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Myth: The Fallen Lords

Windows - 1997

Also available on: Mac

Alt names 神话2:堕落之神, Myth: Kreuzzug ins Ungewisse, Myth: Les seigneurs damnés, Myth: Upadli Wladcy
Year 1997
Platform Windows
Released in France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Genre Strategy
Theme Fantasy, Real-Time
Publisher Bungie Studios, Eidos Interactive Limited
Developer Bungie Software Products Corporation, Bungie Studios
Perspectives Free-roaming camera, Diagonal-down
4.54 / 5 - 110 votes

Description of Myth: The Fallen Lords

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When Myth was first announced and we were presented with those screenshots filled with carnage, most of us went "cool" and smacked our lips in anticipation. With every new taste from the hype machine the expectation for of gamers grew. But as time marched on and more and more proclaimed Myth as being "The Next Big Thing" I was concerned whether I would be disappointed if it wasn't the be all and end all of real-time wargaming (an affliction currently making the** Starcraft** rounds in my mind). I am quite pleased to say that Myth has met every one of my expectations and surpassed it. It is one of the few instances in recent memory where reality has matched hype.

The squeamish need not apply

Any review must start with the graphics. Awesome. Phenomenal. Breath-taking. Stunning. Myth goes beyond the cliché "visual treat". I am a big fan of realism and like the idea of being able to tell where a battle has taken place by the pools of blood that have formed on the ground (shades of Mel Boy's Braveheart) and this game does not disappoint. Most game developers have tended to shy away from showing the brutality of hand to hand combat. Not Bungie. Carnage is everywhere, a very refreshing change from the sanitized battlefields of previous games. Myth , in many ways, reminds me of the first time I saw Apocalypse Now. Up until then war movies were very unrealistic, with wounded soldiers just grasping their sides and falling down. No blood. No arms getting blown off. I believe that Myth will become a watershed of realism much in the way that Apocalypse Now became. I think that hand to hand combat games will have a hard time following these footsteps. It's just so damn cool to watch the blood flow during and after a battle. A warning to those who do not share my love of gore: if you are squeamish then this is not the game for you. While there is a "no blood" option, as of the latest patch it has not been implemented yet (and I don't think it should be - part of the extreme coolness of Myth comes from watching bodies and limbs flying in every direction, though maybe that's just me).

The graphics on my puny P133 (the bare minimum that Bungie recommends) are awesome. I loaded the game on a friend's P200 with a 3dfx card and there was some improvement, but not enough for me to justify buying a new computer. Kudos for Bungie for making the game accessible to those of us who have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the computer update shop every year or so. Myth comes out of the box as a hybrid PC/Mac CD-Rom. Though I own a PC and generally feel sorry for Mac users who will not march behind the WinJackboots of The Company (and therefore miss out on so much cool stuff), I am quite pleased that Bungie included native support for both. Myth also gets a big-thumbs up for its user-friendly configuration program. The fact that a gamer can program his or her own keyboard shortcuts is a great deal (particularly for those of us who are left-handed).

Myth uses a true 3d engine and terrain does affect gameplay. Obviously being on high ground is going to give you an advantage over your valley-stuck victim. The terrain is varied, from night-time town fighting to the desert to snow-capped passes. Myth also features a dynamic weather/environment model (water ripples, snow covers tracks, rain snuffs out fire, etc) that is advanced enough that powerful explosions leave blackened craters. In a nice touch dynamic shadowing is used so every object has a shadow or a reflection in the water. The perspective is user-defined using a 3d camera that can pan, zoom and orbit to the gamer's content.

Comparing Myth to Command & Conquer or Warcraft or any of its clones would be a mistake. There is no building or resource management in Myth - it is a pure tactical game. The story itself is your basic good guys vs. bad guys with a heavy dose of Tolkein tossed in. You have a mission. You do it. The mission is tough but you are up to the task. In the movie A Bridge Too Far there is a scene where a General asks for a volunteer: "we need somebody brave enough to do it. We need somebody smart enough to do it. And we need somebody stupid enough to do it". In Myth, you are that dumb volunteer: you know you will be facing a force ten or twenty times your size, but hey, somebody's got to do it.

There is a good mix of scenarios included in the box product, and unlike a lot of games whose scenarios which follow a linear path (easy to hard or vice-versa), Bungie has decided to mix and match as they go along, a much more tension-building realistic approach. The scenarios flow a lot better when you have a hard mission followed by an easier one which leads to a challenging fire fight. As an aside, it would have been nice to be able to pick and choose which units go on which missions, but this is a small quibble.

