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DOS - 1989

Year 1989
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Strategy
Theme Cards
Publisher TEGL Systems Corporation
Developer TEGL Systems Corporation
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72

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If the game is too fast or too slow, try hitting CTRL-F11 (slower) and CTRL-F12 (faster).


Star 2024-05-14

Yeah, no, this game clearly cheats. It appears to hold a larger hand than the player, allowing it to save up more hazards and remedies. There are still situations where it doesn't have an immediate 'solution,' but the coding in this is definitely biased on the part of the computer. Possible to beat it? Yes, but with the calculations I've done, it definitely has a larger pool to draw from that isn't shown in the interface. While there may be strategies to get around it, that doesn't mean the AI isn't broken or given a leg up. Perhaps they did that to try and compensate for the AI not being quite at human level.

Cuz 2022-09-15

Even when cheating it's hard to beat the AI

CRUSHER 2022-02-05

Other tips: don't pass 600 miles unless you have a combination of miles that will bring you to 700. You don't want to be stuck at 625, 650 or 675 discarding 100's while waiting for the card you need. If you have not yet played miles, hold a 50 or a 25 to play (unless you hold an End of Limit card) so you can play miles in the case of a Speed Limit card and won't get shut out. By fine tuning my play I usually win at least 2 out of every 3 games now.

CRUSHER 2022-02-05

To those who think the game favors the computer: you have to up your game and make adjustments to your play. For instance: don't throw a hazard on your opponent unless you are holding the safety card or have already played it. This prevents your opponent from running up their score with coup fourres. Count cards - there are only 2 of every hazard and 3 speed limits. Once they have been played you can discard the remedy card and play the safety card, the hazard will not be thrown on you giving you a coup fourre. Since there are only 2 of every hazard card you only need 2 of any remedy card. A third can be discarded. Watch the computer's discards. Usually when they draw a safety card they will discard the corresponding remedy card. Play for a safe trip when possible. Don't play 200's unless necessary. Play for delayed action when possible. Try to reach 500 miles, striking distance to the finish line. For instance: If you have 475 and hold a 50 or a 25, play the 25 first to reach 500. When you do the computer will play all safety cards so they don't get caught holding them. It makes them vulnerable to hazard cards. This game is a lot of FUN and it's more fun when you WIN!

Cellulon Triptometer 2021-07-11

Let the game play itself after first selecting me versus computer for the initial deal. So, no "mistakes" because it is AI versus AI.
Result:32 games played. 23 games won by the opposing computer based solely on the luck of the cards(unless the AI for the player is different than the opposition AI). That is a 72% win rate for one side. Statistically, the odds of this happening if it really is an equal deal are less than 0.01%. I'd have been just as surprised if it was the other way around. So, not sure where the RNG for cards dealt is off, but it needs to be looked at in my opinion. I would also challenge the designer to do the same thing and see if the same results don't occur.

Mr. Maher 2021-03-14

To everyone who thinks the game is weighted, you are simply out-matched. When I play humans I win often, but not all. The randomness ensures someone will sometimes get a magnificent or terrible hand. But its easy to make mistakes, humans make mistakes. The computer doesn't so that is probably what you are used to.

But there's things you can do. You can count the biggest hazards, there's only 3 Out of gas, Accidents & Flat tires. Also when the computer gets a safty card it immediately discards the remedy. So if you see 2 or 3 Gasoline cards come out in rapid succession then the computer may have the Extra tank.

Basically you have a very small amount of cards and need to maximize every one.

Totempole 2021-02-24

I made Mille Borne with visual basic on windows vista in 2017. I just started fixing some bugs and its almost done.
My game is as random as you can get. My AI for the computer does a good job and makes it very competitive. The reason other games win is they make the AI see all the possible moves, even the player which is cheating.

Robert 2020-08-25

Whoever programmed this thing makes sure the deal almost always favors the computer. I played this game incessantly - the real thing, with real cards on a real table - when I was in my teens, and I never saw such lopsided apportionment of mileage, safeties, hazards, etc. I never saw anything close. Random shuffling can't possibly produce hand after hand where the computer has a massive advantage.

inhighspeed 2020-06-17

To dufus patrol leader, I know how to play and this game is definitely weighted in favor of the house. You certainly are a dufus.

That Guy 2020-05-07

Played this game incessantly as a kid into my 20's. I have been shut out twice in my life. At least half the games played are shutouts on this. This game is almost there, but not quite as random as real life.

Brent 2019-12-31

to the people complaining about the odds... i just won the 3 games i played. i'm a computer. stop all the downloading

biggriz 2019-09-18

Back in the days of Windows 95, 98, and XP I use to play this a lot. I have missed playing this game. A good friend showed me this game, actual cards though, back in the late 80s. I don't know how you do/did it, but this plays great! I love the full screen!!!! Thanks bunches.


dufus_patrol_leader 2019-05-12

this game is great.....i win 90%, the reason some dufi think its leaned toward the house is because they dont know how to play

mcmlv 2018-10-08

Too much bias toward the house.

Barry 2018-08-26

I love the game, but this rendition of it is 95% in favor of the computer.

Matt 2018-02-03

jspsych: When the card is hovered and moves to the right, right-click on it to discard

Homie 2017-09-05

Yes Ralph, I are tilted toward the house.

Ralph 2016-10-28

The dealing of the cards has been tampered with....could the code be restored to reflect this.
Thank you and best regards,

jspsych 2016-08-12

How do you discard a card? Can't do it and I get stuck

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