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Kid Pix Deluxe 4

Windows - 2004

Year 2004
Platform Windows
Released in Canada, United States
Genre Educational
Theme Graphics / Art
Publisher Learning Company, The, Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
Developer Learning Company, The
4.48 / 5 - 831 votes

Description of Kid Pix Deluxe 4

2004, the year Kid Pix Deluxe 4 was released on Windows. Made by Learning Company, The and published by Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited, Learning Company, The, this educational game is available for free on this page.

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Comments and reviews

Ebbamb 2024-04-27 0 point

Bald man in the corner always creeped me out. Otherwise loved playing this at the library as a young child.

Funky_LiL_Goblin 2024-04-10 3 points

Be veryyy careful downloading this, while it was fun and I love having a piece of my childhood that I remember so vividly, this downloaded some malware onto my computer. I don't know if that happened for anyone else, but be vigilant!!

peeshooter 2024-04-04 2 points

I was born in 2005 but I remember playing this version in elementary school what seems like a long time ago now. It's really wonderful being able to find it again. :)

balls 2024-03-25 1 point

ok game it is good but its too expensive

cute prinsess 2024-02-26 0 point


Jackson Gichev 2024-02-24 0 point


help 2024-02-16 4 points

I installed everything and it looked fine but then when opening it, it kept on freezing and the "program not responding" window would come up. This happened about five times before I just gave up;;

Mayo 2024-02-11 0 point

I LOVE kidpix its so epic and swagsauce

95OHMY 2024-02-11 0 point

You are not a REAL gamer if you never played this classic as a kid!

mr boyyie 2023-12-28 1 point

this me now after playing kid pix deluxe 3

4th planet from the sun and celebration 2023-12-22 0 point

played this in the computer lab sooo peak

mr boyyie 2023-12-21 1 point

this is me before playing this game.

wassup 2023-12-10 1 point

i made a boo boo YE̷̢̡̧̢̛̛͇͖͎̳̟͓̭͔̲͇̣̩̜̤͈̻̫̼̥̦̩͈̼͎̝̖͓̱̲̼͔̲̤͙͔̯̙̣̹̰͉̞̟͓̱̦̬̗̤̳̹̤̮̝̩̖̜̮̭͍̭̬͐̅̇̌̓̌̐̑̀͒̓̌́͑̈́̑̐̑̿͋̆͗̑̿̃͗̾̒̔̑͛̈́͌̄̒̾̉̓̇̿̈́̓̔́̉̔̊͂͐̈̇̈́̊̒͒̇̔̊̍͗͌͑̇̓͐̔̇̅̋̈́͂̀̓͋̇̓̑̍̈́̓̽͑̾͑͌̋̀̏̐͛́̑̽̋͗̈́̑͆̃̀͌̄̄̾̀̇̊̎͂̎͑̊͐͘͘̕͘̚̕͘̚̕͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅAH

Abran 2023-11-29 1 point


Abran 2023-11-28 1 point

That download will fudge the computer with rare time-to-time freezing and will premanently freeze the computer and cause heavy load and will make the PC Laptop Fan to roar like fuck, in Abran's lab.

I recommend installing Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 01 Operating System, and using the Activator and see what happens.

nameless 2023-11-12 1 point

"ooohh don't wan't it"
"I made a boo boo YEAH"

funni guy 2023-11-11 1 point


Hamilton Mautai 2023-11-07 0 point

I like the program for Preschool kids

Lololol 2023-11-02 0 point

i MaDe A bOo BoO yEa

Mike Rotch 2023-11-01 0 point

Damn this is nostalgia ngl I wish this was an app on the play store so I can play it again

Abran 2023-10-28 0 point

Now I am plannin' to get ready to install the Obsolete good-'ol Windows 7 Ultimate, and then install 7-Zip, Microsoft Office 2003, and then install Google Chrome and see what happens. Then I will install Kid-Pix Deluxe 4 and then the iTunes for Windows.

hoohoo 2023-10-26 0 point

is the windows version okay with mac? i need my kindergarten memories now

Bababa 2023-10-21 1 point

It’s the best game ever

Abran 2023-10-14 0 point

I started using this when I was in Immaculata. I had also used that to make even some Autorun screens when I was with Windows 7 starter too. Therefore, I really need to do is to save disk space and also I will need to continue not abusing, rather I will start being responsible with my stuff.

