Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal

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Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal

DOS - 1996

Year 1996
Platform DOS
Released in Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Developer Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73
4.44 / 5 - 147 votes

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Manual, patch and misc available

Description of Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal

Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal is a video game published in 1996 on DOS by Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal is an addon for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, you will need the original game to play.

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doso 2023-11-12 0 point

solved when I fix file after mount proper ISO to run game or DLC as WAR2.exe file was repaired using hexadecimal prog
at offset 1 (change at 0x77268 74 0C - EB 1F )
offset 2 0x9CEB7 (change 31 C0 A0 -- 8B C2 A2)

finally I could run under dosbox using my war2cd.bat (detectcd f:\ & war2)

NintenDoingIt 2018-11-05 -2 points

So I used the 'Ra7ven's Installer' for Windows for 'Tides of Vengence' and I am now slightly confused of how to apply 'Beyond the Dark Portal' expansion to this?

Thanks in advance!

Alex 2018-06-08 0 point

Ok so nvm my last comments i did it the Normal Warcraft 2 and beyond the dark portal work on my Android with dos hehe. No need that ps1 version ????

alex 2018-06-04 0 point

hello i need help
i want to install this on the Android with
"Magic Dosbox"!
Now i can install the normal game "tides of darkness" no problem, i can even get to the login screen with the dlc "beyond the dark portal". but! when i do the with the dlc it gives me the need cd crap! help!
hope you read this in 2018

Ethan 2018-05-06 0 point

well i'm using the iso and burning it to a disk for tides of darkness and it seems to work just fine im attempting bdp ring now oh and i'm using 32 bit windows xp so ha suckers i don't need dosbox or boxxer or no virtual machine

Therion666 2017-11-30 1 point

There's an easier way to mount than writing long command lines... I use power iso, so I've mounted my virtual drive (F:) as drive D: in dosbox . Just mount the image to your virtual drive and ur all set... don't forget to add the mount commands to dosbox conf file so that u don't need to mount drives everytime u open dosbox.

MacGuy 2017-10-18 0 point

Instructions for Mac using Boxer instead of dosbox (+expansion +patch)

-Download warcraft 2 + expansion as ISO
-The files here are actually bin/cue files not ISO, boxer won't read them, Mac won't mount them.
-Convert bin file to ISO for both war2 and expansion. I did this in windows using magicIso shareware version. I tried first with winIso and PowerISO, neither worked.
-Place both new ISO files in your Mac filesystem in "users/your_username" folder
-rename the ISO files to war2.iso and war2e.iso (you might want to go to finder advanced preferences and show all file extensions so you don't mess them up)
-Open boxer, go to import game, drag the war2 ISO to Boxer
-let it install in its default settings and location, choosing sound blaster 16 for your sound cards, then finish importing.
-open the new Boxer game file you just made, get it to the dos prompt (don't run the game yet)
-Boxer auto mounts this disc for you now in Drive D. type "mount -u d" to unmount it.
-now type "imgmount d ~/war2e.iso -t ISO" and it should give you a successful mount message. FYI boxer lets dos see your filesytem starting from users/username when you type "~/" so that's why it sees the war2e.iso there. Make sure to use the Mac filesystem forward slash for this particular directory location, not the Microsoft "\" backslash.
-You should have a blank c: line on your prompt still. Type "d:" to navigate to the war2e image you mounted. Type setup to install the expansion, use default settings, it should see your original install in c: still.
-quit boxer
-download the Warcraft 2 expansion patch from this site. Go to your boxer game directory, right click Warcraft 2 app and show package contents, drop that patch into its c drive.
-run the Warcraft 2 boxer app, run the patch by typing "war2ptch.exe" or whatever the patch file is called.
-type war2 to run the game. When you quit boxer earlier, it should have remounted the original disc automatically and it should read as a genuine disc and let you access all single player features with expansion and patch

katox 2017-09-12 0 point

Hi guys,

Can anyone help me, please? I have managed to successfully install WC2 and the expansion BTDP, but I am not able to run the game. After the installation, it was running smoothly, but I can't get it started. I didn't even have to crack the game. Using Alcohol 120% tool for image mounting.

Game directory:
image drive E:/


Could you please send me a printscreen from the DOSBOX - step by step?
email: peterkatocs@gmail.com

doso 2017-07-09 0 point

cant install DLC with rip so I installed under dosbox both iso and isoDLC
also used setup to create soundfile* = WAR2.INI

game n expansion ok running :-)

my config are after install in C:\Games\WAR2

mount c c:\games\
cd war2
imgmount e "C:\Games\WAR2\CDROM\Warcraft 2 - Beyond the Dark Portal.cue" -t iso -fs iso

minit=AT &K0 M1 S46=0 &D2
mhang=AT H0 S0=0

Hellspawn 2017-06-25 3 points

And I get the error message"The image must be on a host or local drive after (also after running imgmount f "c:\Games\War2\cd\Warcraft 2 - Beyond The Dark Portal.cue" -t iso -fs iso).

desame 2017-05-01 3 points

LOADSON, after ''imgmount f'' command, i get the message "MSCDEX: Failure: invalid file or unable to open"...

