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Drakan: Order of the Flame

Windows - 1999

Alt name Drakan: להבות האש
Year 1999
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States (1999)
Japan (2000)
Genre Action
Theme Fantasy
Publisher Acer TWP Corp, Imagineer Co., Ltd., Psygnosis Limited
Developer Surreal Software, Inc.
Perspective Behind view
4.6 / 5 - 165 votes

Description of Drakan: Order of the Flame

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Think you know what soul crushing boredom and depression feels like? Stuck in a rut? Sick to the back teeth of the same old humdrum things cropping up again and again? Then you must be a regular reader of the kind of pulp fantasy novels that flood the sci fi and fantasy market - novels that supposedly offer fantasy escapism, but are, in fact, infinitely more dull than the dullest, most monotonous real life events could ever be. Let's face it, if you're after imagination and excitement, then the nineteenth book in the 'Elfstones of Granananax' series, with its hideous clichéd evil baddie threatening the world and cardboard characters questing after the mighty sword of Xythxx, isn't going to provide it.

And neither is the plot of Drakan, the new dragon riding, dungeon exploring, blast and slash 'em up from Psygnosis. You play Rynn, a sword wielding heroine who is happily wandering through the forest with her brother when they're ambushed by Warthoks, orcs by any other name, who kidnap her sibling, burn her village, and leave her with the task of waking a nearby sleeping dragon and then trekking all over the country in search of various mystical objects and crystals to defeat the broodingly nasty baddie at the end of the game. Ahh... there's nothing like a convoluted fantasy plot to send you into a fit of yawning boredom.

Flame grilled

Fortunately, despite this rather mundane plot, Drakan is a pretty decent game, all the more so for the original touches that stop it from being just another Tomb Raider clone. Not only do you get to play as Rynn when she's wandering around on foot, you also get to hop on the back of Arok, the dragon whom you awaken after the first couple of levels in the game, and fly around on him, belching fire at all your foes.

"So what?" you may well be thinking. "This sounds just like a Tomb Raider clone with shoot-em-up levels slotted in between them." Well, you'd be wrong, because the dragon and tomb raiding sections are so seamlessly blended that there's no real sense of discontinuity. This is mainly because you can hop on and off Arok at any time, heading off to explore caves or pick up objects, returning to him to fly high over the landscape and burn things mercilessly. But don't get too cocky, because not only are there places your dragon pal can't go, but there are plenty of airborne hazards to send you plummeting to the ground.

Drakan is not a game you'll complete on your first sitting - especially if you're a dab hand with virtual guns but couldn't swing a sword to save your life. There are no BFG's in this game - it's hacking, slashing and toasting all the way. So any Quake-aholics who've never been enticed towards the idea of wearing tights and swinging swords should just leave the room right now.

Level up

Your quest for the Mystic Sword of Xiixyaxxan (or whatever) takes you through a variety of well designed levels, split into several maps, with about four or so levels accessible from each map. These levels include spooky caverns, chambers, tombs, mines (completed with radioactively contaminated workers), and all manner of other ye olde fantasy locations, accessed by flying your dragon inside or hopping of and going in on foot. And unsurprisingly, these levels are filled with all manner of monsters, pits, precipices and other hazards.

The sneaky thing is that the levels are laid out in such a way that you can't just fly your dragon straight in, blast everyone inside to bits and fly straight out again - nor can you dismount and just hack, slash and leap your way through the level. Instead, you usually have to fly in on your dragon, blow away a few baddies and then dismount, do a bit more hacking slashing and jumping, in order to open a large door so that you can go back and fly your dragon further into the caves. Then, you can use your dragon to fly over the yawning chasm that's blocking your way, do a bit more blasting, then hop off again in order to open another door, and so on.

This pattern of flying and walking prevents the levels from becoming boring, and in particular it's rather gratifying, after you've had several axe-wielding wartoks trying to remove your head from your body, to then be able to hop on your dragon and toast those selfsame vicious pig-faced gits. In Drakan, revenge is a dish best served at the kind of temperatures you usually only get on the surface of the sun.