Luna bear 2023-10-06 0 point

I really want to try this game because I haven’t played it because I wasn’t born or I wasn’t a kid.

amit 2023-09-26 0 point

this is very good software

Xx_PwnagePeter_xX 2023-09-24 0 point

This message is for INEEDHELP. Click on Setup.exe to download the game. I'm not a abandonware worker, but i have proper grammar.

eaeaeaeae 2023-08-30 0 point


simon 2023-08-29 0 point


yankee fan 6666 2023-08-18 0 point

this shit is cool i like that undo guy i made a boom boom yeah

Michael 2023-08-18 0 point

Don't buy one get the Christmas

TheArbitrarian 2023-06-10 2 points

Oops, I made a booboo yeah!

??? 2023-06-06 0 point

when i download this all i get is a bunch of files?? idk how to set this up please explain thanks

luci 2023-05-04 1 point

i tried downloading, but when i get to 100% installing on the installshield, it just stops there and doesnt go anywhere, is this because i use windows 11?

Help plz 2023-04-29 0 point

The program no matter how I install it is stuck at Not responding. The best I got it to was a black screen. I've done all the steps like use adobe acrobat and reinstall quicktime but that still dosen't help. Anyone know what to do here?

why do i keep making comments 2023-04-24 0 point

i tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it and the issue didn't fix
what can i do to fix the problem?

for those who can't find the setup file 2023-04-24 2 points

step 1: click on the folder named "Kid Pix 4"
step 2: click on the .exe file named "setup" and it'll take you to the setup
step 3: you will receive another folder of the same name as the folder you clicked on
step 4: click the folder
step 5: you're left with a bunch of files again
step 6: click on the exe file of the same name "setup" and it'll take you to the installation wizard

if you want to download the fonts, please click on the folder named "Fonts" and you will find all the fonts

backgrounds 2023-04-24 0 point

rated 4 stars, everytime i click on the "backgrounds" option the program closes automatically. how?

Michael d 2023-04-05 0 point

What was right

Abran 2023-03-28 0 point

That would be suitable for Arduino's 128x64 ST7920 Graphic LCD for putting all indigenous graphics! Also that is suitable for OLED SSD1306 too! Suitable for Canada Day of Reconciliation.

Dodo 2023-03-27 0 point

i play this on the lab computers in the libary

Abran 2023-03-27 0 point

It is very big. How can I download him?

mah ballz 2023-03-18 1 point

I keep getting a black screen when I launch it

imhungry 2023-03-08 0 point

Okay so using WinRAR, i get to the step where the kid pix menu comes up and asks for "install/exit". Obvioulsy i click install, and then nothing happens. What do I do?

brayden 2023-02-17 2 points

i made a boo boo yeah

GAY DRAGON 2023-02-16 2 points

halfway through the setup/install process (Feature: DefaultFeature Component: Ideas whatever the hell that means) i keep getting a "Feature transfer error"... T_T it seems to be because its looking for the All Users folder but windows 8.1 doesnt even have one (and uses Public instead) and i dont know how to redirect it to the proper folder LOL

(i am actually a dragon it's not just a nickname.)

Nowah 2023-02-10 0 point


i gave A HUNDRED people a laptop and made them try to download Kid Pix Deluxe 4 for FREE on their laptops. And if YOU want to get a virus, leave a like and a dislike and subscribe and YOU"ll have a chance to get a virus.

Bananas 2023-01-05 0 point

I allways wanted tô play kid pix

smeef 2023-01-03 0 point

i remember playing this game in my local library. it slayed

Kitt 2023-01-03 0 point

it's so... yes...

jboy 2022-12-22 0 point

anyone know how to make the screen's resolution bigger? its so tiny for me i can hardly do anything, and im not sure where to mess with it in the files

