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Alone in the Dark

DOS - 1992

Also released on: 3DO - Acorn 32-bit - FM Towns - PC-98

Alt names アローン・イン・ザ・ダーク, 鬼屋魔影, AITD, Call of Cthulhu: Doom of Derceto, In the Dark, Screams in the Dark
Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom (1992)
United Kingdom, United States (1993)
Argentina (1998)
Genre Action
Theme Haunted House, Horror, Interwar, Puzzle elements, Survival Horror
Publisher Infogrames Europe SA, I•Motion, Inc.
Developer Infogrames Europe SA
Perspectives 3rd-Person, Cinematic camera
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73
4.48 / 5 - 201 votes

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Manual available

Description of Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark is a video game published in 1992 on DOS by Infogrames Europe SA, I•Motion, Inc.. It's an action game, set in a horror, survival horror, interwar, haunted house and puzzle elements themes, and was also released on 3DO, Acorn 32-bit, FM Towns and PC-98.

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Comments and reviews

Dan 2024-04-27 0 point

I did a FAQ finishing this game in .BAT editor in DOS. Dont remember the time exactly, but I finished it to fast

alex 2022-08-20 2 points DOS version

memories playing alone in the dark with my all new acer 386 sx-25 with 1mb ram and a magnificent sound blaster 3d ...

kolgeyt 2020-11-23 0 point


CBT 2019-05-26 -5 points

Wait... This isn't abandonware? I thought it was at one point since it's on my PC... Should I delete it now??

Hank 2019-01-26 1 point

I remember this was my first dos game i ever did play Had to have that little blue book played hours on end n lover the sound effects

mauriciomm69 2018-11-17 -1 point DOS version

como se instala? tengo el cd del juego y dosbox pero ni idea de como funciona

fabio 2017-03-30 1 point DOS version

- open dosbox options file
- adjust cpu cycles. (max will disable the music) adjust on the go use ctrl+f11 or crtl+f12

Sergei 2017-01-15 3 points DOS version

I used to play this game absolutely frightened!!!

tigersgrowl 2016-05-04 0 point

Oh, gosh, I remember playing this game back on my 386 with 5.25 inch floppies. I believe there was a total of five in the whole set. It was one of the last games to ever exist on floppies as CD-ROM's have well taken over but my family was poor and I was damned lucky to get the 386 computer.

dee eye why 2015-12-22 4 points

RIP Survival horror. 1993 - 2003.

Andy 2015-04-10 2 points DOS version

I can't believe this site has these titles!

davidlupo95 2014-09-05 0 point DOS version

Did someone fix the audio's problems??

crazzy4game 2014-06-18 -1 point DOS version

is anybody out there? please help me i cant play without Music!!!!

crazy4games 2014-06-18 -3 points DOS version

there is no sound?,i did to get sound and music in alone in dark 1&2&3.please please help me!!!

Justin 2014-06-11 -1 point DOS version

Mi encanta! It's an excellent game, despite the clunky controls!

nekodani 2014-05-05 0 point DOS version


zak 2014-04-11 1 point DOS version

i love that games

ziqi92 2014-04-08 2 points DOS version

Hey guys, if you're having trouble playing the game due to copy protection, (basically the game shuts itself off once you're past the intro sequence because you didn't input the correct combination of images) then Right-click the game on the D-Fend menu (or what have you) and say "Edit." Under Profile Program File, change "" to "crack.exe"

This will let the game accept any image combination on the software protection screen as correct. Enjoy!

JJtheGamer9421 2014-04-04 1 point DOS version

It's a cool game!

thu trang 2014-03-12 0 point DOS version

I would like to download alone in the dark 2014-02-23 0 point DOS version

ainda nao sei

me 2014-02-22 0 point DOS version

yea, just download the english version (the one called Alone In The Dark , not Alone In The Dark (fr) )

yo 2013-11-05 0 point DOS version

Mine cuts off after she walks up the stairs any ideals? -start the crack.exe not tha

Emrock 2013-10-05 0 point DOS version

Es genial

khaled 2013-09-03 0 point DOS version

nice game

Shawnna 2013-08-07 0 point DOS version

Mine cuts off after she walks up the stairs any ideals?

jr 2013-07-02 0 point DOS version

this game must be pretty darn good

Vesania 2013-06-01 -1 point DOS version

Is it works in Win7?

nino 2013-01-22 0 point DOS version


Tiger 2012-12-02 0 point DOS version

The original Alone in the Dark trilogy was amazing. I still actually have the original games, which I'm proud of. Both 1 and 2 I have the original boxes, diskettes, manuals, and the little extras that came with them. I also have the CD version of both 1 and 2 which had a slightly better version of the soundtrack. LOVE these games!

rainec 2012-11-14 0 point DOS version

thanks so much... i've been searching the web forever for this game... was lent to me and before i could carry on playing fully, they took it back... thanks... can you believe it's been so many years? amazing... it's now 2012, nov for the record... :-}

Amaro 2012-10-04 0 point DOS version

ty =-)

Win 3.1 2012-08-24 -1 point DOS version

xii im never play a that time with demo i have scary and play my frist time in day of rain lot with thunders..good times do games with creativity...

Gus 2012-06-12 0 point DOS version

"Call of Cthulhu"!?!?!?

Really!?!? OMG! I need to play this. Ç.Ç

I only had the demo when I was 6 or 7.

DHB 2012-04-01 0 point DOS version

if you want to play a more current survival horror get amnesia the dark descent its totally worth 20$

bahrbrt 2012-03-13 0 point DOS version

project firestart on c64 was older survival horror too :)

admin 2012-03-12 0 point DOS version

@Theo I Just uploaded the manual !

Theo 2012-03-12 -1 point DOS version

I take that back. Best horror game ever. Period!

Theo 2012-03-12 0 point DOS version

Best horror game ever. To bad this version requires the manual (which i cant find, its like ALOT of years since i bought it)......

FatRod 2011-12-23 0 point DOS version

classic!!!! I still get scared!!!

Xifihas 2011-10-24 0 point DOS version

Some people say survival horror got started with Resident Evil. Those people are morons. This is where it all came from and if you ask me, it's still the best one.

English 2011-09-28 0 point DOS version

Anyone figure out how to not have this all in french?

Deagon 2011-01-31 0 point DOS version

Oh man, i still have the floppies for this but no drive. So glad you guys have it for download. I got an epic craving to play the whole series again. Cheers

McKellar 2010-10-18 0 point DOS version

Oh man! I was weaned on this game! I am stoked that you guys have it on here! I cannot wait to play this one! THANK YOU!!! :)

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Acorn 32-bit

FM Towns


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