Ace of Aces

Published: February 1, 2009 - Last update: August 29, 2013 - 880 downloads

Action, Simulation
Accolade, Inc.
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Description of Ace of Aces

To shortly resume Ace of Aces, it's about action, simulation and flight. It was done by Artech in 1987. Feel free to download and try it!

Ace of Aces is an old World War II flight simulator offering some neat features for its time like multiple cockpit views and fairly good use of bitmaps. However, it's more of an arcade game with flight-sim like missions. I have fond memories of playing this game on my Schneider CPC back in 1987, spending hours and hours to decipher the English manual. Of course, as a nine year old I had no clue about that language and only a dictionary to translate it. The 8-bit computer versions of Ace of Aces are quite better than this CGA IBM-PC conversion, so play this one for nostalgia's sake only :)
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Pilot added this comment :

Does anybody know how to get the joystick working? I can`t select it (only mouse and keyboard works)??? Thanx!


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