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Championship Manager: Season 00/01

Windows - 2000

Also available on: Mac

Alt names Championship Manager: Seizoen 00/01, Championship Manager: Säsongen 00/01, L'Entraîneur: Saison 2000/2001, Meistertrainer: Championship Manager Saison 00/01, Scudetto: Championship Manager - Stagione 00/01
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in France, Italy, United Kingdom, United States (2000)
Italy (2001)
United Kingdom (2003)
United Kingdom (2005)
Genre Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Theme Managerial, Soccer / Football (European)
Publisher Eidos Interactive Limited, Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Developer Sports Interactive Limited
Perspective Text-based / Spreadsheet
4.23 / 5 - 117 votes

Description of Championship Manager: Season 00/01

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A Brand Name to Rely On

The Championship Manager series is one of the best-selling PC brands in the U.K., and probably in most of the soccer-playing world. This of course excludes the United States, where the game has never been published. And that's a shame, because American gamers who don't find a way to import this one don't get to see what the world's most detailed sports management game is all about. On paper, Championship Manager's lack of in-match graphic highlights should relegate it to the world of soccer has-beens, yet despite being a text-only game it offers a level of depth and immersion unsurpassed elsewhere.

Back in the days of Championship Manager 2, the UK version of the game came with separate add-on European league packs. Now, in Championship Manager 00/01, you get no fewer than 26 leagues from around the world, all playable either singularly or concurrently for what amounts to a massive simulation of world football featuring some 50,000 real life players. The latest league additions are Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Finland, and Australia, with the data for all these circuits being bang up to date for the start of the 2000/01 season.

While most gamers will jump into the game to manage their favourite team, this mammoth virtual soccer world will (if you have the CPU power to run all the leagues simultaneously) let you play out an entire management career, applying for jobs with any team in the game. As time passes, you build a reputation that will enable you to command respect and maybe land that plum role with Man Utd, Lazio, or Barca. Of course, you can also just start off in charge of one of those illustrious teams, but working your way up from the lower leagues is a real challenge, made all the more enjoyable as the virtual soccer world changes around you as players retire and teams gain promotion and relegation.

One of the new features is the option to play the game with fictitious player names. Given the fact that a good number of fans have discarded their lives and loved ones to assemble the game database, this may seem an unthinkable option. Yet one of the dilemmas you face in playing CM is that because the players are real, and represented by at least 30 stats and attributes, you pick teams based on your perception of real players, rather than their CM counterparts. This can be a problem if you don't take the time to analyse all the player stats (though because time stands still when playing the game, this is less likely to be an issue as your game proceeds). By playing with "random" players, you have to learn their strengths and weaknesses, including a dozen or more hidden attributes, and you're not coloured by your preconceptions.

Being a glutton for punishment, I invariably play CM as Plymouth Argyle, the team I've followed since primary school. Not for me the dizzy heights of Man Utd. This of course makes the game a real challenge. If you play as Man Utd you get a bank balance of £40M, all of which is available to spend on players. Start it as Plymouth and you'll get maybe £100K, of which less than £10K can be used on new players. Given that free transfer players want a suitcase full of cash to sign for you, your options are limited (though I found the Scandinavian leagues a good source of quality, cheap players). This problem is compounded by the fact that if you sell a player for, say, £250K, you don't get a similar rise in your transfer fund. You have to have a certain reserve (a few hundred thousand) before you can spend what you bring in freely. Bloody useless chairmen. Likewise, a good cup run can bring in money, but you won't always be able to spend it (I got £180K from one home FA Cup game against Arsenal).

Skimming off the Water

Having the board shackle your actions is frustrating, yet unerringly realistic. Another new feature of CM 00/01 is the increased richness of the dialogue coming from your coaching staff, the press, and the players. You might be prompted to comment on speculation that one of your players is about to sign for another club, or to criticism of one of your players' recent performances. Coaching staff will report on players' hidden stats when searching for prospective signings---e.g. "Fred Smith takes a very good penalty"---but while you'll recognize some of the old CM 99/00 dialogue, the text certainly adds to the immersive appeal of the game. The text has been expanded in the match dialogues too, so you'll now see passes "skimming off the water" on wet days.

The other new features are also relatively minor, yet each enhances the game atmosphere or playability, and can't be considered a mere token addition. The live league table available during games lets you check where you'd be if the scores in all the games remained as they currently are. This is handy if you want to work out whether you should play for a draw in that crucial end-of-season run-in match. Additional stats in the player records now report on pass completion ratios, tackles and dribbles per game, and the ratio of shots on target, so you can use these season-long stats when selecting your team.

