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DOS - 1992

Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Educational
Theme Licensed Title, Typing
Publisher Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Developer Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Perspective Side view
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73

For small DOS games like Mario Teaches Typing, you can play online immediately with your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer...). This feature is still experimental, the game may not work properly. Warning: game save should work, but you should try it early! Also, be careful to select the right game executable in the list below.

Emulator configuration

You can choose which game version you want to use, then you have to choose the right game executable and press PLAY.

To exit fullscreen mode, press escape. Playing experience can be poor due to your browser or your computer. Download Mario Teaches Typing and launch it with DOSBox to have the best playing experience!

If the game is too fast or too slow, try hitting CTRL-F11 (slower) and CTRL-F12 (faster).


me 2024-04-16

*cries in german keyboard*

Valid 2024-04-01

I take back what I had previously said, I was wrong.

me 2024-02-10

why no floating mario head???

Ali Ahmad 2024-01-24

How I can play that game?

Parm E. Sean 2024-01-06

"What an atrocity. Why does this game shove the American history in yor face? This is a "Mario" game, about teaching young people how to write. Why not write normal words like Animal names or words for Objects? Or even better, Stories?

Aren't there any Stories for Children outthere that could have been used?

In Marios Time Machine this was kinda ok. But here, this is BS design for a Typing Lessons game!

This is why i hate the Nintendo Mafia so much! Very dissapointed in Miyamoto-chan" - TYPEWRITER. I like this game, you stink.

nancy_____14 2023-11-05

nice game i really like the advice for my kid thank you

Mario 2023-08-15

Mario says:HEY STINKY

ជើងសារ៉េ-អ៊ុយ-1.8គីឡូ-អាផុង 2023-06-18

this is so fun!

dad 2023-06-09

this is awesome. : )

Edwin Tan Swee Hwee 2023-04-18

Good with the EEEEEEE

among us 2023-04-04

i love this game 5 minigames so fun this is the best game ever in the world

ITSA ME PACHE 2023-03-12

helloGuys! Gamer here!

Booder 2022-11-03

Love this game! :)

Typewriter 2022-09-08

What an atrocity. Why does this game shove the American history in yor face? This is a "Mario" game, about teaching young people how to write. Why not write normal words like Animal names or words for Objects? Or even better, Stories?

Aren't there any Stories for Children outthere that could have been used?

In Marios Time Machine this was kinda ok. But here, this is BS design for a Typing Lessons game!

This is why i hate the Nintendo Mafia so much! Very dissapointed in Miyamoto-chan

Andy 2022-05-14

@Ibrahim al ibrahim I hope you are well. Luckily they failed so far to do so. Slava Ukraine!

Ibrahim Al Ibrahim 2022-02-27

Hi, I was here on 27/2/2022. I might be dead by the time u see this tho. Some news: Russia conquered Ukraine this week. Slava Russia

4893 2022-01-20

Teacher Luigi
Goal WPM 9 \
Last WPM 13

kendy 2021-12-07

it very good

ew 2021-09-19

atrocious game

Ricardo Alberto García de Paredes Vega 2021-08-03

Quiero Descargar Mario Teaches Typing Para Windows 10

BENDY 2021-07-10


cr 2021-07-02

good game

Vichara 2021-07-01

Hi our buys

Vorn 2021-06-15

This game is good it teaches us how to put finger to the correct key but the sound is a bit weird but i don`t mind stay safe

prince n 2021-06-03

im prince n

pretty nzeza 2021-06-02

lol dance moms

jojn stvenson 2021-05-23

rhank marik you teach me write youre very cooil ;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a fjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjf

33Kach 2021-05-06

i miss my childhood playing this haha

AKAI SHUICHI 2021-04-09


piggy 2021-04-01

oof oof oof this is the oof game ever

Angel 2021-03-31

I'm a kid who wants to know how to type without looking at the keyboard

Luigi 2021-03-11

Game is awsome! can you make a maker mode where you can make ur own courses.

jonah 2021-03-09

do any of you guys have a 3ds if you do my friend code is 414192573269

chomnn 2021-02-25

i want to ply super mrio it over 6 year

i never played 2021-02-12

what is tis about?

idc i love it 2021-02-09

idc i love it ^-^

eiad alkolaifi 2021-01-31

i kinda like this game becuse i like video-games espeshaly in nintendo

Sy Visal 2021-01-30

I want to learn about typing computer

Luigi (real) 2021-01-30

your not the same person! you are a different person mama mia

christopher 2021-01-25

el juego me gusta muchoooooooooooooo

Luigi 2021-01-07

no you are not :)

hi there i am horrible at this game 2021-01-06

my name says everithing

Luigi 2021-01-02

you know the three luigi comments are written by a same person...

Luigi 2020-12-31

ok its not THAT good from super mario bros a 2 but better than a supa maro bras mama mia

Luigi 2020-12-28

mama mia i would like buy this game and keep it forever because it is better than super mario bros a two mama mia its a luigi

wow 2020-12-10

this game rules

just love mario 2020-12-10

i do this instead of typing plus when you have to letters like a and k when you press both of them you just race across the screen

i love mario 2020-12-09


tyeping kid 2020-10-23

this game is awsome & it is beter than any ting i have ever seen

ann 2020-10-06

i like this typing thx for teah me

poop 2020-10-01

i know this game since 1981 and it teach me how to type and now im to old to type

Rico T 2020-08-15

Now I see why my computer class teacher made us wear headphone while playing this game. This would have been torture to any adult.

