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Myth II: Soulblighter

Windows - 1998

Also available on: Mac

Alt names Myth 2: Soulblighter, Myth II : Le Fleau Des Ames, Myth II: Duszozerca
Year 1998
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (1998)
Canada, United States (2007)
Genre Action, Strategy
Theme Fantasy, Medieval, Real-Time
Publisher Bungie Software Products Corporation, Bungie Studios, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Developer Bungie Software Products Corporation, Bungie Studios
Perspectives Free-roaming camera, Diagonal-down
4.56 / 5 - 129 votes

Description of Myth II: Soulblighter

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There are a few games, which, once released, become instant classics. They redefine their genre. They are groundbreaking and offer the gamer something they had never seen before. On the way to legendhood, they also become entrenched in the minds of gamers. Woe be to any developer or publisher who publishes a sequel that does not conform to the expectations and anticipations of the game's fans. Such is the case with Myth. An instant classic that won almost every award it was eligible for. In my review of the game last year I mentioned how the hype was almost palatable, yet Bungie delivered and Myth was "one of the few instances in recent memory where reality has matched and exceeded the hype". "So, Bungie , you've just created the Game of the Year for many gamers. What do you do for an encore?" Obviously, you give the gamer more of what they want, which is precisely what they did with Myth 2: Soulblighter. The "sequel", though, plays and feels like an add-on and not a full-fledged game. However, all the additions and improvements (especially the two editors that ship with the game) make Myth 2 one of the best damn value products around for gamers, not only for the uninitiated who have never experienced the joy of a dwarven mortar barrage, but also for owners of the first game who clamored for more of the same. But don't call it a sequel. Its an add-on, but a damn good one.

Carnage is cool

Myth 2, for those not aware, is a real-time strategy (rts) game that does not involve building bases or gathering resources. It is a pure tactical combat game. You are in command of a set number of troops and asked to complete a task, which could involve investigating a village where rumors of ghouls abound, escort duty or even assassinating a corrupt official. Part of the charm of the game is that the cavalry is not coming to rescue your ass. The units you start with are all that you get. This forces you to think conservatively, especially given the fact that units can carry-over to the next mission. That cannon fodder you sacrifice today could be a make-or-break veteran tomorrow. What makes the game even more playable is that it is all presented in glorious 3d (along with a user-controlled camera) with a great, dynamic weather/environmental model (snow covers tracks, rain snuffs out fire) and graphics which are (go ahead, pick any cliché) stunning, awesome, breath-taking, phenomenal, superb (... you didn't mention drooling or jaw-dropping, shame on you - Ed.).

Technically, there are a number of changes/upgrades from the original. Myth 2 is now totally mouse-playable with the addition of a control bar at the bottom of the screen (which allows you to order formations and give specific orders to units) and the ability of the mouse to act as a camera angle determinant. For those who hate using the mouse for anything other than clicking on your units, you can still program the keyboard with one of the easiest, most user-friendly configuration programs around. Gesture-clicking (the direction ordering of your units) has been made much simpler, either by using the mouse or using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The speed settings have been expanded so you can play the game from 1/16 speed all the way up to 16x, and, within each mission, level objectives are much clearer to identify via a pop-up box (which also supplies tips). In the preferences screen, Bungie finally implemented the no-blood option, so little kids and registered Democrats can play the game without squirming in their seats due to the intense gore of the game.

Graphically, each unit has twice as many frames of animation so everything looks a little more realistic, or as realistic as it can be given that this is a fantasy game. The terrain has a four-times mesh from the original, resulting in greater detail and pathfinding, and the background is much more interactive - that chicken looking at you? Blow the damn thing up! The friendly fire issue from Myth (which really wasn't much of an issue, more like a grumble) has been looked at, and units can easily pass each other in formation and are less likely to engage in friendly fire. One of the great parts of the game is that your units actually move to try to avoid friendly fire. There are also some great multiplayer (m/p) improvements, but I'll get to those in a second. You can also now access unit taunts; a dwarf snicker here, a warrior cheer there. In terms of new units, well, there aren't a lot. Archers get a fire arrow and one of the new units, the Warlock, gets a fireball. But generally speaking, in terms of new units, Bungie cheaped out.

