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In 1986, ORIGIN Systems, Inc. publishes Ogre, a sci-fi / futuristic, licensed title, turn-based, board / party game, tank game for the DOS system. Offering strategy genre, it is now an abandonware.

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OM added this comment :

...HAW! StarBrow, not to piss on your memories, but did you buy the same copy of Ogre as the rest of us did? And did you do any tweaking on your Jr? Although Origin did faithfully copy the look-n-feel as best as possible of "Ogre" the Microgame, the AI that ran the Ogre was so retarded that it could be beaten with one GEV tied behind your tracks. Most Ogre/GEV addicts who bought the game usually wound up not playing it after three or four games, as it was just too easy to beat. I know Steve Jackson himself wasn't too pleased with the AI, and although Richard Garriott promised some sort of patch to "improve game play", it never did materialize.

Still, it's worth a download, and if you can get it to work on your iPad, it'll occupy at least three minutes in the john :P


StarBrow added this comment :

Steve Jackson's magnum opus, originally a "Micro-Game", that is, a board game, which sold for $2.98 Including the plastic bag, is faithfully reproduced by Origin. Although 2 can play this game really shines in solitaire mode, offering hours of pleasure.
Side note - this was the first game I purchased when I got my IBM PCjr. I was already in love with the original boardgame (including it's numerous spin-offs) and this electronic version in no way disappointed me.


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