WarCraft: Orcs & Humans

Published: April 11, 2011 - Last update: April 18, 2014 - 27150 downloads

Alt names
WC1, WarCraft I
Medieval / Fantasy, Real-Time
Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
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161 votes
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Description of WarCraft: Orcs & Humans

Discover WarCraft: Orcs & Humans (also known as WC1, WarCraft I), an excellent game of 1994. With top-down perspective, the publisher Blizzard Entertainment Inc. had wonderful ideas around medieval / fantasy, real-time.

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Screenshots used with permission from MobyGames.com

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joven added this comment :



tetsu added this comment :

does it work? it wont give my laptop a virus will it?


Squiddy added this comment :

The cutscene voices arent working for me. Can Anyone help? @squiddyG twitter


sweet added this comment :



ottersea added this comment :

and the the addiction returns


jjpbird added this comment :

omg i love this game i also remeber when it came out i also stayde up playin it dam


Richardsen added this comment :

Works like a charm!


Punish added this comment :

Cant wait


indstr added this comment :

Man... I remember when the demo of this came out, I stayed up all night playing it. Awesome awesome memories. Ever since C&C/Starcraft era I don't really care about RTS games anymore, but the original Warcraft will always have a special place in my heart.


Dragoneles added this comment :

First game I ever played. /nostalgia


master added this comment :

One of the best games ever published!!


Nadie added this comment :

Esta bueno


frosztbyte added this comment :

This is one of the *best* all-time game series of all, and *this* is the game that started it! Thank you SO much! It's my second favorite game series of all, and, being a game developer and playing games since 1984 at the age of 4, that's saying a lot! I just found this site and think I'm in L-O-V-E! Greetings to all and Happy Holidays! For the Horde! xP


JUKEBOX PRO added this comment :



Jonathan Palmer added this comment :

try running the game through command prompt works for me on XP.


rx added this comment :

eu gosto de warcraft


nicko added this comment :

it says the program is not compatible with my windows version (windows 7 professional)


joshmasterjosh added this comment :

What's "word one of line four on page 2?" It's asking in the setup


krazybeast added this comment :



nhoxjustin added this comment :

WoW , So Cool.i love it., Yeah Yeah.


Jake added this comment :

Great game, was able to get everything working nicely besides the mission briefings. No matter where I download this game that seems to be the issue. Oh well Cheers ^_^


cof added this comment :

i cant get it to work =[ i love this game so much!


anon added this comment :

wuts this game?


Andy added this comment :

Hey guys here's what i did to get the sound working ingame. using D-fend reloaded, I changed my profile under sound to sound blaster. Then in the game's setup i selected sound blaster and DMA 5 for both music and digitized sound (all other options i made the default choice). The mission briefing still doesn't have sound but everything else does (units and music) so i think it might just be the version.

I grew up with this game and i can't wait to seriously play it.


Juanspyro added this comment :

The problem is that there isn't any sound to go with this amazing game! Is there a way to fix that?


Dakillamon added this comment :

this game is pretty cool


berkant added this comment :

demo mu la bu


tennmann added this comment :

i went and down loaded dosbox. I followed the directions and can see the game file. when i double click on it it brings up the dosbox screen and acts like it is about to load. then it flashes me back to the orignal screen where you double click to get started. i tried several times to get it to work with no luck. can any bdy explain why or how to help.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ added this comment :

This brings back so many good memories of me and my daddy playing together, back when we got along...


arthurin added this comment :

im having a problem installing it. i have tried opening it in windows 1995 mode but it did not help anyone got a fix for it? :)


N00B.Reaper added this comment :

itl cooooool


luki added this comment :

i love wow


Gewehr added this comment :

Along with C&C, unleashed the RTS revolution and the online head to head genre. Still a blast to play.


pixel added this comment :



DieHardBlizzardFan added this comment :

The game that started them all. Awesome collector's item.


Licurg added this comment :

I like this warcraft more than i like warcraft 3. Is that normal?


123 added this comment :

Warcraft rulez


RetroGamer added this comment :

Stop Poking MEEEEEEE!


nick added this comment :

this game is old but is very good

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