F-19 Stealth Fighter

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Project Stealth Fighter, F19
MicroProse Software, Inc.
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Description of F-19 Stealth Fighter

In 1988, Kixx publishes F-19 Stealth Fighter (also known as Project Stealth Fighter, F19), a flight game for the DOS system. Offering simulation genre, it is now an abandonware.

A minority of vocal hard-core flight sim fanatics will try to convince you that anything prior to Falcon 3.0 is closer to a jazzed-up arcade experience than a true simulation. How ironic it is, then, that MicroProse's later F-117A flight sim hasn't held up nearly as well as F-19 Stealth Fighter, which was published before the government's announcement of the real-life F-117 stealth fighter. As with his later Red Storm Rising, Sid Meier showed in F-19 Stealth Fighter that he could make a simulation - using declassified data augmented with a sound physics model and some shrewd guesswork - that was accurate enough to please the enthusiast and a great enough game to make flight sim fans out of everyone else. F-19 Stealth Fighter hearkens to an earlier age when a 1MB PC (notably the Amiga) was the hottest gaming machine on the market, and though its gloss is somewhat faded now when compared with more recent Gouraud-shaded simulators, F-19 Stealth Fighter still offers one thrilling ride. Without the multifunction joysticks and throttles of today, pilots of the mythical F-19 had to manage with keyboard overlays and hot keys; yet the game still provided challenges unique to flight simulations of the day. Although the F-19 was adequately armed (free-fall and guided bombs, Vulcan 20mm cannon, and over a half-dozen missile types for land, sea, and/or air), the electronic profile and stealth elements were so well done that it was often more fun to avoid a dogfight than to engage in one. So, even considering the holes in the simulation - keep in mind that the real stealth fighter wasn't yet built - the game took on the nature of a "thinking man's sim", a real departure from the reflex-heavy simulators of the time. The missions in particular were especially well-designed, as they involved sneaking around through a variety of enemy defenses. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the game was how surprisingly similar it was to actual Desert Storm sorties years later. Definitely a must play for all fans of serious flight sims-- two thumbs up!

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Mulder added this comment :

I really wish someone bring that game back. The gameplay is fantastic!
Even now I spend hours playing it.
The missions are great, the targets, the AI... really, one of the best games I had.


Mike added this comment :

I've modded so much this game, just like any other that ended in my hands. Within F19 and F15 2 which has more or less the same mechanics one can change hostile borders among maps, aircrafts and other stuff. Moving Cold War borders around Europe is kinda funny. And wrapping it into DX10 seems a good idea...


indstr added this comment :

Man I remember having this as a kid and not even knowing how to get the plane going for the longest time. When I finally did figure it out, making that first flight across the atlantic ocean was awesome :)


ss added this comment :

the download is not showing any exe file....how can I run this ...help


Mouldy added this comment :

Games is good


jacosmitza added this comment :

I wish someone can modernize all these old Microprose simulations and bring all those old theaters into a modern setting and dx 10 graphics.


Fr33Th1nk3r added this comment :

Yes I do Jay, yes I do.


Jay added this comment :

Anyone remember the keyboard overlay that came with it? :)


hahorockz added this comment :

perfecto ^_^b , i miss them so much


Alz added this comment :

i remember playing it for hours on my amstrad pc1512 in cga.. xD
The best simulation of all the time xD


Skoll added this comment :

Wow, I haven't seen this game in ages. I remember this being my first "real" flight simulator, playing it on my dad's brand new 286. These screens look better since we only CGA back then :P Was definitely alot of fun and can't remember how many hours I sunk into this as a kid.

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