In between each scenario is a well-done cut-scene, admirably narrated by Geoffrey Charlton-Perrin who adds the right mix of desperation, gloom and misplaced optimism. What I found irritating were the animated cut-scenes that pop up every so often. They don't really add to the story or to the mood of the game, so why did Bungie include them? They are eye candy where eye candy is not needed. There are five difficulty settings included (timid, simple, normal, heroic and the aptly names legendary). As with all games the harder the setting the more enemies you have to kill, the harder they are to die, the less cover you have and the less good units you will possess.

With no building or resource management, the finite number of troops in each mission becomes a key focus. You just can't go off without a plan or send your troops off to die confident that you can build more reinforcements. There are none. The computer AI is very decent in setting traps, ambushes and trying to flank you. It will also retreat when faced with certain defeat. Unlike games such as ***Age of Empires *, your units will try to engage enemy units that get close enough and will even attempt to surround them in battle. Even the dreaded friendly fire issues that plagued AoE are tempered by the panache that surrounds Myth . Like the dumb as posts catapult units in AoE, dwarves in Myth occasionally launch their molotov cocktails and take out friendly troops. But they apologize for doing so. What I do like about the AI in terms of this issue is that units will move to avoid hitting their own troops if they can - I watched as my archers moved to get into better position and avoid hitting my warriors and was quite amazed.

My only quibble with the AI is the non-implementation of fatigue and injury factors. An unit with almost zero health will still fight and move as fast and as a strong as a perfectly healthy unit. Surely there might have been some way to penalize injured units in the solo gameplay (though I would want an option to turn off this penalty in m/p as it would distract from the carnage of a good melee battle). Unlike the Close Combat games that deal in a large part with the psychological aspects of warfare, there is no morale to deal with in Myth. However, this is not a problem for me because if you are in the midst of an ongoing war where the only options are kill or be killed, morale is really not a factor.

There is no background music during the scenarios to speak of, so we won't. Not a big problem for me, as I often found the inclusion of a soundtrack mildly irritating unless it has a period flavor to it. And music would just distract from the cool battlefield sounds anyway.

Flaws? We don't need no stinkin' flaws

Well, the manual is sparse but adequate. It gives you the bare minimum of what you need to play the game and not much else (a full half of the manual is dedicated to multiplayer). Fortunately Myth is an easy game to learn (though it is hard to master), and with no true strategic elements the learning curve is fairly flat. The only truly difficult thing with Myth was the gesture clicking, but this element was reasonably solved with the 1.1b2 patch (this review used the 1.1b5 patch). Before the patch gesture clicking was a case of annoyance and frustration. I would have preferred an easier method or ordering my troops to turn around (such as in Gettysburg where you could turn your units with a simple click), but after a little bit of practice and the inclusion of the patch gesture clicking becomes second nature.

If this game were a solo-only product it would rate a Silver Medal. There are only 25 single-player scenarios and you can only play the Light forces. There is no random map generator or scenario builder. It's a shame that companies are producing products without taking into consideration the fact that a large percentage of gamers do not play games online (according to a recent Computer Gaming World poll only 23% of the casual gamer and only 40% of the core gamer play games online). As a solo product I would hope that Bungie brings out an add-on that gives the solo gamer a few more scenarios (or even a dark campaign), and a random map generator/scenario builder.

That being said, as a multiplayer product Myth shines. Yes it is a cliché to say that a game shines in multiplayer (what game does not shine in multiplayer?), but it is the ease of playing a m/p game that elevates Myth into kick-ass territory. is a great value for gamers. It's not a games server per se, but rather an extended meet and greet forum (the person who hosts a game becomes the game's server during the game). I have a 33.3 modem and found no problem with hosting games. You could play with a 28.8 modem, but obviously the better your modem is the less the lag. is free, has a nice, easy interface and lots of rooms to meet and greet your next victim, er, opponent. The server is stable (although I have experienced a few problems, mostly revolving around the dreaded "host disconnects") and best of all, there is a good variety of maps and types of network games.

