Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

Published: January 14, 2012 - Last update: March 12, 2013 - 54971 downloads

Alt names
WarCraft II: Blood Seas, War2
Editor / Construction Set, Medieval / Fantasy, Real-Time
Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
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389 votes
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Description of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

Offering strategy in a world of medieval / fantasy, editor / construction set, real-time, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (also known as WarCraft II: Blood Seas, War2) is an abandonware developed by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. and published by Blizzard Entertainment Inc.. Released in 1995, you wander around in a top-down perspective.

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19 added this comment :

Attila windows 8 is your problem fix it with ubuntu 13.10 and use wine to run all you windows programs and heres the really cool part its free


jk added this comment :



Attila added this comment :

cant get it to work on windows 8


lOl added this comment :



gary added this comment :

the game is crazy...........................................


Jer added this comment :

Thank you so much!


HUNTERIII added this comment :

yes no ok thamk you


Chapungu added this comment :

err kinda got it to work but don't have the cd anymore, how do I get the crack to work


viva added this comment :

nice stuff


CMSC added this comment :

very good


(Insert Witty Name Here) added this comment :

I recommend using de-fend to run it as it makes dosbox allot more user friendly. If it says it needs a cd Right Click the program (if your using de-fend)and go to edit then click drives and make sure its on the correct one. should only occur if you have more than one drive in your pc.


DOSBox added this comment :

to all of you that complain that it doesnt work: USE DOSBOX!!!!


indstr added this comment :

Eh, I played this somewhat back in the day. I used to play it on Kali, back when people played Descent and Warcraft 2 on the same servers. Heh. But I didn't enjoy it as much as Warcraft 1, and RTS games after this just got too involved for me to really be able to enjoy anymore...


hiromi added this comment :

gg game


musket577 added this comment :



yans added this comment :

i cant play my warcraft because i doesnt support fullscreen


admin added this comment :

Add a CD drive in DOSBox pointing to the game folder and stop bitching.


jimmy savile's evil sister Joe Frost Savile added this comment :

Ok game


Anon added this comment :

So you know, the game is playable without a CD by updating to the most recent patch.

It should be available here:


Rickyjpen added this comment :

fix the cd requirement error lol


Seth added this comment :

Any way you can play w/o the CD? Cause then this thing is just pointless.


Rickyjpen added this comment :

Okay so I did all of this and it says I need the cd


yo added this comment :

Porvafor como roda ele?


Alex added this comment :

Ótimo game, me traz muitas lembranças. Obrigado Myabandonware =D.


joão vitor added this comment :

eu já jogei o warcraft 3 mais nunca o 2 eu vou jogar ele já já


tino added this comment :

i love this game should no virus


brent added this comment :

wheres the video?


Joe added this comment :

I can't use the map editor. When i click "save" or "save as" it close the editor without save. I use win7 64bit.


dj ona added this comment :



nevelis added this comment :

Just unzipped & ran in dosbox, works perfectly! :D thanks a bunch for the upload :D


gamechamp added this comment :

I've made a "How To" video for how to setup Warcraft 2 in D-Fend Reloaded from this download. D-Fend runs DOSBox but simplifies your life. Watch my video for how to set it up and stop getting the "insert CD" message:



sss added this comment :

I did that all what there is to do and now its saias to me that i have to insert the CD.. which i dont have.. HELP PLEASE!! :)


gamechamp added this comment :

I forgot to add in that first before editing the config file (war2.ini) and before launching the game, first run WC2CRACK.exe in dosbox and it will ask you about overwriting two files, say yes to both, then when it exits, do the rest of the instructions I wrote in my other comment.


gamechamp added this comment :

I tested 1SolutionToUniteThemAll's solution and it worked, although it can be done even simpler than that. You don't need to make a subfolder of the game within the game folder. All you do is edit the config files first line from cdpath=. to instead say cdpath=c:\ (use whichever drive letter you plan to mount in dosbox) then mount the game folder and execute war2.exe and it'll run.

I used D-Fend Reloaded to do this, since it takes care of everything for me. I had set cdpath to D: and then through D-fend specifically I went to the profile editor for the game then "Drives" section and added the link to the game folder, setting it as 'folder as hard disk' and selecting the drive letter to be D. Worked like a charm.


Jabes added this comment :

I tried typing in all of these (WAR2CD.BAT, war2.exe)on the last line following "C:\warcraft"
(my files name is "warcraft") and it says "illegal command" everytime.

I even tried the cd cracking download and that doesn't work either.


Jabes added this comment :

Why is this so messed up? The batch file is "WAR2CD" but when i type it into dosbox it says illegal command.


1SolutionToUniteThemAll added this comment :

Piecing together stuff from different posts I got it to work. I edited the war2.ini file like several people did (it finally saved the changes.) I don't know what the \warcraft folder\ means but I typed: cdpath=e: and then saved

Within Dosbox I mounted _two drives_ c: and e: drives with c: being the first extraction location and e: being the same contents in a subfolder. So I have on my actual hard drive c:\warcraft and the exact same contents in c:\warcraft\warcraft (This latter one is mounted as the E:\ in dosbox.) I did not use war2cd.bat. I executed using war2.exe.

