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DOS - 1994

Year 1994
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Action
Theme FPS, Fantasy, Shooter
Publisher id Software, Inc.
Developer Raven Software Corporation
Perspective 1st-Person
4.51 / 5 - 298 votes

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Manual, patch, misc, mod and sourcecode available

Description of Heretic

Though somewhat forgotten these days, Heretic was an important milestone for the FPS genre. Using a modified version of the Doom Engine, Heretic offered a number of significant improvements and advancements in FPS gaming, including interactive environment elements, an inventory from which a player might use any number of weapons or powerups they had collected, and, importantly, the ability to look up and down!

Heretic features a variety of levels that mix dungeon-crawling through narrow corridors with wild fire-fights in wide open spaces. While some stages still have that cobbled-together feel of early FPS games, many have the sort of sensible and recognizable approach to level-design that became the norm for games like Thief: the Dark Project. There IS a major twitch factor to Heretic in that a number of the more open stages begin with large-scale magic shoot-outs, where you must thin out a score of enemies before you can start to explore the stage in earnest. This may take some getting used to, and the punishment for dying is a loss of weapons, which can make a tough spot feel almost impossible. But if you're up for a challenge, Heretic will dish it out.

Heretic brought FPS gaming forward by a huge leap while also bringing in high fantasy elements to a genre which had before been dominated by the modern and the futuristic. While the experiments in FPS design explored in its sequels were less successful (particularly the sprawling interconnected levels, moon-logic puzzles, and faux-RPG elements of Hexen II), Heretic changed gaming, and for the better. If you are a fan of the FPS genre, particularly classics such as Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, and haven't played Heretic, you owe it to yourself to play this masterpiece.

Review By P. Alexander

Heretic has an addon available: H!Zone, don't miss it!

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Comments and reviews

Oldmemories1990 2018-09-08 0 point

This Heretic ISO has the \ID STUFF folder on it... I know that there is a crack that unlock all the ID games that are in FULL version in there... The crack on the Quake shareware CD is called Qcrack and doesn't see to work on the heretic CD image.... Anyone has the one that work?

KC 2018-09-02 0 point

How would one use the patch with a Mac using Dosbox or Boxer?

KC 2018-09-02 0 point

I liked this game better than Hexen as well. The controls make sense and are easy compared to any of the Hexen games. Heretic lets you focus more on the game and less on the controls.

Mavll 2018-02-05 0 point

This section needs to be more know. This website its awesome, beside here you can find apassionate people from old school.

GuyFawkes 2018-01-18 2 points

There's an unofficial expansion pack for this game available here:
It's worth noting though that, presumably as a form of copy protection, it overwrites the game's third episode rather than loading as a PWAD. Some people have also mentioned issues with the patcher when using it with Shadow Of the Serpent Riders because of this. Luckily a modern remake is available for source ports:

awashnut 2018-01-04 1 point

this game is awesome

Ger 2017-09-02 0 point

I played this when I was akid and always wanted to played it again, lets see how this works

rdsch 2017-08-17 1 point

they should make a new version of this game for ps4 x box one awesome game

I.M. MEEN 2017-08-10 2 points

i love heretic over Hexen, there i said it

retrolover 2017-07-23 0 point

loved this game back in the 90's

Ron Gain 2017-04-08 15 points

I am 76 yrs old. Heretic is the only video game of any kind that I have ever played. I have played it since the late 1990's? whenever I had time now and then (which wasn't too often, since I was a professor and testing lab co-owner for years) and I have loved it. My grown "kids" (5) and more recently my 10 grandchildren man the "gun" while I do the maneuvering.

Doomguy 2017-01-02 -1 point

Ru this game in a modern doom source port if you want to fully enjoy this game!

Grae 2016-12-16 -1 point

It's not Shadow of the Serpent Riders, but still, it's good to get ahold of this again. I'll find the expanded version eventually...

sohaib 2016-12-14 0 point

i like this game so much

Napay 2016-07-05 3 points

Played this game when I was 11 years old. It was freeware (unregistered). I liked this better than Doom (I wasn't a fan of sci-fi theme).

Edy 2016-06-04 -2 points

Me gusta Quake tambien! Los primeros 3d programas. :+)

oldergengamer 2016-03-16 5 points

I'm 33, I was in 5th, 6th, grade playing these games since I've been 8 yrs old, wow the time flies

kissKIZZkiss 2016-02-13 0 point

i want to be able to make my own enemy npc's for this game, does anyone know how I can be able to do this?

theames 2016-02-07 2 points

i like this game. i have played this game when i was 7 years old, now i'm 27 and i played it on my smartphone now. if i show on the pictures, i can see how plays cheater ;D heretic an hexen are and be one of the best shootergames ever :)

pooISbrown 2016-02-03 -4 points

people people people!!!!!!!!
get the frigging zandronum program and play this on it, dosbox is a hassle and can't do this game the justice it deserves, ask yourself this..does dosbox support
OPENGL graphics enhancements??? no??? well zandronum does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fragib 2015-12-26 1 point

I liked this better than Doom.

asdf 2015-12-11 1 point

@lolman it's the full version

tony 2015-11-06 2 points

i played heretic when i was 9 years old now im 28..and i´ll never forget that one night it gave an awful nigthmare. lol ..true story

PsychoDad 2015-10-18 1 point

Ha! I think this was the very first FPS game I ever bought. I'd always kind of looked down on them, sticking more to the adventure/puzzle type games. But I figured , well, let's see what all the hoopla is about. I downloaded a few of demos, most of which left me cold, but this grabbed me hard! Was playing it again recently, but now getting a fresh copy for this particular machine I'm on. Oh yeah, I graduated to Hexen after this, and Shadow Warrior too. And now, the Half Life games are among my favorites. Still waiting patiently for HL3!!!

