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The Incredible Machine 2

DOS - 1994

Alt names
TIM3, The Incredible Machine Version 3.0, Professor Tims verrückte Werkstatt, Les Incroyables Machines du Professeur Tim
Editor / Construction Set, Paddle / Pong, Puzzle-Solving
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
4.33 / 5 - 290 votes

Description of The Incredible Machine 2

1994 saw the release of The Incredible Machine 2 (also known as TIM3, The Incredible Machine Version 3.0, Professor Tims verrückte Werkstatt, Les Incroyables Machines du Professeur Tim) on the DOS system. A strategy game, created by Sierra On-Line, Inc. and distributed by Sierra On-Line, Inc.. If you like paddle / pong, puzzle-solving, editor / construction set, download, install and enjoy The Incredible Machine 2!

The second game of the Incredible Machine franchise, the game asks the player to create "Rube Goldberg" devices, ie use several different objects to perform a fairly simple task, like putting a ball into a box.

The objects available ranges from simple sticks and ropes to electric generators and even living animals!

One can say this series is the precursor to all the puzzle solving video games existing today.

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Comments and reviews


HectorTe added this comment :

So sweet ! So many memories with that game !


Abb599 added this comment :

when the sun is that be for the trouble game it stay at your roomboller then fold the game if your not done. Please return the bookmark back Yesterday was the day if you are:Nouble, hise, trink, and more games


devilman added this comment :

love the site


George got added this comment :

Very smart game like


George go added this comment :



jolakla added this comment :

There seems to be no sound? I'm using boxer on a mac.


koljac added this comment :

funny game


Amir added this comment :

Try downloading the DOXBOX. It is a virtual dos environment. It will be a little difficult to use but the games work no matter what!!


kuku added this comment :

very smart game


Chan 887 added this comment :

Try Windows 7 & see if it works


Maurice added this comment :

It doesn't work on Windows XP


storme added this comment :

Rad as. The game that made me stray from my apple IIe. Why couldn't i have gone with my poly-technical instincts?


seth added this comment :

does not work on windows 8 :(


Ryan added this comment :

What is up


jorge lapons added this comment :

juegazo de la epoca en que yo jugaba


Dida added this comment :

I played the original game in high school when I was suppose to be workin...hehe...pleasssse bring 1 & 2 to iPhone, iPad & alike!!!! Thanks a lot for making computer class tolerable.


spaklymclaren added this comment :



BoniJ:D added this comment :

I like this!


colo added this comment :

It is one of the best


3022 added this comment :

It is really nice and interesting game. Fot for me he loses his charm fast, when you will find that the game physics is broken, sometimes.


Jimmy added this comment :

Loggie, you may have a brain injury or a brain issue in all seriousness.You may want to look into this, if you can afford to in your country.


googy added this comment :

It is one of the best


LOGGIE added this comment :

I have played this game since i knew how to operate a computer and it kept My mind ALLIVE... sometimes i think i have altsheymers but i cant
remember But This game i hope i wil never forget THANKS guys !!


viop78 added this comment :

i like this game its ok


chips added this comment :



UFOguy added this comment :

This game made my childhood great :)I love your site!Keep it up!


TheFireBat added this comment :

This game looks FANTASTIC! Can't wait to play!


kk added this comment :

Hell ya


TallCT added this comment :

Great game!


seba added this comment :

I like this game


kyanh.luong added this comment :

crap i can't setup sound graphic card, can anybody show how?


gycftuy added this comment :

no comment


fiño added this comment :

Though I am 54, I played it 17 years ago. I would like to play it again under new version for Windows 7.o


adam added this comment :

I also remember playing this game when I was a child. Absolutely awesome!


loloz added this comment :



Danaman added this comment :

How I loved this game as a child.......


Bozo added this comment :



DeepD added this comment :

Know this for ages - lots of fun!


nigrkiller added this comment :



kangaroo added this comment :

perhaps i like the game but it cant open


nice added this comment :

nice nice game


ze added this comment :

good game


urbos added this comment :

best game ever


rayface added this comment :

I want this game


FRAZ added this comment :



paperbrain added this comment :

Possibly the best non-adventure game Sierra ever made. I wasted hours on this game when I was in college, and actually got kicked out of the computer lab for playing it during class.


ondrat added this comment :

gooooooooood :-)


benny added this comment :

cool old game!!!


ondra added this comment :



admin added this comment :

right ! now it's the good one, thx


Troll69 added this comment :

It´s not Incredible Machine 2, it´s the I.M. 1!


dimonddevil added this comment :



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