extra Cars English version 40 MB

Link for 'NFS4 - Installed Full' in next comment. Don't know where to upload it permanently though.

SamyRETROGAMING 2022-07-02 -2 points

i will play this game

SHEV BIN 2022-05-31 -1 point


Lucke 2022-05-22 -2 points

I am trying to delete this file but the whole zipped folder says unable to delete. Hell, I am even unable to delete from my downloads folder saying access denied. What gives?

Oldgamesru ( No Codemasters ) 2022-02-17 -2 points

Have also F1 Racing Simulation

FIN_K89i 2022-02-01 -1 point

not work on windows 98

Kakoscar 2022-01-06 0 point

El mejor N4S, con sus pistas espectaculares y muy buenos coches. Mis pistas favoritas, Celtic Ruins, Route Adonf, Dolphin Cove y Snowy Ridge; Y mis autos favoritos el Chevrolet Corvette y el Lamborghini Diablo. Need For Speed High Stakes!

Sasawaa 2021-12-29 1 point

If it helps anyone I used ISO Buster to read the .CCD file. and then followed the directions for the Modern Patch below and it worked for me. ((Windows 8.1(Yes I refuse to update))

Drippyfrog 2021-11-28 0 point

Pretty good and i gotta say it does give me nostalgia because i used to play back in the day when it came out

DIABLO 2021-10-15 0 point


Black windows? You r using the software renderer. Use your 3d card, then the graphics r BEAUTIFUL

TMA 2016 2021-10-13 3 points

Yes if disc image is corrupted just add the Modern patch which is below. works like magic

Pilot_Kaboom 2021-10-12 0 point

Anyone have any fixes for running this more naturally on a normal resolution or ultrawide monitor? It runs fine, but it is stretching the output a bit weirdly and I would like a not awful display output lol.

NFS man 2021-06-07 2 points

Nice game!

erfan 2021-03-24 1 point

yeah boii i played 5 on android and now this super game wow wow wow thanks

Kan 2021-01-26 1 point

I have tried to get the game working on android using magic dosbox but not successful. In Win 95 it throws access violation error. I wanted it as its much better to PS1 in my opinion. Can any abandonware friends help

darklocket 2021-01-17 19 points

how I got NFS IV High Stakes to work on windows 10

Copy DATA and SAVEDATA directories from the NFS4 CD to Need For Speed IV High Stakes

copy the nfs4_modern_patch files to Need For Speed IV High Stakes and over write.

install the High Stakes IP Lounge installer Expansion Pack Installer file called NFS_HS_EP_Setup_V4.0_(1.78).exe
say yes to many errors then the choose options will come up.
for the IP Lounge EP installer, add:
mercury / 1mbyte error patch
enable movies
some of the options maybe overkill, the installer will also run into issues because NFS HS was not officially installed, so the installer will fail install, due to many missing registry keys including the nfshs.exe that is installed, but the options work, the cars work
say yes to any other installer errors and yes to install anything else the installer suggest to add

manually copy the IP Lounge installer Expansion Pack installed files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed to the Need For Speed IV High Stakes and over write.

to fix NFS HS Mixer
copy all NFS HS Mixer files to Need For Speed IV High Stakes folder
and adjust shortcut target to D:\Games\Need For Speed IV High Stakes\Mixer.exe

copy over previously saved game if you played NFS HS before
copy the files below to Need For Speed IV High Stakes\SaveData
saves folder to Need For Speed IV High Stakes\SaveData

run totalpatch 3.0 to unlock Ferarri and Mercedes for hot pursuit mode

install Keiiko NFS2/3/4 Wrapper
copy the setupMP wrapper from setupMP to Need For Speed IV High Stakes
run the setupMP.exe
yes to allow windows
no to set optionsfor setupMP
choose thrash driver tab and nGlide selection
goto nGlide tab and choose use desktop resolution and preseve aspect ratio
save and run

When need to lanuch the game next time, launch the moderm patch nfs4.exe file, not the ip lounge updated nfshs.exe

set the "Options"/"Graphics" to 1600 x 1200
do not enable triple buffer under "Options"/"Graphics"/"Advanced settings"., otherwise the game may end up crashing with an AMF=5 screen.c(563) error.
to fix this, youll need to delete the file SaveData\config.dat, run and reconfigure the game.

the IPLounge client does not work in this setup, but you get the HS Mixer, and the extra cars, track changer, plus the HOSS updated menu system in the game.

vivi 2020-12-16 -1 point

my hand was hurting. Go left and right so sooooooo hard i almost fainted . # interesting game

vivi 2020-12-16 -1 point

my hand was hurting. Go left and right so sooooooo hard i almost fainted . # interesting game

Jürgen 2020-11-21 0 point

Online Racing Community for this Game: Discord:

There in the Disord are guides pinned on how to set up the game to play online.
There is even a ranking list here:

Alex 2020-10-07 11 points

An updated version of the Modern Installer posted here can be found @

mef 2020-10-01 0 point

I think i got the Exceptions error cause my virus program took a trojan out of the Modern Patch. Not sure.

mef 2020-10-01 0 point

When installing the Modern Patch, I get some Exceptions Caught message.

mef 2020-10-01 0 point

Is it possible to get better graphics going?

mef 2020-10-01 0 point

Reply to poneshot91...

Where do the extra cars files go?