The appeal of the CM series lies in its ethos of presenting you with as much information as possible. It's up to you to make what you will of that data in picking your team, choosing tactics, and buying new players. With every stat from every game from (with default settings) the last two seasons available at the click of a mouse, there's a seemingly infinite volume of numbers, stats, and records to wade through, all the more if you play with all 26 leagues turned on (I generally only play the English and Italian leagues). The problem with all this information is making sense of it. With so many variables, it's nearly impossible to deduce what combination of players, tactics, or phases of the moon caused a certain event to unfold. You can spend days on end trying to read meaning into it all, and the beauty of the game is that it seems to respond (or at least taunt you) at whatever level you choose to play.

Thus, the only real criticism I have of CM 00/01 is that it presents so much information that it's inevitable that you'll be overloaded. It's easy to blur the line between realism and detail; lots of detail doesn't necessarily make for high realism, but, as CM proves, it makes for one heck of an addictive experience. At least now the player stats are absolute rather than relative (in CM 2 days a 20 tackling skill for a division 3 player was not the same as a 20 for a Premier player), so you can compare players like for like, with the proviso that their hidden skills are always something of a mystery. The fact that any player, team or result can be clicked on for more details just propagates the illusion of limitless depth. It's not far off being true, of course. Thankfully the DVD-style game case contains the best manual of the CM series to date, with 70 pages of useful info including the meaning of all the player stats, including those hidden ones. This season's official strategy guide looks a lot thinner!

I must also comment on the "job hunting" aspect of the game. As usual, I got sacked from Plymouth, most recently about three or four games from the end of the season. I'd had a poor run, but brought in some good future players. The chairman wanted quick results, however, and while I was well clear of the dreaded Conference drop slot, with some money in the bank, I got a couple of votes of confidence, followed shortly thereafter by the boot. I then played through the game as a spectator for an hour and a half trying to get a new job, to no avail. That's kind of understandable, but the bad part was that I never got any feedback from my job applications. In the end I resigned from the game and added myself back in as a new manager (to the same running game) in October of the next season. It would be fun if the game more readily allowed you a second chance on the same career; I couldn't even get a job with the team standing 18th in the Conference.

I didn't experience any bugs of note while playing the game; the only oddity I observed was with transfer valuations. On some occassions a negotiated fee would be replaced by the original fee in the news screen, but the figure ultimately used was the right one. Otherwise the game played flawlessly. The overall level of "realism" in the scores and ratings also seemed to be as good as they've ever been in the past CM games.

CM 00/01 comes with a game editor that you can use to update your favourite team rosters, to create some "fantasy" teams to play with, or to give yourself a foot-up with some extra cash in the bank for the season ahead. The editor is a separate program, but is very easy to use. It also gives you an insight into players' hidden stats, as well as some of the more esoteric properties that are recorded, including a player's favourite and most disliked teams and his favourite manager, and a club's most favoured and disliked staff (which is useful, for example, to stop Exeter's manager taking over at Plymouth!). Chances are there will be many downloads available off the Internet before long, but having the power to edit the database yourself is always going to be handy.

Hard to Rate

Rating CM 00/01 is a hard task. It's as immersive as ever, and the most feature-rich of any of the CMgames to date. The text-based match action, with optional stereo crowd chants from home and away fans, is in essence the same as it was in the first CM, yet just as nail-bitingly brilliant as ever. The myriad of game, team, and player screens encourage you to take tours through the cavernous underlying game database. While it's nowhere near a quantum leap from its predecessor, CM 00/01 is the best soccer management game you can buy, provided you don't have a prerequisite for graphical match highlights. And it's not made in Sweden.

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Angry 2024-03-09 2 points

This extracts to just two files. An MDF and an MDS file. What the fuck are you supposed to do with these? How is this a windows install?

Jam 2023-06-06 2 points

it didnt work for me, still says please insert disc

Daz 2022-06-03 -21 points Windows version

What program do I need to run it on Windows 10?

MadDogMilly 2022-04-13 0 point Windows version

Not long downloaded this. Love it. No problems so far.

ForestTree 2021-08-21 -6 points Mac version

Hi Guys anyone know anyway how to get this download to play on MacBook, tried asorts and have no idea how to get it to work or even installing just says file not found, any step by step help would be great and even a program i can install through even, Cheers

Furtok 2020-08-10 1 point Mac version

Could you please make this run like the CM97 - in a dos version? I would LOVE that - and you for doing this. Still playing the 97-version, but miss the gameplay of the 00/01 version. Please!?

Mark kerr 2020-05-13 -2 points Windows version

It must be something to do with the editor as it wont let me load that uo as was working before. I kept reinstalling it and re installed it and still smae error message. Wish i could fix whatevers wrong with it

Eli 2020-05-13 1 point Windows version

I get this error too - v3.81 index..cpp 5299
I noticed it happens only when I try to restore a game that is not recent (I tried to restore saved game from a different computer.... a couple of years old). Looks like there is some kind of database mix up. I have no problems starting a new game. When I start a new game, saving and restoring works just fine.
Hope that helps.