Said revenge is extracted in a manner of ways, depending upon whether you are indeed on foot or riding your dragon. On dragonback, you can fly around all over the shop, throwing fireballs and later poison balls (a power which is bestowed upon Arokh in a ludicrously showy graphics sequence) and other powers, providing you can take out the flying black dragons and medieval style sam sites that raise their heads more frequently as you progress through the game.

On foot, Rynn has a variety of items at her disposal, which can be utilised to help you see off the ever-so-evil baddies in the game. Naturally, this includes an array of lethal weaponry such as swords and clubs which can be used to give your foes a good drubbing. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses - bigger swords and clubs do a lot of damage, but have a slower swing time than small swords so you get less hits in. Most of Rynn's weapons are melee based so having a decent hand-to-hand weapon is a must, though you do get to use a bow and arrows from time to time. The catch is that all weapons except Rynn's basic sword slowly degrade over time, disappearing when they are too worn to be of use, and given that there's no easy way to repair them, it's probably not too good an idea to get too attached to that +20 damage Sword of Many Kickings.

The armour that you can find scattered around the world of Drakan also degrades with use, but while it lasts, it's very handy for preventing you from being sliced and diced in an unpleasant matter. Actually, that's not entirely true - each suit of armour, while providing protection for most of Rynn's body, is low cut enough to expose a portion of her rather ample chest. This seems to be rather a serious design flaw! After all, the chief baddy would merely have to brief his troops to aim for said region with the aid of some form of projection equipment (a la the Death Star's fatal exhaust port mess-up). Stick a sword or chuck a few arrows down her cleavage, and (providing said items didn't get lost in there), no more sword-wielding chick! Still, the risk of having Rynn come a cropper is a small price to pay for helping raise the game's profile amongst the more testosterone crazed gamers out there.

Dragon Ninja

This weaponry comes in very handy indeed - the nastier the weapon the better, because while none of the enemies are very bright, they usually have some defensive capabilities. The wartok's randomly pull their shields out and try and to block you, and the flying baddies tend to zoom in and out systematically at you. The one weakness all of the land based have is that they're usually slow to clock the fact that you're behind them, so you can run around behind them, whack them in the back, which does double damage, then run around them again, whack them there again, and watch them bleed. If you creep along, you can also sometimes stab them in the back before they're aware you're there, though this doesn't happen too often - Drakan is more like Tomb Raider than Thief, and the emphasis is on fighting, not stealth. If all else fails, you could try calling on your flying comrade for assistance. The catch is that since most of the hand to hand fighting takes inside places you can't reach by dragon, you have to run back out towards the entrance of each area, like a big chicken. Make it to the area where your dragon chum is, and he'll obligingly toast any enemies who come into range. You should be careful not to take too many enemies to him at once since he and Rynn share the same energy meter - if he takes damage, you do too - it must be some wierd psychic link thing.

Walking in the Air

Once you've finished slaughtering all the baddies in one area and done whatever you need to do - usually flip some switch or other, you either move onto the next inside area to do more Tomb Raider style stuff, or head back outside and take off on your dragon. Usually, when you get back onto Arokh, you'll find that some flying baddies have mysteriously appeared to make things difficult for you. Actual in air combat is pretty simple - this isn't a dragon management or detailed draconic flight sim - it's just a case of flying around, getting up close to the flying baddies, and sending them burning to the ground. There are the odd power-ups you can pick up to replenish your dragon's energy mid flight, and it's extremely important to take out all sam sites and airborne enemies before you land because Rynn won't stand a chance against them if they're not gone.

Dungeons and Dragons

Rynn has a fair few fancy moves at her disposal, all of which are executed by various keyboard combinations, such as back, forward and then slash to do a 360 degree spin and slash. Fortunately, these moves aren't as hard to pull off as those in hardcore fighting games like Street Fighter II but it does boost your chances of survival if you can manage to master them. Surprisingly, all moves can be done with all weapons, so you don't need to worry about learning different moves for each weapon.

