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Full Throttle

DOS - 1995

Also released on: Mac

Alt names Full Throttle: L'aventure plein tube, Vollgas
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States
Genre Adventure
Theme Contemporary, Crime, Graphic Adventure, Motorcycle, Puzzle elements
Publisher Brasoft Produtos de Informática Ltda., LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Developer LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Perspectives 3rd-Person, 2D scrolling
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72
4.22 / 5 - 344 votes

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Description of Full Throttle

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By the time of Full Throttle’s release LucasArts had become the leading developer in the point-and-click adventure game genre. Their eleventh adventure game, Full Throttle, showed noticeable changes from previous releases. Featuring animated full motion video and action sequences, it set out to out to be the first of the next-generation of adventure games. A new contextual pie menu, through which interactions with objects and characters were controlled, replaced the older menu and inventory interface. The game was fully voiced, featuring professional voice actors. Finally, there was a licenced soundtrack written specially for the game by rock band The Gone Jackals.

While retaining some of the humour found in previous games, the game took a darker turn in its plotline and setting. The story revolves around a gang of bikers known as the Polecats. In a near future version of California they battle against the encroaching advancement of technology and corporate greed. The protagonist, an old-school biker called Ben, finds himself caught up in events relating to an attempt to take over the last motorcycle manufacturer in America. Along the way he finds himself and his gang framed for murder, and so he must clear their names and ensure control of the company passes to the rightful heir.

Compared to LucasArts’ previous games Full Throttle is shorter with smaller self-contained locations. Many of the puzzles contained within them aren’t particularly elaborate, and sometimes it feels that they are just interludes between the various cut scenes. However there’s still enough to carry the story well. The locations are beautifully dark and foreboding, and the characters are well brought to life by the actors voicing them. Altogether, the game succeeds in remaining continually engaging, so if you’ve never hit the road with Ben and his gang, now is the time to do so.

Review By Richard

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Comments and reviews

Ed 2023-10-24 -1 point

I wouldn't call it abandonware when there is a remaster (complete with 'classic' mode) produced by Double Fine, with Full Throttle's original creator Tim Schafer at the helm. So if you purchase that, you are supporting a number of the original creators as well as creating more demand (and therefore opportunity) for these kinds of games. No judgement from me to anyone for getting the game in any which way, but I wanted to post this for anyone who would want to purchase it but wasn't aware there is a highly accessible revamped version of this game available from the horse's mouth.

tama 2023-07-09 0 point

you know what disregard my other comment it does work : ) i just had to move the car around more so the game now knows, might just be some glitch

tama 2023-07-09 0 point DOS version

I loved this and wanted to play it again on steamdeck as I heard the remastered wasn't as good, but at the junkyard scene while I can get the steak into the car and I definitely have the dog stuck up there with the big magnet, and it's growling, ben says he's ill-tempered, when I try to get the forks there's that darn dog again!!
if anyone had that issue id love to know. i might as well just get it on steam if I can't skip that by but I'll try throwing the steak into another car on another play and see if that saves the dog in car state : C

Shinbone 2022-01-03 -1 point DOS version

ScummVM for Android. Yes it runs on your phone. Created in 1988. One of the Timeless treasures.

KC 2018-08-26 0 point DOS version

I downloaded the DOS version of the game and BOXER says there is no DOS programs in the file. Looks like it might be good, but useless to me.

Boitaoutix 2016-12-07 -1 point DOS version

For Full Throttle fans :
:-) :-)

Boitaoutix 2016-12-07 -3 points

Full Throttle Remastered in HD for PC, PS4 et PS Vita has been announced by Double Fine for 2017. :-)

Boitaoutix 2016-12-07 0 point Mac version

Hi ! Have a look to "HOW TO PLAY ABANDONWARE GAMES" on this site.
Extension .img indicates that it is a Mac OS 7 to Mac OS 9 file (as . dmg is for OS X).
Load and install an old Mac emulator.
Enjoy :-)

Mikey 2016-10-21 -1 point DOS version

I have downloaded the file and scummvm but can find the file to .exe any help please

Gendefekt 2016-09-16 2 points Mac version

The Mac version (img) isn't working on ScummVM... how can I play with it ?

Samoyed 2016-08-11 -1 point DOS version

Finally! I LOVED this game back on my old 486-DX266. It taught me what Gamma was (the junkyard scene does is VERY hard to play when its dark!)

Thank You.

Torque 2016-08-03 0 point

To save you need to hold the function key and press F5.

JohnyCash 2016-07-09 0 point DOS version

Does anyone here have saved games (Full throttle). I am on DoxBox and I cant save game. If i have some saved game files I can probably customize and resume where I want.

johnny 2016-07-07 1 point

gente como eu baixo isso? n tem o jogo!

ezrajab 2016-04-29 1 point

I love SCUMMVM ps4 sucks!

poormanisme 2016-01-28 1 point DOS version

i never used to like pointNclick adventure\puzzle games
but years ago when I fell in love with this game, wow what can
I's like it was made for ME....I know it sounds silly,so happy
that I NOW know how to get it up and running.....don't forget to download
ScummVM everyone!!!!!!!!

Fabio 2016-01-10 2 points Mac version

I can't play the game. After downloading and after extracting (on mac) I get the file "Full Throttle.img". This file i can't open with Scummvm and I also can't extract it further.
Any help?

