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Tamper: The Game of "High-Impact Business" ...for shrewd investors!
Simulation, Strategy
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Developed by and published by Atanak, Tamper (also known as Tamper: The Game of "High-Impact Business" ...for shrewd investors!) is a strategy, simulation game revolving around managerial. It was published in 1993, feel free to download and play it now!

Tamper is a unique and innovative stock market game that combines elements of board game and traditional stock market simulation into an original and fun experience. The game is quite straightforward: as a stock trader, your goal is to maximize your profit. You will spend most of the game watching stock price movements, new companies on the market, and existing companies being taken over. As the name implies, for the right price you can ‘tamper’ with the stock price – manipulate the market, in other word. The kinds of tampering you can do are much more varied than in COSMI’s older Inside Trader, but the idea behind it is similar. The way board game elements are incorporated is that companies’ location on the board (the physical location it occupies) determines whether it can expand or acquire adjacent firms. The amount of activity in the company’s stock (and hence, degree of profits you can make) is also represented visually on the board. I find Tamper a highly unique and fun game that should appeal to fans of Monopoly and stock market sims alike. It’s unconventional, but it’s very enjoyable especially when played against 3 other human players. Recommended!
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kiran added this comment :



admin added this comment :

Tamper is dated as a 1988 or 1989, but it's listed as a missing abandonware.

I think this tamper is another game made in 1993 by VORCO Technologies. I'm changing the game informations, thanks for the comment!


hargle added this comment :

most certainly not published in 1988. take a look at the title screen. 1993!


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