Please some help?

lordsqn 2017-04-20 15 points

Ok, i am putting instruction how to run fully working, playable Warcraft 2 with Beyond The Dark Portal Expansion:

-- Getting Resources:
1. Download from myabandonware.com Warcraft 2 Tides Of Darkness RIP version (warcraft-ii-tides-of-darkness.zip, 31 mb)
ther's no need to download full CD version because Expansion CD contains all ToD files
2. Download from myabandonware.com Warcraft 2 Beyond The Dark Portal CD (bin/cue) version (warcraft-ii-beyond-the-dark-portal_dos_053i.zip, 586 mb)

-- Preparing game files:
1. Create game folder for example - C:\Games\War2
2. Unpack contents of warcraft-ii-tides-of-darkness folder from warcraft-ii-tides-of-darkness.zip to C:\Games\War2
3. Create game CD files folder inside warcraft game catalog - C:\Games\War2\cd
4. Unpack bin/cue files from warcraft-ii-beyond-the-dark-portal_dos_053i.zip to catalog - C:\Games\War2\cd

-- Installing game:
1. Run DOSBox an type command:
mount c c:\Games\War2
imgmount f "c:\Games\War2\cd\Warcraft 2 - Beyond The Dark Portal.cue" -t iso -fs iso
2. Installer program should run, game folder is mounted to c drive so in installation path type
3. Wait for installation to complete, after finish you shoud get back to command line on drive c:\
4. Type command
5. Warcraft II Setup utility should start, go thru whole setup process by setting
Digital Setup - Autodetect - Ok - Auto Set - Ok - Test - {you should hear sound} - Ok
Music Setup - Autodetect - Ok - Auto Set - Ok - Test - {you should hear music} - Ok
Save & Exit
6. You should get back to command line on drive c:\, type command:
7. To run game and check is everything is ok type:

-- Running Game:
1. Open DOSBox and type:
mount c c:\Games\War2
imgmount f "c:\Games\War2\cd\Warcraft 2 - Beyond The Dark Portal.cue" -t iso -fs iso

-- Preparing game config for warcraft 2, resolving common problems:
There are two major problems with Warcraft 2 on modern systems:
1. Windows size
2. Map scrolling speed
To resolve them prepare special game config:
1. Copy doxbox-0.74.conf config file from
2. Paste it into C:\Games\War2\ folder
3. Edit it with notepad
4. To resolve Window size problem change in dosbox-0.74.conf:
If you want to play fullscreen set line:
If you want to play in window but bigger set lines:
5. To resolve scroll speed problem change in dosbox-0.74.conf:
6. On the very end of file you can paste run script:
mount c c:\Games\War2
imgmount f "c:\Games\War2\cd\Warcraft 2 - Beyond The Dark Portal.cue" -t iso -fs iso
7. Save file
8. To run warcraft 2 with special config run cmd and type:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" -conf "C:\Games\War2\dosbox0.74.conf"

-- Preparing one click desktop icon:
1. Create dektop shortcut to DOSBox (or copy existing one)
2. "C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" -conf "C:\Games\War2\dosbox0.74.conf"
3. Set your favorite icon
4. Save

New noob 2017-03-18 0 point

Hello, I too can't seem to be able to run the expansion. More precisely, I am not sure how to run the installation process itself, as putting the files in the game's folder doesn't affect it in any way (it still simply runs Tides of Darkness).

Can anyone help me, please?

k 2017-01-23 1 point

Think of RIP version as the minimal install. You can play the game but without extra graphics, cut scenes, sounds, etc. You can run the program with just the RIP version. To get the extras, download the ISO files and out them in the same folder as the RIP files.

IWasNeverReallyOnyourside 2016-12-03 -4 points

What is RIP version?

Chris 2016-11-20 -1 point

Hey Proud, would just like to say thanks! Your directions were the only ones that helped me get BTDP started. Most appreciated.

gaviao 2016-10-07 0 point

Hi, I can't seem to make the BTDP expansion to work, must be doing something wrong. For the TOD i used these instructions:

How to, Windows 10:
1. Unpack the RIP version. Rename the unpacked folder to something easy like W2.
(I will be using path c:\games\w2\)

2. Unpack the ISO version and copy both .bin and .cue files to the new W2 folder. Not the folder, just the two files!

3. Start DosBox.
mount c c:\games\w2\
w2crack (And yes to both overwrites)
mount f c:\games\w2\ -t cdrom

Do this and the CdRom issue should not happen. This is because the crack changes the path in the .ini file to "nothing". So if your path is like c:\games\w2\Cd\ or whatever for the cd, it wont work and thats why most dont get it working via other comments here.

