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The House of the Dead III

Windows - 2005

Alt name HOD3
Year 2005
Platform Windows
Released in Japan, Poland, United Kingdom (2005)
Czechia, Slovakia, United Kingdom (2006)
Genre Action
Theme Horror, Rail Shooter, Zombies
Publisher Mastertronic Games Ltd., SEGA Corporation, SEGA Europe Ltd.
Developer Wow Entertainment, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
4.47 / 5 - 998 votes

Description of The House of the Dead III

The House of the Dead III (aka HOD3), a really nice action game sold in 2005 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a horror, zombies and rail shooter video game title.

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Comments and reviews

boy HALL 2211 2024-07-04 0 point


issue help 2024-06-30 0 point

if your game doesn't launch because of that administrator thing, download the NOCD 914 KB extra. unzip and you'll get a hod3pc.exe file last modified 2/12/2005

Back to your THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD3_EU folder, open the exe folder and it will have hod3pc.exe. Replace that one with the new 2005 exe file and you should be able to launch the game this time

also if you wanna exit the game, you gotta alt-f4

luckboy 2024-06-03 2 points

Hello everyone, don't function in windows 10...

f3 2024-05-26 0 point

no puedo entrar, me pide los privilegios de administrador :(

rippy 2024-05-22 0 point

this game is so nostalgic for me , reminds me of the good old days. thanks for the game lads

coffeesdone7 2024-05-18 0 point


sibtainkalyar 2024-05-04 0 point

i have playe many games in my life but the thotd series is fantastic ]

Jm 2024-04-03 0 point

I love this game! I've played it for years ago, and i still remember this! i love this game :)

babymauler422 2024-04-02 0 point

Imagine yourself being Sega, creating one of the best rail shooter arcades in the 2000s, winning multiple awards with their franchise, and still couldn't be arsed to make a good PC port.

Jokes aside this game rocks, I wish there was more to do in HOTD3 compared to HOTD2.

Yamate 2024-02-09 -1 point

very hard to download!

gk 2024-02-08 0 point

is there an option for 2 players ???

DreiBanned 2024-02-03 1 point

why does it say "please login with administrator and try again"? i cant get past the installation screen

Dis 2023-08-22 8 points

Working for Windows 11 on a modern laptop 12800HX, 64GB Ram, 3070ti

Step 1: Download either this ISO VERSION (really it is an MDF) English version 491 "MB House of the Dead III" or the one on "oldgamesdownload" site; the latter has the crack in the download.

Step 2: After the download has completed, you will find a "The_House_of_the_Dead_III_Win_ROM_EN" zip file. open it. Inside of that will be a folder called game files. Extract that wherever you want. Open it up and you will find a "HOD3.MDF", mount it and you will have access to the setup installer.

NOTE: if mounting for the file doesn't work, you can just convert the MDF to ISO with the "MDF to ISO" freeware program. Once converted mount the ISO or open with Win.rar and access the setup installer. wincdemu for me didn't want to work at all with this games MDF or ISO

Once installed, open the House of the Dead III game folder (will be where you installed it to) and drop the NOCD crack into the EXE folder, I always backup the exe, up to you if you want to.

Run the game from the launcher and you should be ready to go.

drodrik 2023-07-29 1 point

Is there a way to put this game in 1080p?

Kathleen Angeles 2023-03-29 1 point

i cannot play your game , i dont know how to do

Fan del tv-nalga 2023-03-03 -4 points

No puede ser es el juego del ultimo tv-nalga en uno de sus ultimos directos

Leong 2023-02-12 1 point

Why is it lagging, I remember when i use a low spec Win 7 It ran so smooth, but now I can't even run it on a gaming PC

Un pinche perro callejero 2023-01-06 0 point

como hago que funcione en la pc?

Un pinche perro callejero 2023-01-02 4 points

juegazo, lo llegue a terminar en un par de horas con un amigo cuando salimos de la secundaria. ir a los arcade "maquinitas" era lo mejor, grandes momentos

tilin 2022-12-18 1 point

ayuda porfabor no puedo descargar el juego :c
cuando le doy a descargar en la pagina empieza a descargar el zip pero cuando llega a los 38mb/491 sale error de red o archivo incompleto ya lo intente varias veses y me ocurre lo mismo con el hotd 2 si me ayudan a solucionarlo estarte muy agradecido es uno de los juegos de mi infancia :D

yt@ shawal op 2022-11-30 0 point

old memories

spider-man 2022-09-30 0 point

My local arcade [Starcade] has this game. I am so lucky.

bfoot 2022-08-25 -1 point

the old legends gume is here

ISMG0X 2022-06-29 2 points

I Remember Having The Official Disc Back When It Released , Much Fun Must Try

True Seeker 2022-06-17 2 points

If you still playing this game,you are real old legend player....

dubai 2022-04-29 1 point

habiii bii i love this game

Farhan 2022-04-05 1 point

This is my favorite game. So I am really proud myabandonware.