Shartonme 2022-12-17 2 points


Tman 2022-12-15 1 point

Google won’t even let me git kid pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collinsdevtut 2022-12-13 0 point

i was playing kid pix when i was on elemantary school too it was extremely fun

prajin siddarth 2022-11-26 -1 point

i play this in birla open minds i like it

ross harris 2022-11-10 -1 point

i decided to download since my ipad battery is not doing good

Lucy 2022-10-25 1 point

Hi there! I used to play kid pix when I was in kindergarten and I loved it! I was thinking about installing it but I want to know if it's safe or not if it is safe I will install it! but if it's not I will not install it Please send me a reply back to see if kid pix is safe or not safe
The reason why because I want to know if it has a virus or not Thank you so much!!! (:

babykeemlover14 2022-09-28 2 points

i just wanna play the game bruh :((((((

Yoopoh 2022-09-20 0 point

Can I use this on mobile? (iPad)

snowflakegirl 2022-09-15 2 points

help its a bunch of files how do I open !!!

caliann 2022-09-10 0 point

uh oh aw man yep I MADE A BOOBOO YEAH

Zoey 2022-08-27 0 point

I played this for a long time in my school , it was really fun ! , so I decided to download it at home , Thanks Kid Pix Deluxe 4 ! I love this game so much !.

cmon dawg 2022-07-16 2 points

how do i open the game man, it's just a bunch of files. i'm gonna cry if i cant play kidpix rn bro

CatastrophiClockwork 2022-07-04 0 point

Lovely blast to the past! Sometimes its a little buggy, but it's overall a wonder for me

PurpieSlurpie 2022-07-04 1 point

The stickers and animations don't appear on the canvas for me. Everything else seems to work just fine though

sammu 2022-05-28 0 point

i love this....

Kit 2022-05-25 0 point

The stickers and animations don't work! :(
And I know it's not QuickTime because the only version I have of that is the one that came with Kid Pix 4.

elena 2022-05-15 0 point

love this game

Poop 2022-05-11 0 point

Am I dumb or is there no .exe in this?

tester mc results!! 2022-05-05 -1 point

this is so fun! I'm a huge scene kid XD!! this lets meh draw mah silly characterz!!

R34lt4lk 2022-05-04 -3 points

It wont full install

AliKatMeow 2022-04-30 0 point

I loved this freaking game when I was a kid. It was my favorite thing. And it really hit some of those sensory needs I had.

AJ 2022-04-27 0 point

im going to cry i love this so much i am happy i will be happy no longer will i live in sadness Kidpix will fix all my problems i am happy i am happy i am happy

Shiva 2022-04-23 0 point

My best app kid pix

GAY COMPUTER PROGRAM 2022-04-22 0 point



ameer 2022-04-01 0 point

i loved this game so much when i was in 1st grade

peacock 2022-03-27 0 point

eeeeeep! so excited to play this I had so much with this elementary school thank you for bringing back the nostalgia !!!!!!

i need help everyone 2022-03-07 0 point

how to install it? only files thanks

danny 2022-03-02 0 point

i wanna know everything about this game cus i’m just starting to play it it’s a really fun game i love it

Just Dem Tings, eh? 2022-02-18 23 points

For anyone wondering, this is a zipped file. Once it's downloaded, right click on the file and you should see an option that says 'extract'. It may take a while, but there will be a new folder with the same name without a zip on it, and you will be able to use the software with that app.

drewski 2022-02-18 0 point

bruh idk why this game popped up in my head but brings back memories

borbin 2022-02-03 0 point

I'm crying rn thank you so much the memory's of this game is just coming back back in the good school day's

PIHU 2022-02-03 1 point

It is a very nice tool. I love kid Pix

Navodith arya . R 2022-01-30 0 point

difficult to understand the page have many ads

somerandomfurrylol 2022-01-27 0 point

nice I liked it

Nour 2022-01-25 2 points

your love be yes

Mac Stealer 2022-01-17 1 point

i stole a mac computer from the school and had kid pix :) very fun

Shalini 2022-01-13 1 point

I like kidpix so i have to download

oh 2022-01-08 2 points

is the file as big as this going to burn my computer

DeathOfDelta 2021-12-31 4 points

Oh duuude, I used to use this all the time in kindergarten. I can’t download it at the moment but I’m super stoked that it’s still available. I really want to see if it’ll work with my drawing tablet! I’ll come back with the results in case anyone else wants to know.

Mylan Mitchell 2021-12-20 1 point

I never heard of kid pix deluxe 4, since i haven't play this for the while. i love kid pix deluxe 4

LOGO MAN 404 2021-12-15 -1 point

I have watched a Kid Pix Deluxe 3 video, and I found it super entertaining, so I decided to try this game out to see how it works.

(I'm actually a logo man, not just a nickname.)

