Master Levels for DOOM II

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Master Levels for DOOM II

DOS - 1995

Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Theme FPS
Publisher id Software, Inc.
Developer id Software, Inc.
Dosbox support Supported on current version
4.58 / 5 - 129 votes

Description of Master Levels for DOOM II

Master Levels for DOOM II is a video game published in 1995 on DOS by id Software, Inc.. The game is set in a fps theme.

Master Levels for DOOM II is an addon for DOOM II, you will need the original game to play.

Comments and reviews

KC 2018-10-27 0 point

It is not working for me either, and with so many people having problems I do not think it is as easy a clicking on the "how to play" button at the bottom of this page as someone suggested. I am using a IMac and Boxer. The "game" loads. I run it and I get a menu screen. In the first screen I can choose Doom1 or Doom2. Either choice results in a new screen with a "PWAD List", a window saying "levels replaced" and an empty "description" window. You can choose between the PWAD (.wad) list, but what ever choice you make results in a program error. I suspect a person would need to download the original Doom and replace some of the files in that game to make this work.

Bayou 2017-08-04 0 point

I like coming on to this site, reading instructions on how to get the game to play and then realizing how much of an idiot I am when it comes to computer stuff

massivelegoboy 2017-07-20 0 point

For those who can't run it, extract the .wad and drag it on top of a source port like GZDOOM or Zanundroum. It should be playing then, plus you can get mouselook, which is very handy.

Guy Fawkes 2017-07-08 2 points

You guys should really consider uploading Hell To Pay and Perdition's Gate, two commercial mega-wads/addons for Doom II. Anyways you can find them here:

BastWren 2017-03-28 -3 points

For anyone wanting to know how to install/play any of these games, scroll to the bottom of this page (or any other page on My Abandonware) and click on "How To Play".

Also, don't forget that Google can be your friend in times of crisis.

Thor Bottox 2017-02-11 0 point

could someone please put up a walkthrough on how to get this thing working on dosbox. I feel like an idiot but I really can't understand it. Either a description here in the comments or a link to a site where there is a description dumbed down enough for me to understand.
It would help me a lot.
Thanks in advance to you who will help me.

pooISbrown 2016-02-03 1 point

just go there and get it then play doom games in windows.

Darkness701 2015-09-06 -19 points

@FISTMARINE lol I bet BFG stands for "Bad Fucking Game."

JIM 2015-06-22 0 point DOS version

Maximum Doom plz!...

A.N.D.F.OK? 2015-06-08 0 point DOS version

how do i start the files?

Scotty 2015-05-22 -5 points DOS version

Hey I downloaded the files but I don't know how to play them... Can someone help me out

Doommer 2015-05-08 0 point DOS version

Can you upload wad files for choclate doom ??
I really want to play entire doom games.

bodoi 2015-03-19 0 point DOS version

very good

FistMarine 2014-11-13 0 point DOS version

@Admin, may you delete all comments I left on this site? I was an idiot back then and made off-topic comments. And before someone says that this comment is fake or anything, no it isn't. I'm same FistMarine as I left the comments here few years ago.

Suggestion: For Doom 2 download link, can you put 1.9 version instead of 1.666 pirated version? I mean I already have that 1.666 version since I was kid and I want to have 1.9 version in original EXE form but on my original Collector's Edition CD, I only have shitty Doom95 source port and no original DOS exes. Can you do that? Maybe you will find original ISO for the game and get the original install files from there. What do you think?

admin 2014-08-11 -3 points DOS version

@DERP Sometimes Antivirus failed to check some abandonwares...
Open install.bat with a text editor, you'll see there is nothing like a trojan.
And FYI, there is no effective antivirus alone, use a multi engine service online like to check files. You'll have a trustable check of your file.

Derp 2014-08-11 6 points DOS version

Guys, Norton found a trojan in the install.bat file. Why the hell has no one said anything about this? I mean, that's to be expected when illegally downloading a game, but come on. Give some sort of warning.

Chaos Device 2013-04-14 0 point DOS version

Wheres the episode 2 - 3 or more episodes, what where you doing here just needed more combat this world whenever choice.

I found ROMEO Turret from the side of secret
I found Cybermind attack with Sjas, hhmmm lets see to take off the revenants fireballs

FistMarine 2013-03-15 0 point DOS version

I finally got them from eBay. The best place where you can buy truly original copies of games!

Carlsgro 2013-01-08 0 point DOS version

This game is awesome

FistMarine 2012-11-08 1 point DOS version

As for Doom 3, use eBay too! Don't buy the BFG Edition, it sucks.
Sorry for double post, I can't edit my post here.

FistMarine 2012-11-08 0 point DOS version

I had the same problem but I just bought Collectors Edition, you should too. Just don't use Steam, it sucks!

Player 2012-07-29 0 point DOS version

nice but i already own them. :P
the missing games from my doom collection are: doom 1 (i only have shareware version), final doom and doom 3.

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