GAME ... 2015-09-09 1 point


Haya 2015-03-28 2 points DOS version

Can I run this file in dosbox?

MAC 2015-02-20 1 point DOS version


TRL 2015-01-18 1 point DOS version

Try to download DooM Remake and play heretic with mouse movement and graphic advantages.

m 2014-10-07 0 point DOS version

it good for me.

SotilaS 2014-09-11 1 point DOS version

Not just LOOKING good, It's very nice! ^^ I can recommend to every DOS-game nerd! :)))

JOe 2014-06-18 0 point DOS version

pretty cool looking

indstr 2014-02-11 1 point DOS version

Heretic was awesome. I liked the theme and atmosphere better than Doom. Spent many hours playing this. But of course HeXeN was my favorite of all. But I'll wait till I get to its page before I start gushing about it :)

L3d 2014-01-29 0 point DOS version

is kinda funny xD

OK 2013-12-23 0 point DOS version


amma 2013-12-11 0 point DOS version

it's my first game! THANKS :

kap 2013-11-14 0 point DOS version

how can I download heretic (1996) shadow of serpent rider with
Episode 4 - The Ossuary
Episode 5 - The Stagnant Demesne

KAREN DAYANA 2013-10-23 0 point DOS version


randa 2013-10-05 0 point DOS version


K.A.T 2013-09-21 0 point DOS version


Jose131991 2013-08-30 0 point DOS version

Shareware version brings back childhood memories, good the full version is here as I never played the last two episodes.

potroast 2013-08-22 0 point DOS version

definitely deserves to be in top downloads. Donald doesn't know what he's talking about, Heretic 2 was wonderful. Quake 2 engine! Colored lighting! COLORED. LIGHTING. For everything. Yeas.

anon 2013-08-06 0 point DOS version

good game. it was made off of the doom source code.

Donald Westington 2013-07-22 0 point DOS version

Heretic 2 really sucks. This game is a masterpiece, though. Wonder why Heretic 2 sucked so hard (along with Hexen 2) but this game is so awesome.

lolman 2013-07-12 0 point DOS version

Is this the full version or demo?

Matt 2013-07-09 0 point DOS version

I can only seem to play as far as the Iron Lich bosses. After I defeat them and exit the level, the game freezes up and crashes. That's only the end of the first episode. Is there any way around this, or somewhere I can download a full version?

alex_aaa789 2013-05-25 0 point DOS version

This is really a great game and deserves a third sequel after Heretic 2

Just wonder why this is not on Top Downloads :/

Yhazo 2013-05-07 0 point DOS version

I remember that game, i wanna play again. :3

SoviEt 2013-04-08 0 point DOS version

The Heretic from Episode 5 is too realy hard but Beware! A 5 Maloutaur are too efective does not belong


When i cheat Summonfriend Marine BFG is too realy easy from Maloutaur from them

2nd Hints:

Or usualy when i cheat SV_FASTWEAPONS 600 Wow is too realy easy from them!

Jobel 2013-04-06 0 point DOS version



PsiPaula4 2013-03-12 0 point DOS version

No prob guys! Glad you like it!
Also anyone plays more doom games as well.

Nicole 2013-03-05 0 point DOS version

OM has a point.

Leitbild 2013-02-13 2 points DOS version

Yeah! Right after Doom one of my first and most beloved games, ever! In fact it's just Doom with magic and a medieval fantasy touch - Like Lord of the Rings on Ecstasy...

Great improvements with a inventory system for special items (in Doom you just ran over it and the item was instantly used) and the ability to look up and down - nonetheless a nice gimmik, but not really necessary, because the implemented auto-aiming deals good enough with your enemies, I never used it very much while playing Heretic...

All in all a nice game and really worth a look! Or more! ;)

BTW, as in Doom, I prefer the original 3 episodes release of Heretic, because (as in Doom) the story of Heretic is already over at the end of episode 3 by defeating the (this time really challenging) D'Sparil! The other two episodes, 4 and 5, in the re-release Shadow of the Serpent Riders is a nice add, but all in all unnecessary, too...

Arie 2013-02-12 0 point DOS version

Klasik menggigit banget nih game... Asli jadi kangen.. :3

OM 2013-02-03 1 point DOS version

...Used to have a shitload of WADs for this one, most of which were converted from DOOM II WADs - IIRC, you needed WADs that were DOOM II specific to convert them over without having to go in and change certain powerups, otherwise the converted WADs would crash. It may have been DOOM in D&D clothing, but face it, kids - isn't that what all FPS' are when you get down to the basics? Raid the dungeon, grab the gold, kill the orcs, rape the trolls, pillage the evil trees, slander the gelatinous cube, bugger the skeletons, and *then* slay the dragon/wizard/yo mama.

Dave 2012-11-24 0 point DOS version


İsa 2012-10-17 0 point DOS version

Uzun Zaman oldu oynamayalı bunu

anil 2012-05-06 0 point DOS version


Doom fan 2012-03-12 -1 point DOS version

S'okay. If you like Doom, this is basically just Doom with castles and magic instead of space and demons.

goooooolqmpi4 2012-01-29 0 point DOS version

cool old action game
you will like it if you like games like quake II

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MiscHeresies Developers' Network CD Occurrence 3 English version 16 MB (DOS) ModMagic & Mayhem for Heretic
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