Unfortunately, the baddies you bump into are just as well armed as you, if not more so in some cases, since their numbers include mini-dragons, small and large Wartoks, really really big giant Wartoks who can smash you against the wall with one punch, demonic knights, and other nasties. None of them are too bright, but they do have a nasty habit of showing up in numbers, so a fair bit of fancy fighting is required in order to dispatch them while avoiding their attacks.

If it's intelligent competition you're after, then you can have a go at Drakan's multiplayer mode, in which you can fight up to seven other players on dragon-back, on foot, or switching between the two. I say intelligent, since that term can be applied to roughly 60% of people who use the Internet. Unfortunately, not too many of those 60% seem to be too interested in playing Drakan, as the low number of multiplayer Drakan games on the servers depicts. I used Gamespy (not included with Drakan) to check how many games there were in progress at several times during the game and found a total of only two rather slow games. It's a pity too, since Drakan has the potential to be a good multiplayer game, especially if you've got one player on a dragon, chasing after another who is frantically trying to find a cave to duck into to avoid the mounted menace - potentially very tense indeed.


Even if the multiplayer game arena is a bit sparsely populated, Drakan's single player game offers enough to keep you busy for a week or two. The inside bits may not be quite as gripping as those in Tomb Raider 1 but the mixture of slashing, platform-hopping and dragon flying ensures that the game never gets boring. Plus, while several role playing gamers and one or two GDR staffers would probably lynch me if I called Drakan an RPG, it does have several RPG elements. These include the odd optional sub-quest and the ability to mix and match weapons and makes it a more involving than games like Tomb Raider XXII: Lara shoots some more animals and their ilk. The plot may not be up to much, but the rest of Drakan is, and, providing you don't mind dropping any guns that you may have become attached to and picking up a sword, then Drakan has enough original features, groovy graphics, and consistently entertaining gameplay to make it worth checking out.

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How to play Drakan: Order of the Flame Windows

Thanks to UCyborg, you can easily play again this wonderful game. Check the official mod page on ModDB for the latest version:

Comments and reviews

Lortimer 2024-04-03 0 point


SamboNZ 2024-03-16 1 point

Agreed - the repack works perfectly in Windows 10.
Big thanks to Bladez1992 for the making it so easy to install and run!

PCGAMER90 2024-03-02 2 points

The repack works wonderfully on Win 10. Hats off to Bladez1992 for his awesome work. Greatly appreciated!

This Game stutters not 2024-02-22 1 point

all ok now


Ollin 2023-09-24 0 point

Hello guys, is there anyone who have problems with configuring keys?? when i go to options- controls, the game keep crushing down even when i tried to change compability setting. So i can't move when i start to play.

Bladez1992 2023-09-03 4 points

Hey everyone, I've had a project for a few years now making new installers for old PC games; Drakan - Order of the Flame is one of the games I've restored
Come check out Legacy Gamer's Union on Discord for this game and plenty of others that actually work on Windows 10/11

Deathproof 2023-04-24 0 point

im really sorry that its so hard for you to check on the internet what is .mds
That must be traumatizing to look it up.
This file is same image as iso, bin etc. or .cue with .bin, .mds with .mdf
All u need to do is, if u dont want hassle with it is rename .mds to .iso,
works with .cue&.bin files too by renaming .bin to .iso
If it doesnt work for some reason, use wincdemu that thing can take that image or bin/cue as well, with no trouble. Same with .iso.
With dameon im not so sure, but wincdemu is best for win10/11 and older games, especially trying to install from an image on these OSs.
So they guy was rude and an idiot to boot. A little thinking a little use of hes brain capacity, to search for answers would resulted him not being stupid as hell.
also winrara, use 7zip right, same thing for free, but well winrar is free too, u dont have to pay. So again vulgar for no reason, and stupid for obvious reasons.

smh 2023-01-29 -2 points

"Whoever left that last comment, you're an idiot."
"you have no right to come here and be rude for no reason."
ummmm what??
obviously 99% of the people here came here for a simple ISO file they can burn and use on their appropriate systems.

People are rightfully confused the file type is clearly incorrectly labeled. You have written the only comment I have seen that is rude.