Myth is as meat and potatoes a game for m/p as you will get. No resource management, no building a barracks or other assorted buildings. Pick your troops and go kill. That's it. With games lasting 10 minutes or so, m/p Myth is a blast. One of the more popular games is King of the Hill. Basically you and your enemies start in different corners of the map and move to the center. The last army to have control of the flag wins. To say that carnage ensues is an understatement. A veritable bloodbath occurs. Some other options include the ability to have team vs. team play, allowing veteran units that survived your previous net game to carry over, unit trading (ability to create your own army), and the use of a strategy chalkboard in team situations. At the end of each m/p game there is a nice summary screen and you are given the ability to save the film of the carnage for future study or bragging rights. Myth also has m/p support for up to 16 over TCP/IP or AppleTalk and the usual modem and direct serial support.

Reality exceeds hype

Myth is a graphical tour du force. It takes your average tactical wargame and adds great graphics, a true 3d engine, a good story and tons and tons of panache (the Scottish beserkers, the apologetic dwarves, the wights that leaves craters when they explode, the shadows in the water, etc). Graphically there is nothing out there that will prepare you for a melee bloodbath in Myth. The game may make some squeamish, but to those of us who love realism (and to be honest gore in general) the game is a godsend. The carnage of this game establishes a watershed for tactical hand to hand combat gaming. The solo-only gameplay is limited with no random map generator or scenario builder, but if you have a modem then log onto and prepare for some extreme and righteous bloodshed. Given all the hype that preceded the game it would have been easy to be disappointed, but Myth is one of the few instances in recent memory where reality has matched and exceeded the hype.

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Comments and reviews

Templars 2023-07-26 0 point

YOU ARE 100 PERCENT RIGHT - THIS WAS the real wow game when it came out - we played it all the time on dial up modems lol - such was the way we played. Heretic was also one of the first online that was great.

Strubdog 2023-07-09 1 point

I was able to get this installed and it plays without issue. I converted it to an ISO/burned onto a DVD-R. Game runs flawlessly after install and patch update. Is there a way to run this game without the CD? (Yes, I copied over the cutscene.gor file)

RobOne 2023-05-06 0 point

LUCHO - Thank you!!

Ronaldo 2023-02-17 0 point

meu jogo não tem a opção "Novo jogo" na tela inicial. O que eu devo fazer?

Jorge 2022-12-21 2 points Windows version

The game opens but the menu is too little and I Can not start new game.

Silver 2022-07-24 1 point Windows version

I installed this today and it was easy as pie. I right-clicked on the .bin file and chose to mount the image from the contextual menu. I did a full install, then ran the included patch on the folder. It worked straight off the bat.

Helveticus 2022-07-01 1 point Windows version

I'd strongly suggest anybody who wants to enjoy this game as it was back in the day, to only patch it to version 1.3 and using a glide wrapper (nglide or zeckensack work great - it's enough to throw the glide dlls into the game's folder. That way you'll have roughly the same graphical appearance. The inofficial patch 1.5 totally messes up graphics (massive dithering issues which make the game actually look far worse than it did back in the day).

John Smallberries 2022-06-01 0 point Windows version

I prefer to run it in Wine 3.20 on Linux. I have Playonlinux set to the GDI renderer and the emulation mode to Windows 7.

It's important to remember that with the 1.5 patch, the menu screen is not the screen size you'll be playing at. Also the cutscene videos will be played in another window at 640x480.

Mee-Losh 2022-04-25 2 points Windows version

Thank you, LUCHO, you're the man!

Lucho 2022-03-11 12 points Windows version


Since I spent several hours yesterday to get this to work, here is a short guide that will work for most of the issues described below:

1.) It does not matter if you:
a.) load the .cue and .bin files via WinCDEmu (available for free at
b.) convert it to .iso first via AnyToISO (available for free at and then double-click the resulting .iso file in Windows Explorer.
Both ways, you will get a virtual CD drive, which we will call E: for simplicity here.

2.) Here comes the "dirty" part and there are 2 ways to do this:
a.) Open Windows Explorer, go to the "View" tab and click the mark on "Hidden items" to display them (or do not click it in case it is already enabled :). Then open the E: drive and double-click the hidden file STARTUP.EXE
b.) Open Windows Explorer and in the address field, simply type E:\STARTUP.EXE. You should of course replace E: with the CD drive letter you received in step 1. in case it is different.
This is exactly the issue that most of the people below stumbled upon due to the missing autorun. You do NOT need to perform any autorun magic or change registry keys as suggested by FIXER (that did not work for me anyway). It is just good ol' "hidden item" fun - Bungie obviously decided to hide some CD files to confuse people back in the days :D

3.) After the installation, make sure to apply Patch 1.5 (for example, you can download it from, but be careful with the installation path! In my case, Myth was installed in C:\Program Files\Myth_TFL, while the patch wanted to install itself to C:\Program Files (x86)\Myth_TFL.

