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Mario Teaches Typing 2

Windows - 1997

Also available on: Windows 3.x - Mac

Year 1997
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Educational
Theme Licensed Title, Typing
Publisher Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Developer Brainstorm
4.55 / 5 - 815 votes

Description of Mario Teaches Typing 2

Mario Teaches Typing 2 is a video game published in 1997 on Windows by Interplay Entertainment Corp.. It's an educational game, set in a typing and licensed title themes, and was also released on Windows 3.x and Mac.

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Comments and reviews

jellnbean 2024-04-01 0 point

I know this might be alot to ask, can you make a online version like you did with mario teaches typing 1?

A 2024-01-21 -1 point

the mario is so creepy (didnt play yet i just watched a smg4 vid)

MaD2Fan2018 2023-11-20 -1 point Windows version

Ooh, nice computer you got here. Can I have it?

HappySoft 2023-10-08 0 point


krispykobi 2023-04-20 0 point

its a good game overall but doesnt hit as hard as it did in the good o'l days

Clint 2023-04-05 1 point

slay it works :D

. 2023-03-16 -1 point

I saw the floating Mario head and I'm like "If that isn't fake, I will never play Mario again." And here I am playing Mario Teaches Typing 2 despite what I said about the head

mubasher is DUMB 2022-11-22 -4 points Windows version

Bro, you dumb?
It's litreally made on 1997

Alex 2022-10-30 0 point

I cant enter this

mubasher 2022-10-26 -2 points

can i install this game on samsung chrome book

DAVID 2022-10-10 -2 points


Wi 2022-09-20 1 point Windows version

this game is funny

jmjojo213456 2022-09-15 1 point Windows version

Man..this game won't work...

Ciara 2022-07-31 0 point

I really like this software because it helped me to know how to type with 10 fingers

Franz 2022-07-10 0 point Windows 3.x version

So I launched the game in dosbox I have windows 3.x in it but I have to register what the heck why idk I can't bypass it I don't know how

susan 2022-04-07 -1 point Windows version

help i cannot download this

sus 2022-04-01 -1 point

works on ms dos?

bigpig 2022-03-06 -5 points Windows version

How to install mario teaches typing 2

Franklin 2022-02-15 0 point

i want to learning how to typing

khoa gà 2022-01-15 1 point

tôi thích mario

JellyRoblox52 2021-12-19 1 point

I only downloaded it for the Mario head and well faster typing

kaka 2021-12-14 -1 point

this typing to nice for child that start to learn about computer

no 2021-12-02 2 points Mac version

The only reason I downloaded this game was because the floating Mario head

Mr. kheng 2021-09-25 -1 point

hi, i want to learn how to typing

uwu 2021-09-12 1 point Windows version

does it work on windows xp?

pich2012 2021-09-09 0 point

this is a cool game ever but i can ' t type fast

no u 2021-09-01 3 points

When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's amore
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
That's amore

Leopard 2021-08-22 0 point Mac version

How to run Mario Teaches Typing 2 (Interplay Productions).iso on MacOS????

Ricardo Alberto García de Paredes Vega 2021-08-03 -3 points

I Download this worst game

Alif 2021-07-30 0 point Windows version

Is Compatible With Windows 10?

mario lover 2021-07-18 0 point Windows version

my laptop can't run DLLs

James Phillips 2021-06-05 0 point

I Love This Game

The.. something... 2021-05-31 1 point

"Looks like you got mario confused"

loikgamer307 2021-04-14 1 point

i m loik i love mario teaches typin2

srun 2021-04-05 2 points

my favorite thing to do is tying

Chheng y 2021-03-20 0 point

I need to learning typing word

JAMAL HASSAN 2021-03-15 0 point Windows version

I love playing mario teaches typing 1 and i want to play mario teaches typing 2.

jonah 2021-03-09 -1 point

do any of you guy have a 3ds if you do my friend code is 414192573269

Mario 2021-02-16 2 points Windows version

Hmmm... Oh! Nice computer you've got here. Can I have it?