TUYHANG 2020-08-12


GreenMachine 2020-08-11

I love this game so much!

Phanith 2020-07-25

Would like to practice the first typing.

NICKMAME 2020-07-22

I know the game is old but please fix the sound. Sometimes it is fine but sometimes it is scratchy.

jg 2020-07-19

so glad to have found this ! played it as a kid and now mine can too

ferran 2020-06-22

best game i ever seen

LOOGI KID 2020-06-11

this music makes my ears bleed! and not only that, the music is ripped out of the SNES classic, "super mario world"

L 2020-05-22


Vman 2020-05-20

the music sounds really weird

liza 2020-05-04

can you pls change the sound

poop 2020-04-02

I know this game came out in 1992 but the music is kind of off

Meknei 2020-03-07

I love this game

ok 2020-01-25

it keeps freezing and giving me divide error

nerfytheclown 2020-01-23

The browser version works pretty sweetly. Great way to get a little practice, or teach a child to type. Fun.

neath 2019-08-12

studying typing Mario

posterkid 2019-07-15

the 2nd mario te i mean pratices typeing is where mARIO HEAD coooMmMmes frem guys

mayro 2019-05-26

the ; doesn't work

dc 2019-05-18

v Ha! Nice joke

my nickname 2019-01-22

This is the greatest game ever made. I struggled with depression issues half my life. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few years ago, and it's extremely painful sometimes, I am currently in debt, and my girlfriend broke up with me. I had no hope in life, and i scheduled my suicide for 1 week from now. But then i discovered this game. As soon as I hit start, the gates of heaven opened. My cancer disappeared, I got back with my girlfriend, and won 3 billion dollars. This game changed my life. Thank you nintendo, thank you microsoft, and thank you mario, for touching my heart.

Dalesad 2019-01-14

esse jogo além de ser um jogo, ensina sobre algo

dave 2018-11-16

this is my first try playing so

AgentFreakBunny 2018-10-11

the music is insufferable

boom boom flahs 2018-08-30

this is a typing game.

AlYKat 2018-06-14

I want to get fast by typing and practicing to typ 70 wmp.

nak toch 2018-05-14

it's so good for the first computer user

Nintendo123 2018-02-25

I love all nintendo stuf- except for sony stuff!

Nintendo 2018-02-25

We made this in 1992!

jonh 2018-01-19

i want to play and teach mysefl

nnsense 2017-12-19

Where $%$?!?$ is the character ";" in this game?!

Tj Anderson 2017-11-07

my first game is Mario Teaches Typing

z-greninja 2017-10-23


z-greninja 2017-10-23


Eng 2017-10-18

I want to play Mario typing

bobbie 2017-09-10

Teach me to type

InstructionsForGames 2016-09-20

Pikayoshi: Switch the game version to the Preinstalled and then switch the game executedable file from MARIO.exe to SETUP.exe then follow the SETUP instructions you can change the VIDEO but just press ENTER for now, then you can change the SOUND type and get that SWEET perfect sound! Don't thank me, thank yourself for asking!

Pikayoshi 2016-08-04

How do i get Perfect Sound? is there a DOSBox Config for that!?
It sounds like Chadtronic's Copy of Mario Teaches Typing!

the dark night 2016-07-26

it is a good games and I love it

TechWolf 2016-06-14

On Windows 10 I get a "stack overflow" error in Chrome, but it works fine in Edge. Thanks for the play!

Kabukibear 2016-06-07

If it's stuck at the installation screen, make sure you select the pre-installed version from the game version drop down box.

polin 2016-03-22

i want to play

raven 2016-02-18

because the letters needed to be caps

Nar 2016-02-11

Online version worked very well until at some point it wouldn't recognize the semicolon button anymore. :( Also sometimes letters wouldn't work unless I toggled caps lock (sometimes on, sometimes off). Still love this game!

raven 2016-02-08

you got mph at 23 that's amazing

Maria 2016-01-30

This game is the best, I wrote 10 minutes with typing speed of 23 MPH and I got 95% accuracy. It is a good game and the characters are THE BEST!! Another thing... This game is in of itself a good way to teach typing, they know your name, they know what level you are, they know how long you want your lesson to be... who can ask for more?!

raven 2016-01-12

works fine

raven 2016-01-11

pre installed

raven 2015-12-14

I pressed Enter but it didn't work for me at all

Nguyen Thi Huong Thao 2015-12-04

choi kieu gi vay ? ko hieu.

Elizabeth 2015-12-02

I pressed Enter but it didn't work

hanh 2015-12-01

tôi muốn chơi trò mario teachers typing 1

Doge 2015-11-22

If you are having problems with INSTALL, do the following: Go to "Emulator configuration" which is in the middle of this page (above the emulator screen) then change the "Game version" to pre-installed. Then, change the "game executable" to MARIO.EXE. You will be able to play normally now! Have fun!

morita 2015-11-03

Home of the Funny Mario Head

Johnska 2015-10-22

Yeah, I don't know about this running...

Lê Hương Giang 2015-08-31

i love mario teacher typing

englow 2015-08-23

semicolon bug... Could not get it to work.

mario time girl 2015-08-06

i press enter nothing happens thats weird

ponleu 2015-08-01


kivin 2015-07-09


admin 2015-05-25

Added a pre installed version, works fine!

SCIPR06 2015-05-24

I do NOT know how to run a DOS system. It says I need to install something by pressing enter, but no matter what I tried noting happened!

pink kid 2015-05-04

hello my name is pink kid

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