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DOS - 1990

Alt name The Oregon Trail: Classic Edition
Year 1990
Platform DOS
Released in United States (1990)
United States (1996)
Genre Educational, Simulation
Theme Geography, History, Managerial, Real-Time, Western
Publisher MECC, SoftKey Multimedia Inc.
Developer MECC
Perspectives Side view, Top-Down, Bird's-eye view, Text-based / Spreadsheet, Fixed / Flip-screen
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72

For small DOS games like The Oregon Trail, you can play online immediately with your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer...). This feature is still experimental, the game may not work properly. Warning: game save should work, but you should try it early! Also, be careful to select the right game executable in the list below.

Emulator configuration

You have to choose the right game executable, then press PLAY.

To exit fullscreen mode, press escape. Playing experience can be poor due to your browser or your computer. Download The Oregon Trail and launch it with DOSBox to have the best playing experience!

If the game is too fast or too slow, try hitting CTRL-F11 (slower) and CTRL-F12 (faster).


ZOPisDEAD 2022-03-07

Lol ZOP kept getting sick so I just kept resting for 9 days, then eventually I got annoyed that he was getting sick and stopped caring and then ZOP died like 3 times, so I finally made him a gravestone. It's a fun game, I tried this because my parents were talking about games they played when they were younger, and this sounded fun. I almost didn't stop playing, it's quite addictive.

Gabriel 2021-11-18

I got 4th with 2586. I kept a steady pace most of the way with the meager rations. Every once in a while a two or three day rest was helpful. Also hunting every so often. I think the smartest thing was buying 400 lbs. of food at the beginning. I started with 4 oxen and ended with three (a thief stole the fourth). BTW, you get double points if you're a carpenter.

The Toad family 2021-06-25

We made it with 12 oxen. Fear us

Ultimate Muscle 2021-06-15

I was -literally- 30 miles from completing the game on farmer mode with no deaths then 2 of my ox died and then a thief came and STOLE ALL 4 OF MY REMAINING OX in one night. Game over.

etphonehome 2021-06-15

i got 9th, 7th, and 6th place on the leaderboard lol

Barrettdacarrot 2021-05-21

wow this game is cool. but I died to a broken arm & leg plus with 2 diseases

sir pixels 2021-04-16

i was doing well till about 6 fires sprung out of nowhere after soda springs. still was awesome to this day

yuan 2021-02-23

but he can die

lifewolf345 2020-08-19

as a 2000 gal I love this game 7th place yasssssssssssssssss

Charles 2020-07-13

First try, 2 travelers lived. top 5 woop

LOOGI KID 2020-06-11

Im in 8th place, YOSH BOY is my user name

star 2020-04-28

I killed everyone but still surviveed

Axel 2020-02-26

Hard and great game. I made it in 1st place! Yahooooo!! I could have scored higher if i didn't have that unfortunate fire in my wagon.

PooButt 2020-02-08

Wife and I competed against each other and had a great time. I won as a carpenter and she was a farmer. Brought me back to Middle school time in the computer lab. :)

piglet 2020-01-25

My whole family died... including me, who died of dYsEnTeRy

John Smith 2020-01-06

hey that was pretty cool

Lojke 2019-08-03

OMG I love this game. Got 6282! and 2nd place at top ten! My first run ever and i know i wont beat this score, so thats it for me :) !

Been going as a farmer so points tripledr, 4 people got alive to Oregon.

A Human 2019-07-04

Y'know, I put the members of Queen in the party. Brian died.

baldiman 2019-05-16

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
i can play

Niglet 2019-05-05

TOo MuCh Dysentery 3/5 stars

perfectlyGoodInk 2019-04-18

Whoa, that was a lot deeper than I expected.

anye 2019-03-27

This is my first time to play this game, i like it!

cncnc 2019-03-20

this game is the bomb

Cool Guy 2019-03-04

My second time got me on the top ten board XD.... My first time I almost made it... but, got stuck

Weston Mulherin 2019-02-27

Made it in the top ten first try and it was my first time playing too LOL

The bug 2019-01-24

im not on anyone's shirt thank you.

Juan Pablo 2018-12-25

I almost died of dysentery after eating my wife's cooking.

al einstein 2018-10-08

anyone dtf?

RandomStudent@Skewl 2018-05-25

braxton kept turning off my Computer so i couldnt finish.. -.-

JOSSY 2018-04-12

I WON and i did it in like 20 minutes!!! OMG! IM SO HAPPY I'VE NEVER WON THIS BEFORE XD

Haha 2018-04-11

no ur dum

venus. 2018-04-10

it was fun. hard but okay.

Van Awma 2018-04-10

This game was very great because I learned how they could survive and I learned new diseases I didnt know about... Thx you!

SANG LIAN 2018-04-10


hunter 2018-04-06

thang pi is dum like sponge bob

zeutron 2018-04-06

david lets play prodigy

hunter 2018-04-06

what sup thang

zeutron 2018-04-06

hey guys what doing and what is that a bug on your shirt

cortez 2018-03-12

why do people keep dying on this game

lil bip vamp 2018-03-12

david ellery

hunter 2018-03-12

this game sucks

thang 2018-03-12

hey guys

lil bip vamp 2018-03-12

im a vampire and my name is lil bip

DODO GOD 2018-03-07

great game

HA GO EM! 2018-03-05

This game is amazing i figured out how to cross the river

Scout 2018-01-13

Mine works just fine, maybe it's the computer idk

Im cool 2017-05-24

I can't get it to work

Lol 2017-04-28

You need stupid dos game pad to play.

Wolfgang 2017-03-30


Dat Boi 2016-12-20

Cant get the keys to work

Savage 2016-12-01

Can't even play it because it doesn't have keys when you are playing on a iPad

Ki 2016-11-09

The soundtrack is just, like, I am on the brink of tears for every song!

a 2016-09-25

i tried both options and its still not working for me

godprobe 2015-08-15

@Reaper -- stop the game, and switch the "Game Executable" from "INSTALL.EXE" to "OREGON.EXE" in the options above the game window. :)

Reaper 2015-06-01

Not having any luck getting it started from press any key.

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