4.) In order to never need the .iso, .cue and .bin files to be loaded as a virtual CD drive anymore, you can copy the file E:\TAGS\CUTSCENE.GOR to the "tags" subfolder of the installation path (which is C:\Program Files\Myth_TFL\tags in my case) so that the video scenes do not need to be loaded from the CD any more.

5.) Go to your installation path, right-click on the file Myth_TFL.exe and in the tab "Compatibility", click on "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

I hope this solves all your issues and let me know in case I can help further.

eternoimpulso 2022-01-12 3 points

guys, if you install myth 2 you can download myth 1 as a plugin and play it inside myth 2 in level selection. This is the website for downloading myth tfl as a plugin: also come play with us online on discord server Myrgard

MTFL 2021-12-30 -9 points Windows version

Bullshit, install doesn't work for windows. I don't want to hassle with 20 steps to convert files. Just make a single install file, not some IT nerd method with 100 steps... F that.

werdna1245 2021-12-29 0 point Mac version

What about downloading for MAC? Stuffit files aren't supported.

PANDAWATCH 2021-11-28 0 point

What is this? A Patch or the game? Readme says to install the game, implying tis is an update or patch. WTF nothing easy

Fellow Gamer 2021-11-07 1 point Windows version

The game works fine on my computer. But installing it was a bit problematic. And i see there are many fellows struggling to install so i decided to write a guide. My main goal is to put all the information from the comments to make a complete guide.

- Just like the others said the game comes with bin and cue files. You need to somehow use the files like a cd-rom would. (This is what they mean when they say mount the bin or iso file DEAN )For this there are two ways:

a) Convert the files to iso using a program like WinBinToiso or AnyToISO etc. and then double click on iso to open.(Windows 10 have built in function for opening iso files) I didn't used this method.

b) Just use a program like Daemon Tools or WinCDEmu and open the file.I used this method.

- Then install the game like you would install another game.Then update to version 1.5.

Optional İnstructions:

İf you can't find setup.exe or setup button:

I encountered the problem AROB5702 encountered too. I followed the instructions FIXER gave(just look at his comment if you experience the same problem) I don't think I encountered it because i used method b). Because there are others who used method a) like AROB5702 and still encountered the problem.

I could'nt replicate other errors and I think updated version made the memory-ram and xp compatibility errors obsolete.But if you encounter them somehow or you encountered unable to find tags.gor file error you can try these:

-Changing compatibility mode to xp or 95.

- Using a glide-wrapper like nglide

-using Melekor's launcher

If all else fails you can play it under the myth 2 game by downloading the fallen levels mod like ATHANASIUS suggested.

If you tried everything but still can't make it to work you said you purchased myth 2 you can play it like this.

Have Fun Everyone!!!

Dean 2021-11-07 -1 point Windows version

Forget all this REG edit stuff and Autorun.

Definitive guide (works with latest Windows 10 patches on a basic laptop as of Nov 2021):
- Discs (like old CD-ROM games) are usually backed up as "iso" files. Windows can run "iso" files just like running a CD.
- A "bin" file is another way. Windows can't read these. But MYTH comes as a "bin" file... Get a converter. I used "AnyToISO" from
(they seem like credible nerds and the app worked so well I ended up paying for it after using the free trial to convert MYTH).
-Once the conversion is done, you have an "iso" file that you can just CLICK ON in windows and it will run like a CDROM!!! Including THERE WILL BE A SETUP.EXE to click on!!!
-You are welcome. This guide only covers how to get the installer going. Any issues after that, I can't help.

(twitter, IG, snap)

Desperate 2021-11-03 0 point Windows version

I've been trying to get this to work for days now. I loved this game so much when I was younger. I'm a novice with this stuff so if someone could make a step-by-step guide I would be forever grateful. I'm using Windows 10.

I'm not sure if I'm mapping the installed files correctly and I'm to the point where it's giving me the "Unable to find the tags.gor file! Please reinstall Myth: The Fallen Lords!" message. I've tried the remedies posted in the comments with no success.

Please somebody help this PC noob to play this absolute GEM of a game. I've already purchased another copy of Myth II for after I play The Fallen Lords. THANKS!!