Ego0720 2021-02-14 13 points Windows version

So spent half a day figuring out the virtual PC. Will spell out the parts to save other's time. This is to run emulation on a 64-bit Windows 10. Not sure if it will work for home edition.

Download and install Virtual box. It runs the OS virtually.

Download Windows XP SP3 ISO. 32-bit. It's free now. It's the best OS to run this game which was designed for Win 3.11 or win 95. Those OS were not fun to work with file sharing with host PC. If there is a way not noob friendly.

Download anyburn (free). You need to use this to create iso out of the files for Mario teach typing 2 because sharing file between host and virtual OS is tricky. Doing ISO and load it in optical media for virtual box treats Mario teach typing 2 as a CD-ROM.

Once u run win XP, before u play MTT2 u MUST change display to 256 color. MTT2 was designed for Win 3.11 or Win 95. Win XP is easiest. Follow this video to change Win XP display setting to 256 color.

The game was ok. But I prefer MTT1 for my 3-6 year olds. MTT2 would be fun if the game wasn't so glitchy and hard to set up. And the frame rate was choppy. But hey it can work.

CamPlayer 2020-11-21 1 point

the mario head makes me happy

DosBoxxer 2020-11-16 0 point

Hey LTZREVANDRA, this application does not work with 64-bit operating systems, so either use a Virtual Machine to run Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95, ect. Or you can put up a challenge, and run Windows 95/98 on PCem/DOSbox. Your choice.

buttface 2020-11-10 0 point

i am on chromebook so i can't download :(

noah 2020-11-10 0 point

how did you put this back ON NEW PC

micah 2020-11-02 0 point

I've heard of this game and it's cool

Joka 2020-10-23 0 point Windows version

I think it's cool game!

Manny 2020-09-17 1 point

I want to learn how to type

Julian Thetford 2020-08-19 1 point Windows version

I like mario teaches typing 2.
It is gonna be awesome.

yes 2020-08-04 3 points Windows version


ltzRevandra 2020-08-01 0 point Windows version

why i cant run it, it says this"This app cant run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, contact the software publisher"i dont know why

DouglasIncola42069 2020-07-26 -1 point Windows version

How do i open this?

Two-Face 2020-06-21 1 point Windows version

Hello. I am Harvey Dent.

xXSmallPeen69Xx 2020-05-14 2 points Windows version

This game is gonna be some handsome material for teaching my brother some typing, thank you romming community! :D

goofball 2020-05-02 3 points Windows version

Hoohoo, hello! Thank you for giving me a chance to start this up! I know I'm gonna be a great typist one day.

Boombox 2020-04-25 2 points

it takes long to download for windows but it's the best game

unawareabandonwareuser4675987654606422 2020-04-24 4 points Windows version

Whenever I try to run the setup I only get "This app cant run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, contact the software publisher"

Mariodoesnothing 2020-04-09 2 points

Ye I do nothing for a living and I just want to type

harry 2020-04-08 -1 point

what does air down mean?

poato 2020-03-31 4 points

I like potatos

Victor 2020-01-18 1 point Windows version

I love Playing the sequel to Mario Teaches Typing.

lincoln 2020-01-17 -1 point Mac version

good game for me

Malia 2020-01-10 0 point

Hi babes I'm Malia Beckford

نعيم الحسن 2020-01-08 -1 point Windows version

I have been teaching Kids Typing with MARIO TEACHES TYPING -1 with DOS & DOSBOX since 1998. The Best Software to TEACH Your Kids Typing. The Best thing about it is that it does not let you go ahead until you do not click the right key. GOOD FOR ALL AGES. May ALLAH BLESS you guys with the right PATH.
Thanks for all your efforts to keep such great softwares still alive.

JuiceBox 2019-11-21 3 points

yeah i'll have the typing game thanks

Help me 2019-11-12 -3 points

Okay thats cool, but how do i actually start up the game

Winkingbannanna 2019-11-06 3 points

The Mario face of doom. As usual you are destroying everything in your path on the way to kill bowser for no reason whatsoever and to do that you must find the courage to type in front of nightmare Mario.