Where they didn't cheap out was on including, but not supporting, the unit and map editors (Fear and Loathing respectively). One of the biggest problems from the original was the lack of a mission editor or random scenario generator. Once you played the solo missions, that was it, unless you logged onto While Fear and* Loathing* are about as user-friendly as tits on a bull, thankfully there are those within the World Wide Web who live to make maps for the rest of us. One such great location for maps is The Baron's Keep. Since the majority of Myth 2's audience will never venture into the carnage that is, hopefully Bungie will arrange to have some of the best user-created maps put onto the game discs of the major game mags.

Too often in rts games the story becomes lost in the technology of the title. Most developers sacrifice story and plot for shiny chrome. Not Bungie. The strength of Myth 2 is the fact that each mission in the solo product - there are 25 in total - builds and expands the rich, intense plotline. The missions are explained with an excellent narration. I assume that Geoffrey Charlton-Perrin, the voice from Myth is back as the speech sounds the same, though no credit is given. The voice, as in the original, adds the right mix of desperation, gloom and misplaced optimism. The missions themselves build in difficulty, which is a welcome change from the abruptness of Myth. Too bad there are only 25 of them and you can't play a campaign from the dark side (which was a problem in the original as well). The twenty-five missions, while immersive and complete and a hell of a good time, are just not enough. They are a tease to where the true fun of the game lies - in multiplayer.

Phenomenal m/p gaming

Quite simply, m/p Myth 2 is a blast. I still grin and giggle like a teenager getting his first piece of tail whenever I play the game online. The carnage is just so damn cool. Bungie incorporated all the gamer wish and whine lists into their remake of, the free online game server. Gamers now get a buddy tab (to find your friends easier) and an order tab (to find those within your clan/order). You can also search for specific game parameters within all the game rooms (not just the one you are in), making it easier to get in that King of the Hill on the Badlands map fixation. There are 13 types of m/p games, ranging from the full-fledged, carnage-orgy, giggle-inducing King of the Hill to the sublime and devious Scavenger Hunt. While there are not as many gamers online as, say, Age of Empires, there are enough to get in a ranked or unranked game (personally, I only play unranked games now. Not that I suck or anything, its just that ranked players are more concerned about their rank than having fun, imo). In order to prevent jumpstarting and other hosting problems, all players now have a ready tab that they must hit, acknowledging their acceptance of the game parameters. You can also use plug-ins, which are specific user-created game modifications (such as making deer fart and explode when attacked. Ok. They don't fart. Maybe that's just me from laughing so damn hard when I see a deer die. Must be all those hunting games I am forced to review).

A great tutorial, a sparse yet adequate manual (just like the original), an improved combat engine - this would seem to be an ideal upgrade. Well, then why do I feel that its an add-on and not a full sequel? Part of the problem is that there is nothing evolutionary or revolutionary involved here. First off, I don't think its possible to give gamers a sequel in only a year. It may fly over in the sports camp, but it doesn't fly here. Sequels are only sequels if they bring something substantial to the table. The only truly substantial addition to the table is* Fear and Loathing*, but since about 80% of Mythsters won't be using it any time soon, its not that consequential (though I will play every map that is available to me on the web). The tacked-on animation cut-scenes seem, well, tacked on. Like in the original, they are useless and add nothing. Either increase their length tenfold or get rid of them. There is also no implementation of fatigue and injury factors. A unit with almost zero health should not run and fight like he had full health. Hopefully this can be addressed sometime in the near future. Still, Bungie did the most important thing in releasing a "sequel". They didn't screw it up.

They also did a good thing with recalling the game due to their uninstall bug (wouldn't have affected me at all because I'll uninstall the game sometime in the next millennium). Other developers/publishers would have just kept the box on the shelf and offered a patch online. That is great for those Myth 2 owners who have web access (again, about 40% of the market), but for the rest of the gamers, they would have been screwed. Good for* Bungie* for pulling the product.