Mark Kerr 2020-05-11 0 point Windows version

keep getting error message when i start new game saying v3.81 index..cpp 5299 why is it saying tht i followed th einstructions

Paul Gascoigne 2020-05-04 6 points

Wy aye man. This game is a fook'n classic like, yi naah. Me an' Jimmy Five Bellies still boot this fooker op ev'ry now 'n then like, yi naah. Fook'n ace like.

Bigboaby 2020-05-03 1 point Windows version

yes can't wait to play cheers

Ryan Aldridge 2020-04-14 -15 points

How to install this on a Mac

Adrian 2020-04-14 -3 points Windows version

I did every step and when I select start game and the league appears the no cd problem.

Demonaz 2020-04-08 -6 points Windows version

Get the no cd issiue. i mount the file and everything is good until i try start the new game, then the insert CD comes up

How can i get to run the game. plz help.

Michael Owen 2020-04-06 1 point

I couldn't get it to run without the game asking for a CD, so i tried deleting the files and now i cant delete half of the files. Dont do like me lads!

Bo Jangles 2020-03-26 1 point Windows version

Best game going, been playing for19 years

Benjamin 2020-03-22 -1 point Windows version

I've followed everything in the youtube video shared by LEO 37 above. Whenever I try to start a game or a quick game even, I keep getting the following message: There is not enough available system memory to create a game.

I have 700++ GB of disk space and 512 MB of RAM.

Any suggestions?

Eix 2020-03-15 -2 points Windows version

1) download the game
2) You will get 2 MDF files named CM0001rel
3) If zipped file will not open..use works
4) Use daemon tools lite to mount mdf and install game, after install UNMOUNT mdf file
5) Use update file (you can find it in here, scroll up and down for a bit) and update it to 3.89
6) Start a game (if it doesnt work under win10, turn it to win7 xp3 under compability mode)
7) start a game and when its asks CD...just mount CM0001rel back and wholaa..all is working. not so hard..isnt it?

Chopper Harris 2019-10-17 0 point

Absolute classic game.

Right, I'm off to make some fairy cakes.

Donkey 2019-09-23 -4 points Mac version

Any ideas how install on Mac? It is just a file

palaxus 2019-08-23 -2 points Windows version

I 've tried as you said in the video but still says "Insert CD"

leo 37 2019-05-22 -3 points

link above explains how to download and install game for windows 10.


game will run perfectly if follow guide step by step for windows 10

Sam 2019-05-04 -6 points

Hi, having problems with the no-cd issue, relax, just track down the "3.81nocdpatchUK" on, then after installation, move the "AFP" files to the main installation directory on your program files, double click on the crack file and make sure you paste it in to the main directory NOT the on the EXE file/icon, it´s stupid I know, the crack generator wants you to extract it on the damn EXE file, which wrong

Sam 2019-05-04 1 point Windows version

Hey, where can I find the NoCd file, or is it a trick to it?

gav 2019-04-25 0 point Windows version

class game

GronaldoXV 2019-02-24 1 point Mac version

High, its works fine with sheepshaver, but just prior to launch a new game, the programm requests to insert the CD... :( what is the trick ?

Glenn Hoddle 2018-07-27 1 point

This simulation had only been bettered by its sequel, Championship Manager 01/02. With its live league table, added leagues (in the update patch) and attribute masking option, it remains the best management simulation available to this day, incorporating the best balance between realism and fun. Me & Johan Cruyff still play CM01/02 to this day, although I always refuse to sign Paul Gascoigne, even if Mystic Meg advises me otherwise.

pj perenara 2018-07-24 0 point

Omg this app is amazing

MMM 2018-07-09 0 point Windows version

Has anyone fixed the no cd problem?

Shadow Threat 2018-07-02 0 point Windows version

Software say: incomplete and not run
Please do something!

Vegeta 2018-06-01 -3 points Windows version

I install game and opened, but after my first create a game, it's always ask game cd.
i have cd image and it work

FABIO 2018-04-05 0 point

So Good.

verdz 2018-01-01 -9 points Windows version

Says Cannot extract the file, any help with this would be grate

allan749 2017-08-06 -6 points Mac version

Any help to set this up on mac? Says file is incomplete.

BN 2016-10-12 -27 points

how to install in macbook ?

terby 2015-05-19 3 points Mac version

Could you make this game available for browser? That would rock.

Miguel 2015-04-10 -11 points Mac version

How to install in macbook ?

Heartbroken 2015-01-12 3 points Mac version

Unfortunately this game will not run for me. The file says it is incomplete and therefore will not run.

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