Reer 2019-10-06 3 points

I wonder if this contains any viruses

11 2019-07-27 -7 points

why did they make this lol

The_Epic_Pwnr 2019-07-19 4 points

I really like the graphics and the dialogue. This is by far one of the best Mario games out there.

Inkling_Gamer33 2019-07-13 3 points

got it for the following quotes
"I'm-a gonna fly for you"
"Movin on the ground, movin on the ground"

Mario Lover 2019-06-27 2 points Windows version

I only downloaded this game for the Mario head. XD

chennit 2019-06-23 0 point

very good for me and kid

Fun 2019-06-15 1 point Windows version

:) that is all i have to say

MONTHA 2019-06-11 1 point Windows version

I like a game Mario Typing so much, Because It is get ready and good for my brother.

Nick 2019-06-02 0 point Windows version

huge meme for SMG4

PUZZLYGAMES 2019-03-21 0 point Mac version

definetely putting this into a youtube video

filename42 2019-03-17 0 point Windows version

i love it cause it is ameeeeeeemeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

the lost ninja 2019-02-13 -4 points

crap downloaded and did not work 0/5 stars

a 2019-01-12 3 points Windows version

Mario head is like a pc virus.

west virginia 2018-12-12 1 point

take me home to the place where i belong west virginia mountain mama take me home country roads

HarkonnenTrooper303 2018-11-26 0 point

Came here from the Youtube Poops.

boi 2018-10-22 1 point

movin on da ground, movin on the ground. hehehehe! BYE BYE! Hey! where'd everybody go?????????????

green ghost 2018-08-22 -1 point

MARIO:get ready too move ur fingurs-wait im a kid is that how u spell it

fuck 2018-08-08 0 point Windows version

why is this this a game

jurko 2018-07-30 0 point

i gota play mario teaches typing 2

Faizal 2018-07-16 2 points Windows version

the mario head is one of the best YTP ever

I. 2018-05-09 1 point

This game is not only perfect for people who want to learn to type better, but it sprouted a beautiful meme.

"Movin' on da ground, movin' on da ground... Hey, where'd everybody go?"????

K-cool 2018-03-02 -1 point

Do we have the windows version of this game

awashnut 2018-02-28 -4 points

what a horrific game and interplay usually make great games like redneck rampage and fallout

confused 2017-10-20 -3 points

I downloaded it, now its asking for which application to use for mario typing

smey 2017-08-21 12 points

it is very good for me and son

Mike Smith 2017-07-23 1 point

Bendy bendy and I am sure

BlueShotX 2017-07-10 -2 points

Can I play?

NaNa 2017-06-22 3 points

I can't play this game how can i download this

Yuruto Sayuki 2017-06-04 0 point

It's Ok i guess

Tap Tapson 2017-03-08 0 point

Where is the dos version?

Digesteve908 2017-02-07 -1 point

moving on the ground moving on the ground thisa makes me so happy!:)

Chew 2017-02-03 -2 points

Hi I like Luigi! Plz play Luigi games! Like Mario typing two even if Luigi game or not!

George 2016-12-28 -1 point

OO nice computer you got here....

Can I have it? LOL

Merry 2016-11-23 0 point

I want to practice mario teaches typing

Microsoft Sam 2016-10-04 1 point

Places everyone! Roll camera! Cue the shield.

MARIO TYPIST 2016-09-10 1 point

Hi, does anyone know how to extract this .sit file on a Windows system? Thanks for helping!

Mario Head 2016-02-20 2 points

"Hey, are you ready to Mariocise, Okay Dokey, you do just like Mario, ok?

Dinh Ngoc Linh 2015-12-12 0 point

I can't download this game, what happen with it?

Elizabeth 2015-12-02 2 points

I can''t both play and dowload. Help me ! What's happen with my computer?

SAk 2015-10-18 1 point

good game

stye man 2015-10-03 2 points

thanks you for your program .I want take it to teaching computer

Someguyonline 2015-09-13 3 points

Don't be fooled, most cd-rom games in the 1990s had support for both windows and mac! This is a windows 3.1 program.

mario 2015-01-27 4 points Mac version

home to the funny mario head

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