USMCNash 2015-12-08 0 point DOS version

Announced at PSX 2015. Full Throttle Remastered coming in 2017! Loved this game, can't wait for the Remaster!

gustavo 2015-11-29 0 point DOS version

nice game

JoeS 2015-05-23 2 points DOS version

when playing the game on ScummVM, press F5 and you'll open the program's menu. Then you can save, exit, change the game options etc.

matty 2015-05-09 4 points DOS version

How do you save on this game?

GoldenTeddy 2015-05-01 1 point DOS version

Hi everyone,

thanks so much for this fantastic game, keep it up! There are so many gems from the old days here, it's just incredible :)

For those of you who don't know how to run the game:
1) Download SCUMMVM
2) Download Full Throttle zip and extract whereever you like
3) Start SCUMMVM and click add game..., choose the full throttle folder "fullt" and click CHOOSE on the bottom right, and click OK in the next dialog box
4) Mark the game and click START GAME
5) Enjoy :)

CultureVulture 2015-04-03 2 points DOS version

ScRmNgMnKyBoNr, you're an idiot. Mark Hamill is a great voice actor, and in this game he's brilliant.

Izidro 2015-02-02 1 point DOS version

Wow. That is great! Thank you very much!
This game is one of the best games I ever played! They should remaster it!
Works fine with the scumm thingy, even on my Mac.
I only dont have the menus, and in game menus. This makes things a bit harder to play...any suggestions?

Odntht 2015-01-20 2 points DOS version

An awesome game!
I played this game a lot and still thinking one of the best games ever...
because have a good graphics and a great history!
If you like motorbikes or not, i recommend this game
If you like the point-click style or not, i recommend this game!
If you like games with history or not, i recommend this game!
If you like play games or not, i recommend this game!
If you wanna have a great time or not, i recommend this game!

Negao26cm 2014-12-28 1 point DOS version

Very good game, remember me of my old days.

rinku singh 2014-11-29 2 points DOS version


Jeff 2014-10-22 1 point DOS version

OMG I still have this on CD!!! So much fun!

ScRmNgMnKyBoNr 2014-09-10 -1 point DOS version

Works flawlessly with ScummVM - Mark Hamill's worst voice acting ever is featured in this game.

lisa 2014-08-16 -2 points DOS version

how do you run it on scummVM? i have it, extracted it, no idea how to get it to play.

leao 2014-03-22 2 points DOS version

very good...

arzole 2014-02-08 -1 point DOS version

download the scumm add-on from (samsung s3) play store for scummvm to run game

dirk 2014-02-04 1 point DOS version

You should use ScummVM to play the game...

alan 2014-02-02 0 point DOS version


warley 2014-01-24 0 point DOS version

very good game

33 yrs 2014-01-22 1 point DOS version

made my fiftheens hell of a lot more fun

AK 2013-12-19 0 point DOS version

Worked great for me. Love this game!! Wish there was more like it

IceNOX 2013-11-19 1 point DOS version

No .exe or .bat file! Some people said it, but no one answered! Please help! I wanna play this marvelous game again!

Noc 2013-09-29 0 point DOS version

One of the most epic adventure games ever made. Exceptional artwork and general theme.

A must-play for every enthusiast.

"Hallowed Ground"

rengo89 2013-09-18 0 point DOS version


TONSKIY 2013-06-21 1 point DOS version

Play Full Throttle online -

rb 2013-05-28 0 point DOS version

You need ScummVM to run it. It works fine for me.

Codslkjf 2013-05-07 0 point DOS version


vittal 2013-04-16 0 point DOS version

How can make the game work without an executable file?

Machado 2013-04-14 0 point DOS version

There is no *.exe file. I can't run.

Machado 2013-04-14 0 point DOS version

3rd try.

Eudes 2013-04-09 0 point DOS version

is it the complete version or a Demo?

ShakyBones 2013-02-27 0 point DOS version

I couldn't get the voices working in Scummvm.

Sound effect and music were fine, but no voice.

There also were a lot of errors when unziping the file. Not sure what is wrong. Bit of a shame really.

awesome 2013-02-17 0 point DOS version


Pizzaman 2013-02-12 1 point DOS version

Played this game MANY years ago with my son.
Still remember the best line in the game..."I'm not putting my lips on that".
Only part I remember not liking too much was the fight on a bike with the other gang....otherwise FANTASTIC.
Thanks for making these possible. Have dialup only so hopefully I will MAYBE be able to get it in 25 hours or so....GULP!

consiligieri 2013-01-22 0 point DOS version

Thanks good games are not a lot.

fsfilipe 2013-01-09 0 point DOS version

muito bom, lembrando os velhos tempos! kkk só baixar o Scumm e correr pro abraço

MineShelf 2012-07-23 0 point DOS version

Yep, works fine. Just extract and open it with Scumm

Machado 2012-07-18 0 point DOS version

Não rolou...

admin 2012-06-26 0 point DOS version

It's a Scumm game! You need a Scumm virtual machine, downloadable on

FDB 2012-06-15 1 point DOS version

Hey guys, new to this, downloaded the entire file, do I need to create an image file or what? How can I play this awesome game?

SH 2012-06-13 0 point DOS version

Where is the exe file?

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