Bungie did good

Myth 2: Soulblighter, while feeling and playing more like an add-on than a true sequel, is still a hell of a good deal for Myth fans. A fair chunk of technical changes, a few more units, an improved, 25 more missions and the release of* Fear* and Loathing, the unit and map editors, all make the "sequel" to one of the best damn strategy games of the 90's a deserving recipient of the GDR Highly Recommended Award. It may be an add-on, and a pricey one at that, but it delivers the goods. Bungie did right for Myth fans. They gave them what they wanted and then they gave them the keys to the shop in releasing the editors. If you never played Myth, then this game will blow you away. Stunning graphics, excellent carnage and a great tactical fantasy environment. If you already own Myth and love the carnage, then the extra levels, units and all those user-created maps and unit improvements (archers that shoot flaming monkey butts instead of arrows, for example) are a god-send.

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Myth II: Soulblighter has the following addons available: Green Berets and Myth II: Chimera, don't miss them!

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Comments and reviews

Nick 2024-06-08 0 point Windows version

I unzipped it all and got to a setup menu and clicked download. it looked like it was doing something than it didn't. I didn't have any problems downloading and playing myth tfl

Wheelman76 2024-05-21 0 point

One of the best games in 1998!

jswap 2024-05-12 -1 point Windows version

For those unaware, this download does contain the full version of the game. After downloading and unzipping, navigate into the folders and find the "Myth II.iso" file. Right-click it and select Mount. Then double-click on the file named "Autoplay.exe". After installing, go to and install the latest patch.

Giant Turnip Man 2024-01-05 4 points

Hello all my fellow Myth 2 fan boys. If you found this, download this here and then go to the The Tain / Total Codex website (Google The Tain Total Codex Myth 2) and find you'll be able to find a updater to bring this version of Myth 2, up to 1.8+. It's still being updated to this day, and you'll be able enjoy better graphics and better interface with the resolution you likely have. Don't forget to check out the many conversions add-ons too while you're there.

Babcia Lucja 2023-12-29 0 point Windows version

This game was beginning of Total War Era. With the first Shogun Total War

jimfear 2023-11-20 0 point

this website is amazing, i have the original game and couldn't play it until now!!

sameolj 2023-03-14 1 point

this game kept me busy and i love it till this day

Brian Mitsubishi 2022-10-30 1 point Windows version

It's a Saintsation, it's a Sensation.

GuyFawkes 2022-08-08 1 point

Does anyone have the iso's for Myth 2: Worlds and The Total Codex? I'd really like to see what scenarios/plugins they contain and see if they're even findable on the web.

BigJake76 2022-05-03 0 point Windows version

Loved this game!!! My multiplayer name was "Kind Blood" in all the ASCII glory. WW2 plug-in was awesome, the obnoxious grenade explosions sending blood trailed body parts flying everywhere was unparalleled in satisfying video game gore. The bootleg 3d rendering was genius, with a lot of games still not feeling as natural.

Dice 2022-02-15 1 point

I spent the last 4-5 years trying to find the name of this game, and i finally found it. i remember playing the demo over and over again and now I can play again after like 24 years

justin 2022-02-03 2 points

Best game i ever played. multiplayer was amazing

helpermonkey 2021-10-30 1 point Linux version

for linux check here!

name 2021-10-29 -1 point

no linux available!!!!

Rick myballs 2021-07-03 0 point

this is one off the best Games and people play this Online till this day

Ramblez 2021-05-15 0 point

My name was Ramble_on. Damn I miss that game.

COSMIC ALIEN 2021-01-01 0 point

MY in game screen name wqs COSMIC ALIEN. I remember playing 8 hours straight daily trying to get to the top of the ranking system....I fucking loved that ranking system in multiplayer...I even loved this game more...what a fucking amazing game to be found when i was in my early to young life in middle school.


Andy 2020-05-09 6 points

I don't remember my screen name, but did anyone ever play the ww2 online mod?

I remember coming home from a trip to Europe with my family as an 11 year old, and instead of passing right out when I got home after the exhausting trip home, I came home to play Myth 2.

Rombus II 2020-04-16 0 point Windows version

This was my name.....So my path to the Myth series started like this. Command & Conquer was my first game ever. Then Fallout. Then I started off with the Demo version of myth that came on the CD with my monthly PC gamer subscription. i was eleven years old at the time and playing that little 2 map demo changed my life. My mom bought the full game some months later and it was THE ONLY game i played until Myth2 came out. another user here said he didnt like to look at his old game films because it made him sad. I can totally relate. just thinking about this game reminds me of my childhood, and much much simpler times. He also said it was the best game he ever played in his life. I would say the same for myself.

