Vikings: Fields of Conquest - Kingdoms of England II

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Brian Vodnik's Vikings
Realism Entertainment
Realism Entertainment
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Description of Vikings: Fields of Conquest - Kingdoms of England II

Discover Vikings: Fields of Conquest - Kingdoms of England II (also known as Brian Vodnik's Vikings), an excellent game of 1993. With top-down perspective, the publisher Realism Entertainment had wonderful ideas around turn-based.

As a re-release of Kingdoms of England, released only for the Amiga, Vikings: Fields of Conquest improves upon the Amiga version with better AI and enhancements for the PC market. The core of the game remains an interesting abstract game of economics and power politics in the Middle Ages, in which solid economic, diplomacy, and military models all coalesce into a challenging whole. The emphasis of the game is clearly on playability over realism, as students of history will be quick to observe various quirks and unrealistic features in the game. The game might also prove too "dry" for some, as most of the events are resolved with number-crunching of statistics behind the scenes. Overall, an excellent game for anyone interested in a challenging, boardgame-style turn-based game, but probably not for novices to the genre or wargamers who crave realism and historical accuracy. On a side note, its sequel Vikings II offers little more than prettier graphics, and before that, Kingdoms of Germany is essentially the same game as this one, only with a less interesting geography. The game system was also planned to accommodate future expansions, but unfortunately it failed to attract enough public attention to warrant their releases.
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Porgy added this comment :

this is such a good game, the graphics are almost as good as minecraft. I am an add1ct.



karlrd added this comment :

how do you download it so it works..i downloaded the emulater then the game..but it wont run


admin added this comment :

Thx mexbrush for the manual.


mexbrush added this comment :

Awesome game, still playing time to time.

Manual can be found by any search engine, a quick search


Sound added this comment :

Sound issues anyone? With D-Fend Reloaded


Lord added this comment :

Stupid question, but I don't remember how to scroll the map?


norman added this comment :

how to deal with the password? does anyone has the full code to the password?


hand added this comment :

awsome game

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