Im a roblox player my name is learn_maners friend 2021-12-09 0 point

its take forever to download but i have to see how it works

JaneTheKiller 2021-12-02 -1 point

wow ok, i saw my friend using this to make art not too long ago (this year i think (2021) and ive been obsessed with the style since :

bi yeti 2021-11-24 0 point

i have no strong feelings about this game one way or another
(I am actually bisexual it's not just a nickname)

Pro 2021-11-23 -4 points

Bad so Stupid

Alskskekqqqkwjsejhtejkwjrjewjwkqkkwdjdjfhffhfhdjdj 2021-10-20 -1 point

Hope. This. Game is. Working .

Dialga Time Lord 2021-10-12 0 point

damn rip straight dragon, got cancelled over a joke

btw I am a time lord from the doctor who franchise

School 2021-10-03 2 points

I used it when I was in elementary school! !! !! !!
The best! !! !! !!

anxietyprimev69 2021-09-29 2 points

True gamers don't say bruh, they say ♪♫ now wait a minute ♫♪

Also, I am in full support of any homosexual mythological creatures that may or may not be in this comments section. You go, king.

sweet 2021-09-25 0 point

I Like this game very very very much and it's the best game.

Prisha 2021-09-22 0 point

It was the best app

Marcello Andre Yang 2021-09-22 0 point

i like kid pix

TardedWombat 2021-09-18 -2 points

yall humorless outrage bots seriously downvoting "StraightDragon" for a joke? did you even read further down where this troll "GayFae" is trying to stir trouble....

(im actually a slow marsupial, its not just a name)

Muhammad Munir 2021-09-09 -1 point

How to start the game

Arjun 2021-08-31 0 point

This program is so good and i have played this for
a 2 or 3 years and this is nice game

Thenonewhotickles 2021-08-29 0 point

wow 2 hours! Thanks! shit.

Rat 2021-08-27 0 point

This was a great app when I was a kid. sitll love it

wolfie 2021-08-16 2 points

played this in elementary school love this game

Ash 2021-06-04 1 point

I love this game

mylan mitchell 2021-05-31 2 points

i love blue car

Manusha 2021-05-30 1 point

why is kid pix deluxe 4 animation tool not working because this is windows 7?

hassaangamez 2021-05-15 0 point

when you will make a new version of kid pix then put more less MB my laptop has 5 GB ONLY

nethu 2021-05-15 1 point

I really like kid pix I hope I can download it

carly 2021-05-13 0 point

i think im recarnated

lol 2021-05-01 1 point

i loved kid pix as a kid during primary school thats where my crazy mind said yes
to do crazy pics lol

jerbo 2021-04-29 0 point

thanks to my best friend arushi for introducing me to this game

kid pix 2021-04-20 0 point

i love this game its awsome but its taikig tooooooooooooo long but i still like it

you win 2021-04-13 0 point

please let me play it please please waaaaaa

jeshtha 2021-04-13 0 point

I like the animation in this program

mutantunicornbunnies 2021-04-01 1 point

bro in kindergarten they had this shit on these two bulky ass computers in the cubie area and i played the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck outa this shit so like thank you for making this downloadable i miss playing this so much

Minnah 2021-03-29 0 point

i try aloth but coudent get it

kagamine 2021-03-23 0 point

this is my childhood

iliketodraw 2021-03-17 0 point

i like to paint

Muhammad 2021-03-11 0 point

I am angry

Meh 2021-03-08 1 point

just downloaded it i opened the zip folder and a bunch of files appeared which 1 do i open

hani 2021-03-08 0 point

its not as i thought very bad

Muhammad 2021-03-07 -2 points

How much time it will take

ZAINAB NOMAN MALIK 2021-02-25 0 point

It dosen't work

loo_pipes_fan 2021-02-07 0 point

this game or thing is soo cool i love it you should do one in 2021 i love it thanks so mutch who envented this game thanks

Pro 2021-02-04 0 point

Ok so fun to use and play this app

readthis 2021-02-01 28 points

!!**READ THIS**!! You guys need to download a program called WinRAR to install the game. Dont buy the premium version because you can use the free version forever. Open the .zip file and double click setup.exe. Then just follow the instructions to install the game. It will ask you to click your age and try to load something, but the game is so old it wont connect so just X off that window and the game will continue installing like normal.