Diaa 2020-08-09 2 points

I want to download the game and play it directly without any trouble why this complicated

Diaa 2020-08-09 1 point

Testimony !! You have downloaded the game but I did not understand what I will do these needs to be programmed for this complexity

poneshot91 2020-08-08 3 points

1. Mount image.
2. Install from the disc.
3. Run patch while still having image mounted.
4. Install extra cars.
5. Install modern patch.

Ismet 2020-07-04 3 points

if anyone is interested in playing nfs hs online, look here:

James Martindale 2020-05-29 1 point

For people who are having trouble mounting the IMG file, try converting it to an ISO. I made an open-source converter called ccd2iso specifically so I could play this game, but there's also freeware tools for disc authoring that can mount .img files.

Diaa 2020-05-28 1 point

Does the game work on Windows 7?

Diaa 2020-05-28 1 point

Please put a video tutorial on how to install

cbm 2020-05-23 0 point

Works fine in win 10 64 bit when using English and the modern patch. Use deamon tools to mount image on windows 10. Then copy the content of the mounted image to a folder then copy the modern patch on top and you are good to go.

FUSO XELA 2020-05-07 1 point


jawvi 2020-04-24 2 points

I cant mount the image on my win10 .. any suggestions?

YaYou_09 2020-04-22 1 point

i downloaded the game & started playing it...and for a brief moment i forget my adulthood my problems my everything...i turned 4yo again
thank you so much

kwn2391 2020-04-11 0 point

Just awesome! Was talking to a mate about old games and this came back to me! So keen to get back into it!

KingLich 2020-03-23 0 point

thanks a lot, I used to play this a lot when I was just a little kiddo. Time to try again.

lukhazzoi 2020-03-08 -5 points

how to install this ?

Snore 2019-12-27 2 points

I can't believe someone got this game working on modern machines. God bless. I've been looking for this for so many years.

Muhammad Arslan 2019-12-04 2 points

its really good game to play in so many years ago i was installed my date this game for me that time i was just three years old when i start play with my old keyboard on computer that reminde my memories with game . thank you so much who made this game that i never see any badness of graphic game and so hot pursuit this game even yet the time .

Colonel B Tirrell 2019-09-17 0 point

try to intilled a game called need for speed high stakes you know

asr966 2019-08-11 1 point

good game ever

sam lim 2019-04-18 0 point

hi in install but it doesnt scale correct any help?

noizefreak 2019-02-07 3 points

omg, my childhood was 24/7 playing that game. i stopped on tournament of champions and didn't finished it because should get back to study((((.

Yazhi 2018-12-16 0 point

Many thnx. Been looking for this.

VS 2018-12-04 2 points

Runs well on my Windows XP system, though the graphics is not as good as it was when I played it 15 years back with a graphics card. Maybe they'll have emulators for old graphics cards some day. :) Haven't found away to run it on my Windows 10 laptop, though.

What I really like about this game is the set of features that I could not find in much later games (e.g., Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010),) such as replay and mirrored tracks. Despite the better graphics in modern games, I prefer this one because of its beautiful locations and pure gameplay. The newer games just do not feel so "nice."

Bavaria 2018-11-18 0 point

very very nice!

spydr97 2018-11-07 0 point

To change the language simply change it in the nfs3.ini config file.

SJU 2018-09-21 4 points

Use the NFS4 Modern Patch on newer Windows systems.

Aentik 2018-08-27 -2 points

indeed it happened to me running on Win 10 32 the menú and the way i start the game yeah it runs but after any mode you play arcade, knockout , career you finish your one race and the game gets you out to win again!!! i still ask why NFS hs has so many issues and NFS 3 HP i can run it perfect i mean its older and with less issues Unfair!!! :( cause so love this game alot more tHan 3!!

Titas21 2018-08-13 2 points

It works on win 2000 but there is a problem when i enable directx it doesn t save single player arcade when i left the game.

FiSH 2018-08-04 0 point

Tested it on Win 10 32 bit with patched installer:
German doesn't work, because the application can't load german speak files of the cops. The program breaks down in that case.

So I tried again in English... I can maybe drive one race and in the main menu I get always an exception and the program breaks down. This is annoying :-(

Titas21 2018-08-04 0 point

So now I know what the problem is I can't turn on car shading. Have any ideas???

Titas21 2018-08-04 0 point

It works, on Windows 2000 but there is a problem. Can you tell me how to make cars look better. I don't know how to remove those nasty black windows on cars.

Earthshine 2018-08-03 -1 point

To create ISO file out of downloaded files, do I have to convert or add files to iso image?

FiSH 2018-08-03 1 point

Works great, but the patched installer mixes languages:
choosing - installing
English - English
Italian - French
French - German
German - Italian
Spanish - Spanish
Swedish - Swedish

Chauhan 2018-07-30 0 point

Need for speed is a best game.

AGENT 2018-07-26 2 points


vick 56 hik 2018-05-31 1 point

one question does it work on win 7 cause i'm downloading it right now

AUSSIEbattler96 2018-05-06 15 points

When i try to mount the ISO image in win10 it says disk image is corrupted and can't mount? Is there a fix?

admin 2018-03-26 -1 point

PATCHNFS.EXE is lowly flagged as Malware on VirusTotal, 2/67.
Totally safe for sure.

Dillweed 2018-03-24 0 point

Download is detected as malware

CsabaZz 2018-03-22 0 point

Sorry, seems the website does not support the use of emojies. :) So, ???? = :O

CsabaZz 2018-03-22 0 point

My god, thanks for sharing! ????

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