Dean 2021-10-25 1 point

There is entirely too much to read here. Can someone please make a bullet point by bullet point install guide for this game? I don't understand terms like mount the bin file.

Fixer 2021-09-30 3 points Windows version

For those who can't even install this game and asking where is the setup.exe etc!!!This game uses autorun and can't be installed without that so there is no setup.exe to click on.It should open up a pop up screen when you mount the bin or cue file and you need to click to install there.If you can't get to that screen like I were you need to open control panel then hardware and sound and then autoplay there you need to set softwares and games to run and install.But for some reason I didn't had this option also if you don't have this option for some reason you can do what I did.You need to edit the registry keys.Normally it is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing but if all else fails you need to just change one number and it is completely safe.To do that open run (you can access it from search) and type regedit there then navigate through the folders there to this destination ------------------HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer ------------------then double click on NoAutorun then change the value from 1 to 2.Don't forget to change it back when you are done.It just enables or disables autorun as its name suggests but you would not want it to stay enabled because it will autorun every cd iso etc and its a security risk if you use files from unknown resources.Have a good day and I hope you have fun with this game!!!

nic2021 2021-09-14 0 point Windows version

Thank you for this game. Works fine for windows 10. Just follow the instructions how to install it. No need for me to use compatibility mode. I just use the launcher as suggested.

Guest 2021-05-10 1 point

For anyone who is struggling with the "Unable to find the tags.gor file! Please reinstall Myth: The Fallen Lords!" Message. I've found out how to get the game to run quite well on windows 10. So first off, you need to know that anything you download off of this site will be a .bin and .cue file. This is practically a digital version of a CD that you would put in your disk drive. Therefore you need something that can run the .bin file as though it were a CD. I used Daemon tools Lite. It allows you to mount the file on the virtual disk drive and run it. From that you can then install myth the fallen lords properly on your PC. After it's installed I recommend using the 1.5 patch installer to install that in the same place where you installed Myth. And also the launcher that was made by that someone else linked here. The launcher should be downloaded in/moved to the the folder that is created by downloading the 1.5 patch. This folder will be located in the Myth folder that you installed off of the virtual disk drive. After that I ran Myth in compatibility mode for windows 95, and also changed the preferences from Open GL I believe, to Software. The UI was really buggy and the game would crash until I did that. Hopefully this helps anyone that was struggling. Happy gaming!

n4ds4t 2021-02-17 0 point

How to play this on win 10

- simply install it on a small path EX: "C:\GAMES\Myth"

- use launcher provided by Athanasius:
move it to the installation folder and extract make sure the exe and dll are on the same path as the main launcher

Don´t even need to run it in copatibility mode it´s amazing, any know if there some HD graphics mod?

RKace1988 2020-08-29 4 points

I played this game as a child and i am psyched to try it again! I have downloaded the file but after installation, the game doesnt play. a notification box pops up, saying, "unable to find tags.gor file". Could you guide me on what I should do here? My PC has Windows 10

GARY WONG KL 2020-08-22 1 point

Thank you to all who brought this back to us! Please kindly click on the google ads so that they could generate some income - This is the least we could do to repay their kindness

KOtlimto 2020-08-13 1 point Windows version

Omg, i remember this game, i only had demo back then.. i remember the splashy sounds when chunks of flesh were flying around and the carnage and stuff.. i have to have it. Let the Flesh Splash Festival begin!

arob5702 2019-12-15 -1 point Windows version

sooo because I am old and forgot my old computer skills... i am at a standstill with getting MTFL to work.. i converted from bin to iso and now where do i go to actually try to run the game like where is the .exe file etc.. i have a few folders labelled, AT&TWORL, MMODULES, MYTHTHEF, OPENTRAN.2, and TAGS any help would be great.. email no hotmail bashing!!!!

YO YO 2019-09-27 2 points Mac version

guy's does the mac version even working?

vanesa123 2019-06-03 2 points Windows version

is a great game

Daisy1968 2019-05-11 1 point Windows version

I played this cool RTS game on my P100 with 3DFX Voodoo - 4 MB, however the framerate was very slow I enjoyed this game.
So much atmosphere, good storytelling and music.
Also the dwarven humor I liked "Ooops Sorry ...." KABOUM !!!! xD

Athanasius 2018-09-26 5 points Windows version

One of my favourites, I play it every now and then again!
The easiest way to play it is to download the "The Fallen Levels"-Mod and play them under Myth 2:

There are some small differences between the original game and the mod in my experience. If you would like to run the original in its full glory (graphically), you'll need nglide (or another glide-wrapper):

Because the game doesn't recognize RAM-configurations abouve 512 MB, you'll probably also need the TFL-Launcher (the Myth-modder Melekor created it for me years ago and gave me the chance to relive the fantastic experience):

I got it to work 2018-05-12 1 point Windows version

This game has a bin file. Use WinBinToiso or anything other program that will convert a .bin file to an .iso file. Then burn the .iso file to a disk and you can then install and run the game.