ArianaGrandeSoph20 2021-01-09 0 point

Love this game

nonsense (not dag 2020-12-14 2 points

hi i have nothing to cmment but i will comment'

Samanyu 2020-11-20 0 point


mridul goel 2020-11-07 0 point

we cant able to open the folder

drmrpacdad 2020-10-22 -2 points

how do you open this?

NostalgiaMaster98 2020-10-04 3 points

I remember doing this stuff in primary school and oh jeez this takes me back!!! Oh yeah, and for those wondering how to use it, just run the setup program? It's not THAT hard...

shlok sahay 2020-08-26 0 point

is this a game or drawing.becose i want to do drawing

mezzo 2020-08-20 4 points


jnycfjycx 2020-08-14 1 point

I need kid pix to do some colouring in.

God 2020-07-20 8 points

yo, straight dragon literally nobody said anything about your preferences. chill lol

Straight Dragon 2020-06-16 -20 points

God this good good nostalgia juice is about to fill my brain cavities with righteous joy.

(I am actually straight it's not just a nickname.)

Chris 2020-05-30 4 points

I used to do the text to speech in the computerlab in 4th grade, max volume and make it start swearing

Mr. Mania 2020-05-14 1 point

I will never forget the erase all tool

alfabear 2020-05-11 0 point

Thank You!

Thumbnail53535 2020-05-10 0 point

How been seeing a lot of kid pix at youtube all the time :o

subhan 2020-04-14 0 point

its very cool app

hello 2020-03-23 19 points

why is the file so big jesus

umammah 2020-03-21 0 point

I like this software.

Martin 2020-03-16 0 point

Thank you for the free version of the kidpix program

ps 2020-03-15 3 points

hii this is my childhood

rile 2020-03-02 20 points

what do I after I downloaded it because I do not know how to set it up to where I can play so if i got help that would be good

Mr.Minecraft02 2020-03-01 38 points

Only REAL gamers know this game

Elena 2020-02-18 3 points

It reminds me of when I was in kindergarten i love it

User 2020-02-17 -1 point

That would be suitable for Arduino's 128x64 ST7920 Graphic LCD for putting all islamic graphics!

Marina Jimenez 2020-02-02 2 points

I loved playing kidpix when I was little at my moms work after school

SANDESH 2020-01-22 0 point

nice and cool

rajveer 2020-01-22 0 point

very nice

jiu bob 2020-01-14 2 points

i like this game alot and this is my favourite game

HASHIM 2020-01-12 1 point


Alien 2019-12-16 5 points

this game was the height of grade 3 oml i cant wait to play

KlaskyCsupoYesHeaterNoVGCPEDCP 2019-11-30 14 points

I used this program back in elementry school like when i was in 4th-5th grade
I used to play this with my friend when I was 9 years old! thanks man!!

vishwa 2019-11-26 3 points

thank you

Gay Fae 2019-11-14 26 points

I used to play this in elementary school! It was so much fun. I've been trying to find a way to download it for forever and now I can!

(I am actually gay it's not just a nickname)

zahra 2019-11-05 1 point

I remember went I was kid , I play this game,i liked it! thanks!

defalt 2019-11-04 0 point

good game yes i would say very good

dia 2019-10-31 0 point


the artist 2019-09-22 0 point

It is so amazing.I love it.

ineedhelp 2019-09-18 16 points

trying to play kid pix. pushed that download button with the uk flag on it and i just got a bunch of files. how do i get to the game?? thanks

Laikyn 2019-08-08 3 points

I remember playing this as a kid I wish it would come out on the google play store so i can play it again ;c

Josiah Small 2019-07-24 2 points

I Like It!

egg 2019-07-17 1 point

i remember playing this as a kid in school. good times. ;,)

Rafe 2019-06-25 1 point

I want to record a video with animations!

Rafe 2019-06-25 1 point

I would like to make some animations.

EggNog 2019-05-05 1 point

I loved this when I was little. Its good to be able to see it again

Brian Pike 2019-02-15 1 point

good Game

crazyfrogpenis 2018-11-17 4 points

give me a mac version

kingprawnzy bbv ghvjf 2018-11-04 1 point

i love this game

tae green 2018-10-13 1 point

i loved this

kingprawnzy 2018-08-18 17 points

epic despacito

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