War 2022-04-04 -4 points

Cant download
fix it please

Joyceee 2022-04-04 2 points

I played this game for years at our local arcade after school, I spent a lottt of money looking back... good times!

tafim from bangladesh 2022-03-17 1 point

i finish house of the death 1to 5 ilove this games

Samy5974 2022-02-01 -1 point

this game is cool

adam 2022-01-19 3 points

i love this game so much

pooh 2022-01-10 0 point

how do i set this up?

Im very confused

ahmad 2022-01-02 2 points

this game is so fucking good im really sad its the last on pc, we need remakes or new games asap

Caramel 2021-11-13 0 point

This game floods me with nostalgia, thank you for the happy times!

Zombie Shooting Dude 2021-09-20 0 point

One of the best classic arcade games ever!

shehzad 2021-09-12 0 point

i miss this was our childhood time game :( :( :( i really miss that time :( :(

Aayan 2021-08-14 1 point

it was the best zombie game ever.

turjo 2021-08-02 0 point

i love so much the game

SimonRiley 2021-07-22 2 points

Guys now im 17 years old I first played The House Of The Dead 2 when I was 7 or 10 years now im playing it againg because it was the best zombie game made ever happy days

horror.vampire 28 2021-07-08 -3 points

Iam going to download this 3D zombie game now that iam 28 years old

orgindo 2021-05-17 1 point

Teman-teman ... Cukup pasang .MDF lalu jalankan hod3Launch.exe saat menjelajahi file di CD. Luncurkan hod3Launch.exe yang sama lagi saat Anda ingin bermain. Ini berfungsi langsung dari kotak untuk windows 10 tetapi Anda harus memasang .MDF kapan pun Anda ingin bermain. Tidak ada crack no-cd yang disertakan.

paham sampe sini?

UtraMiloKat 2021-05-05 1 point

This game made me so old this is my kid arcade dream.

SAMY5974 2021-04-20 1 point

my dad never letting me play this game

SuperHans 2021-01-18 0 point

Thank the stars for this site. I own a retail copy that no longer functions thanks to SafeDisc DRM being torpedoed by Microsoft, and Sega never patching the game to remove it.

HEXEN 2021-01-11 1 point

Guys... Simply mount the .MDF then launch hod3Launch.exe when exploring the files on the CD. Launch the same hod3Launch.exe again when you want to play. It works straight out of the box for windows 10 but you have to mount the .MDF whenever you want to play. There is no no-cd crack included.

alice 2020-11-02 -3 points

It is a good game.but when I play it, I get please insert a cd rom

jaze 2020-10-16 2 points

i liike zombie games
there the best

REY WITH PHILLIP 2020-06-19 3 points

Once I click play thats it. it puts me back to disktop it wont open

mits 2020-05-31 -3 points

i only played hotd 1 and 2 when i was a child but i cant wait to play hotd 3! ive been looking where to download this!

banana 2020-04-12 4 points

hi , it says insert a cd-rom . please help .i extracted the file.i could install but cant play

qwer 2020-04-12 1 point

Isn,t it English version?

Mee 2020-04-10 1 point

when i'm playing this game, I fill good

BeepityBeep 2020-04-10 -3 points

can two people play this?

Dhiauddin96 2020-03-31 -3 points

it say 'please insert CD-ROM'. please help

EAGL 2020-03-30 -1 point

yo ya pase todos los niveles cuando yo tenia solo 6 años

shocco 2020-03-27 0 point

guess its good gme

that helpful bot 2020-03-12 4 points

Okay, when you download the file. You'll be given an MDF, MDS and DS_Store . You need to mount the .MDF file, I use Virtual CloneDrive to mount .MDF files. It will be the biggest file in the folder.

Once you mount the files, you can access the game's files like you inserted a disk. Run hod3Launch.exe that will open up the launcher. Install the game and if necessary, install DirectX while you're at it. After you install the game, you should be able to launch it.

If you're not satisfied on how the game runs, go into the GRAPHIC SETTINGS of the launcher and you should be able to change resolution, max framerate, the graphics, etc. If your game is running slow, lower the texture quality and turn off anti-aliasing.

At this point, you should be able to play the game. Have fun.

CamperofDeath 2020-02-01 0 point

i played this game evefr since i was little

ahmed 2019-12-26 0 point


Toby 2019-12-20 -2 points

My mom saw me playing this for hours on end and finally said I should get out, find a good girlfriend and get laid.

HOTD 2019-12-20 -1 point

HELP!!! I installed the game but there is no sound

XANDER 2019-12-02 1 point

Windows 8 stopped recognising my physical disk for this game, downloaded ISO from here and now it's working perfectly, cheers!

HOwdDY 2019-11-16 -3 points

How to fix the cd rom and CRC Error

EbitanShidie 2019-11-02 1 point

wanted to play this game for years tysm

Maik 2019-11-01 -2 points

Danke, für die Spiele Thanks, for the games

red x 2019-10-23 2 points

this website is so cool

SUPER GOKU 2019-10-16 1 point


Maro 2019-10-13 4 points

Hey, so I downloaded it, installed it, I have it in my folder, but I can't run it. It says that it needs CD-Disc. How can I open this game?