W 2020-04-06 -2 points Mac version

Hey, any advice on getting this to install and run on a Mac OS 10.15.1?

Blade 2020-03-10 0 point

Dads gonna be so happy seeing these games again on his PC. ^_^ He's been playing Fallout 4. He's getting bored with WoW. World of Warcraft. So he can play these great games again. :)

Evil Kyle 2020-02-01 1 point

This was my in game name. I loved raid on the plains. I could use that giant like no one's business. I have a stack of CD's in storage with tons of saved videos and screenshots from years of playing this game. I've never been able to bring myself to look through them because it just makes me sad. This was the best game I've played in my life. It impacted my childhood and teen years more than anything else did.

Greg 2019-09-26 1 point

This was one of my favorite games 20 years ago. Who couldn't cringe at the report, "Casualty," that came in?

ihavetubes 2019-08-11 1 point Windows version

You can download myth 2 from here if you cant get iso to work.

TR0 KIK J00 2019-06-27 1 point Windows version

If I had a Desert between your Ears... glad MAW finally made this game available for all, the rights have been questioned over the years resulting in a lack of availability of this relic. It's time for redemption.

Elfinstone 2018-12-20 4 points

Really miss this game. Silly Bungie.

Vasazel 2018-06-22 2 points

For latest versions check here:

Ohmydearsweet 2018-01-25 1 point Windows version

I just recently dusted off my original Myth the fallen lords box while cleaning the attic. I was around 10 when it came out and it barely ran it on my Penitum 90 Mhz with win 95. Thanks for putting the iso here, as the original disc is not useable any more.

NiBiRU 2017-04-15 -5 points Windows version

Awesome game! read the comments and you will play!
@twiceborn:STFU IDIOT

twiceBorn 2016-12-07 21 points

Why has no one remastered this game and put it on steam

namzor 2016-10-03 1 point

super great, amazing this game i loved forever

Kornflake 2016-09-22 3 points Windows version

The funniest thing my 3 year old daughter said to my mother in law was when she was asked if she wanted to watch the wizard of movie my mother in law said that there was dwarves in the movie to which she replied do the dwarves throw bombs.

Dave 2016-09-07 0 point Mac version

How do I make it run on a Mac? It says the file is damaged.

Myth_Gamer 2016-07-17 7 points

For all Myth fans, who struggle in installing the game on WIN or Mac OS X, please go to Project Magma Homepage (

Greg 2016-07-02 1 point

Not installing. It just hangs and does nothing. Windows 7 64bit. Tried all compatibility settings and checkboxes, including Run as Administrator.

myth2soulblighter 2016-05-27 4 points

Hello Fans, this year the myth community will be hosting their 18th annual Myth World Cup. The promotional video features gameplay from almost 2 decades of online play in the tournament. Myth II is a real time strategy game created by Bungie in 1998, the successor to Myth The Fallen Lords. Through the dedication and efforts of fans of the game following the loss of bungie's rights to the game, the original Myth series has been able to be played online through dedicated servers such as,, and most recently Feel free to come join in the fun! The game is available online through Amazon. A sub tournament featuring TFFA, a combination of FFA with small teams, will be hosting a 500$ prize for those who sneak away with first place. Players are also welcome to sign up to that tournament with solo entries. Big thanks to Bungie for developing a visionary game that won many strategy awards for it's time.

This game works for linux, mac and PC platforms,

IEBasara 2016-05-04 4 points Windows version

I was looking for this game for long time.
I've played it on WinXP many years ago.
I love this game!
I love the bomber throw out a bomb to the enemy and say 'Die!'.
(Although I burned my men after that many times...XD)
Now I'll try to let it run on my Win10.
Wish me luck. And good work!

Majdrew 2016-02-04 1 point Windows version

This game was so awesome.

Hood 2015-11-25 3 points

If only THC was still around...

thanks 2015-09-01 1 point Windows version

i was searching it for too long

Matheus 2015-07-14 1 point Windows version

It was a hard game when I played it more than a decade ago and it is still quite hard. Nice (albeit clunky) gameplay and awesome mood. The same observations apply to Myth 1. One of these franchises that deserve a remake or a sequel. THQ anyone?

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