Souza Renato 2018-03-03 0 point Windows version

I have windows 7 ultimate, I would like to install the game, I'm downloading the file and hope it works, otherwise I'll need some help from friends. I already use the Daemon. HUG

PuffIn Billy 2017-09-06 2 points Windows version

keep getting cant find 'tags.gor file' tried a few things but it may just be this link gonna try a 'full install' or i might just buy the disk and see if that works let me know if anyone has a idea, i will post if i find one myself :P

hardcopy 2017-04-29 -6 points Windows version

i have hard copy, but idk how to run it on windows 10. FML, really want to play it.

Ethgamer 907 2017-01-04 1 point

Man a beast game... Is this really free and full game?

Yish 2016-10-19 3 points

To install this game, you need to download imaging software like Daemon Tools. Mount the .cue in the zip and install the game. I then had the run executable under compatability mode XP-Sp3.

Charly500 2016-08-09 1 point

I really want this game to work but getting it to run on a MacBook in OSX is just too hard! I have very fond memories of this game.

SuperHappyFunTime 2016-01-31 -2 points

this was a good game that I myself just didn't really enjoy.....but I can
tell you without any doubt it was a good game, I guess I was more into
the gather resources churn-out countless units to attack enemy that
I couldn't appreciate a game with true strategy, also the game came
on something like 7 frigging cdroms or was a real
pain-in-the-ass to install back in the day.

robertoxx66 2016-01-26 8 points Windows version

The game runs well on WIN 10
compatibility mode Win XP service pack 3

IronBalls 2016-01-17 4 points Windows version

the game keep saying the error "Unable to find the tags.gor file! Please reinstall Myth: The Fallen Lords!". The compatibility mode doesn't work either, the same error appears... I'm on windows 10. Anyone got the game to work ?

typx 2015-12-02 1 point Windows version

Same issue as geekedout and greedoman.

just a guy 2015-10-25 1 point

no setup file

MaverickDam 2015-10-11 1 point

im uploading in but it give me the error message, not sure how to change the "mode" to XP....

Side note I did purchase and play this game back in the day... still to this day one of my Fav strategy games of all time and once of the more realistic games... i hope you all enjoy it as much as I have

Lontra 2015-10-10 1 point Windows version

in Win7 use Mode compatibility win XP

greedoman 2015-09-01 0 point Windows version

i have the same problem that GEEKEDOUT

geekedout 2015-07-23 3 points Windows version

Anyone know how to get this game to boot? I installed it and it keeps saying error:
Myth does not have enough free memory or swap space to launch. Try closing any other applications you have open or freeing up more hard drive space and trying again.

I have 8 gigs of ram and more than enough space on the hdd. Any ideas? Thanks

Athanasius 2015-04-02 2 points Windows version

One of the absolutely best tactic-games of all times! Great story, interesting units, a really fantastic physic system that really matters (arrows don't fly well in rain for example, fires get extinguished, hills give you better view ... oh, and the limbs and innards of your victims fly physically correct, while the blood is spread properly ;) ). Every mission is challenging and different. I really recommend to update the game only to version 1.3 and run it with a glide wrapper (for example Zeckensack's or Nglide, just google for it). I love this game!

henry 2015-04-02 2 points Mac version

I really want to play this game (on a macbook). How do I install this game?

Reelphresh 2015-03-23 3 points Windows version

IMO the best strategy game there is. It's a very difficult game but the story line is pretty intriguing and it really makes you make use of your units. Dwarfs are so awesome in this game but can also ruin the whole mission if unchecked. People still love playing mutiplayer. All in all this is a must have game along with Myth 2 soulblighter.

William 2014-09-12 4 points Mac version

I played the demo of this game when it was first released. Never got around to getting the full game. The story and narration were good. Game play was difficult to master but over time became familiar. I'll report later on this incarnation after installing and playing.

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