Tasnim 2019-09-27 0 point

very huge space is needed

Rizwan Khan 2019-07-18 -1 point

the house of dead 3 is a good game for young kids it's very interesting gameplay

Colten 2019-07-15 0 point

Hello, I'm having issues with playing the game. I installed the game, but it is not allowing me to download directx. I do have the directplay thing enabled in legacy features, so I don't think I need it. Anyway, once I try to launch the game, it changes resolution going into fullscreen, then changes back and the game doesn't launch. Any help at all would be appreciated!

faizeen 2019-07-13 1 point

i have hotd1 and 2 hope i get 3

dricka 2019-06-15 -1 point


Herokun Otaku 2019-06-14 -1 point

If you have a problem with the .mdf file then you have to change the file extension to .iso and unpack it with Bandizip or 7-Zip or ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver, it works for me

Frank 2019-06-01 1 point

There is nothing inside the zip. only some files that I can't open or run.

Fewxay 2019-05-08 -1 point

Best fuckin' game ever

syan 2019-04-25 0 point

where is the hod3Launch.exe?

Andrew 2019-04-19 1 point

Wish I could help, Anne, but that is a unique problem I never bumped into. I would assume you would have to install DirectX but I'm guessing you have already done that. You might need to Google about it. Don't put "House of The Dead 3 DirectDraw Init Failed" but instead put the problem in by itself. Other people might've suffered from it from other games and there might be a global fix for it somewhere.

Anne 2019-04-14 0 point

Hi, I have a problem, when I follow Andrew's instructions, and I try to open up the launcher, a message that says "DirectDraw init failed. The sample will not exit" appears. I'm not a English speaker, and I'm not a technology person, sorry for all the mistakes.
Can somebody help me, please?

:3 2019-04-01 0 point

my childhood...

elkady 2019-03-09 0 point

I am realy happy to share this kind of game i rememberd that when iwas 16 i enjoyed it very much.

toad!!!!! 2019-02-28 0 point

cool,the game is perrfect

Cawfii 2019-02-09 -3 points

Nvm XD restored it to default and that fixed it xD

Cawfii 2019-02-09 -5 points

i successfully mounted it and installed it but there is a problem saying that "cant init hal device" what does it mean and what do i do? :C

Andrew 2019-01-30 67 points

Okay, when you download the file. You'll be given an MDF, MDS and DS_Store . You need to mount the .MDF file, I use Virtual CloneDrive to mount .MDF files. It will be the biggest file in the folder.

Once you mount the files, you can access the game's files like you inserted a disk. Run hod3Launch.exe that will open up the launcher. Install the game and if necessary, install DirectX while you're at it. After you install the game, you should be able to launch it.

If you're not satisfied on how the game runs, go into the GRAPHIC SETTINGS of the launcher and you should be able to change resolution, max framerate, the graphics, etc. If your game is running slow, lower the texture quality and turn off anti-aliasing.

At this point, you should be able to play the game. Have fun.

no1 2019-01-10 -5 points

how do i install this game ?

zapper 2019-01-07 -2 points

Help, i can play this game they said "Please Insert THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 3 CD-ROM" HELP

Ruti 2018-11-20 3 points

I used to be so scared every time the zombies jumped out of nowhere

storm 2018-10-29 -1 point

this is the one of my best shooting games.initially i thought this game wont be that much fun , but now i am mad for this game.this time my immense desire is to play the game the house of the dead scarlet dawn.

Hana 2018-10-13 -1 point

Old childhood memories

CoupeDeGrace 2018-10-06 -11 points

How can i Extract the game? can i only play it on a PS1 or PS2 Emulator?

Frozen 2018-08-15 1 point

thank you so much !! it's legit HOTD 3 i havent played this game since when i was 10

Kaal 2018-07-25 -2 points

Madharchod Mac ka game hai our windows likha hai bhosadi wala mat download karna bhai log

user 2018-07-20 2 points

ahhh.. memories..

boi 2018-07-06 2 points

Is this real?

SUMONE 2018-06-16 0 point

How to play it?? after extraction,various mdf files and .ds dtore files appear

AtrosGD 2018-06-14 1 point

It is a good website to find the old games, in fact I am 12 years old, when I was 7 or 8, I played, the house of the dead 4, I had a trauma after playing the game, today I remembered the game and the 'I found on this site even if it is not the fourth.

Dogo 2018-05-31 0 point

I played this game on the arcade and the Wii version too! It is fun, mindless zombie-shooting action that won't take itself seriously. There are multiple paths leading to different levels, so replaying can be a different experience every time for a while

maks 2018-05-24 1 point

finally! i get to play this game!

nickname 2018-05-21 0 point

i miss this game so much

BDay boi 2018-05-17 1 point

I wish this will work. I miss this game so much .

the ghost 2018-04-01 1 point

Ahh... memories

RS.ROBIN 2018-03-27 2 points


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