BoneyJuvy 2022-10-21 -3 points

Is there a way to have the game alt-tab?

I tried, but apparently it doesn't work. xD

Pyrine 2022-07-27 0 point

I hope they make a Remake so that it can play in latest window or all window

Surik 2022-06-06 -1 point

I tried downloading the community patcher to be able to install the game multiple times, and each time I tried downloading the patcher it came with a virus. This is such a good game, one of my all time favorites as a child. I want to be able to play it again, but I would like it to be virus free. Is there another way I can make my Windows 10 computer install it without viruses. These patches (especially since they are third party ones) are not very reliable. You never know what kind of malware may be injected into them. If anyone knows of another way to make a Windows 10 recognize and install this old, but awesome game, I'm all ears.

Also, I've already tried downloading the patch from the Ahrok's Lair site, and that too gave me a virus.

MadRock13 2021-10-14 0 point

I Love This Game, Computer Version First Then Play Station Version.
Should of been Drakan 2 as This Was The Best Game and I still haven't found any game I Love Like This One. Thanks All Of That Provided Patch's & Game It Self, You Can Eat At My Table Any Time.
Rock Out! Rock Off! Rock On!

zardack 2021-07-28 0 point

je cherche se jeu depuis 10ans merci enfin je peux y jouer

Daisy1968 2021-03-22 1 point

I tried yesterday to install it but like mentioned it's ISO is of a strange format.
But I'll try it another day.
Thnx anyways for all the good games you share with us :)

chinu 2021-03-18 2 points

thanks for the upload

Maniaco 2021-02-08 4 points

This is one of the most underrated games ever. Should be amongst the classics. I think it was let down by it's horrible ending.

RDR.EXE 2020-12-30 2 points

To the last guy regarding language:
The most likely reason most of these games are preserved in English is because it's the most common language, and most games were developed with english primarily.

This one actually *was* an English game, the developers were from Washington USA.

HanSulu 2020-12-18 -14 points

Why do you try to only preserve the games in English?
Especially when you think about the little fact that some of these games aren't even English games in the first place.
Considering that you can't even play the Gothic version with English dubbing, it's the worst.

pc gamer83 2020-11-16 1 point

oh man, I remember playing demo, such a nice game with cool gameplay when riding that dragon

BDK 2020-11-13 1 point

Not iso but mdf. Fairly annoying as Windows 10 won't open it, so you need daemon tools or alcohol 120%.

RDR.EXE 2020-10-24 25 points

Whoever left that last comment, you're an idiot.
These people have done nothing but upload the game to try and preserve it, you have no right to come here and be rude for no reason.

1. Winrar you can literally just download, nobody forces you to buy it. That's YOUR OWN problem.
2. This is an OLD game. If you even remotely know anything about old PC games; it's that most of them either flat out don't work on newer systems or will need patches and tweaks to even get running. That's not the fault of the people that uploaded it here, OR the devs, it's just a problem with how newer operating systems function compared to how older ones did. Go be an asshole somewhere else, instead of blaming things on others for no reason.

Cyrus 2020-10-06 -66 points

You fucking assholes, I downloaded your game file and bought winRAR for a fucking game that doesn't work, FUCK YOU!

Rohit 2020-08-28 -1 point

Please help me to run this game i can't run it with this zip file

Rivalus 2020-08-17 1 point

I remember this. I choose this instead of Tomb Raider and never regret it. It made you a Dragonrider

lorenzo554 2020-07-11 1 point

if the game crash while picking the difficulty follow this steps:
-install the official 455 patch from this site and run and do all the setup (if everything went good you should have one more difficulty to pick)
- go to this link:
-download the 455++ patch.exe run it and install everything
-at this point you can play the game without crashing