To summarize after you edit war2.ini, within dosbox type:

mount c c:\warcraft
mount e c:\warcraft\warcraft
Then execute: war2.exe

I also downloaded the hack from the megagames link and extracted it to the c:\warcraft folder. I don't know if it is critical. Now if I can just figure out how to play!


anon added this comment :

if it asks for a disk do the google with "no cd crack Warcraft 2 tides of darkness" it will probably take you to a place known as "gamecopyworld" here you can download this awesome tweak to play your games without having to use a cd every damn time. its pretty awesome.

i searched it here is a link to it:



AzzKikr added this comment :

I downloaded and set WC" up without problems but when I want to run the game it asks for the WC2 CD, which I obviously don't have.
What do I do 'bout that!?


skillorr added this comment :

Im using D-Fend Reloaded.I drag the downloaded file and drop in to the DOSbox which includes D-Fend Reloaded.


Billisgay added this comment :

Use D-Fend Reloaded if DosBox is too complicated.


skillorr added this comment :

at the end of extracting the file in the dosbox, dosbox says theres is no
starting file in the archive. why?


Zhadel added this comment :

You need to download the DOSbox. Look up a guide for how to run games with the dosbox, it's not that complicated.


mattm added this comment :

i would look up the site: Best Old Games. it suggest that you use DOSBox


mattm added this comment :

same thing happened to me. something about some dosbox or something to get it working?


marc added this comment :

hey guys do i need to download something to make this work ?? bit of a noob went to the bottom clicked download and now i just have two files but there is no game? how can i get it going?


mattm added this comment :

i used to play this game as a kid and then i got rid of it. i tried to download it but i was just so confused with how to even start... anyone got any step by step instructions or advice for me?


:cry: added this comment :

This is WAAAAAY to complicated :( i cant get the linux file to work either D: oh well.............


made wisnu saputra added this comment :

this game is good


frosty added this comment :

hotkeys like space and grouping are not working for me in game :(


baingr added this comment :

What about the expansion?


brutusjk added this comment :

could you possibly have this in mac version?


Tatsukichi added this comment :

Instructions for noobs like myself that haven't used dosbox, simple enough for a monkey like me. these are step by step ways to make it easier for you with no used-this-for-years shorthand that seems to make things simple but is over the heads of us children.
struggled but the way I got mine to work on dosbox
made folder under C: called oldgames and in that a folder called w2tod, threw the game files in w2tod, then renamed the long named file "warcraft-ii-ti......." to "wc2tod" copied all the files from this and pasted into the first w2tod file. Then in dosbox: (don't use caps lock, the cdrom part was case sensitive)

Z:\ mount c c:\oldgames

Z:\ mount d C:\oldgames\W2tod\wc2tod -t cdrom


C:\cd w2tod


Voila! the game starts! Credit where it's due, mixed what was commented on here by fluffy, and admin, to what I was trying to follow on the Dosbox wiki basic setup. Heck this may be what fluffy was talking about entirely but I couldn't really understand anything in there except make copy of file in same file. though mine wouldn't let me keep it the same name so added a "c".


admin added this comment :

I added the nocd fix. Run WAR2CD.BAT


Alex added this comment :

I struggled a bit to get this working but here's what worked:

1 - Run setup.exe to detect and configure a music device
2 - Mount the game folder as a separate disk, D:
3 - Run the game normally, it won't ask for the CD anymore :)


Zeeboo added this comment :

Anyone get this to work using Boxer? Keeps wanting the CD when I try to play single player.


anthony tamayo added this comment :

minit=AT &K0 M1 S46=0 &D2
mhang=AT H0 S0=0


fluffy added this comment :

Another nifty trick to get this to work: Make a copy of the game folder inside the game folder (ie. if you named the game folder WC2 - copy it and place it inside WC2), then just edit the war2.ini file of the original folder to use the copied folder as the cd (ie. cdpath=\WC2\).

Works fine with DOSBox and I don't need to remember to do anything special when I want to play the game in the future.


ya added this comment :



Carlsgro added this comment :

use disk emulator, I got this


arish_blut added this comment :

For play, u just need put the folder game in the root: "D-Fend Reloaded\VirtualHD", next add in D-fend as folder ad floppy/cd mount in F unit

Then edit the file "war2.ini", and rename the file cdpath=F:\ (in the first row)...

That is all all, on edit profile u can activate sound, but how I can enable the music?


martin added this comment :

I got it to work... With D-Fend, in the Menu select "Drives", then "Add" the whole Folder as a CD Drive "D".

Then edit the file "war2.ini", and rename the file cdpath=D:\ (in the first row)...

than it works! Have fun


WTF added this comment :

DO not download. you cannot play this at all.


ty added this comment :

how do u wrap a zip file


Shadowner added this comment :


Try running the game with D-fend reloaded.

Just wrap the zip file to D-Fend and start it from there. Problem solved!


carvallo added this comment :

i cant play, need the cd player... damm :/


Kaz added this comment :

Have the same problem as Nick. Can't play SP


Nick added this comment :

They said I would need CD before I can play Single Player. How to overcome this?


Nun thailand added this comment :

Thank you


Grendel added this comment :

How can I run the game in true full screen? Even I clik alt+enter the screen still appears small.


ajay added this comment :

cute and cool to
permission to download
thanks pal

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