Rorke's Drift

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Historical Battle (specific/exact), Real-Time
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Description of Rorke's Drift

Plato gave birth to Rorke's Drift in 1990, with the help of Impressions as publisher. Cool strategy game, the player evolve in a historical battle (specific/exact), real-time theme with a isometric perspective.

Rorke's Drift was the first game in Impressions' little-known "Micro Miniature" series of games that are based on the same engine. Although it is a worthy attempt to portray the little-known battle of the Anglo-Zulu War, it failed to capture anyone's interest due to very poor user interface, shallow gameplay, and horrendous AI. Good perhaps as a historical lesson in how not to design a wargame, but little else. If you want a good game about the Zulu War, play ISI's Zulu War instead. Fortunately, the updated 1993 version slated for release in the U.S. was never out.
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Gewehr added this comment :

Still the best game involving Zulu's. A classic.


kiltwearer added this comment :

always wanted to try this game but i cant get it to play i keep getting a blank screen


Amen added this comment :

Everyone in the UK knows about this battle (mainly coz of the film). It's a shame Impressions ruined it. Really could have been a good game as many people are interested in this scenario. If anyone ever did get the source and pick up the baton for a "reboot" fix the user interface and awful collision detection which might have been down to low-res issues.


Billo added this comment :

Little known?? - Its one of the few battles i HAVE heard of!!


Garcon added this comment :

"Little-known battle"? Only a film made about it with Michael Caine...


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