Johnny-boy 2020-04-18 21 points

Thanks for game! It works as should be!
Since people have problems installing the game, let me give some basic instructions.
-In order to install game on your hard drive you need image tool program like example daemon tools or Wincdemu.
-You need Drakan -order of the flame community patch installer to patch your game, downloaded from here "".
1.Mount DRAKAN.mds with your choice of image tool program!
2.Go to your virtual drive and double click Autorun.exe
3.Install game
4.After game have installed to your hard drive, your have to make important decision. Do you want the game use directX 9.0c or directX11 features. If you have Windows 10, it is better use directX11, because game have less problems. Here is a tricky part, if you want Drakan use directX 11, you need Reshade utility program, because you need directX 11 .dll files plus you can add game some advanced post-processing effects to make game look better. You can download Reshade from this link:
5. Install community patch installer.
6. Run Reshade_setup.exe if you want game use directX 11 and advanced post-processing effects. If you don´t know how reshade works or how to make reshade profiles, don´t install program.
6. Run dgvoodooCPL.exe and choose your dgvoodoo settings, for your taste.
7. Play the game.

snowy 2020-04-01 -2 points

okay so i got the files to open but now the game has the cd error and the patch when i try to open drakan it says error unable to load reres.dll

snow 2020-03-31 -1 point

hey i am trying to open the files but i dont have the right stuff any help?

Chris 2019-10-26 1 point

This Game crashes after a while on winxp

chris 2019-10-19 1 point

love this game

Twi2T 2019-10-01 -1 point

Guy can anyone explain me how to instal thios game. What i need to do all steps pls if it's possible. Tnx for helping me.

starlord19 2019-08-26 -6 points

I am able to install the game but when i click on the difficulty level, the game exits. Could smebody please help. Thanks awfully in advance.

Jake Logan 2019-08-05 0 point

This is an amazing game! I used to play it all the time when I was younger. I can't believe I can try it again. My CD broke during the move and this archive is awesome! I'm amazed how many awesome games there are in here especially from when I was young! This is an awesome site!

Yoshi 2019-06-13 1 point

Everyone who has troubles running a game after installation: the "no CD" error went away for me after installing the official 445 patch, which is available here.
Also "iso" here is a weird "mds" file, which I was not able to mount in any program. Fortunately MagicIso Magic Disk could open it, so I saved as regular "iso" file and then was able to mount it and install the game

Robs 2019-04-04 0 point

Cool Game thx

It seems with that version the never ending health potion bug doesn't work annymore

Isma 2019-03-23 -1 point

I install the game with no peoblem, it opens but when I start new game get an error in (dragon.something) file. Could anyone help me out here. thanks in advance.

The Best 2019-03-16 3 points

this site is the best, and thats why you have the best too. Excellent game

محمدرضا(muhammad) 2019-02-09 -5 points

hello,i am an Iranian teenage and when i was child,i played drakan.
this game is on of the best games ever i had played in any console.i love this game and i suggest playing that to everyone.
love you for linking the game;
in the refuge of ALLAH

Jo Fo 2019-01-18 2 points

I've installed the software to open the MDF and MDS Files, but when I get to the install screen, it says to enter the disk. Please help.

Jo Fo 2019-01-18 0 point

I'm having difficulties opening the game, I got a program to read the MDF files, I can get to the install screen, but it says there is no disk.

Crowbar Barbarian 2018-12-09 0 point

Ah, one of my favorites! I was quite disappointed the sequel was a console exclusive. Thanks for the chance to replay this gem.

Mike 2018-11-02 1 point

This was my favourite game as a child - and still is now when i look back on it. This guy is remaking the game with modern graphics
i'm so excited

Tru 2018-11-01 -2 points

I played a game called Drakan back in 99 or 2000 but couldn't do much or anything in the game. It just seemed like endless terrain and little else. But I don't think it was the same game because in my version there was a group or characters that followed along. But with no apparent goal.

Space Jump 2018-05-19 4 points

""""ISO"""" version is actually MDF/MDS

Ang9lo 2018-05-07 2 points

So cool! I used to play this game many years ago!
Thank you!

Pyb 2018-01-05 2 points

One of my favorite childhood game. I mean, when a giant ogre is throwing at you the torso of a dead ennemi from so far you can berrely see him, when you can explore the entire map riding your dragon and killing everyone, when you can dismember ennemis with starting sword, how a game could be cooler than that ? :D

maxy 2017-11-20 -3 points


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