Pagan: Ultima VIII

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Pagan: Ultima VIII

DOS - 1994

Alt names Ultima VIII: פגאן, Ultima 8
Year 1994
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme Action RPG, Fantasy, Puzzle elements
Publisher ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Developer ORIGIN Systems, Inc.
Perspectives Isometric, 2D scrolling, Bird's-eye view
4.52 / 5 - 105 votes

Description of Pagan: Ultima VIII

Pagan: Ultima VIII (aka Ultima VIII: פגאן, Ultima 8), a really nice role-playing (rpg) game sold in 1994 for DOS, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a fantasy, action rpg and puzzle elements video game title.

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Comments and reviews

Lyon 2019-12-31 0 point

I remember this game as a teenager, I spent MONTHS playing it daily trying to understand it and finish it. I did it but it was so disappointing to see the end!

rlmf82 2017-12-17 -6 points

When trying to install on dos, executing in a virtual box, It is being presented a message DEARJ.exe, this file is not executing properly. How can I solve this problem?

Strangeluk 2017-08-01 0 point

Thanks for the fix. Game works fine now. Hope everyone is enjoying as much as me!

javier 2017-01-26 0 point

Thanks you very much

oplenti 2016-12-26 1 point

my all time favorite... the graphics and animations are awesome, the music I couldn't get tired of, the tauntings of Guardian are unforgetable, the world is deep.... and I could go on and on... but one of the best features is the magic. to cast spells, you have to learn the four ways of magic, find components and CREATE them! I've never seen better in videogames since then...

I love this stuff, but it's hard as hell without a map. look for maps on pdragon site. believe me, especially if you play this at first time, you'll need it...

roundASSESrule 2016-02-07 0 point

love the graphical style of this game.
maybe i will have time to play it in depth.

SuperHappyFunTime 2016-01-31 1 point

YES!!!!!! I wanted to play this game for many years but did not have it.
I found a version once but it was not English, now I can play it.
and a big thanks to KUPURSK , your solution worked like a charm.
have a superhappyfuntime day.

stephdf 2015-12-01 0 point

I cannot run this game at all. It opens, but then closes almost immediately without even throwing an error. Please help.

Tforsaken 2014-10-08 -3 points DOS version

Kupursk thanks for the fix works now

Kupursk 2014-10-04 2 points DOS version

For those having the "incomplete installation" problem...

This is caused by a compressed installation file being interpreted as needing to be decompressed every time even though it's already been decompressed and installed.

Not sure why this happens, but the solution is simple:

1- Go to your \static\ folder in the U8 folder, and seek the file u8shapes.cmp
2- Renamed it to something else, I chose u8shapesAAAAAAAA.cmp (you could also delete it but I chose to keep it there just in case)
3- The game will now not see a file that "needs" to be decompressed before play, and should run fine

Note: Don't rename or delete the u8shapes.flx file, that one is actually the decompressed one that the game will read.

Dagoberths 2014-09-20 -7 points DOS version

i cant run it install are incomplet what i have to do?

Tavatard 2014-03-08 1 point DOS version

Thank you!

indstr 2014-02-11 3 points DOS version

I bought this when it came out. I remember the box came with a silver coin (probably aluminum) and a cloth map of the game world. Pretty cool.

Inty 2013-10-30 0 point DOS version

works the first time you run it, but after that, you need to completely remove it and extract the whole thing again, the installation doesnt seem to do anything...

Conio 2013-10-02 1 point DOS version

Yes, I am having the same problem as #8597...I cant install it, or play it via executing U8.exe

Ashlan 2013-09-27 -2 points DOS version

How do I run Ultima 8 on DOSbox? I've installed but isn't working.

toto666 2013-08-23 2 points DOS version

thanks for this, i would like to refresh my old memories with this game

ghost 2013-08-12 0 point DOS version

thx sooo muchhh wonderfull

bfry 2013-06-16 0 point DOS version

better work!

Da Avutah 2013-05-12 0 point DOS version

second best ultima

A Wise Old Man 2013-05-02 1 point DOS version

You'll need the manual for this one:

Someone should snag the text from this, slap it into a .txt file, and add it to the archive. A *LOT* of the games here need manuals!

NukeJockey 2013-02-01 2 points DOS version

By its own merits, its a brilliant game.

When I first played Ultima 8 back in '94/'95, I was only 7 or 8, I had never played the previous games in the series, so I had nothing to compare it against, I think its one of those games that suffered entirely from being a sequel to one of the greatest RPGs of the 90s (or so I'm told, never played U7).

If they had changed a few things around (references in the stories, names etc.) then it probably would have stood up well on its own.

I used to love screwing around in it, blowing up the bar tender and jumping onto his roof to bug out the game (The demon thing would show up to try kill me, but I'd be on the roof, however the game would still act as if I were dead and I'd be stuck on one screen, able to move my character around).

Some of my best childhood gaming memories stem from this game.

;) 2013-01-28 0 point DOS version

A very good way to know the previous games in the history of Computer.
Besides its like the grandfather of Diablo "history and also WOW"
Of couse these 2 titles were better developed than ultima.

y2j1980x 2012-11-13 0 point DOS version

I would've loved to have seen this game engine used in an Ultima title based in Britannia. Even if...scratch that...ESPECIALLY if it had meant redoing Utima 9 using this game engine instead (I'm not a fan of Ascension - too 'Playstationy'

IAmNotLegend 2012-08-17 0 point DOS version

Not the worst of the Ultima series, but definitely a close second to Ultima IX....granted, the problems in this game were mostly technical...unfinished quests, buggy platforming, every chest rigged to expolde...nothing too big in the long run. My biggest issue with VIII was out un-Avatar the Avatar behaves...not to mention the complete lack of character customization and open ended choices that have been the hallmark of the previous titles.

kratillos 2012-07-30 0 point DOS version

thank you

Kiasu 2012-06-10 0 point DOS version

Boredom and frustration. Could have been excellent. In the end I resorted to a walk through. You act in a most un-hero manner through out.

Licurg 2012-04-24 1 point DOS version


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