World Tour Golf

Published: February 1, 2009 - 1076 downloads

Editor / Construction Set, Golf
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Electronic Arts, Inc.
3rd-Person, Top-Down
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Description of World Tour Golf

Discover World Tour Golf, an excellent game of 1985. With 3rd-person, top-down perspective, the publisher Electronic Arts, Inc. had wonderful ideas around editor / construction set, golf.

World Tour Golf is a solid oldie golf sim by Electronic Arts, co-designed by Paul Reiche III (Archon, Starflight). The game lets you play over a dozen well known courses, via a split screen that gives you an overhead view of the hole as well as a 3-D view. The game was sadly not as popular as Access Software's World Class Leader Board and Accolade's Mean 18, which came out around the same time. But World Tour Golf features a couple of neat ideas like computer-controlled players, lots of courses and an built-in course editor -- possibly the first editor ever seen in a PC golf game.
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