You only need to do the crack part once.
!! After !! that the standard steps would be:

mount c c:\games\w2\
mount f c:\games\w2\ -t cdrom

Would appreciate the help, thank's

Kahoyt 2016-10-05 1 point

@PEAN, and any other MAC users, Warcraft II: Battle net edition has both the original and expansion in it

TinyGiant 2016-09-25 0 point


D-Man 2016-09-22 0 point


In step #4, I meant to say "loaded", not what I actually said which was " loadedcdse"

D-Man 2016-09-22 3 points

Here is how I did it:

My game folders are:
w2cd = wc2_tod
w2 = game files (Game folder inside of wc2_tod folder)
wc2-btdp = wc2_btdp game files

Step 1)
Make sure wc2-btdp folder is in w2 folder

Here is what I did after that:
2) once done, goto step 3

3) Drag w2cd folder onto DoxBox (App Icon)

4) Once in Doxbox has loadedcdse, follow next step

5) type in cd w2 (warcraft games folder)

6) Run detectcd.exe

7) it will ask you which one to detect

8) type in detectcd C:\w2\wc2-btdp

9) type cd wc2-btdp, run setup.exe

10) Run war2.exe

11) Select Single Player Mode

Viola! It will be there!
- And the game should run perfectly, giving you the option of which
game to select.

To run the game a 2nd time after the intial run, follow steps 3-9 and instead of running setup.exe, just run war2.exe

I got a working version of BTDP from a different website, I don't remember which one though.

monkeynuts 2016-07-23 0 point

love this game.

Larf 2016-07-15 0 point

Jizzard before it was a cesspool of human greed.

Pean 2016-06-26 1 point

Is there any possibility of a Mac version of this?

Ebb 2016-06-24 -1 point

Drex -
If you mounted the folder c:\war2 the file war2.exe will be on your new root. Try pointing directly at the file i.e. c:\

doge 2016-06-08 0 point

this took forever.

Drex 2016-05-20 1 point

Okay so I tried following Proud's steps but when I get to the install from my virtual drive it keeps telling me incorrect or missing WAR2.EXW in directory. I've renamed my TOD folder to WAR2 to keep things simple. I've had no problems with the base TOD game I just can't seem to figure out how to get BTDP to work. I downloaded both TOD and BTDP from this site. any ideas?

johnrodenas 2016-04-29 0 point

my port is close how to open?

SJB8450 2016-04-21 0 point

what if you get an error when you try to run the install ?

I keep getting an error because I'm using a 64-bit OS

Proud 2016-03-14 1 point

for those that need help with getting this to work hes what i did. used the RIP from WC2:Tod from here.
1.First mount the parent dir of your war2 rip to c: (i.e. my rip folder was c:\warcraft2\tod\war2)
z:\mount c c:\warcraft2\tod

2. mount the expansion image with your virtual drive program then mount it in dosbox ( my virtual drive is h:\)
z:\mount d h:\

3. run the install on the disk. if you put the parent dir for warcraft2 as c: then the default install path (C:\WAR2) should be fine (you may have to rename the RIP folder to war2 or you can replace WAR2 with whatever the folder is named)

4. now for the fun part (and the reason you need the RIP to do it my way). first unmount your d:
z:\ mount -u d

then remount it like this (once again my virtual drive is h:)
z:\mount d h:\ -t cdrom switch

now get into the RIP folder (once again this is my path and since c is mount to the parent already)

5. the important part. run the detectcd.exe file in the RIP folder for the drive you mounted you virtual drive to (in this case i mount d: as h:\)
c:\war2detectcd.exe d:

should display:
WARCRAFT 2 DETECT CD V1.0 - by PiXIE 96/10/11


6. just type war2 to play.

now if you want to play the old campaign just mount the original image ( or disk if you have it) to d: using the same -t cdrom switch, do the detectcd and run war2.

Jaggy 2016-01-17 1 point

I need some help with this- can someone instruct me in how to make the expansion work?

chainsaw 2016-01-01 4 points

20 years on, and still better game play than most of the new games!

death_knight 2015-12-24 1 point

This is such a challenging and most entertaining expansion. An absolute must to replay!

Purity 2015-07-20 0 point DOS version

amazing expansion, love it ! thank you guys for uploading it :D

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